Bishop denies assaulting Bynum



Just When I thought this was pretty much played out, another wrinkle develops in the melodrama that is the Weeks-Bynum divorce. 

Turns out that Bishop held a press conference today in which he denies beating her.   Amazing.  From what I can tell, he told a boldfaced lie.    This press conference is a naked PR ploy to cloud the issue of domestic violence and play on the sympathies of the weak minded.  You be the judge and read for yourself.

Hat Tip: by John Shriek, 11Alive News

“She said,” last week.
“He said” on Friday afternoon.

Ten days after Evangelist Juanita Bynum proclaimed herself “the face of domestic violence,” her estranged husband, Bishop Thomas Weeks, told reporters he wanted to speak out to try to set straight “the many discrepencies, dramatizations and untruths.” Weeks denied violence toward Bynum, and insisted he walked away from a confrontation with her on August 21, the night he’s accused of assaulting her.

I have always loved my wife and have been nothing but faithful to her,” Weeks said in a statement he read to reporters at his church, Global Destiny Ministries, in Duluth. “I want to be clear in saying I do not condone in any way, shape or form, violence of any kind towards women. My role has always been to operate as a protector and not as an aggressor. I have walked away from many situations between the two of us, just like I walked away that night.”

Weeks did not answer questions from reporters, on the advice of his attorneys, and did not comment further on the criminal assault charges against him.Atlanta police say a hotel bellhop saw Weeks kicking, beating and choking Bynum in the parking lot of the hotel that night, and that the bellhop heard Weeks threatening to kill Bynum as the bellhop pulled Weeks off of Bynum.

“I want to share my heart with the people,” Weeks said Friday, “to inform all that will listen that there are two sides to every story.”

He asked people to keep an open mind while he fights the criminal charges against him.

“I am asking that everyone that has already judged me to take the time to consider other perspectives. I understand that my silence to date has given me the perception of guilt,” but he said he does not believe in speaking publicly about what he considers to be private matters between him and his estranged wife.

Weeks said their current troubles began on June 3, when, he said, Bynum suddenly announced to their congregation that she was quitting the church, the church that she and Weeks had founded together, never to return. “It was the first time I knew she felt this way about our church family,” Weeks said. Bynum has always maintained her own, separate ministry that she founded and led prior to their marriage in 2002.

“The shock to the congregation was the start of many rumors,” Weeks said of Bynums’ surprise announcement.

Two days later, he said, her office sent a fax to his staff, “cancelling a major, international event and noted the reason was due to our marital separation. I was then informed by my staff about the fax. It was the first time that I was made aware of our separation.”

Thenn on June 14th, Weeks said, Bynum’s attorney mailed him a “cease and desist” letter ordering him to stop using Bynum’s name, face image, sound or likeness in anything related to the church.

“We were not legally allowed to mention her name even in prayer,” Weeks said. “Many people were offended by my removal of her image, as it appeared that it was of my own doing…. I did not share her letter from her lawyers to the church family in an effort to cover and protect her from negativity and perceptions, as I have done countless times over the past five years.”

Weeks said he still hoped he and Bynum could work out a reconciliation, and on August 16 he said she showed up at his office saying she, too, wanted to reconcile. “It was that day that I first began to believe that our marriage was moving in a positive direction. It was my understanding that the relationship was salvageable,” Weeks said.

On August 20, he said, “I was with my wife the entire night… and felt that our love for each other was going to get us through these hard times.”

Weeks emphasized that, contrary to earlier statements and reports, the reason he met with his wife on August 21 was not that he was seeking a reconciliation. He thought that their previous night together meant that they were already reconciling.

On August 21, he said, she called him asking to meet with him at a hotel, saying to him that, as he described it Friday, “Juanita Bynum Ministries was in need of our church facility and members’ support in order to raise monies” for one of Bynum’s projects. “She shared her urgency that we meet that night,” Weeks said.

Weeks did not describe, in his statement Friday, his August 21 meeting with Bynum, what led to their confrontation or anything else about it, and he did not discuss the indictment against him. He has pleaded Not Guilty.

“I would like for Juanita to know that I respect but regret her decision for a divorce. My church family is fully aware that I have always supported her in every endeavor. I have never hindered her from pursuiing her ministry vision or personal goals in life…. I want her to know that I am praying God’s best for her.”

Weeks’ divorce attorney, Randy Kessler, told reporters after Weeks read his statement that “he can’t stop the divorce from happening.” Kessler said Weeks just wants it to be settled as soon as possible, in private.

“The Bishop is not interested in money, this is not a case about money,” Kessler said. “We’d like all offers to remain private” as the two negotiate a financial settlement.

“Everybody, all of us, have blemishes, have flaws, that we do not want exposed” in a public courtroom, Kessler said, and Weeks is hoping to settle both the divorce and the criminal charges against him out of court.

There was no pre-nuptual agreement, Kessler said.

“The truth will eventually be known by all,” Weeks said. “In the end, God will always get the glory.”

