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Complicating Harold Ford, Jr’s nascent bid for the Tennesse Governor’s mansion is the fact that Uncle John, a former state Senator, has been sentenced to 66 months in prison for taking bribes. The Memphis Commercial Appeal has the scoop:  

John Ford sentenced to 66 months in prison

John Ford was sentenced to 66 months in prison this morning for his April conviction of accepting $55,000 in bribes in the FBI’s Tennessee Waltz public corruption investigation.

U.S. Dist. Court Judge J. Daniel Breen carefully noted his interpretation of advisory federal guidelines that suggest enhanced punishment for factors such as the amount and number of bribes, threatening witnesses, acceptance of responsibility and the fact that Ford was an elected official.

The judge said he was not convinced that Ford truly believes he did anything wrong and that the sentence must be a deterrence to others.

“The court is not convinced that a reduction for acceptance of responsibility is warranted in this case,” Breen said. “This trial reflects a person of greed and avarice, but at the same time a man with the ability to help others. This is the tragic dichotomy of this case.

“The sentence, therefore, should reflect the serious nature of this offense.”

Breen said he would impose no fine.

Ford, who showed no reaction to the sentence, will remain free pending notification from the U.S. Bureau of Prisons when and where he will report.

Ford, 65, was one of 12 lawmakers or aides charged in the sweeping statewide investigation, 11 of whom have pleaded guilty or been convicted in trial.

Earlier this morning defense attorney Michael Scholl criticized the media and the government for “the persecution of John Ford” over the years.

“What I have seen is John Ford singled out in all of this,” Scholl told the judge, noting that other legislators have been convicted and faced lighter sentencing. “John Ford could have gone out and robbed and shot somebody and he would be facing less time than he is now. What I want to emphasize here is all the good that John Ford has done. We can’t just wipe out 30 years in the legislature.”

Witnesses have testified that the county has suffered in money it gets from the legislature because Ford is no longer there, Scholl added.

He also issued a plea for the judge to consider Ford’s support responsibilities for seven of his 12 children.

“John Ford has suffered for two years,” Scholl said. “They have taken everything he has. One of the things I’ve seen in this case is the awesome power of the government.”

Federal prosecutor Lorraine Craig said Scholl’s comments reflect the problems that the government has with Ford.

“He has been persecuted? He has suffered?” she said. “Is it a surprise that his family and friends did not see the side that we saw on those (undercover) tapes? This was Mr. Ford, the man who makes the deals. The man who goes first class. That’s the Mr. Ford we saw.”

She said Ford accepts no responsibility for his offense.

“The only thing he says he did wrong was that he trusted too much,” Craig told the judge. “No one persecuted Mr. Ford. He is here in this courtroom because of his own criminal conduct.”

 Speaking of Memphis Politics, Nikki Tinker, the corporate protege of Harold Ford, Jr is ramping up her campaign to take back Tennessee’s Ninth Congressional District for the Congressional Black Caucus against Steve Cohen.  The Memphis Commercial Appeal has the scoop:

WASHINGTON — Nikki Tinker began her 2008 campaign for the 9th Congressional District seat the night she lost the Democratic Party Primary to Steve Cohen last August by just 4,459 votes.

Cohen did too.

Cohen, who is white, says voters in Memphis will consider the job he’s doing rather than his skin color in deciding whether to re-elect him. Meanwhile, he tells anyone who will listen that he votes with the sensitivities of a black woman.

He and others suspect that a recent brouhaha among members of the Baptist Ministerial Association over his support of hate crimes legislation may be the opening salvo in a battle that Tinker would like to have center on, as she puts it, changing “the face and pace of our leadership.”

Tinker did not respond to repeated phone calls for this story, but her Washington-based spokesman, Cornell Belcher, explained Friday that she’s not interested in talking issues or Cohen’s record yet.

“Here’s where we are, to be straight with you: At this point, we want her talking to voters and raising money,” said Belcher, a partner in Brilliant Corners Research and Strategies. Talking about her differences with Cohen “is something that we really would rather not get into right now. … It will come, but it’s just not going to come right now.”

Cohen isn’t waiting. He says he doesn’t know where his opponent stands on most issues, and points out she’s never cast a legislative vote.

Tinker has spoken to the ministerial association and arranged for the company she works for as general counsel to provide a free airplane ride to members of the ministers’ congregations in June — after declaring her candidacy. Pinnacle Airlines flew the group in circles around Memphis on June 23 but, through spokesman R. Phillip Reed Jr., said the flight was “not directly or indirectly associated with the Tinker for Congress campaign.”

