Church leaders seek to defrock Bishop Weeks


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ATLANTA – (AP) A national group of black and Hispanic churches is calling for the minister husband of evangelist and gospel singer Juanita Bynum to be suspended for three years from the ministry because of allegations he beat his wife.

Thomas W. Weeks III, known to his followers as Bishop Weeks, was charged with aggravated assault and making terroristic threats following a confrontation last month that police say left Bynum badly bruised. Weeks and Bynum are estranged.

The Washington-based National Black Church Initiative said Weeks’ Global Destiny Ministries is not part of its church network, but that it considers the charges against him harmful to the entire Christian church.

Global Destiny Ministries was founded by Bynum and Weeks.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, NBCI is asking its 16,000 member churches and their congregants to refuse to support Weeks’ ministry or recognize him as ordained clergy.

“We’re not just going to tolerate this kind of behavior,” the Rev. Vincent Evans told newspaper. “He has hurt the cause of Christ.”

The coalition, which works to address racial health disparities and problems in black families, sees Weeks’ alleged actions as “morally wrong and reprehensible.” Domestic violence, the group said, is a root cause of the failure of black families and marriages.

The coalition said it wants him to apologize to his wife, his church and the Christian family, and to seek counseling.

“We cannot begin healing the black family without taking this action,” Evans told the Journal-Constitution.

Police say that during an Aug. 21 argument outside a hotel, Weeks, 40, choked Bynum, pushed her to the ground and started to kick and stomp on her. A hotel employee intervened and pulled Weeks off her, police said.

Bynum, 48, is a former hairdresser and flight attendant who became a Pentecostal evangelist, author and gospel singer. Her ministry blossomed after she preached at a singles event about breaking free of sexual promiscuity. Among her books are “No More Sheets: The Truth About Sex” and “Matters of the Heart.”

Her album “A Piece of My Passion” had been listed in the top 10 gospel albums by Billboard magazine for several months. She also preaches through televised sermons.

The couple married in 2002. Together, they wrote “Teach Me How to Love You: The Beginnings.”

21 thoughts on “Church leaders seek to defrock Bishop Weeks

  1. It’s about time The Church actually stepped up and gave him the slapdown. He needs to just go away.

    I have to tell you, SB, this topic has been very interesting – the responses.

    The SILENCE by ‘ certain’ Church leaders has been deafening.

  2. star1

    I agree with you rikyrah. I don’t know you or SB but I agree with you both on this issue. Dr. Bynum will speak tonight on TBN and earlier today Bishop Jakes finally released an excellent statement regarding the issue of “Domestic Violence.” It appears his church has been dealing with this issue for some time. My question is: Why did it take so long? It appears people waited until Weeks was indicted before they said something ( I may be wrong on this) but right is right and wrong is wrong. The test of a man or woman is not when things are safe but when you take a stand on what is right! I will just say — better late than never! To God be the Glory! Let the discussion begin and lets stop Domestic Violence in our homes.

  3. Evangelist Theressa Johnson

    I was beaten by my ex-husband for 7 long years, every time he beat me , he’d always come back and tell me that he’s sorry . A few days would go by then there would be another beating. For 7 long years!! I always forgive him.For years I wanted to leave him but I did’nt have anyone to go to,I got married at 16 yrs old & I was still young. I finally got away from him at the age of 23. I nearly killed myself, letting him prepare me for death. Thats how bad he beat me. Laddies you don’t have to take this from any man!!

  4. Marva Bryant

    There are two sides to EVERY story. I am no an advocate for husband beaters, but we as the body of Christ are toooo judgemental and critical. Now is the time to restore him. The bible says, when your brother has been overtaken in a fault, ye who are spiritual restore such a one in LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Rev. S

    Fine. Restore him as a sheep, not a shepherd. Leaders are held to a higher standard. He should not be restored to a leadership position though. Sorry.

  6. “The Washington-based National Black Church Initiative said Weeks’ Global Destiny Ministries is not part of its church network, but that it considers the charges against him harmful to the entire Christian church.”

    As if they had a stellar reputation before this incident. Pleeeaaasse!!!

    The Black church is a large part of what’s wrong with the so-called “Black community”.

  7. M. Carpenter

    You all are just like the Bible days of history. You are judging befor the whole truth has been told. You all just don’t know the debt he was in because of her so call holy of holy self and the mouth that she has on her. Don’t let the cloak that she hides behind fool you. T. D. Jakes knows better then anyone how underhanded she really is. You cannot change a leapards stripes, you can just put clothes on it. I really feel sorry for Bishop Weeks for we all can be pushed in to anger when the help to solve the problem is not there. That lady is going to have something great and mighty before her and she will not recover.

