Debra Bowen strikes a blow for Democracy


Debra Bowen

HAT TIP:  California Progress Report

Debra Bowen, California’s Secretary of State, has decertified all of California’s electronic voting machines. “Democracy, by definition, is about free and fair elections,” said Secretary Bowen. “As the state’s chief election officer, I take my responsibilities very seriously. In many ways, I think voters and counties are the victims of a federal certification process that hasn’t done an adequate job of ensuring that the systems made available to them are secure, accurate, reliable and accessible. Congress enacted the Help America Vote Act, which pushed many counties into buying electronic systems that – as we’ve seen for some time and we saw again in the independent UC review – were not properly reviewed or tested to ensure that they protected the integrity of the vote. That’s what my decisions are about – protecting the integrity of the vote.”

WOW.  IF I DIDN’T KNOW BETTER, I’DTHINK THAT’S WHAT INTEGRITY SOUNDS LIKE.  REFRESHING.   I, Skeptical Brotha, hereby and officially praise California Secretary of State Debra Bowen, a Democrat who has the courage of her convictions.  Perhaps girlfriend can go to Washington, D.C. and show Democrats how it’s done.  With the stroke of a pen, she has righted the ship of state and restored the confidence of the people of California in the electoral process.  Hopefully other Secretaries of State will follow her courageous lead.

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  1. IET,

    No surprise for me. But, the positive thing is, it’s getting out there, when people like you bring information like this to the attention of more and more people.

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