The ministers say the hate crimes bill passed by the House would limit what they could say about homosexuality from their pulpits, although the language of the law indicates it won’t. It’s pending in the Senate.

Among those who suspect that politics is involved in the hate crimes issue is Downtown developer Henry Turley, who has been Cohen’s campaign treasurer since he ran for the Shelby County Commission in the late 1970s.

“You can’t help but wonder, is this an effort to discredit Cohen?” Turley said last week. “It certainly makes you wonder since it’s an incorrect or spurious charge. …Why would they make that incorrect statement? … Why would someone say that unless there was an agenda?”

The issue didn’t draw fire during Ford’s terms. Records show Ford co-sponsored the hate crimes bill, broadening federal jurisdiction over crimes motivated by the victim’s sexual orientation, four times between 1997 and 2004 and voted for it in 2005. His stance never made headlines or drew criticism from the churches.

Turley said Tinker’s prodigious fund-raising in 2006 was impressive and he attributed it to two things: the influence of her boss, Philip H. Trenary, CEO of Pinnacle Airlines, and her endorsement by the pro-abortion rights group Emily’s List, whose acronym stands for Early Money Is Like Yeast.

Some in Memphis publicly objected to Tinker receiving the February 2006 endorsement, saying Cohen’s abortion rights bona fides were better established, but hundreds of thousands of dollars poured in for Tinker from across the country.

A spokesman for Emily’s List, Ramona Oliver, said last week that no decision on an endorsement in the 9th Congressional District race has been made.

Cohen acknowledges he’s asked “a few people at the national level” to help derail future Emily’s List endorsement. The group endorses women only.

“I’d be shocked if Emily’s List would get involved in this election,” Cohen said.

African American State Senator Vivian Davis Figures is gearing up to challenge ignorant confederate incumbent U.S. Senator Jefferson Sessions in 2008

MOBILE — Democratic State Sen. Vivian Figures said Saturday she is running against Republican U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions in the 2008 election, pledging to give Alabama “new progressive leadership.”

Figures, 50, made her announcement at Mobile Government Plaza where she began her political career in 1993 on the City Council. She moved from the council into her husband Michael Figures’ legislative seat after his death in 1996 and has served 11 years.

Sessions, 60, also of Mobile, won his second term in 2002 and will seek re-election. No other challengers have announced plans to run.

Senator Figures is delusional if she thinks she can win in Alabama.

Turning to Louisiana, State Treasurer John Neely Kennedy announced his change of party from Democratic to Republican in preparation for a run for U.S. Senate against Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu, in 2008:

Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA)

BATON ROUGE — State Treasurer John Kennedy has switched political parties and will seek re-election to a third term this fall as a Republican, he announced Monday.

The change immediately vaults Kennedy to the top of the list of potential challengers to U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La, who is up for re-election to a third term in 2008 and is considered vulnerable by national Republicans.

Kennedy has been publicly considering the party switch for months, and he has become an increasingly ascerbic critic of Gov. Kathleen Blanco and the Democratic leaders in the House and Senate on a variety of spending issues. 

In an e-mail message to supporters, Kennedy cited “certain fixed, bedrock principles” that he believes are more in line with the Republican Party than the Democrats, and said GOP officials have been more responsive to his proposals in recent years.

“For the past several years, it has increasingly been the case that those public servants who have embraced my ideas and my philosophy of trying new approaches are primarily Republicans,” Kennedy wrote.

He had been courted to switch parties by U.S. Sen. David Vitter, R-La., and met recently with senior White House aide Karl Rove to discuss the matter.

The switch comes at a time when Republicans are losing ground nationally, having lost control of the U.S. House and Senate in the 2006 mid-term elections, but appear to be ascendant in Louisiana, where U.S. Rep. Bobby Jindal, R-Kenner, enjoys a wide lead in the governor’s race.

34 thoughts on “Southern Political Report

  1. OT: Tavis’ Republican Forum

    One month out – Rudy and Mitt haven’t agreed to come.

    Also, um, am I putting on the tinfoil hat when I say that they haven’t asked for questions from regular folk like they did with the Democrats? Hmmmmm…

  2. I disagree with them not being interested in asking anything.

    As for your Southern Political Report:

    Until the Dark Sith gets him a wife, he needs to go somewhere and do his three hundred jobs and make money.

