Juanita Bynum’s ministry at a crossroads



 Hat Tip: By Errin Haynes, Associated Press

Juanita Bynum is known and admired by thousands as a fiery evangelist whose no-nonsense, lead-by-less-than-perfect-example message of self-improvement was seemingly illustrated by her fairy-tale marriage to a man who also is a widely known minister.

The romance, which included a million-dollar wedding, became a nightmare last week when Thomas W. Weeks III was charged with choking his wife, pushing her to the ground in a hotel parking lot and stomping on her.

Her example, of living one’s life as an empowered Christian single woman-turned-spouse, now shifts to spouse-turned-survivor.

“The very thing she’s been preaching and proclaiming has now blown up in her own life,” said Duke University theology professor J. Kameron Carter. “She becomes Exhibit A for her own message.”

Since their marriage in an elaborate ceremony in 2002, Bynum and Weeks had both worked out of Global Destiny Church, but had their own independent and successful ministries, attracting tens of thousands to their conferences and selling thousands of books and CDs. She is the star preacher in the marriage, with her successful career as a media personality, gospel singer, author and playwright.

They had become estranged, and on Aug. 22 they met at a hotel to try to reconcile their differences. Within hours, police were called to Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, where they found Bynum with bruises. According to the police report, she told officers Weeks “choked her, pushed her down, kicked and stomped her … until a bellman pulled him off of her.”

Two days later, Weeks turned himself in to the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office. He was released on $40,000 bail with the condition that he have no contact with his wife or her sister. On Friday, he was indicted on charges of aggravated assault and making terroristic threats.

Weeks’ attorney, Ed Garland, didn’t immediately respond to calls seeking comment.

A request to speak with Bynum through her publicist was declined.

Bynum’s MySpace page has a message for her followers: “I am currently recovering from all of my injuries and resting well. There are so many great things happening for me in my future, and so much to look forward to concerning my destiny, this too shall pass. The Bible says in Proverbs 4:25 ‘Let your eyes look right on with fixed purpose and let your gaze be straight before you.'”

Bynum, a former hairdresser and flight attendant, gained wide attention after she preached her breakout sermon, “No More Sheets,” at a Christian singles event in 1998 about breaking free of sexual promiscuity. An audience of thousands applauded her raw, no-nonsense delivery, peppered with first-person accounts of her struggle with her spirituality and secular ways.

“I find it very difficult to listen to anybody preach to me about being single when they got a pair of thighs in their bed every night … telling me to ‘Hold on,'” Bynum roared. “I wanna hear ‘Hold on’ from somebody who’s really holding on! I wanna hear ‘Hold on’ from somebody who knows about struggle!”

She admonished the women in the audience to improve themselves before seeking husbands.

“We ain’t got nothing,” she told them. “What are you bringing to the table? God is calling you to accountability today! Get yourself together!”

Lauren Aqeel was 10 years old when she saw Bynum’s sermon and said it had a powerful effect on her.

“At the time, there were not many female preachers I had been exposed to,” said Aqeel, now 18, who added that she felt the call to preach a few years later. “She has been a mentor from afar to me.”

Pulpit power couples like Bynum and Weeks lead several successful black churches, with their marriages prominently factored into their ministries and serving as an example to their congregations. Often, the wives also run popular women’s ministries that extol the virtues of being a good Christian woman, spouse and parent.

These couples include Creflo and Taffi Dollar, who head World Changers Church International, based in College Park; Bishop T.D. Jakes and his wife, Serita, leaders of The Potter’s House, based in Dallas; and Bishop Eddie Long and his wife, Vanessa, who are the faces of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia.

But for Bynum and Weeks, the allegation of domestic violence could have meaning beyond their marriage.

“For all of the strides that have been made to overcome the male dominance that is associated with fundamental Christian expression, this throws light on the ways in which women have been overshadowed in problematic and troublesome ways in the charismatic movement,” Carter said.

At a forum Thursday at Spelman College, a historically black women’s college in Atlanta, many of the young women in the audience said they were shocked and saddened to hear of the alleged attack on Bynum.

“It just hit me like a wake-up call, that even the strongest can be victims,” said sophomore Elizabeth Alexander. “When he was hitting her, her husband had no respect for her role.”

Alexander said she sought the opinion of her own pastor, who is male, expecting him to condemn Weeks’ actions. Instead, he responded with scriptures, and said nothing of domestic violence being wrong.

