Bishop Weeks Indicted by Fulton County Grand Jury




Hat Tip: By D. Aileen Dodd, John Hollis, Atlanta Journal Constitution 

Apparently it’s going to take more than blaming the devil to get Bishop Thomas Weeks off the hook with the authorities.

A Fulton County grand jury indicted the husband of national evangelist Juanita Bynum for what Bynum said was an attack on her in the parking lot of an Atlanta hotel.

Weeks faces one count of aggravated assault, one count of terroristic threats and two counts of simple battery in connection with the Aug. 22 incident at the Renaissance Concourse Hotel.

Weeks fled the scene before police arrived, but later told members of his congregation the devil had been responsible for his actions.

The charges against him carry a maximum possible sentence of 27 years.

Weeks’ church was also facing possible eviction before the alleged attack.

According to police and court records, Weeks, 41, was struggling to pay the bills since he and Bynum separated three months ago.

Weeks was evicted from his home in Duluth in late June. And he was close to losing the church he built with his wife.

An attorney representing the landlord for Global Destiny Church in Duluth said Friday that Weeks had received several notices that he was in violation of his lease agreement for the church for nonpayment of funds. GrimesSquare Executive Inc. proceeded with an eviction lawsuit when the matter was not resolved within its timeline.

“I wrote the letter to comply with the law,” said Stephanie Friese, attorney for GrimeSquare Executive. “I am sure they did others.”

According to court records, Friese backed up the threat of eviction on Aug. 23. She filed a lawsuit against Weeks in Gwinnett County Civil Court that started eviction proceedings “for the non-payment of rent,” Friese said.

Two days later, Weeks was facing litigation again — for allegedly beating his wife after they met at the Concourse Renaissance Hotel in Atlanta to discuss what family has described as “personal business.”

Friese, the attorney for the landlord, called the incident “coincidental.”

Weeks turned himself in to police last Friday at the Fulton County Courthouse and was released on a $40,000 bond. He was charged with two felonies — aggravated assault for allegedly beating, choking and stomping Bynum and making terrorist threats for threatening to kill her, police said.

Bynum’s publicist did not have a comment early Friday.

Weeks could not be reached for comment. However, his attorney, Ed Garland, said he is not aware of any money problems Weeks may be having.

“I have not concerned myself with his financial status,” Garland said.

Garland said Weeks and Bynum discussed many things the night of the alleged incident. He said he did not know about a possible eviction from the church.

“They had been meeting a couple of hours discussing everything about their relationship,” he said. “There was a huge number of things being talked about.”

An out-of-court deal was reached Friday to stop the eviction proceedings against Global Destiny, Friese said.

“This morning the parties reached an agreement,” he said. “The settlement document has already been signed.”

Friese would not discuss whether GrimeSquare Executive received full payment for the church’s rent and other fees under the lease or whether Weeks was put on a payment plan. The bishop continued to have church services there. The church is located at 4830 Rivergreen Parkway in Duluth.

“If he complies with the terms of the settlement, he will be able to remain in possession,” she said.

26 thoughts on “Bishop Weeks Indicted by Fulton County Grand Jury

  1. I have no sympathy for him. I hope he gets the book thrown at him. Anyman bold enough to beat a woman’s ass in broad daylight for all to see, well…he’s so ‘bad’, let him be ‘bad’.



  3. BIG GAME,

    As your name implies and your comments suggest, you seem to think that beating a woman in public is trivial-a big game, if you will. It isn’t. The fact that you don’t want to condemn him says way more about you than it does him. And what it says ain’t good.

  4. Coy Coley

    It is a reprehensible, vile and cowardly act for a male to hit a woman. (A Real Man Don’t Hit His Wife). Although I do agree that we are not to judge anyone (Leave that to God). But, the facts do speak loudly and without controversy. The Laws of the land and his Bishops’ Rule must prevail in this matter.

  5. Nicely said, SB… hit that one out of the park… 😀

    Speaking of Big Games, here’s a fun one to watch:

    Weeks’ MySpace friends: 19831 (and going down every time I hit Refresh)
    Bynum’s MySpace friends: 25432 (and rising)

    Who do you think is going to publish a book first?

  6. connie

    Weeks had the nerve to say; “It’s the devil”. People stop blaming the devil for your own choice. How can anyone be healed from corruption if we keep blaming the devil like Eve blaming the serpent. Eve did suffer the consequence for her own choice, And, I am sure that each man shall suffer for his own choice. Jesus did not have to die to redeem man. If it was only the devil fault.

    As for juanita, she needs to sit somewhere and wait for the retribution of the LORD. Juanita has proclaimed contrarary from the word. She is greedy for money, and fame. In the beginning of her ministry, I used to listen to her but the moment she transformed the Holy Spirit warned me about her being false. There is no gravity in her speech.
    She is completetly in the flesh and she is no longer carry the anointing of the LORD.
    The Lord shall continue to expose the false prophets who bring delusion in the mind of others. I tell you the truth, Juanita, today, I rise up with the word of the Lord upon you. If you do not sit your shame before the world will be greater. For the Lord God of Abraham will not rest because the message is “Jesus Crucified”. It’s not prosperity. The word is pure in simple. REMEMBER THAT!

