Bishop Weeks to contest divorce



 Hat Tip: Black America’s Web, Associated Press

ATLANTA – (AP) A minister accused of attacking his televangelist wife in a hotel parking lot will contest her petition for divorce, his lawyers said Tuesday.

Randy Kessler, one of the attorneys representing Thomas W. Weeks III, said they are considering whether the counterclaim will accuse Juanita Bynum of cruel treatment, the charge her divorce petition levels at Weeks.

“Cruel treatment is a very vague legal term,” Kessler said. “There’s a possibility that there’s cruel treatment on both sides, but we’re not committed to that position.”

Kessler and Louis Tesser, who is also representing Weeks, are family law attorneys with the Atlanta-based firm Kessler, Schwarz and Solomiany, who have litigated high-profile cases against boxer Evander Holyfield, former Atlanta Falcon Andre Rison, Terrell Owens of the Dallas Cowboys and attorney Willie Gary.

The divorce petition was filed Monday in Ware County, where Bynum has a home, less than three weeks after Bynum accused Weeks of choking, pushing and stomping her in a hotel parking lot in an incident that began the night of Aug. 21 and continued into the next morning. Weeks, known to his followers as Bishop Weeks, was charged with aggravated assault and making terroristic threats and is not allowed to have contact with Bynum.

19 thoughts on “Bishop Weeks to contest divorce

  1. Trying to hang on to the gravy train, IMO.

    He’s a man, dammit. Just like if the shoe was on the other foot, she’d get alimony, but it wouldn’t be indefinate. OTOH, he should get a friggin job and try to cop a plea to lessen the jail time he’s going to get from assaulting her.

    Jeez – anyone else would crawl under a rock and hide out until this blew over. All this brotha is showing me is that he pretended to be a Christian – and his true colors are now showing.

  2. Political Junkie,

    Play Christian, Pretend Christian, whatever you wanna call it. He’s a fraud and should be defrocked by his church. If he needs money, I’m sure he could get enough to pay attorneys fees if he hocked some of those expensive suits. 🙂

  3. I do not think Juanita Bynum should get a divorce first of all, It does not look right to the body of Christ. Juanita should let the Lord deal with her husband in the bible it says to deaf do a married couple apart it also say if there was not any cheating involved they do not have room for divorce.
    Why not separate??????? It is only giving place to the world to run Bishop Weeks and Juanita Bynum name in the mud. And yes, I am speaking from experience divorce is the easy way but, when you face a trial you get the victory in it.

  4. rikyrah,

    Surely he don’t think that he’s entitled to some money? HE BEAT HER DOWN IN THE STREET!!! Please.


    He beat her ass on FRIDAY…

    Stepped into the PULPIT ON SUNDAY….

    You actually think this Knee-guh-row actually has any sense of SHAME?

    Come on.

  5. Shenese,

    Sweetheart, I don’t mean no harm. But, anybody who counsels a woman to stay with a wife beater is a fool. I say that with love. Snap out of it, baby. It ain’t healthy. Anybody who works out his anger on his woman with his fists is not a real man. Wash all that religiosity outta your hair and stay alive and counsel your sistahs in christ to do the same.

  6. Shenese,

    Since you’re a veteran of divorce, why did you leave, if you believe your own statement?

    Religion gets people killed. It almost got Juanita Bynum killed – her husband stomped the crap out of her in broad daylight, and only a hotel attendant pulling him off her and calling the police saved sister’s life.

    God may not like divorce, but I can guarantee, He dislikes a man who beats his wife even more. Look it up in 1 Corinthians, since you’re getting “religious” and all that. “He must love his wife as Christ loved the Church.” (1 Corinthians 7).

    There is nothing in the Bible that says Jesus beat up on the Church, His bride. So Weeks doesn’t get a pass to beat up on his wife. The Bible is also clear that a man mistreating his wife will not have his prayers answered by God.

    Which might explain why Weeks resorted to beating his wife – he wasn’t getting his prayers answered and he was blocking his blessings because of how he was treating Juanita. All abuse is not limited to physical – it usually starts out with mental and emotional abuse, escalating to physical abuse.

    I grew up watching my parents fight. They were Christians, too. But my mother was not going to put up with my father beating on her – shoot, often times, because he would be drunk, Moms broke out her can of whip-ass on my father in self defense.

    One day, she and my dad were fighting and my then 18-year old football-playing brother decided to step in to defend our mother. My father looked him in the eye and said “If you ever get between me and your mother again, I’ll kill you.”

