Juanita Bynum files for divorce


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Hat Tip: by D. Aileen Dodd, S.A. Reid, Atlanta Journal Constitution

National evangelist Juanita Bynum apparently has filed for divorce, more than two weeks after the alleged attack by her husband, Bishop Thomas Weeks III.

A relative on Thursday said that Bynum has filed for divorce but court records were not available early Thursday. Bynum’s publicist, Amy Malone, would not comment.

the alleged beating by Weeks, the pastor and co-founder of Global Destiny Ministries in metro Atlanta.

Bynum called a press conference on Tuesday, a few hours before she hosted an international Christian talk show on Trinity Broadcasting Network. She appeared poised and soft-spoken before news cameras. She wore her wedding ring on her right hand. The pastor has been separated from her husband for more than three months.

Calling herself “the new face of domestic violence,” Bynum is expected to be part of an A-list crowd Saturday at a fund-raiser for Barack Obama’s presidential bid.

The party is being hosted by media magnate Oprah Winfrey at her 42-acre estate in California.

Bynum is part of a guest list that includes celebrities, politicians and other news makers.

“She received an invitation to attend the event at Oprah’s home,” said Malone. Bynum is hoping to talk directly with Obama or members of his presidential campaign team about national domestic violence concerns.

Weeks’ lawyer, Louis Tesser, has said that Weeks “hopes he doesn’t wind up getting a divorce.” On Wednesday, Weeks broke his silence for the first time since the alleged Aug. 21 domestic violence incident by issuing a written statement through his lawyers.

In it, Weeks cautioned against a rush to judgment and said he would share his version of what happened that night at the appropriate time.

Bynum was allegedly beaten, choked, and stomped to the ground in an attack. Weeks was charged with felony aggravated assault, felony terroristic threats and two counts of simple battery in connection to the incident.

Weeks’ appearance in Fulton County Superior Court originally set for Friday has been postponed indefinitely. The case has been reassigned to a different judge. He could face up to 27 years in jail if convicted.


27 thoughts on “Juanita Bynum files for divorce

  1. Yeah, I bet he doesn’t want a divorce. Most of the proceeds and assets are hers, and since he allegedly stomped the mess out of her, he can’t claim community property, nor can he ask for alimony.

    File the papers and get to steppin, sista!

  2. There is a greater opportunity here if Bishop Weeks would take advantage of this for the greater good all. We hear alot about victims and in fact I have written a book titled FAMILY TERROR available at http://www.familyterror.com as I am a survivor of domestic violence.
    You see the problem is that we are addressing the wrong side of domestic violence. Everything is for the shelters to protect and hide the victims. If the abusers were made to step up and be responsible for their actions there could be much pain and suffering saved.
    If an abuser would committ himself to another location and enter a half-way house type setting, counseling and help for the problem could be addressed ( and it is not a anger management issue), the family and children could not be disturbed which would be much better for the children, the children could be told the truth (that daddy or mommy loved them but they are sick and are going away to get better) and not be hauled off to jail in a scence the child will never forget, etc. If the abuser would take responsibility and sincerely want help for the problem, the abuser would not want to endanger or harm his family any further.
    Christians should demand the abuser step forward and accept responsibility. Hiding the victim and letting the abuser go free is not the scriptural way things should be handled. Therefore it is no wonder the problem is growing and not decreasing. We are feeding the problem. Just ask yourself this. Wouldn’t Jesus act the same way he did concerning the money changers in the temple when he violently through the marketers out of the temple. This would be a matter Jesus would have reacted violently and not permitted. He would have glared right at the abuser. He would not have thought it was right to participate in secret hide-a-ways. But we Christian want to pretend it does not exist. Again, like the Good Samaritan that stopped to help while all the others walked on by and refused assistance along the road to the man. It is Bishop Weeks that can change history here and has the strongest ministry to offer as it is not a duplication of another, and it is the right thing to do for a man to guide others to be responsible.
    80% of incarcerated individuals are from domestic violent homes. As children are growing up and seeing there family not be protected by the laws of our country and they also see the good Christian people pass on by and pretend they dont see their pain, it is no wonder. These children grow up not respecting the laws. These children also grow up to think that God does not love them because of the actions of Christians to ignore their pain.
    The scriptures tell us to address this differently that is being done. Christians are the ones that are going to have to step up to the plate.

  3. Bre

    All of you all out there in Christendom need to get off this “pray for them and judge not lest you be judged”. Look the tree is known by the fruit that it bears. These two trees are not bearing the right kind of fruit; it’s just that plain and simple. I don’t know why the “saints” are so quick to cover up mess rather than calling it what it is. It is what it is…A BIG MESS. Even the folks (unsaved) in the world know how to call a spade a spade. No fruit of the Spirit is evident on these trees. Ya’ll need to get a grip! Stop being in denial about this situation. Sympathy goes out to Bynum, because no one deserves to be abused in any form or fashion. On the other hand she needs to stop making public appearances and sit her hips down somewhere so she can make sound decisions about this matter.