  8. R Bevel

    M.Carpenter, you are a jerk. I don’t care what anyone does or say, no one deserves to be choked, kicked like a dog and then stomped. You stomp and kick things that you hate and want dead. What ever went on between her an TD Jakes is there business, and what she says out of her mouth gives NOOOOOOOOOO man the right to put his hands or feet on her. God gave him Two feet, walk the HELL OUT! You need to get a grip, and be mindfull on what you say, it might be you or someone you love one day! R. Bevel

  9. Now that’s what I’m talking about. The silence of many Black Pastorial Leaders actually is speaking loudly to the fact they condone what Weeks did. What you’re seeing from Pastors like Vincent Evans is that they don’t want to be associated with condoning domestic violence anywhere, but especially in the Church.

    That’s why congregations like Weeks’ have their heads so far up his behind, they’re smelling what he had for lunch, as opposed to calling him out and holding him accountable for actions, plus require he seek counseling.

    Three years is good – people will see if this man actually repented of his sin of beating his wife,whom God commanded he love as he loves himself.

    Brotha obviously has issues with loving himself; if he didn’t, he never would have laid a hand on Juanita.

  10. Be For Real

    Wow M. Carpenter! You really are throwing out some major charges. Do you know Juanita Bynum personally to dimenish her character like that? Just think about it. Everyone gets tested, we all get tempted. Thomas Weeks failed to resist the temptation and he didn’t consider the consequences of his actions before he acted. Now he has to pay the consequences. Does it take away from who he is and what he has tried to build? That I am not sure, but I do know he is only human. As I human I am not to judge. But I would like to know this M. Carpenter, I thought leopards had spots….not stripes.


  12. As a mental health counselor, I have been bring this information to churches, but many pastors do not want to deal with the issue. I facilitate the Batterers Intervention groups, and there are more and more pastors, ministers, evangelist and deacons being arrest for domestic violence. This has always been a problem that has been ignored. Victims have been told to just forgive and pray for the person. God does forgive, but the batterer has to also take responsibility.

    Still pray for the body of Christ.

    Video from the Church of God Women’s Ministries on Domestic Violence. It takes about 28 minutes.

    Click on: Silent Suffering … Silent Shame

  13. Marquiepta Odom

    understand what Evang. Juanita Bynum is going through because I was her. I pray for her strength, direction, and protection. I went through 5 years of silent abuse. I never told anyone about the mental and physical trauma I was going through. One day I decided no more and planned to kill my ex-husband. I thank God that he didn’t allow me to do it. I realize now God had work for me to do. God healed me and set me free. I had to do a self-check up. I asked God to show me my inner self. What was in me that drew me to an abuser? What are the signs of an abuser? How can I avoid an abuser? I had to make sure that I would not cross the same road again. I minister to women that are in or have been victims of this crime. I realize that men are victims too. Even as I type this email another victim is being victimized. I pray that the Church steps up and deal with the real issues that plaque the Body of Christ. I end by saying, the Church must rise up and stand on the walls!

  14. gospel commando

    The one walking away and the one following who attacked who? the wise lover became a batterer and the supposed vessel of submission became an acuser who should be blamed? who amongst u actually knows what actually happened between this two prescious saints at the time? please lets all stop the “we know better or how it should be” stuff and pray for restoration on their part and discernment on our part before all the hypocritic opinions we freely share. read roms. 14v5. by the way have u ever stopped to think what others opinions of u might be if u were a jewel in the crown like they are? which marriage hasn’t suffered a couple of hiccups publicly or privately? is this shear jealousy covered with socio-spiritual politics?
    may Jehovah rohe cause them to stand! for he called them, non of u did!

  15. Kacey

    We as christian are prone to sin, but we have to pray for the body of Christ and against the attacks launch at the church. In the same breath we have to stand up for righteousness and fight against spiritual wickedness. Bishop weeks was wrong for what he did but we have to pray for both of them. We all have sin and fallen short of the glory of God, but that still does not give us the right to sin. The kingdom of God suffer violence, but the violence take it by force. We must not be judgmental, we must forgive and pray for change in this trying time and pray earnestly for the Weeks family.

    God bless everyone

  16. Gospel Commando

    God bless u kacey and sharon and others who are likeminded that is the spirit of true kingdom children. I prayed earnestly the moment I confirmed tne matter to be true. keep up the spirit of loving correction and interccession but not that of judgement and damnation of current struggling saints!
    Stay blessed!!!

  17. dorcus fundo

    Guys the bible say the kingdom of GOD suffered violence and the violence taken by force.the body of christ has to understand that we are at war.please do not judge bishop like this. he has made a mistake just like everyone else.God said he will never leave us nor forsake us,God is with bishop through it all.the devil is a lair prophetees and bishop will sourt this out the other people with negative comments should just stop it.if it happens that they read this i love u both so much and im praying for u.

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