“If you’re a prophetess, didn’t you see this coming?”


Tom Joyner

Prophetess Bynum talked all around it and never answered the direct question posed by Tom Joyner, on the Tom Joyner Morning Show.    I wasn’t terribly impressed with the gist of her answer.  The only thing that mollified me was the clarity of her opinion that a woman is NEVER to stay in a physically abusive relationship.   She was honest and said that she filed for divorce in 2005 and pulled back because of who she was, I will give her that.   I hope that in her new ministry, after the divorce is over, that she can really come clean and lay it all out so that people can understand how this happens and how to keep it from happening.   ESSENCE magazine will be doing a December cover on the Prophetess, and she said that she will be at liberty to say more then.  I commend Tom for this interview and for asking the questions that needed to be asked.  Also discussed was her support for Barack Obama and that she has been asked to be a surrogate for the candidate and will do some traveling on his behalf.   

16 thoughts on ““If you’re a prophetess, didn’t you see this coming?”

  1. If she filed back in ’05, and only her “image” stopped her, what is she really saying? That she got caught up in the celebrity, rather than admitting that she didn’t follow God’s leading in choosing her husband?

    This is sounding more and more like sister needs to take a breather; from the spotlight, everything, and go into a period of self-assessment, soul-searching and consecration, before she returns to take up her ministry.

    I don’t care about her support for Obama – I just want her to come clean, if she needs to and put forward the ministry we thought she was doing; honest, direct and no-holds barred. Straight, no chaser, because we’ve had enough “water-down and palatable” Jesus and that’s not making the impact it should. Give us Jesus straight, and He’ll do the rest.

  2. Wake Up

    Juanita Bynum is not a prophetess, she is an actress. Her performance is highly rated and sells in books, conferences, tv, song, wedding videos — whatever. But she is nobody’s prophet. She is an opportunist. The true followers of Christ are not buying it. Those who continue to “buy” off on her story will have one to tell of their own. Somewhere along the line she decided to stop telling His story. The true gospel is about Christ and Him being Crucifed. NO ups, NO extras. Study to show yourself approved unto GOD, a workman, that need not be ashamed rightly dividing the word of TRUTH for yourself!

  3. shirley chisholm

    it is appauling how people are so eager to put their mouths on people about things, they have no insight of. eager because you are jealous #1 of the person’s success. she no longer has to be ashamed of seeing a roach crawl from her purse on an airplane. mabe the haters are the ones who still live in the projects and are bothered by roaches.
    she and her husband are real human flesh and blood people like all the rest. perhaps you are the ones who hold them up too high on your own “man -built” pedestal. yu have your own set of mental rules and standards of expectation and because they have seemed to fail those rules, you serve as judge, prosecutor, and jury. you are not all of that!
    keep your mouth shut, God will take care of it all in his righteous judgement, not you not me…………….

  4. Darlene Smith

    Bravo Juanita and everyone else Shut Up! He failure was not to leave him earlier when he first manifested his violent temperment. Bishop Weeks is calling his need for deliverance from a violent temperment and the tendancy to attack women an attack from the Devil. The truth is the Devil needs to be exposed and openly brought to justice. The Devil is in him and needs to be cast out in the Name of Jesus Christ. He didn’t even issue a public apology for his behavior towards his wife. And there is a news story from Atlanta that exposed his violent behavior towards his financial secretary at his church. (look it up on the web on Fox News- Atlanta, GA) He attacked her last year and choked her. Two members of the church took her to the hospital and but Mr and Mrs Weeks called her and convinced her not to go in for treatment. This was covered up and that is a shame. This pattern of domestic violence and just violence against women needs to be openly addressed and I applaud her for exposing her estranged husband – the biggest hypocrite in the pulpit today.

  5. Rikyrah:

    Serves Tavis right. Like that Democratic Debate at Howard this summer was so successful. He should have known the ReThugs were going to snub him.

    What he does with this information is anyone’s guess, but if it were me, I’d scream from rooftops why Blacks shouldn’t vote ReThug in 2008, cause they didn’t think we’re worth talking to about anything unless it’s DWB.

  6. What he does with this information is anyone’s guess, but if it were me, I’d scream from rooftops why Blacks shouldn’t vote ReThug in 2008, cause they didn’t think we’re worth talking to about anything unless it’s DWB.

    I agree with you, TPJ. But, my thing is, bump the candidates, where are the Black GOPers….how come they aren’t speaking up.

    I was shocked when Steele did.

    The rest of them are sitting the corner, being mutes.

  7. You mean like Armstrong Williams, Deroy Murdock, Ron Christie, Star Jones, Amy Holmes and Angela McGowan?

    Hiding out and drinking cans of STHU, because if they were to pull a Mike Steele, they would lose their paying gigs as bonified media House Negroes.

    Mike Steele got the “You’re still a Negro” lesson. The rest of the Black Republicans are in denial, and they can’t defend the non-appearance of their candidates to speak before Black forums and convince the rest of us not swinging Republican why we should cross over to the other side of the aisle. Good looking out in pointing this out.

  8. Deyvette

    Before Jesus was crucified he often spoke in parables of his going away and he knew of a deceiver among the deciples (Judas). He prayed for the bitter cup to be removed, yet he allowed them to crucify him. Although Jesus was aware of his trials and tribulation, he knew what he would have to go though. The point is that he knew. If you don’t understand that God’s Will “Will Be Done”. Just as Pharoah couldn’t understand the plagues of Moses, maybe Juanita Bynum knows that she needn’t waste her time teaching you what God has to reveal to you. Anyway, Jesus chose to pray for them althewhile they planned his demise.

    She may have very well known how Bishop Weeks was and what he would do, but she prayed her way all the way to the event itself. The event still happened, therefore she’s considered a prophetess, but not God. Since the trial and tribulation was necessary for God’s puposes.

    Ha! I’m wondering why she did’nt just pick the lottery numbers instead 🙂

  9. Wake Up

    A true christian will make mistakes, the bible says you won’t practice sin. You can always tell a fake by their “lifestyle”. If you look at the lifestyle of these apostates, you will find that the NEVER line-up with holy living. The news said she covered up the same sin she’s now accusing him of. How come the other lady couldn’t be the new face of domestic volience. Why didn’t she expose it then, get family to snap a few pictures? She knew how he was before she married him. Both their lifestyles have been built on the alter of an idol. The true and living God says I am God, and I will have My way. Enough is enough. Every high place, He said I’ll bring it down. Glory to God! Be not deceived, that which a man soweth, he shall also reap. I pray for their repentance before it’s too late. JESUS IS COMING SOON!!!

  10. Toby

    Prophets dont see everything only what the lord shows them. There were many times in the bible when things happen to them that they did not know because its not somthing that they can turn on or off. its up to the lord to show them .. people get real

  11. Scott

    I am a minister that struggles like anyone else. I must say that I am blown away by the hypocrisy among many of these so-called, self-proclaimed prophets. I will never support a political candidate who supports abortion (i.e. Obama) – Democrat or Republican and I do not see how any TRUE Christian can. Believe me, the murder (abortion) of these millions is an abomination to God.

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