  4. This “saint” isn’t so quick to cover this up or to let it slide. But I am from a church community that views these kinds of things a little differently.

    The church needs to talk about this as it pertains to people and to spirituality.

    You cant separate things like this no matter how much you want to claim to “let the court deal” its wrong, and its toxic, and people need to know why.

  5. Bre

    To AlexofTheTurnips: You got that right… Time out for being hush mouth in the church. Let’s talk about it. This is real life and real issues!

  6. 4Peace

    Sounds to me like some “deliverance” is needed–in more ways than one. No one, especially a woman, should be beaten down like that–nothing justified it. Ladies (and men), we need to be very careful when we wed–marriage is very serious and there will be problems. 1) If we wait long enough before marrying, certain problems would definitely show up (i.e. bad temper/violent nature, manipulative or controlling natures, womanizing or harlotry, etc, etc.). 2) Also, get pre-marital counseling from a Spirit-filled source. Among other things, these two things would alleviate a lot of problems for us all later. I know…


    It is a pity that Juanita Bynum had to go through all of this. She is an anointed woman of God who allowed her flesh to rule her. She had been a blessing to me in the past when I was lurking in sin, but on watching her series “No More Sheets”, I recieved the courage that I needed to walk out of that relationship and face the future. Today, I am happily married.
    I pray that God Almighty will uphold and sustain her through this period of her life. I pray that God will help her to focus on Jesus the Author and finisher of her faith.

  8. michelle

    this incident is a wake to call to the saints in the body of Christ. people truly need to dicern and stop passing judgement and pray for our spiritual leaders because they are going to be attacted by the enemy. we can not let the enemy win because he comes to kill,steal and destroy. however, these people are human and it is written that man shall not put trust in man but God alone. So, if we have question seek God and he will give us an answer. these leaders are not God just the earthen vessels God has used.

  9. jasi

    As we pray & “wait on God” please remember that abuse is not of God!! Let’s (Christians) remember that Our God is Love! Abuse is not indicative of Love! It is good that he is repentive, however that doesn’t mean that she needs to remain in that reltionship. That is the train of thought that keeps many women in bondage. This isn’t to say that we should pass judgement on our brothers & sisters in Christ, but call a spade a spade & move on. That can be done in Christian Love.

  10. Unreal

    I just went to and listened to Ms Bynum’s website request for 200 thousand dollars from her supporters, to build her a place to pray??? She called it a Threshing Floor. The ones who give will have their names on a gold plated plaque on the wall and she will pray for those people who give. GIVE ME A BREAK!
    What? is she too good to pray on a regular floor?? She has to have a 200 thousand dollar floor? This woman is unreal.

  11. Nicolle

    these people are supposed to be men of God,people who the Lord would use.Things happen in life: we all make mistakes. dats why no body was born holy only Jesus. but what happens next is how we deal with the mistake when it occurs.I feel, first of all, this thing is not supposed to be in court. the bible in the new testament doesnt encourage divorce and you two are christians. you are supposed to have your matters settled amicably okay?.This thing they call marriage is not a bed of roses.This is the first assault and even if not, forgive, forgive.We commit so many sins but God forgives. people backslide and he forgives. how would you feel if you were in Weeks shoes?.Let the Lord speak to you. let Him and not your will. Learn from the Clintons.theirs was worse.Do not let this affect your ministry.

  12. Yolanda

    Juanita and Bishop Weeks do not make a hasty decision. Remember people love and respect you and any decision you make will set a precedent for the body of Christ. I am not saying that abuse in any form is acceptable but God s able to restore and heal from any problem.

  13. Latisha

    I’m just a little concerned about the comment of the individual who is stating that Christian’s ignore domestic violence. Our church certainly preaches against it. I certainly don’t believe that Juanita should have been slapped, kicked or stomped, under any circumstances and I am a christian. As my mom and I sat and listened just now to the replay of her press meeting, we were commenting on how Weeks needed to be put in his place, before I happened upon the article from Deb Nagle. Back in the day everyone hid domestic violence, in and outside of the church, I believe. But a lot of changes have been made since then. We do call a spade a spade and protect women in the church. I believe you are making a very general statement and labelling the entire christian community based on your experience. It’s often the church that people have to turn to, when no one else will take them in. Yes, we have some wrotten apples, but the whole bunch is not spoiled. I am just wondering why you believe the women shouldn’t go in hiding. Should we take the word of the wife beater, who tried to stomp their wife to death that just because they are getting help they won’t come back and attack again, do we really want to put the wife’s life on the line like that? There are many times through out the Bible where Jesus saints had to hide out, remember when Saul wanted to kill David? David had to hide because Saul knew Jesus was with David. It was only for an appointed time though, that David needed to hide. I believe women should be hidden and given a opportunity to escape without wondering if that person will come back and harm them again. I do agree that Mr. Weeks can change history but Juanita Bynum does not need to put her life in harms way to find out if he will.