14 thoughts on “Bishop denies assaulting Bynum

  1. Angel

    If he didn’t do it then how did she get those bruises? Inquiring minds want to know. That pink bow around his neck has got to

  2. And the pictures of her beatdown? Is he saying that they were done with makeup?

    I told you – he has NO SHAME.

    NONE at all.

    And all those who have been posting about prayer, and Christianity, and forgiveness…you’re wasting your time on him, because he obviously doesn’t even want to admit to his wrongdoing.

    I hope this is the last we hear from him…this is ridiculous.

    PS- going out of town for a few days….see you when I get back.

  3. Uhh…didn’t he get in the pullpit just 3 days later and say “The devil made Me Do It.”? Weeks mann…im confused. Get your story straight. And while you’re at it: your bowtie too.

  4. star1

    This fool won’t quit. Just when you think it is over. Here comes Thomas “beat down” Weeks–blaming the victim. Trying to put himself in a “pure and innocent” light. His attorney said: “the bishop is not interested in money”….then he turns around and says he wants all offers to remain private while a financial settlement is negotiated. I also saw the attorney state that Weeks could ask for alimony. This is all about money. Juanita has it and he doesn’t. He beat and stomped her because she put an end to his “using her for financial gain.” He was a “NOBODY” until he married her. She gave him credibility in the mainstream ministry.
    He had to admit cancelling his “international event” because Juanita wasn’t going. Why didn’t he go alone? Now he wants money and mo’ money. This fool ran from the scene of the crime and now he is portraying himself as an “innocent protector”. I hope his prison stay gives him time to reflect on his shortcomings. I also hope Juanita continues with the divorce, go on with her life and ministry and tell the truth about why she filed for divorce in 2005 and pulled it–and how badly he really treated her. She needs to stop sugar coating this incident. There are too many women who have suffered from domestic violence and were threatened by their husband not to tell it all. Then the husband walks away – and the wife has health problems for the rest of her life from the beatings. God helps us ALL!

  5. Dang, what is up with dude’s attempt to look like an oversize Steve Urkel?

    Apart from that, it took him three weeks to get around to issuing this statement that he didn’t beat his wife.

    No one asked if he’d been faithful to her, but probably was faithful about beating her ass.

    I wish he’d just GO AWAY…is that too much to ask?

  6. Okay, let’s review.

    There’s a witness to him beating her in the parking lot, and I’m sure that bellhop is going to get a subpeona to give testimony, either in divorce court, or criminal court. Doesn’t matter. There’s A WITNESS TO THE EVENTS as Juanita has reported them.

    They spent the night together on August 20th. But, Juanita said she filed for divorce back in 2005, and withdrew or didn’t go forward with it because of “who she was.” Whatever that meant. Could the Bishop really have been that clueless about the state of his marriage? Maybe, because I’ve seen some people get slapped with divorce papers and they never saw it coming…

    As Angel has already stated – how’d she get those bruises on her body – as photographed by the po-po?

    There’s no pre-nupt; is Georgia a community property state? Brotha might be going for half of her shyt – even the assets she had before she married him.

    Having said that, Juanita is a victim, but a little review on her, too:

    If you ever read “No More Sheets”, there is a chapter where she discusses going on her first date after her divorce, and what led to her promiscuity. She discussed why she went through with her first wedding:

    “I was standing at the door, waiting to go down the aisle with my father, when I said to him ‘I think I’m about to make a big mistake.’ My father said he would go in that church and call the whole thing off if I wasn’t sure, but I thought about the wedding reception, the gifts, the limosines and all the people in the church who came to see me get married, and went through with it.”

    The only thing is that this is very similar to what she’s going through now…AGAIN. She had an opulent, million-dollar televised wedding. Please understand, I’m not hating on her wedding; what I’m trying to point out is that she may have had the same misgivings about Weeks back in 2002, and AGAIN, she thought about the actual wedding event planned as opposed to thinking about whether or not this man was God’s choice for her. God’s choice for her could have been the Telephone lineman, or the guy who drives the bus, or the baggage handler at Hartsfield-Atlanta Airport, or any guy that wasn’t famous or had a divinity title like BISHOP, and they probably got overlooked in favor of Weeks, who is a, ahem, BISHOP.

    Just something to think about, ya know? We all want the glitter without failing to check if the man has substance or not, cause I’m equally guilty. But, praise God, He’s kept me from even hooking up with those types of brothas, let alone marrying one of ’em.