    No wife = no more political opportunities past getting back his old Congressional seat.

    About the man who switched parties in Louisiana – he’s a snake, plain and simple.

  3. PS- you really need to find the Youtube of Larry Craig’s press conference. That mess was hilarious.

    And, it would be funny as all hell, if he didn’t have a wife. Woman to woman, I wish I knew her addy, cause I’d Fedex her the recipe for Hot Grits, along with a cast iron skillet for him.

  4. Denise

    Rikyrah, girl put that jug of Haterade down. 😆

    As for toe-tappin’, “I’s da hoe” Larry Craig. he lucky I ain’ this wife. I’d have two words for him: TOE TAG!

  5. Denise and Rikyrah, you sistas’ crack me up 🙂

    As for the Dark Sith, he’d better hope he doesn’t get caught ala Larry “I aint gay” Craig.

    Doesn’t matter if he gets a wife – everyone knows that wives these days are nothing more than “beards”, save for Edwards and Obama, because their marriages are on the real, as far as we can see with a “wide stance”.

    Sorry, I had to put that one in, LOL

  6. Denise

    I hear you, TPJ, but I’m not going there on HFjr.

    With all due respect, the public scrutiny of his private life reminds me of something a friend (black man) told me in the wake of the Janet Jackson’s infamous “wardrobe malfunction”. He said: “Any man who says he was offended by what Janet did is LYING…”

    That said, We’re talking about a single man. The only complaints I hear about HFjr’s dating choices are either from fellow sistahs or by sources directed speicifially at sistahs and white men. I have yet to hear a black man say HFjr. is needs to immediately shut down his single “program” and marry a black woman.

    HFJr strkes me as a smart man. He’ll do what he thinks are in his interest – both personally and professionally – when the time is right FOR HIM.

    In the meantime, I respect your viewpoint. I just don’t share it. It’s all good, sistahs!

    Listen, if chef Anthony Bourdain ever invited me to dine with him around the world, starting at that hole in the wall Beijing duck joint, trust me – IT’S ON!! Y’all would just have to be mad at a sistah. LOL

  7. dblhelix

    SB: Senator Figures is delusional if she thinks she can win in Alabama

    She’s banking on either a woman or a black man at the top of the ticket (or both) for the ‘massive turnout’ theory. I agree, it ain’t happening (the miraculous turnout).

    Denise: HFjr. is needs to immediately shut down his single “program” and marry a black woman.

    Oh, I feel that it’s prudent for political purposes if seeking office at the highest levels, like Pres/VP, but otherwise could care less about what he does.

  8. Denise: HFjr. is needs to immediately shut down his single “program” and marry a black woman.

    Oh, I feel that it’s prudent for political purposes if seeking office at the highest levels, like Pres/VP, but otherwise could care less about what he does.


    It’s all political. I’ve been honest…if he wants to stay in the corporate world, he can Sushi and Playboy every night if he wants….but, the man is a POLITICIAN, and well…he’s trying to be elected from South of the Mason-Dixon, which means…marriage.

  9. Well Denise, I hear your point too, but as Rikyrah points out, the man is trying to rehab his political career as a public official from the Deep South = being married. I agree that as long as he’s single, his personal life is his own, and that he will marry because he’s found a woman whom he loves and who loves him.

    Knowing Harold, unless that happens, he’s only going to possibly marry because it’s politically beneficial to him, which means quelling rumors about his sexuality (which I don’t think are true – but hey, my gaydar is known to misfire before), and presenting the picture of familial stability (which crackers eat up by the barrelfull).

    I don’t care who he dates, especially if he wants to date white women, but he also needs to face reality; until a brotha gets a Congressional or Senate seat with a white woman on their arm (those with Latinas don’t count)it ain’t happening

  10. Denise,

    WHile Tucker has been repulsive, Matthews has been hilarious on this story. He’s trying to be serious about it, but just reading the reports and discussing it, he’s like ‘ WTF?’

    It’s been funny to me…you know, in that, ‘ see, your haterade has boomeranged on you’ funny…

    I still want his wife’s addy to mail her that cast iron skillet.

  11. PS- when I say Tucker’s been repulsive, I believe admitting that you beat the $*&# out of a guy that made homosexual advances towards you in high school, is repulsive. Wasn’t enough that he didn’t partake in it, he had to ‘ teach the guy a lesson’, and just reiterated why I can’t stand Carlson’s Punk A$$ Bi#*&h Self.