“I was thinking ‘This is my spiritual leader. If I’m abused, what do you do for me?'”

Support for Weeks has been strong on his MySpace page. One message posted Aug. 28 reads: “Bishop Weeks, don’t be discouraged, but be encouraged. Stand firm and know that the Lord is mighty in battle.”

Kera Street, 20, said she is disturbed by such comments.

“She is a victim,” Street said. “It can’t be supported or condoned by the church.”

In an Aug. 31 e-mail to The Associated Press, Jakes said it is time for the faith community to come out of shock over the Bynum-Weeks controversy.

“Knowing the Bible may make you a strong Christian or a great speaker but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the only resource we can draw from or work with to help those in our pews who suffer in silence,” Jakes wrote. “Prayer is a good starting point but this is a problem where wise and fair action steps are needed.”

Aqeel said the incident brings Bynum closer to her followers.

“It got a point where you didn’t see her past anymore,” Aqeel said. “You were seeing a polished, well-groomed, woman of God. But now you see she’s still a work in progress. That’s going to create a deeper audience for her.”

Carter said it’s impossible to predict how Bynum’s ministry will rebound, but he said it’s possible she’ll resume with little loss.

“This in no way undermines her significance. If anything, it underscores the importance of that aspect of her message — the need for healthy relationships. It underscores that no preacher is bigger than their own message.”


38 thoughts on “Juanita Bynum’s ministry at a crossroads

  1. Don’t Have to go to Weeks’ Myspace page to see the sympathy and ‘understanding’ for him. I happen to have none. He beat a woman IN BROAD DAYLIGHT.

    And, people wonder why I continue to tell people that Black folk don’t take domestic abuse seriously.

  2. Denise

    I can’t help but wonder who paid for their “million dollar wedding”.

    What type of spiritual leader is comfortable with this type of excess??

  3. Sisters, please don’t ever be deceived into believing that because a man is in the church when you meet him or starts attending church after you meet him, he is truly born again. People join and attend church for various reasons. Their reason for being in a church may have nothing to do with having truly been born again.

    I don’t know Ms. Bynum or Mr. Weeks personally, however, I know this. Everything we ever need to know about anything is always happening right in front of us. At some point prior to marriage, this man emitted a signal that he was capable of domestic violence. This is not an indictment of Juanita Bynum either. Many of us (me included) have been fooled by a man or, seen or heard something that didn’t “feel quite right” but we dismissed it. We dismissed this feeling which in reality was a warning – a red flag – that this man was not THE man. This type of man is very cunning and can fool the very elect of God – ala Juanita Bynum.

    We get caught up in the wedding planning or we are so relieved/excited that someone asked us to marry them; this causes us to be come off balance. When we’re off balance, we are not as discerning as we should be – our intuition – the Spirit’s guidance – our gut – cannot be felt/heard.

    I believe that even though the enemy meant this for evil, God will use this entire episode to His glory and good.

    Carmin Wharton is a relationship coach and motivational speaker and is the author of Lessons Learned: While Looking for Love in All the Wrong Faces. To sign up for Carmin’s free bi-monthly relationship advice newsletter, please visit: http://www.carminwharton.com

  4. Hallelujah for those sistas at Spellman. They’re not fools. They are reading this whole situation as I have.

    Juanita Bynum will return with an even powerful ministry, because she will be able to minister from her own experience. I anticipate her teaching will come straight from her heart, as it has always done, and will be an encouragement to other single sistas like me.

    Carmin, what you said is dead on the money. Women get caught up in the event of getting married, and don’t stop to realize what the heck they are getting in a man. Shoot, I’ve actually heard two brothas on a Metro Bus here in DC discussing where to meet women, and one of them said “Man, you need to check out Church, cause that’s where the women at. All you do is show up with a Bible under your arm, and after service you got honeys all over you trying to get you “saved” and they will do whatever it takes, including getting their freak on.”

    I wanted to scowl at them, but I found that I couldn’t because I’ve seen that go down in too many churches to count. And some sistas want that “prestiege” of being a minister’s, Pastor’s or Bishop’s wife so badly that they will do anything to get it, and once they do, will kill another sista for breathing in Bishop’s direction. They will endure sexual, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical abuse from these men, all to hang on to the title of Co-Pastor, Prophetess or First Lady.

    We need to give ourselves to God first, because until we do, He’s not going to give us that man we want, because we continue to demonstrate to Him that we can’t be trusted to keep Him first in our lives.