  7. sellis

    I’ve read most of these postings. Everyone is obviously on Juanita’s side and I understand why. I too watched the video and please, people of God…this man never denied beating his wife. He is simply shedding light on some personal issues between them that led to the alleged beating. I don’t feel based on what we saw that this was an attempt by him to appear innocent. I respect his decision to not disclose what he has shared at this point in an effort to PROTECT HIS WIFE FROM NEGATIVITY. I am, like everyone else, appalled at what happened to Juanita. She is absolutely the victim. But I am also surprised at Juanita’s behavior and the series of events leading up to this attack. You all may be shocked to read this but I feel he is as much a victim. He is right, there are two sides to every story and who would have imagined that prophetess would treat her husband in such a way. She has publicly displayed her bruises and is now declaring herself this victimized “face of domestic violence and abuse” saying NOTHING about her own behavior and the part that she has played in all of it. From the beginning of this I have felt some degree of empathy for this man because I know that the world is about to paint him a criminal and demon, and everyone is going to rally around her and support her as she pulls back all of her resources, publicly announces their separation before speaking to him about it, deny him the marketing and advertising rights of her image and likeness in his ministries ads and flyers, but only until it’s conveinient for her to use Global Destiny’s facilities for her mentorship classes. Come on listen to what he said…she ordered a cease and dissest letter to his ministry prohibiting the marketing and advertising of her image, voice, and likeness, but then suddenly decides to meet with him to reverse it when it came time for her mentorship classes. It sounded as if she was willing to reconcile in the weeks leading up to the conference when she needed to use Global Destiny’s facilities for her own financial gain! That blows me away. Don’t be blinded by her title and status. That kind of behavior is just as disappointing to me as the Bishop’s alleged beating. I’m not saying that he is innocent I’m simply saying that neither is SHE. The two shall become ONE. This woman seems to be concerned with her own agenda and her own personal gain interests. And she was willing to take her husband through whatever in order to accomodate her ministry efforts. I’m sorry but that is wrong. Her treatment of him is wrong. Everyone is so quick to say that he is using her for her money and all of this. Even if that were true, which I don’t believe it is, his money is her money anyway. When you enter into covenant with another in marriage, everything that you have and everything that you are belongs to them. She has no claim and no rights to anything as “her own” once entering into covenant. Praise God that Jesus is not like we are. He does not enter into relationship with us, and then declare what is “his” inheritance and what “HE” purchased on the cross. No Christ is our perfect example that the covenant relationship entitles us to a joint inheritance…

  8. Sellis:

    I don’t disagree, and if that’s Juanita’s motivation, I have faith that God will expose that as well. God will expose ANYTHING that takes away from His Glory.

    Having said that, even if she treated him like a dog, he still had no right to put his hands on her, and as I said upthread, there is a witness to him beating her in broad daylight. He might be a victim, but he didn’t do himself any favors by constantly keeping this issue in the spotlight, and denying he beat her when he admitted, “The Devil Made Him Do It.”

    It worked back in the day for “Geraldine” (aka Flip Wilson), but that dog no longer hunts in 2007.

  9. star1


    This is Thomas Weeks 2nd failed marriage!!!!!!! He thought he hit a gold mine with Jaunita. Why don’t some of you ask –where is the first wife and why is she so silent! Juanita has come clean with her past. Weeks knew who she was when he married her. I agree with PJ that she made the same mistake twice (by going through with the wedding)
    probably knowing it was a mistake and ignoring what God was trying to tell her (she had been single a long time). As for as using Weeks–PLEEEEESE! He needed her –he was BROKE! I don’t have a problem with her wanting use the building she was still co-founder plus he showed up at the Women’s Conference and was asked the leave the next day (I am sure there is more to that–sister’s you know the drill). Weeks and his lawyers (I hope they get paid) have been waiting to craft this in a way to bring doubt and sympathy for this Women Beater! He has been using her for self gain from day one. His website looked like it was Juanita’s website. He couldn’t preach or hustle a tape without her face or name on it–even his momma and daddy profited from her. Are you for real! She supported him and what did she get – a stomp, beat down, choking and now her reputation is temporarily being thrown through the mud because of this complete “NOBODY–wannabe Jakes” Pimp Preacher. If Jaunita cussed him out–who cares–The facts remain. This liar beat her down and stomped her and would have killed her–then he states his mama and daddy taught him to handle his marriage problems privately–Lets review–the beat down and stomp was in a PUBLIC PARKING LOT! We may not know this–but Juanita will probably have health problems for the rest of her life and every time she lays down at night and feels the pain–she will remember and re-live the parking lot evernt! So let her deal with her situation how she wants. This Fool needs to be locked up for 27 years and send a message to the other Preacher wife beaters –in the Name of JESUS-let the Church say AMEN!~!!

  10. Bmonk

    This is why you should always skeptical of these preachers of profit. I can’t believe how many people are brainwashed with this nonsense.

  11. BBB


  12. I saw ms. bynum on tv talking about how rich she was and how she went to hollywood and everyone went nuts over her. She needs to look at herself and see that she has forgotten who brought her out, he is a JEALOUS GOD AND HE WILL NOT PUT UP WITH LIARS PREACHING IN HIS NAME, THATS WHY GOD JERKED THE RUG FROM UNDER THEM…

  13. Renee

    Prophetess Bynum had better come correct. They are both wrong. He knows full well he is lying about beating her and she is not the first. She is using this to sell books. The new face of domestic violence??? Is she kidding?? Nicole Brown Simpson’s family may have something to say about that, along with countless and nameless others…..Why don’t the men in his church step up???!!! What is up with the women that are standing behind this man? He cannot even confess with his lips what he has done, and he is a leader?a man of God????
    come on now…

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