  7. star1

    Thomas Weeks Next Level of Living will be the Prison Ministry. Not all Black Men Beat Down their spouses. His actions spoke louder than any words he can muster. We must live and walk in the Spirit – not just talk. We in the Christian Community must wake up to the issue of Domestic Violence — in the Church House. As women we must take a stand against it; I believe this is the silent killer of our families.

  8. Shoot, all I see here is that when Juanita left, the good Bishop got evicted from his house and almost lost his church.

    Like it was mentioned upthread, a real man doesn’t hit his wife, and the Bishop may keep the building but lose the church. For Real.

    Juanita will have a powerful testimony when she returns, but if she contributed in any way, she should repent first, forgive her soon-to-be ex-husband, and show herself to be the mighty woman of God she really is.

  9. Cliff

    Re: connie “Weeks had the nerve to say; “It’s the devil”. People stop blaming the devil for your own choice. How can anyone be healed from corruption if we keep blaming the devil like Eve blaming the serpent. Eve did suffer the consequence for her own choice, And, I am sure that each man shall suffer for his own choice. Jesus did not have to die to redeem man. If it was only the devil fault.”

    It is the devil; but it is the devil manifested inside his brain that gave him the suggestion to do what he did. The devil is an outer entity manifested in human beings (particularly those who control the U.S. Government), but it is also a mental entity manifested in the brains of people who struggle to obey God. Unfortunately emotions can coincide with devilish behavior which we regret when we make negative decisions.

  10. Bianca

    Naw Im with Big- Game… Yall need to stop judging. Now I am not saying Bishop was right nor do I agree wtih his actions but still who are we to judge. Plus you all dont know he could have been provoked to do what he did yall dont know so yall need to stop judging and start praying. Its not a time to Point the finger but a time to bend them knees. Juanita Bynum is OK! She is alive and well thats all that matters! True he was wrong and justice has to be served but again I say No ONE really knows what happened.

  11. star1

    You have to be kidding? Did I just read: “Juanita Bynum is OK!…yall need to stop judging and start praying? This is why we are in the rut we are in as Black Folks. I suppose if he had killed her it would’ve been a different take. My Bible reads: “God winked at ignorance.” This is a wake up call. This fool beat down his wife (a black woman) in the middle of a hotel parking lot and a bellhop had to pull him off of her. He needs mental help. “God is not mocked” The Lord did not let him kill her because He has a greater work for her to do. Who cares if Juanita said anything to him–He is a MAN and a Preacher. A 6’2″ 195 pound man couldn’t walk away from a 5’2″ female.
    He is on BET and online trying to teach someone how to handle strife in relationships–and his house is not in order–The Church folk need to address this horrible issue of Domestic Violence and the Double life that is being lived by those leaders in the Ministry. Bishop Weeks needs to be a real man and get a job/go to work, seek mental help and stop hustling the Church for money.

  12. NuffSense

    When the issues are brought to light, I can bet you that the major stressor in their relationship was money. She had; he didn’t

  13. Frog Price

    The homie spent a million dollars plus to marry the woman then he wants to beat her??? Why not just buy her a house and enjoy the martial fruits then put her on the road???

  14. Frog Price

    The homie spent a million dollars plus to marry the woman then he wants to beat her??? Why not just buy her a house and enjoy the martial fruits then put her on the road???

  15. Rev. S

    Actually, we ARE called to judge those calling themselves followers. Read 1 Corinthians 5:11-13. Paul CLEARLY tells the church to judge those calling themselves followers, but not to judge those outside the church. Leaders are also held to a higher standard, and rightly so. Thoughts?

  16. Apalled

    Wrong is wrong even if everyone does it!
    Right is right even if no one does it!

    What Would Jesus Do?
    I have found no scriptures indicating that He would assault a woman (or other human being), agree with or support those that do.

  17. Deniece Mack

    I pray the will of God, be done in both their lives. Not our will, nor Dr.Bynums will, or the Bishops will but Gods will. What the devil intended for bad, God can allow it, to work for the good. I pray that the two are able to forgive and move on. It’s not my job to judge but to cover my sister and brother in prayer.

  18. Cheryl

    The devil didn’t make him do anything. He needs to go to jail just like any abusive person.
    Do not collect $200 (hope you get the monopoly reference)

  19. Richard

    To all the responder:

    What is alarming about this case is the level of rage involved. Like the State of Georgia, I am not looking at titles just the incident. A man chokes, punches, pushes down, and stomps a woman. The bellman says the assailant was kicking the woman betweens the legs.
    This is way over the way in terms of the kind of personality that does this kind of violence. This level of rage is not natural, and it is not an isolated incident.
    If such a person is allowed to walk freely, it would be a matter of time before something worse happens to another female who is not in an open parking lot.This kind of person is suffering from deeply engrained mental issues mostly seen in children who themselves were abused.
    The fact that he so easily lie without batting an eye shows that he has learned to live this way as a means of survival. The unnatural has become natural This is a classic wife beater or killer. His own words gave voice to his intentions; “I am going to kill you.” He meant EVERY WORD, for it was not God who stopped him but the bellman.

    Let’s pray that all battered women can get a reprieve and that the Church understands that it will be held liable for the crimes within.

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