  5. DJR

    This is still only an allegation!~!!! There is a story that has not been told. We have been told that He beat her, kicked her ect.. How do we know this happened…she is the one who has reported this. The bellman? Where is He? Who is He? We have tryed the Bishop and found hinm guilty before we see all of the evidence. Now, if it is all true and he has perpitrated this crime then I let due process take it’s course. But let’s with hold all this judgement.

  6. peterock

    i want us to know that even grate men are not always wise, you can’t judge by what you are hearing from people. i know this is not a good story to hear from people that are respected by lots of people. something most have gone wrong in the spiritual. there has been a crack in the marriage we are just seeing the fruits. i want us to spend more time praying.
    may the Good Lord cover His servants, and give them strengths for this storm

  7. DJR, allow me to add my $0.02 to SB’s comment:

    There IS no JUSTIFICATION for a man, be he a minister of God or NOT, to ever put his hands on his wife with the intent to stomp the crap out of her. NONE, whatsoever.

    So while you’re intent on defending the Bishop, all I needed to know is that he beat his wife, and it probably wasn’t the first time, either. Whatever Juanita’s “contribution” to the argument does not mean it should have resulted in beating her.

  8. Deyvette

    One may apply this statement to Bishop Weeks, and others.
    Such actions are taken by the God in oneself or the devil in oneself, hence the statement the “God is in you” or “the devil is in you”. One may ask themselves, are my actions Godly or Devilish? Then one must accept the truth, are you a Godly man or a devil.

  9. Wake Up

    It would be helpful for the public to see the clips from the Women on the Frontline Conference just prior to this incidence, aired. Mrs. Bynum was in rare form. She was going on and on about how she was going to be on the cover of Forbes Magazine. How she was about to launch nine (9) new businesses. How preaching was not something she was going to do the rest of her life. How she “tricked” everyone and preaching got her a name and that she has every intention on using to get rich! Truly I was vexed when this “show” was going accross the airwaves. But the WORD says Pride goes before destruction,a haughty spirit before a fall. Then came the fall! Now graciously she forgives her husband and domestic violence has a new face and name. This is now her mantle, her purpose, but it’s not a religious issue. These people are NOT true christians, their doctrine (oneness) is not of the true Lord Jesus of the Bible. There are many false christs these days!! We are to judge a tree by the fruit it bears. They are out to make a reputation and a name for themselves. They have mastered the christianize language. But anyone who studies to show themselves approved, knows that it is just a bunch of “spiritual talk” that equates to mumble-jumble of scriptures. Rightly divide the word of truth is what anyone who honors/fears the Lord will do, scripture is the final authority. We will be judged by it so we really need to get it right. A house that is built of the wrong foundation will fall. Now all of a sudden this is a social issue when the prophet who speaks for God mouth has been shut for ten (10) days!

  10. Branda Feaster

    Dear Evangilest Bynum:

    We love your mission and want to encourge you to hold on and know that you are going to another level.

    We wish you God’s blessings in the name of Jesus Christ.


    Brenda Feaster

  11. Natash Samuriwo

    Yeah , that is exactly what the devil will do , he is in panic because God is about to do something Glorious in your both of your lives. You see this is simply an attack that comes from the pit of hell . Nevertheless God will still take the glory it does not matter what , my prayer is that you be incouraged and know that God has not forgotten you , somtimes he will sacrifice your comfort to build your charactor. THIS TOO SURELY WILL PASS AWAY….. I am standing with you Prophetess and know that God is not done with you yet , and it is not over until He declares so.

  12. A time of big trouble to the church of Jesus christ but i believe all worketh for good to them that love the Lord and are called. May the will of God be done may he uplift our ministers JUANITA AND WEEKS they are both for the kingdom

  13. Danielle

    The cost of this extravagant wedding could have easily benefited the hungry.We are becoming more and more attached to material things in this world…I don’t know what really happened.. stay humble like our savior..

  14. Mokgadi

    I console the Weeks family with the book of Job from the Bible. People should stop judging them or taking sides. As they are both victims. From my personal opinion,this is only happening to the believers of God. The devil is trying to destroy the Kingdom of God by attacking spiritual leaders,he is aware that his kingdom of darkness is being defeated in Calvary. Let us become one as children of God and help build the Weeks family through our prayers. The devil is tied up in Jesus name.

