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Louisiana has a Gubernatorial election this year and the massively incompetent Governor, Kathleen Blanco-D Louisiana, will not be running.    Speculation centered on chocolate city Mayor Ray Nagin to run in her stead, but, he recently announced, after flirting with a run on the “Tom Joyner Morning Show,” that he would not be a candidate after all. 

This means that the right-wing Indian American Congressman, Bobby Jindal R-Louisiana, is the presumptive Governor in waiting.  Tragic. 

 Jalila Jefferson-Bullock

On top of that impending disaster is the announced candidacy of State Rep. Jalila Jefferson-Bullock for a New Orleans State Senate Seat.   Jefferson-Bullock, the daughter of indicted Congressman “Dollar Bill” Jefferson, is following  Daddy’s example and getting her ducks in a row to succeed him if he is sent to the slammer where his black A belongs.

Jefferson-Bullock is a key lieutenent in her Daddy’s political empire, which also includes his wife, and his brother and sister.  Their corruption as a family is legendary.

Jefferson ‘s re-election campaign last year was a classic in southern political demagoguery and dirty campaigning.   He called his black opponent everything but a child of God, even as he defended himself for pocketing bribes obtained in an FBI sting.  He dipped liberally from the well of homophobia and racial antagonism as he accused Karen Carter of being an agent of the white establishment, which is precisely what he had been, when he voted to repeal the estate tax for the wealthiest 1% while black New Orleanianas were washed away by a flood of white establishment indifference.

Nevertheless, God is good and he always has a ram in the bush.  Her name is State Representative Cheryl Gray, a good friend and colleague of Karen Carter, the candidate I backed to run against Dollar Bill last year. 

Campaign News

Sistah Gray is a progressive who has focused on health care and housing issues in the legislature.  She has also opposed shredding a woman’s right to choose and has voted against banning same-sex marriage.   

A lawyer and state representative, she is a scion of the distinguished Gray family and is the daughter of Attorney James Gray and Judge Ernestine Gray.   Cheryl Gray has Skeptical Brotha’s enthusiastic endorsement for State Senate. I’ll take a Gray over a Jefferson any day because our people in the Big Easy need a champion, not more corruption. Its high time for our people to rise up in righteous indignation and throw the Jeffersons out of the temples of power.

5 thoughts on “Nawlins update

  1. star1

    I have nothing against Congressman Jefferson. He is innocent until proven guilty. However, New Orleans really needs help and I pray it is on the way with regard to politics. In other words; there needs to be a change at the top to help the bottom.

  2. Remember, his brother was caught up in another bribe scandal. And, the indictment papers had his entire family all up in it.

    Yeah, they are a crooked barrel. It’s time for the citizens of New Orleans to pick from a different barrel.

  3. esjtugradtut

    Blanco, as a govenor, was not incompetent. She got a lot done for this state without the help of Congress or that lying president we have. She made chicken S$%^ into chicken salad with little or no help. You need to looke at her record and all the laws she got passed in Louisiana as a lame duck governor and really check you facts before you call someone incompetent

  4. Esjtugradtut,

    Why didn’t she do something about preventing the situation in Jena?

    Now the state’s about to get busloads of activists storming into Jena next weekend, and putting that town on the map the same way the James Byrd incident did for Jasper, Texas.

    Crackers want that shyt kept “in house” not on CNN. Ask all the residents of Jasper, Texas – it’s been almost six or seven years since James Byrd…and they’re still trying to live that incident down.

    So much for Blanco’s “competency”. If she was competent, why is she stepping down, so a right-wing east Indian gets the Governor’s mansion next year (Bobby Jindal), when a brother can’t even smell the Governor’s mansion up in Baton Rouge?

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