  12. Mornin folk I haven’t posted in a while but I have been reading. But it takes some commitment to digest a SB post.

    Since this is the anniversary of Katrina and I am a member of the Turnip Possie I wanted to point out Senator Obama’s Katrina track record off camera.
    LINK unless wordpress doesnt take html in that case you can click my name for the link.

  13. Alex,

    Do you even know why the Dark Sith is called the Dark Sith?

    Has nothing to do with his skin color.

    Has everything to do with the ‘color’ of his political soul.

    Refers to a Classic Skeptical Brotha Essay – one of the first ones I ever read.

    I give the floor to Skeptical Brotha:

    Obama vs. Ford
    October 13th, 2006

    “The dark side of the Force offers unimaginable power.

    The dark side is stronger than the light.

    The Weak deserve their fate.”-Tenets of Sith Philosophy

    Darth Ford, Jr. is a Sith, seduced by the dark side of the Force. He will wait until the time is right to seize control of the empire. In the meantime, he will work towards the elimination of his rivals for the imperial throne. Barack Obama is in his way and Ford’s impending election to the patrician chamber is setting up an epic clash between a Safe Negro and a Dangerous Nigra, both vying to become the first black President. We will see if the adage “nice guy’s finish last” holds true.

    I just saw a debate between Harold Ford, Jr. and his hapless GOP opponent, Bob Corker. It wasn’t even close. Poor Bob, his name will be mud in GOP circles when he goes where no southern white man has gone before: defeated by a Negro. His political career is about to come to an ignominious close. Good riddance. Unfortunately for Tennessee and the rest of the Globe, Harold Whore, Jr’s quest for power will continue until he reaches the top.

    Harold is a B.S. artist without peer, y’all. He rhetorically bludgeoned Corker again and again. He compared Corker’s position on Iraq to John Kerry’s “He was for it before he was against it”, throw away line. He attacked Corker on Immigration for having hired four illegal aliens on his construction sites.

    He announced his opposition to Dubya’s “amnesty” bill on immigration. He neutralized an attack on abortion by espousing “abstinence” programs that he knows damn well don’t work. He even had the audacity to position himself on fiscal and tax issues as a conservative having announced that he never supported a budget that wasn’t balanced and harangued the crowd’s young people on how much debt the GOP has put on them. And then, most brilliantly, touted his run against San Francisco liberal Nancy Pelosi for Democratic leader because he was better able to work with moderates and republicans.

    The brotha is good, the best I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately for us, he is about as honest as an adulterer in bed with another woman telling his wife “Baby, this ain’t what it looks like.” The brotha has no peer in turning the GOP wedge issue game against them. The difference between the master, Bill Clinton and Harold Whore, Jr. is that Clinton is so effortlessly smooth in doing this, you don’t even catch what he’s done until its over. Harold is far more obvious, but stupid A** Bob still couldn’t stop him.

    The safe Negro, Barack Obama is essentially as honest as he possibly can be to maintain his political viability. You can pretty much believe whatever he says. You can never believe what Harold Whore, Jr. says for the simple reason that he said it.

    In essence, Harold, Jr. is a nasty whore who enjoys watching the black community endure the double penetration of social and economic conservatism. His craven willingness to position himself for a Tennessee Senate race led him to take positions and votes in the House Of Representatives that were inimical to both the Memphis and greater black community. Ford is a dangerous sellout who is willing to do or say anything to achieve power. He already sold out his grandmamma and his constituents. The rest of the black community will be next.

    If Barack is smart, he’ll watch his back.

    THAT is why we call him Dark Sith. 🙂

  14. Denise

    “_______ is a dangerous sellout who is willing to do or say anything to achieve power…”

    The sad truth is that this blank could be filled with an assortment of names.

  15. by rikyrah August 30th, 2007 at 7:47 am

    I know why yall call him that.
    I just thought it was funny, or ironic, or one of those words people use.

    Like haivng a white girl named ebony. That sort of funny.

  16. Alex?

    In the name of full disclosure, are you an Obama campaign staffer or consultant, or staff or consultant to an organization put together to support his campaign or some other Dem campaign like a couple of 501c4’s I heard somewhere about?

    Or are you just a campaign volunteer?

    Oh, and as I recall, HB 1227, the House Katrina bill which contains housing assistance and all that, sponsored by Maxine Waters, passed out of that chamber in March. How come Obama, Clinton, Biden and Dodd have waited all this time and none have touched the actual Katrina legislation that has passed the House?