  15. bendinknees

    Wow! This is scary. Do we really understand what it
    means to have the mind of Christ? Do we really know
    what it means to allow the POWER OF GOD to crucify us?
    I heard someone say the only real true disciple who
    followed Christ was Simon of Ceyrene. He actually
    took up the Cross and followed Jesus. The twelve who actually saw the lame walk, the dumb talk, the dead
    raised, and Him calm the raging seas….ran and left
    him standing alone. Many today claim they know Him
    and preach with a reasonable facimile of the Power
    and explosion of the Holy Ghost, but they really don’t know the authority and dominion that was passed
    through to them the moment they accepted Jesus the Christ into their life. (Some have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof). When we crucify ourselves and actually accept the mind of Christ, our flesh will not war against the Spirit of God. The Word asks, – how can we say we love God whom we have not seen and can’t love our brother whom we see everyday? When we realize that God poured HIMSELF INTO US.. we will begin walking a more powerful and meaningful life. We’d better start walking in our spirit life instead of our human life…or we haven’t seen nothing yet. Jesus prayed, Father I pray that you keep them in the world ..but not of the world. In closing, the Love of Jesus
    Christ would not have beat one of its lambs almost
    to death! In Christ, there is no excuse! It is
    time for us to reach the top of the mountain (like
    Abraham) and find a new vision and purpose for our
    sanctified journey.

  16. prophetess Bynum, You don’t know how many lives have been touched by your testimonies in the past. and i believe that this is another wakeup call for all believers to go on their knees and pray for the church ofjesus Christ, for singles to pray for TRUE marriage patners and for sincierity in churches. this is because we are all going to church for different reasons. few are going in for true worship while many for ‘hook ups’ and competition, show-off and the like. i feel that christians around the world should go down on their knees and repent for past mistakes coz this incident just demonstrates what is taking place silently without people speaking up and if this goes on, the devil is gonna have a smooth win over the children of God.
    this is for all God’s children, we are becoming weary too quickly, giving in to the world too easily and forgetting the way of the cross too fast and also too judgemental. where are all the intercessors? where are all the prayer worriors? please friends lets not feel too proud judging the situation but rather lets hear the wake up call to pray. pray for our families, our pastors,ourseleves and more so for Prophetess Bynum and Bishop weeks. remember Hosea wasn’t he married to a woman who cheated on Him? yet God used that story to bring Glory to His name and to show how much He loves us.
    friends, let us love and pray to those who are hurting, those who are too weak to speak up and the God of all Creation will hear us when we call.

    prophetess Bynum, you are in my thoughts and Bishop Weeks, May the will of God be Done in your lives.
    love always Anne

  17. common sense 1

    Wake up..people wake up! Please use some common sense before you write a comment! Our children are in a crisis and all you’re concern about is Weeks and Bynum. Well the reality is this..they could probably care less about you, and the christian community. Please give it a break. They are now in the legal system..and whether you want to believe it or not…a man or a woman in a black robe will judge this case…and determine the outcome inspite of what your good book may say…..The elected officials will have their say and beleive me they are not going to go to the bible when executing a sentence either against Mr. Weeks or in his favor and they are not going to be concern about how many scriptures one can quote! give this a rest!

  18. Brisha

    Hello Evangelist Bynum my name is D’Ani Warren,I’m 10 years old and I live in Houston, Texas.I love you and there are a lot of other people who love you so hold your head up and let God do the rest.Be blessed.

  19. Hello Prophetess Juanita Bynum-Weeks,

    You have inspired so many singles and married couples-saved and unsaved as to what the word of GOD is calling for in his virtuous people regardless to their marital status. GOD has annointed you to reach out inspire folk to govern their relationships according to GOD’s purpose and plan and that’s to the fullest.

    You express things that other men and women of GOD are too busy not doing. I would like to take this time out and encourage you from woman of GOD to woman of GOD to resume keeping the lord first and as hard as it is sometime to maintain balance in a relationship when you have been blessed with a spouse that seems like he is just what the doctor ordered – It’s O.K. to ask GOD to show us how to love the individual within the boundaries of knowing that we are human beings and destined for mistakes regardless to the status/title that we hold in GOD and constantly be prayerful for one another – because we all have character flaws and it only takes us to push one button to really cause a serious character flaw to manifest.

    GOD Bless you and keep being that mighty woman of GOD he’s called you to be….AMEN!!!!

