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This oppressive heat has me tired, y’all, and I pretty much shot my intellectual load last night.  I hope y’all are not as hot as I am.  I feel like I am about to pure T burn the hell up.  Tell me what’s on your mind today.   See ya tomorrow.


13 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread

  1. 1. Hosting family is exhausting. I love them, but damn, they can wear you out..LOL

    2. I’m glad they caught the heathens in Newark. Heathens is the nicest word that I could come up with, because so many more were typed then deleted. I have to ask….WTF IS A FIFTEEN YEAR OLD DOING WITH A THIRTY-ONE YEAR OLD? THAT don’t make no damn sense.

    3. Bravo to the father of one of the Newark victims calling out the sperm and egg donors. When he said it was beyond rage, I felt him. I FELT HIM.

    4. Had two shootings here in the past 3 days.

    One was a White cop shooting a kid RUNNING AWAY FROM THE POLICE.

    The other was a young mother, recent college graduate, mother of two, on her way to work, got her brains blown out at the gas station early this morning in an attempted carjacking.

    Guess which one got the PROTEST from ‘ The Community’?

  2. Denise

    I am concerned that Mayor Corey Booker could be sitting on a real racial powder keg with the announcement of the arrest in that triple teen homocide.

    This is a time for calm and cooperation.

    My prayers are with the Mayor and the citizens of Newark.

  3. Now that I’ve gotten the serious stuff out of the way, I am going to ask the men of this blog about not-so-serious issues.

    If you’ve been following it, please explain the following to me:


    I have to ask…do you men understand this, because I don’t.

    I don’t get how this MAN, because when you’re approaching 30, you’re a MAN, in my book, can throw away his MAMA, and ERRBODY that helped him become the Usher Brand.

    She was MARRIED. She had 3 CHILDREN. Does he not grasp what this means?

    As a woman, I’m sitting here, looking at this, and think the man must be doped up or something. He’s not without appeal; he’s handsome; physically, he’s doing well. He’s a millionaire many times over. He’s a singer, and in this country, all you have to be is near the music field and you can stand on a street corner anywhere in America and have women throw themselves at you -this is proven by the success of Mick Jagger, the lead singer of The Cars getting Paulina Poriskova, and Tommy Lee and Gene Simmons – not just the Black ones – ANY MAN who is a singer or an athlete in THIS society can get legal female companionship of any ethnicity 24/7/365.


    Men, explain it to me.

    2. Explain it to me Number Two: SCARY SPICE.

    The woman gets with Eddie. Now, she’s married to Harry Belafonte’s son?

    As a woman, I’ll tell you what I see.

    I see a maneater. Plain and Simple.

    Is it the accent? Is that what makes men lose their minds and lose all common sense?

    3. I know that there are several Pamela Harriman admirers on this board. This book is right up your alley. Saw it at Borders and completely cracked up:

    The Fortune Hunters: Dazzling Women and the Men They Married by Charlotte Hays

  4. Sorry, the guy isn’t Harry Belafonte’s son, but the baby isn’t 6 months, and she’s married to someone who is NOT the Baby Daddy?

    Oh, and Eddie Murphy is SO screwed. She hired Gloria ‘ I hate Black Men’ Allred as her attorney.

  5. Back to politics…anyone want to comment on the one-two lunatic punch of John Edwards, the poor, put upon White male.

    What’s more ridiculous?

    Him on the cover of Esquire…


    Elizabeth Edwards’ recent comments?

    I thought folks here would be all over it.

  6. I can all but promise you Elizabeth Edwards will be seeking that SC Senate Seat.
    I am gonna leave her other comments alone.

    And have we talked about the NJ arrests around here? I have much respect for Corey Booker after watching that press conference.

  7. Oh on the whole Scary Spice thing, I have seen the woman in a swimsuit. She could get it…. and get it again.

    If I remember right Eddie Dumped cause I guess she wasnt down with being a beard. He knows he knocked her up on purpose. And I’m sure Jonny Gill is hella pissed about it.

  8. 1.Anyone watch the Democrat Candidates at the ‘ Gay Debate’? What happened.

    2. Some arrests in Newark. Did you realize that they were Hispanic? Will the racial angle rear its ugly head in this case?
    Per NYTimes:

    The slayings of three young people who had such great promise have shaken New Jersey’s largest city.

    Mr. Harvey was entering his junior year at Delaware State University, having paid his way through school by working in the admissions office. Mr. Aeriel mentored youngsters in Newark, and was to begin at the university next month. Ms. Hightower, who was also planning to attend the university in Dover, Del., was holding down two jobs.

    This hurts my heart. Hurts my heart.

  9. Michael

    Good questions all..the Newarks killing are going to be a quandary for the community. Most blacks were secretly hoping the killers were white so the race-baiters could draft off of this as a hate crime and get some additional mileage out the community’s hatred of white people. But NO! the perps are hipanic! No they have a quandary! How to spin this? I for one am going to be watching intently. With no whilte element, Jess is out, Al is out, not vote farming to be done by candidates…going to be interesting. Regardless it’s a terrible tragedy for those 3 students and thier families. Sickening!.

    And on the John Edwards front, he’s a pussy, plain and simple. A distraction, should be doing soft porn in gay movies. Why an efeminate ambulance chasing lawyer gets this much attention is beyond me…perhaps he can borrow some gravitas from his wife. Happy Friday everyone! Writing from Detroit airport between flights.

  10. Denise

    I found this this clip posted at one of my pop culture spots,

    It was posted as a reminder of the importance of unity and working together. I think the clip also speaks to the importance of respecting your group because ya never know…

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