    Could it be that they are all waiting for September, for the anniversary to introduce bills with their OWN names on ’em, like Dodd announced yesterday or the day before?

    Could it be that none of them, your guy included, wants to be associated with a bill sponsored by Maxine, who since Cynthia is gone, assumes, in the eyes of lots of white folks the position of the scariest black woman on Capitol Hill?

    Could it be that they all prefer to use Katrina as a sort of drive-by talking point, sort of like the war in Iraq — something they speechify about, but about which they seem disinclined to do anything unless and until they assume office early in 2009.

    And finally, your chronology says that Obama took a year to get down to NOLA. A year. Why? I know you probably don’t talk to him every day, so I am not looking for HIS reason why, so much as your best guess as to why.

  17. Bruce,

    I’m not worried about Obama supporters on this board. I don’t mind. Good dialog and intelligent discussion is what I really started the blog for. I get lots of that usually and this has really been a great experience.

  18. OT: You know, they’re really going to town on this Sen. Craig thing.


    Is that even LEGAL?

    I’m not interested,- I turned to another channel – but I ask again..IS THAT LEGAL?

  19. I don’t mind them either. I learn a lot from querying them, actually, so I have a selfish motive, for sure. Writing a book in which the senator figures prominently I spend every third weekend back in Chicago chasing down and interviewing current and former supporters of his.

    I probably should interview you. Seriously. Do hit me with an offline response, please and thank you.

    I certainly hope I did not scare Alex away or anything, didn’t mean no harm like that.

    I like Barack too — just not his politics. I took off work and drove 12 hours through the rain & snow to go back and work election day and the day before on his US Senate primary campaign in 2004, after blasting him online in 2003. I did it because he was an actual friend of mine, and also cause I was sure to meet up with a lot of other old friends on the campaign trail in Chicago, my home of 50 years. And cause I really wanted to believe.

    I really want to understand better why some others still chose to believe. It is, after all, a choice.

  20. sagereader

    1: I don’t work for the Obama campaign. I’m not even a campaign volunteer. I’m simply a fan who wants him to win because I think he is the best out of the current crop we have running who stand a strong chance of getting the nomination. Since I had been following his campaign anyway, I decided to post news about Obama in my spare time and defend him against media bias, superficial coverage, and false claims.

    2: It is simply not true that Obama sat on Maxine Water’s legislation until September. It is also not true that he was avoiding being connected with her bill.

    Waters introduced the House version, H.R. 1227 this year and it left the House in late March. *Obama co-sponsored the Senate version of the bill S.1668 which Chris Dodd introduced in June.*

    Given his record, I can’t imagine how one could surmise that he is using Katrina as a drive-by talking point and not doing anything on that issue.

    3: Would you rather Obama had visited New Orleans in September 2005 or had gone to Houston to visit with the evacuees? Most people during that time went to Houston to see how the survivors were doing. That’s what Obama did within days after the tragedy occurred.

    In addition, I’d much prefer Obama to be working over that year as he did in the Senate on legislation to help rebuild and help the victims, than to go down there just for photo-ops, which some politicians have done.

    Furthermore, I don’t think visits to New Orleans is an accurate measure of someone’s concern for the people of New Orleans. George W. Bush visited New Orleans within the year after it occurred. Does that make him the stronger, more empathetic person on addressing the recovery efforts?

    Finally, if you make claims about Obama’s record and sincerity on an issues you have let us know what the comparison is. If you want to say Dennis Kucinich is more progressive, I’d agree with you. But that doesn’t make Barack Obama a Clarence Thomas. Other than Kucinich and Gravel, you can’t give me another Democratic nominee who is more progressive than Obama. For me, he has the right mix of progressivism and viability to get my vote and unlike George Bush, I do believe that Barack Obama cares about black people. That’s why I’m supporting him.

  21. Um, it’s like this. HB 1227 passed the House in March.

    If Obama, Dodd, Biden and Clinton, and the other 96 senators have NOT been sitting on it, why didn’t it get to the Senate floor in April? Or May?

    When it didn’t get to the Senate floor in Arpil or May, why didn’t Obama, Clinton, Dodd, And Biden, who wax eloquent on all they have done and will do for Katrina survivors and to aid the displaced in returning home — why haven’t these heavyweights pushed their Senate brethren and sistren to consider it. If they have, why have we not heard of this in June? Or July? Or August?