  20. Julie

    I feel so moved to share my perspective as a survivor of domestic abuse. I respect the fact that Prophetess Bynam can speak publicly about her experience. I know the courage it takes and I know that it’s helping me. I know that the more you can share with others, it will come back ten-fold in the healing process of yourself and others! Please remember that we are all human. We all fall short of who Christ wants us to be. We all fall short of saying or doing just the right thing at just the right time. As for red flags, oh yes, there are definite red flags. Sadly, most of the time it is too late to feel safe in leaving the relationship. I was terrified from the terror. But God intervened at just the right time – and it was on a Sunday, just after returning from church! My church that was my haven, my congregation, all my B&S in Christ that love and support me and it is Christ that is my Savior and Protector. I am so grateful that these people are not judging my ex-spouse and are praying for us both. Prayer has to be for all. Would Jesus only pray for me? Does He only love me? I don’t think so.

  21. Richard

    The statement by “Common Sense” is right.

    This is a judicial matter. You cannot repent or pray your way out of a crime that you have committed. In this case,it’s several felony level crimes. I have worked with battered and displaced females, and this is the first time the support is mostly for the assailant. The victim is villified because of her status and position in life.

    The State of Georgia will not take anything into account except what happened in the parking lot and in his past history. Ironically, there is another lady from his past that claimed he choked her. This is admisable evidence and is what the court wants to hear. They are not interested in the price of a wedding or what was said in a sermon.

    Unfortunately, this is Georgia (not Utah); Therefore, some time in jail is inevitable. Georgia would never send the wrong message to battled women nationwide because this event is being aired literally all over the world. You can pray all you want asking God to let him go free, God has other plans and will use His servant the DA to carry out His will.

    To all of you precious saints who cannot come to grips with what has taken place, it is far better for a person to spend time behind worldy bars and come to know Christ in a very real way then to pretend and lose his soul. Titles do not impress God, and He is not taking an opinion poll.

    P.O BOX 68-00229 NDERU,
    EMAIL: evangelistshimon@yahoo.co.uk
    To Juanita Bynum.
    Dear Brethren.
    Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thanks to God to guide me find your address through web-site; hoping God is doing great to you, your family and the ministry as he is doing same to us here in Kenya.
    My name is Shimon Kariuki 28 years old, born again Christian & I love Jesus as my savior.
    I had been voluntary preaching the ward of God for the last eight years working close mostly with, those who are not saved, rich and poor families and venerable youths preaching, speaking and counseling I have found that through God’s power and call, most of the peoples have turned to God and got saved. Also I have been preaching door to door visiting HIV aids patients and the old ones. Thanks to Doctor, brother in Christ Joel for offering his self in the team, counseling and giving hope to the HIV positive and teaching them the goodness of using antro-virol medicine to pro-long their life. Also I thank the church members who had been accompanying and supporting the team in the work of God, preaching door to door known in Kiswahili (injiri nyumba kwa nyumba). Dear friend it is so painful and unfortunate to see that, young men/women having with peoples whom they well know their partners have died of Aids pandemic due to lack of Godliness in their life they die before their age. Glory to our Father God because of great miracles he is doing to this project and especially when preaching to them they do listen carefully young and old, youths asking polite questions and studying bible together. I am mobilizing the body of Christ to minister grace and truth to those who are not born again.
    Dear Servant of God.
    I have a pleasure and honour you, inviting to visit our church, community and minister the word of God to us. I believe that you would like our people as they do love and respect the servant’s of God, same they do respect and love God & his word. On behalf of my church and my people I highly welcome you in our beautiful country. and country which its peoples are God fearing also it is our happiness if you can have a branch of your ministry here in Kenya, It would be a great joy and praising God if I can see my peoples and my self serving God through your ministry where also I would be happy to minister as I believe I have call from the Jehovah my God. I had been wishing to join Bible school since I was young but in vain due to lack of fees, would be delighted to assist me join the Bible school here in our country or your country. Please do not hesitate to ask any question regarding my people and the church, also we have some pictures of the ministry and of the said project.
    May the power, love and Glory of our Father God be upon you and your family, hoping to hear from you soon.
    Yours in Christ service.
    Evangelist Shimon.

