Donna Edwards swings into action


Donna Edwards for Congress

Coordinated in campaign colors white, yellow and blue, the Donna Edwards for Congress campaign headquarters opened this evening in Temple Hills, Md.   As I walked to the door, I was met by the candidate. Donna is refreshingly down to earth and engaging.  I spoke with the candidate briefly and explained my reason for attending without giving too much away. 

The best way to get over the funk of disillusionment with the political process is to help somebody.  For all of the right reasons, Donna is fantastic candidate worthy of my time and support.  A good crowd of progressives from both Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties were present and it was diverse-just like Donna’s campaign staff. 

[photo, Aisha N. Braveboy, State Delegate]To get the party started, Donna was introduced by freshman Maryland State Delegate Aisha Braveboy.  Delegate Braveboy movingly spoke of her continuing support for Donna because Donna is a candidate that genuinely speaks of issues important to the community: medicare, medicaid, education, and the disaster that is No Child Left Behind. 

Donna stepped up to the mike and to the assembled guests that February 12, 2007 presents the people of Maryland’s fourth congressional district the opportunity to turn the page on the deceitful, dangerous, and disatasrous Bush regime.  Donna eloquently spoke of leading the nation for change against both Republicans and Democrats that stood with the Bush Adminstration’s agenda of mass deception-a not so veiled reference to Congessman “Fat Albert” Wynn.  Instead of deception, she wants America to be a country and a district that takes the lead in expanding health care access, education, and a country in which leaders look to actually lead.

Finally, my favorite part was Donna’s pithy ending, “Our phones are on, our pencils are sharpened, and our numbers are growing.” Indeed.  Funds permiting, I can come back in mid-September and do some door-to-door canvassing.  With a district approximately 800 square miles, she’ll need all the volunteers she can muster to beat Fat Albert.  If y’all are interested, lend a sistah a hand. The Donna Edwards for Congress HQ can be reached at 301-316-1880.




5 thoughts on “Donna Edwards swings into action

  1. We are in the process of publishing the CBC Monitor Report Card for September, just in time for CBC Legislative Weekend.

    Because some of the CBC have been scared into “voting our interests instead of their own” we’re facilitating other leadership qualities in as grading factors this year, and will also compare their performance against House members who have at least 25% or more African-American population in their districts.

    Rest assured, Donna put us on the map when she used Al Wynn’s own voting record against his ass last year. He’s running so scared, he’s voting like a flaming liberal (I kid you not) and he’s aligning himself with House Caucuses like the Out-of-Iraq caucus (after voting four times to authorize money for the war).

    He didn’t help himself by inviting the Dark Sith to kick off his campaign. Sent the wrong message to PG and Montgomery Counties with that one.

    And I advised her to ask Wynn about his homophobia (he accused girlfriend of being a lesbian as part of his campaign strategy – hoping to swing mega-preachers like Harry Jackson to persuade preachers out in PG county to support him against her).

    She will have plenty of ammo to debate him, eat his lunch and throw the brown paper bag at him when she’s done.

  2. Little Al

    Sister Donna has a different game this year. She may now win but she will give Big Al some work. One thing for sure is that no Honkie will ever win in da hood of da Fourth District. Dat is one dark hood if you get my drift. Sister Donna wiff her short hair may even get some of da “alternative” female voters. Actually, Big Al is a likeable man and has a great personality. Too bad he has a crappyy district.

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