Obama names Congressmen Johnson and Bishop as Georgia Co-Chairs



Hat Tip: Associated Press, Atlanta Journal Constitution

Sen. Barack Obama on Monday named Reps. Sanford Bishop and Hank Johnson as the Georgia co-chairmen of his presidential campaign.

The two Democrats will play a largely ceremonial role for the campaign, helping to rally support and draw contributions.

Bishop, from Columbus, said Obama is the candidate for change.

“(He) is the only candidate who will challenge the conventional thinking in Washington and transform our politics,” Bishop said in announcing his endorsement of the Illinois Democrat.

Johnson, from Lithonia, endorsed Obama last month.


6 thoughts on “Obama names Congressmen Johnson and Bishop as Georgia Co-Chairs

  1. Okay, more reason to suspect Obama, I don’t care if Oprah is giving him props.

    Hank Johnson used the ReThugs to replace Cynthia McKinney. That means he’s a DLC card carrying member.

    And Sandford Bishop? He’s never scored above “Derelict” level on the CBC Report Cards.

    Obama’s showing his hand, and it’s not the change I think we want.

    I will brace myself for the haters who are going to come here and trash this. Probably from Dark Overlord Kos’s blog at that.

  2. You all are too funny for words. Man’s taking endorsements where he can get them.

    SB, I thought you said that Hank Johnson’s record wasn’t far off Cynthia McKinney’s?

  3. Denise, it’s split down the middle with CBC members. Half are supporting the Borg Queen, and only 25% have publicly endorsed Obama; primarily because he hasn’t been hosting those fundraisers for them, and he bailed on the Fox News Presidential Debate (for which he does get a prop), and continued to no-show even after the CBC sent him that “Remember you’re still a Nigger, please show up at the debate” Letter.

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