  23. Prophetess Days

    Grace and Peace be unto you Prophetess Juanita,

    I’ve been there and done that. However it has promoted me to another place in God. This experience taught me to Love out of my own pain. Not when I came out but while I was yet in pain. This is where healing takes place. This to will pass and God’s strenght will cause you to walk in places that you have not yet walked in. Woman of God continue to lift up your head. There is another level of an anointing comeing to you all for His Glory.

    My heart is to see Bishop Weeks restored and every man that struggles and has fallen in different areas of there life. Man must be restored according to God’s original pain. Bishop Weeks, restoration and deliverence to you even in the hidden things of your soul. His grace and Love is sufficient.

    Prophetess ND

  24. angela

    I beleive we should pray for Juanita and Mr.Weeks.Also leave them in the Lords hands.They really need our prayers.We need to take care of our relationship with the Lord or we will stumble.Let’s walk in the Light of His Word.If any man be over taken in a fault restore such a one in a spirit of meekness.Let’s get ready for Jesus is coming repent daily and be washed in the Precious Blood of Jesus of all stain of transgresion and sin.Stay humble and close to the Lord,bless your family and walk humbly in obedience to the Lord.He is Faithful.He’s is the only one that can fulfill us our heart’s.Let’s reverence the Holy Spirit in our Heart’s and exalt Jesus not man.Yes Love each other and respect each other.But we need to get real sin has infiltrated the church and nothing is being done about it.That’s why the church is the way it is.We’re not living it so how can we preach it.Don’t be deceived people the annointing is not all that knowledge or hype.Really get into the Precense of the Lord and seek his Face, loose your life and lay everything at the alter and let him fill you with his presence and Holy Annointing and becareful when we’re walking on Holy Ground.People are hurting dying daily ,sick ,lost ,in jail ,in prison,babie’s ,children being rape and molested killed the world is in chaos.If we really love Jesus let’s focus on what really concerns him, and start praying.We must work while it is day

  25. johnny daniel

    indeed bynum you represent’woman thou art loosed’!god is judging everywhere and anywhere where his glory and position is been taken.he will spare at nothing to be the lord and head and of the church, and he is starting with his leaders and servants.he is coming for a glorious church without spot or wrinkle.i believe you are coming out of this, better,more loving,understanding and faithful to and with god.of a truth a preacher is not bigger than his or her message.i luv you,bynum!

  26. elder ruthie spates

    To god we give thanks and may god open door to the world that feel the need to judge other they to will stand in the judgement seat i feel that we have to be careful what we say and do because someone else is falling as we speak try to help them up but let them to bare there cross and let their maker judge them our laws are set and we have to obey them in order to obey god order and commandments i will pray that it will make them stronger, and that they forgive and move on doing the work of god and that we forgive them and keep reading the word of god and our word would be few God bless and keep you my sister and brother.

  27. elder ruthie spates

    Sister, and brother, byum may god judge you and only god may the people have very few words, to say expect they judge themself.
    we are weak and god is strong we read it in the word every day may the law of the land be obeyed and may we fall and get up and do the work that we was call to do help bring in negelected and abuse people of god you can not hurt any one that realy knows god because we would no to expect the fall of man if we raise him up to high so my God be the Glory and may you and your husband be strong and repent and pray for giveness for the people for they know no what the do.

  28. angela

    I know we’re in the last days.Nobody is judging no one.We know the word so much,yet we are living a bad testimony for the one’s that don’t know Jesus and giving Jesus a bad name.From my understanding the word of God says”Open rebuke is better than secret Love.Exhort.reproof,rebuke ,with humility,and Love.The Holy Spirit is in our hearts and if we don’t let him use us in this way when he prompts us we greive him.All I hear in these blogs is sweet things, whether, I like it or not,I Pray if I am disobedient to my Lord Jesus trying to walk with him how it suits me and not pleasing to him ,rebuke me Lord admonish my sinful living and cocky ways.Somehow or another the Lord has to break us ,or that will be our stumbling block.We know what we are doing is wrong we really want to beleive God understands,but he doesn’t when he suffered so much so we can play with him and not be an example of his living word.Talk to me I am learning.I am young in the Lord and learning .Then we’re are surprised when things happen,where we’re you Lord.Jesus will not allow it he promised to take care of us.You don’t see yourself sister ,you should practice going to prayer and get in the presence of the Lord and look at yourself preach.Get on this side of the pulpit.You know to much,You need the Baptism of the Holy Spirit Sister.Let Jesus be real in your life.Any one can stir a crowd especially women that are hurting,but it’s the annointing that breaketh the yolk.Jesus loves you and I do too.Pray for me and I will continue to pray for you.We must work while it is day, for the night cometh when no one can work.There is Power in The Precious Blood of Jesus.It’s what Jesus did at the cross for us ,not what we do or have.Jesus will take care of us in everyway.People are hurting crying lost sick hopeless scared,no where to turn.We need the Holy Spirit in our hearts so we can be a witness,of the Power of God.Give him all the Glory.Jesus is coming we must get ready,and have our lamps ready .