    My mother decided it was time to leave before either watching her husband kill their son, or watching their son kill his father. Someone was going to jail, and rather than let that happen, we raised up for California, six months later, after the po-po was called and my father had to behave himself.

    I say all that to say there is never any excuse for a man to hit his wife, and for a woman to stay in a marriage or relationship and get physically abused because it is a matter of life and death. Ask God to point you to Biblical scriptures on this matter before making blanket statements about an abused woman needing to stay with her abusing husband, because God don’t like divorce.

  7. Darlene Smith

    Bravo Juanita for filing for divorce!! Bishop Weeks is calling his need for deliverance from a violent temperment and the tendancy to attack women an attack from the Devil. The truth is the Devil needs to be exposed and openly brought to justice. The Devil is in him and needs to be cast out in the Name of Jesus Christ. He didn’t even issue a public apology for his behavior towards his wife. And there is a news story from Atlanta that exposed his violent behavior towards his financial secretary at his church. (look it up on the web on Fox News- Atlanta, GA) He attacked her last year and choked her. Two members of the church took her to the hospital and but Mr and Mrs Weeks called her and convinced her not to go in for treatment. This was covered up and that is a shame. This pattern of domestic violence and just violence against women needs to be openly addressed and I applaud her for exposing her estranged husband – the biggest hypocrite in the pulpit today.

  8. The Word of God tells us that Jesus loves us like a father loves his children. It is beyond my comprehension to think that my earthly father would want me to stay with a man that beat me! How do you think our heavenly Father would feel about it? The Bible also tells us that husbands are supposed to love their wives like Christ loves the church. Jesus never beat the Church, He gave His life for the church. A point to ponder is that when a man and woman marry, according to the Word of God, they become one flesh. Therefore, as Weeks was beating her, he was also beating himself.

  9. Political Junkie,
    Glad you like the comment! I have been on several websites reading about the madness surrounding Bynum and Weeks, and find myself seeking out your comments, as they are about the only ones that apply the Word of God with a little common sense! Keep on praying and commenting.

  10. concerned

    Shanesse, I sorry but the bible doesn’t say that you should not get a divorce. I says that if you does, then you are bound by certain conditions regarding remarraige.

    Also the til death do us part not deaf. People really should stop looking at these people (celebrities) as though they represent the entire body of christ in a more than human way.

    We all (those that confess Christ and live accordingly) represent the body but our mistakes, issues and short comings are easier to cope with and are more likly to be forgiven by individuals. Not God, individuals.

  11. Denise

    It seems that Weeks ain’t the “man of God” who can’t keep his hands off of the women folk…

    and NO this ain’t ain’t happening in OUR churches…

  12. what in the %^&(*) did Juanita say.. or do to make the Bishop beat her down. Okay we all agree that he was wrong. Now lets talk about what in the Sam Hale did Juanita do to make the Preacher act a fool like this. There is two sides to every story. I’d like to hear the other side. There was something obviously said or did to provoke him out his character. Its been 5 years of peaches and cream. Maybe 4 years. Whatever the case. He didn’t hear of any reports of this nature on his wedding night.
    What button did Juanita push? What did she do to make this preacher want to beat her a…?

  13. Weak Weeks.
    Again, “We” (correction from previous comment) or shall I say “I” didn’t hear of any behavior of this nature involving the Bishop toward his wife on his wedding night.
    What is the message are we sending here? Is it alright for a woman to provoke, demean, insult, display rage against a man? If the man does that he’s wrong. Oh Weeks was wrong. I don’t believe a man should hit a woman. He’s went 5 years without beating her butt. Why all of sudden this happens? There is much more to this story than the issue of “him laying hands on her”. Did Juanita Bynum “punk” the Bishop for 5 years, and this is the end result? There are many men who are strong for God and weak toward women. David, Solomon, Samson the list goes on. Bishop Weeks should welcome this divorce. Bishop Weeks should have divorced Juanita a long time ago and it would have never came to this. Bishop listen my brother. You don’t want a woman who will make you beat her a.. before she do right. You’re going to come out on the losing end everytime. The Bishop should have never married this woman who has openly admitted that she has problems with submission. You cannot beat it in her my brother. Let it go. This incident has caused people to question your calling, they are using it as ammunition against the church and Christianity as a whole. Your right arm has offended you..cut it off, and move on.

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