    If you send me an invoice to pay in March, and I have not sent you the check by September, although I never tire of talking about it, am I not sitting on it?

    You did say you were a fan. Is this something that “fans” do? I wish my creditors were also “fans”. And if so many of us are “fans” instead of thinking black people who weigh our actual interests and the actual performance of our elected officials what else will we excuse?

  22. “Corporate protege of Harold Ford?” In bed with the Baptist ministerial association against hate crimes legislation? Ugly. This chick bears watchin’. As does the ministerial association.

  23. Alex:

    I was part of a conference call with Rep. Waters, Jim Clyburn and Robert Borosage of Campaign for America’s Future on Tuesday about the Katrina issue. HR 1227 is languishing in the Senate, and Rep. Waters has no reason to come on a telephone call that is being recorded for posterity, and lie about Obama, Hillary and Biden not taking action on H.R. 1227, even though she has approched them personally on the Hill.

    Go to and click on the Transcript of that conference call. Today, I’m stepping out from behind the TPJ label and identifying myself (Leutisha Stills), so you will know I was on that call, and I asked what was going on with HR 1227.

    The Senate Version is sponsored by another Presidential Candidate for the Democratic Nomination – Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut.

    Everyone, including Barack Obama, has not taken any action in moving legislation pending on recovery for Katrina victims, because as my editor (Bruce Dixon) has informed you, they’re all trying to roll out their own “versions” of Katrina legislation as part of their campaign platform. The people in NOLA cannot wait until November 2008, or even January 2009 for action to be taken by the Federal Government on this. Hell, one white Congressional member is already on record saying that “God helped us in removing all the Blacks from New Orleans” or some crap to that effect, and as Waters, Clyburn and Borosage pointed out, it’s more than mere incompetence. You can correct incompetence; it’s done on jobs every damned day.

    But in the instance of Katrina, there is something more deliberate and political in the delay of providing relief, recovery and assistance. The majority of people affected are African-American.

    Karl Rove knew when he took over the recovery effort from “Brownie” that he had a bonified opportunity to displace Black voters in the 2006 mid-year elections and wipe out whole districts of Black voters who, by and large, vote overwhelmingly Democratic.

    By making it impossible for Blacks to return home, the government gets to seize prime real estate and Bush’s Corporate cronies get a lot of no-bid contracts to “rebuild” while engaging in “urban renewal” which has long been a code for “forcing out Blacks” and gentrification (Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour’s family got three of those no-bid contracts, worth close to 2 billion dollars). Those who can come home, can’t afford to stay because housing will be at astronomical costs, and HUD has renieged on it’s promise to rebuild public housing. Why build public housing when you can rebuild condos only the very wealthy can afford?

    The public school system, jacked up to begin with, is in total shambles and the charter schools, with no accountability to anyone, are taking over (why do you think Bush had that press op at a charter school instead of a regular, functioning public school)?

    It’s okay to be Obama’s fan, but look at the facts before you challenge someone like Bruce Dixon, because then you encounter someone who actually talks with and deals with those elected officials, their legislative records, and their gift for BS when we do the research to produce reports like this:

  24. sagereader

    Barack Obama was a co-sponsor of the Senate version of H.R. 1227, S.1668, which was introduced by Chris Dodd. According to, after being introduced in the Senate it went to the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs.

    Barack Obama is not on that committee, so I’m not sure why he’s getting the blame. I didn’t see anywhere in the transcript where Maxine Waters singled out Obama or implied that he was holding off for some September roll-out.

    Here are the people on that committee to whom you should direct your concerns about the bill:

    Barack Obama is not the God of the legislative process. He has power at some stages, but not at others. He has his own Hurricane Katrina legislation introduced in 2005 that never made it through. He had legislation on bringing the troops home that never made it through. He had legislation on addressing the situation in the Congo, that never made it through. Hillary Clinton had a great bill on setting up an independent commission to investigate Katrina, which Obama co-sponsored, that didn’t make it through.

    This is a democracy and the people bear some responsibility. If *the American people* don’t know who the people are at each stage who have the power, and put pressure on them to push bills through, then they won’t get pushed through.

  25. Denise

    “…In past years, for example, the central office has allowed thousands of school facility work orders to languish, failed to deliver paychecks to teachers on time and had trouble supplying principals with supplies and equipment…”

    Yeah, girl. I read it. Thanks!

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