  29. Dr. Bynum is a true woman of god, and always have been. The only thing that will change in her life is her marriage. Bishop Weeks knows he is gone out of her life for good. This is why he is trying to give her a bad rap. It is not going to work because god is in control. He was exposed because that is how god wanted it. Juanita has not changed at all, she is who she always were. Stright forward, up front in your face. The true preacher that brings the message of christ. Bishop Weeks got in over his head. He thought Juanita was a joke, and a play thing. She is serious and for real when it come to christ. Juanita was sick of being used and played with.

  30. Emmanuel

    I am a Pastor of the community Bible Church here in Northern Ghana. I need prayers on my
    1. Financially, life for four years now, I have not been able to provide for my family. Since I married two years ago God has bless us a Baby Girl but the financial life became more difficult. My wife is a seamstress but she does not get work.

    2. membership of the churches keep on dwengling and very low income to support myself and the pastors working with me.

    3. I have lost members and supporters and partners who support the ministry financially.

  31. ojobor ogaga

    Wisdom is the principal thing. Everything rises and falls on leadership. Who is the head of the home. If the head of the home of juanita bynum and wicks is really known, only then would they have succeeded in their marriage. Ministry must not be used to replace the sanctity of the home. The first point of success is the home before ministry. If you fail in your family life, check yourself, you are on a path even when left alone , will still fail in the future. The union of the two only brought out the weaknesses in both. They should both sit down and examine their lives because this a pointer to how the future will be. Two cannot work together except they agree. There are men who would have turned their pompous partners into a saint by their love and self control. There are also women who could turn their stubborn and assaulting husbands to a lamb through their love and their knees. Both of them have what it takes. The path of divorce is never an option if Jesus was the wive assaulted neither would he (Jesus) use is hand if is wive is a pompous and mouthy or whatever he sees of her. Let Jesus be our example.

  32. Renee'

    As a person on the outside looking in a few year’s back at Week’s and Bynum’s church in downtown DC, there was trouble brewing right beneath the service. As a vistor to the church I could see that there was a seperation between husband and wife which translated to every facet of the way the church was currently then running. I wondered who are these people? And oh my, I wonder what’s really going on. Bynum was not present during the two weeks I attended. And it seemed as though her focus was on launching her brand. I can’t help remember feeling like Week’s was lost in translation somewhere. I remember thinking this is not going to end up very positively though a friend of mine was an avid follower of Bynum’s and thought the world of her enought that she moved herself and thirteen year old daughter to another state to attend “The Threashing Floor” congregation.
    I do remember this, as a backslidden christian the message that Weeks preached that eve was just what I needed. It was powerful and no doubt, spirit-inspired. I don’t condone abuse and think that it must be addressed. And I don’t condone control adn power waging either and think that it must be addressed. If one wields power over another b/c of age and experience and the other is bound to feel some hostilities. I dont’ think we’ll ever know exactly what was waged within the walls of the Weeks/Bynum home, but I can assure you that any minister’s message is tainted with a bit of their own personaility and from thence you can see the image of the flesh presented to the other as a partner. Both are to blame equally. And both must address their own weaknesses to be an effective instrument to be used. When God gives assignements it’s our part to be faithful to the end. If there is something amiss in our lives and strangers are picking up on it, then you can best believe we know these things exist as well and if ignored will become our ultimate challenge. The lesson in all of this is to address what is that challenge and not dimiss it as if it will just go away. It won’t. And as in this case it didn’t. Let us all examine our lives. And more so may God’s messenger continually examine theirs so that they’re lives won’t be put to open shame.

  33. Eva

    hello Prophetess Dr Bynum, I really like your sermons and you have been a role model to me because you are a virtuous woman. remember that a woman who fears the Lord she shall be praised and so press on towards the ultimate goal. its my prayer that just as the stars do not struggle to shine so shall you be and it will be to the glory of God. God loves you and I also do.

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