MSNBC Debate Moderated by Keith Olbermann


A debate moderated by Keith Olbermann will be held tonight at 7:00 pm on MSNBC.  I expect it to be off the chain.    Stay tuned to this space to for my impressions after.  

My initial impressions are these:  Obama won the debate by counterattacking the Dodd and Hillary tag team on Pakistan.   Regardless of the sensibility of forecasting a strike on Pakistan necessitated by “actionable intelligence,” and Musharraf intransigence, people are ready for aggressive military action against the 9/11 attackers since the B.S.  in Baghdad hasn’t worked.  

Hillary’s widenening poll lead is clearly frustrating her rivals and some, like Chris Dodd, seem to be positioning themselves to be a part of the Clinton troika as Vice President.   

Next, I was surprised by Kucinich and how clear and consise he was last night. That was a refreshing change from his insistence to “text peace.”      

The question on health care from the disabled retiree was very moving and brought the entire stadium to its feet.  I was moved to tears on that one and could really feel his pain.  “But for the grace of God go I,” I thought.  

Juxtaposed with Hillary’s refusal to ban pack contributions from her coffers, it was a real stark contrast and underscored the corrupt nature of our politics and the seeming powerlessness of our people to do something about it. 

After it was all over and I had a chance to reflect, I feel absolutely dejected.   There is almost nothing I can do, it seems, to flip the script and the corporate strings that will inevitably entangle the presumptive nominee.

Keith Olbermann was full of good humor but it lacked the pizzazz of one his comment monologues.  I’m almost ready to say that we would be better off as a nation with him leading us.  Most of the so-called candidates just don’t impress me.  This will probably be the last debate that I watch for the balance of the summer because this race is bout’ over.

12 thoughts on “MSNBC Debate Moderated by Keith Olbermann

  1. dblhelix

    I didn’t watch this.

    Judging from live-blogging, comments etc — Edwards needed to seal the deal here but was unsuccessful.

  2. fafnir

    Kucinich took it from the so-called “top-tier” candidates tonight. His responses were direct and consise, with a mix of well placed humor (i.e., China and Seabiscuit).

  3. Why is it that commentators cannot wait to name
    Clinton as the winner of all the Democratic debates.
    She cannot answer any question without invoking the
    name of President George Bush. Her answers are
    well rehearsed and she has no solutions to any
    problem. She merely plays to the gallery for support.
    There is a plausible answer and there is a politically correct answer. Clinton chooses the latter
    for effect. All the men on the stage are better qualified than Clinton. Yet she gets the applause and poll votes. Something is definitely wrong. People must not vote for someone simply because she is
    a woman and the wife of former President Bill Clinton.
    It would be a disaster for the country and the world.

  4. Kelley

    The MSM is pushing Clinton big time. She got schooled by Obama tonight and no one is even mentioning that moment in the post-debate commentary. And she got booed more than any other candidate, and all the MSM outlets are declaring her a winner. If Dems fall for this and give this woman the nomination, be ready for a Republican presidency. Dems will lose if this woman is the nominee and that’s part of why the MSM insists on proclaiming her the winner of a debate where she was booed several times by real people.

  5. Honestly, I think the audience won this debate.

    Whenever they thought the conversation was going the wrong way they booed, when somebody addressed union issues they cheered.

    Their questions werent as gimmick as the youtube debate, and they were real.

  6. Thanks for your comments, SB. I enjoyed the audience too. I had a comment about the audience and what would have happened IF the audience at Howard had reacted that way…but, I’ll keep on being polite.

  7. Renee

    I thought Joe Biden was pretty good as well, but I think we should remember that the egomaniacs are not up for re-election therefore in no danger of losing position or power in Washington. So they can say whatever they like 🙂

  8. I find his remarks patently offensive, however they may have a certain resonance among his peers. I would suggest that care should be exercised. ###

  9. Please let me add that, in scrolling back, I found Lilly’s remarks about Hillary Clinton right on the money. That woman has no solutions. It would be a dreadful mistake to elect her President. The Muddle Yeasties would fry her hide, so to speak. ###

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