  14. Latisha

    I am again responding to Debra Nagle’s comment on Mr. Weeks. Once you have committed a sin like this how can he still be called a Bishop? Also I know you stated that the women should not be hidden, and that Jesus would not have handled it this way. I want to add that Moses was hidden by his mom in a basket, to save his life, and became one of the greatest men of the Bible. I am very sorry that you had to experience any form of domestic violence and I pray that God completely heals you inside and out. I don’t see how Mr. Weeks can be considered an individual who could lead anyone or teach anyone about domestic violence on any level, maybe one on one after it is proven that he is no longer allegedly a threat to women. I think that jumping to fast to teach is a problem in and of itself. I would like to hear from men who wanted to hit their wives but found another way to relieve their stress, that would be more beneficial than listening to someone who choked, beat and stomped their wife until a security guard pulled him off of her.

  15. Latisha,

    I don’t think the the posters mean that the women should not be hidden but that the crime should not be hidden away. That it needs addressing, reproving and resolving just as you agreed to in your comments.

    Yes, I agree with you absolutely about Mr. Weeks and who would better be qualified lead this kind of ministry. I also pray for for him to have a repentent heart, his exhortation and reproof by his eldersm as well as serious spirit-filled counseling (as one poster suggested), and his ultimate restoration in the faith. And as for Juanita I so sympathize with her pain in this situation but I must say that I feel that the anointing that I perceived was once strong on her would should have better instructed her in some of the decisions she made. I have cried and prayed for through all this and pray for her restoration to obedience to GOD’s will as well.

    o God be the Glory!

    Love in Christ!

  16. chioma ogbonnah

    God hates Divorce. you vowed to love him for better or worse so stay there and pray for him to change. you can never go to heaven if you are divorced. there are no sacred cows in God’s kingdom. i dont care if he beat u blue/black, he is your husband. remember the salt covenant? why would a woman of God involve the whole world in her marital issues? you chose him remember? where is forgiveness in your dictionary? you must have also upset him. your husband is not a mad man who goes around hitting people. so pray for him and quit washing your dirty linen in public.

  17. marie james

    Hi,I am married for nine+ years and yes there has been days when I contemplated divorce.But I believe that GOD put us in their(Man) life to help them to realize that no matter what they do or say to us we will not break our vows before God and man.TRUST GOD he CAN CHANGE.

  18. Jamal Davis

    This is in response to the October 15, 2007 post by Ms. chioma ogbonnah, I take that you have never been married before, and probably will never be. However, if you were at one point married and no loner are, my first question to oyu would be why not? It is a shame that you feel the that you do, coming from an educational, spiritual, and biblical standpoint, I can honestly say that you statement that God hates divroce, is very wrong. God displeases a lot of thigs, but there are those who continue to do those things, and yet want to preach to others.

    Divorce should be use as a last resort, when all else has failed. In the case of Mrs. Bynum’s marriage, if she feels she should staty put, then let her and her husband work out their problems, however, if she believe that Mr. Weeks was placed in her life for a short time only, then the church even recognize that she should move on.

    This is the problem I have with many women of today, they complain about the man in their lives, but tell others of their verbal, physical, mental, sexual and public abuse, and in between taking the abuse, the babies keep coming. Now, I dare not speculate what their marriage was life, I will, however, state for the record that they elected to be with each other, and as far as you believing that they have placed their “dirty laundry” in the street, strikes me as funny, considering that you have opted to get caught in the the laundry cycle.

    These are two groan and independent people, who must lay aside who they are, who they think they are, and dream they are going to be, and seriously stand still and allow God to send them an answer. I do fully agree that neither one should discuss any in a public forum or through the media, at least without having their attorney’s present.

  19. Jamal Davis


    Just for reference purposes, I am clergy of the Apostolic Faith, and legal counsel specifying in criminal, family, bankruptcy and business law.

    p.s. For those individuals who question how can Mr. Weeks still call himself a Bishop after what he has been accused of, how can so many of aour men call themselves men, when they make babies after babies and do not care for them?

    How can they call themself a man, when they are in a relationship but continue to go out side of that relationship? Regardless what Mr. Week is, or is not guilty of, it does not take away from him being a minister. Whether or not the church has decided to reject him, or sit him down as pastor is another story. We need to realize that, just because someone has a title such as minister, pastor, bishop, first lady etc, does not mean they are not human and is unable to act as a regular laymen in the church.

    One of the reasons why are churhes are failing is due to us focusing on the church leader, instead of keeping our eyes on christ and living accordingly.

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