We don’t live in a Democracy….


We live in a racist police state.   Case in point, the fake furor over the tasered student at a John Kerry speech at the University of Florida. 

While I won’t defend the obnoxious conduct of this kid that provoked a physical confrontation, it didn’t ever merit him being tasered while Senator Kerry told them to leave him be.  Acting like they didn’t know how to put the boy out the room without looking like a trailer park trained gestapo, doesn’t wash with me.

Last week, a minister, the Rev. Lennox Yearwood, was attacked on Capitol Hill by the notoriously racist Capitol Hill Police force before the General Petraus hearings.  Not a peep was heard even though the widely read Firedoglake blog posted the video.   

They tore ligaments in the man’s damn leg.  While waiting in a public line all morning to get into the hearing, he was barred at the door because of a lapel pin that read, “I love the people of Iraq.” 

The racist myopia that infects the corporate mass media in this country is not remedied by the increasingly critical coverage of the Jena 6 case, or the white glove treatment they give to Barack Obama.  It can only be remedied by telling the truth about the shameless greed, militarism and racism that infects everything we touch at home and abroad.

To that end, I propose that we amend the Star Spangled Banner, our national anthem, to say ”

“O say, can you see, by the cluster bomb’s frightful light,
What so proudly we hailed at ground zero’s last gleaming,
Whose brainwashed children and bright stars, went through the perilous fight,
O’er the TV we watched, as civilian casualties were so gallantly screaming, And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting and killing women and children on live air, Gave proof through the night that our hypocrisy was still there.
O say, does that star spangled banner yet wave
O’er the land of the free market, and the home of the wage slave?”

19 thoughts on “We don’t live in a Democracy….

  1. Just saw that on the news about that guy with Kerry. Reminds me of the tasering of that UCLA student who wouldn’t leave the library.

    PS-no post about the new AG nominee?

  2. We live in a democracy. We also have cops that are out of control and abuse citizens sometimes, however, Meyer isn’t a sympathetic character. The whole thing seemed staged and the cops were, at worst, incompetent in their handling of the situation. By comparison innocent people really do suffer far more serious abuses by police officers that go largely unnoticed.

  3. SB,

    Just went over to Huffington Post. Happy for the shout out, and glad that this snub has grown louder than Black Political Blogs.

    I’m still asking where the outrage is coming from the Black Conservative Political Bloggers, and the Black Republicans. Too many of them are still mute. Of course, I haven’t checked in with them in the past few days, but all I’ve seen is your boy Michael Steele and Shay on Booker Rising.

  4. Michael

    Interesting, Denise. But it begs the question; How should Obama react? First he’s not black, nor has he ever made any assertions that he is down for any struggle. I’m still surprised that people are expecting him to act ‘black”. As I said before, he simply isn’t black, either in race, his life experiences, nor his heart.

  5. P taylor

    The Police don’t have the right to abuse their power. Assault? Hell, the kid was just trying to defend himself from Gestapo-style brutal force and censoring. Total F%cking bullsh*t. You folks don’t have a clue about history or the laws in our country. The Constitution gives people certain rights and protections (which are being trashed everyday in the name of security). and mainly puts limitations on govt. I would not expect this kind of brutality except in a totalitarian country (which the USA pretty much is becoming FAST) like Stalinist Russia or Nazi Germany. And the reaction of the lame-ass Kerry supporters shows the kind of F%cks they really are. Kerry is a pussy and a lame ass and he really showed it during this event.

    I’m sure they will crack kids’ skulls for exercising free speach. Put the kid in a coma for the rest of his life for asking a couple of questions. Beating up people (kids) who exercise their GOD-GIVEN rights (that’s right- “God-given” is what the founders called them) is NOT an American thing. Go back to Germany you filthy pigs. Or learn your history. I don’t want you in MY country. Kerry needs an operation to get some balls. I still wouldn’t vote for the Nazi puss.

    Give me Liberty or Give Me DEATH!!


  6. The real questions to think about are…WHO are the police protecting? And WHAT are they protecting them from? It seems we are still very much in the era of the Pinkerton guards…that this may as well be 1907 rather than 2007. What we see here could well be just tune-ups for what we can expect in coming years if current economic trends continue.

  7. It’s true that we don’t live in a Democracy. The idea of “American Democracy” in the 21st Century is one of the greatest myths ever perpetrated.

    However… this particular case is not necessarily a good example of that myth. My initial (knee jerk) reaction was to condemn the officers… and think of the student- Andrew Meyer- as a poor innocent victim. But after some digging I was able to put 2+2 together on this guy. He is apparently known for pulling these kinds of stunts…and causing disturbances in front of the camera to grab attention. We don’t know exactly what took place before the video began recording.

    But even with his melodramatic clowning…he still should have been allowed to finish his question and get the answer that Kerry seemed willing to give him. Even Kerry said that he could have handled the situation if the officers had respected his request.

    If he would have calmly walked out… instead of fighting… he would not have been tased. His mission was to get a reaction from the officers.

    Colleges/Universities need to come up with better protocols regarding how to handle these situations.

    I do hate the undemocratic elitist idea that only certain people get to ask questions at these kinds of events… only certain folks are allowed to attend some of them, etc. It creates an atmosphere that lends itself to this kind of incident taking place.

  8. Just to clarify… I was referring to Andrew Meyer… not Mr. Yearwood…although he is also known for getting arrested as part of his protest strategy. But the circumstances of the situation regarding Yearwood may have been a little different.

  9. PoliticsTV has video of Iraq Vets and Iraq Vet mothers (and others) being arrested last week I believe. I meant to do a post on this same subject, but never got around to it. They were arrested while on a public sidewalk in DC and for posting material that was apparently legal for them to possess and to post.

    We are incrementally losing many of our basic rights.
    The fact that the losses are incremental has kept people asleep. At this pace, I wonder what rights we will have left 10 or 20 years from now.

    Good topic!

  10. Partypooper

    How are the cops racist when nearly half of them are black themselves?

    Not everything is about race, the man was asked to leave, yes over a button. They probably asked him to leave for the reason that it is a public hearing not an opportunity for people to express political beliefs. It does no one any good to have people yell out during a public hearing, as did happen several times during the hearing. All it does is cause delay in the ability of lawmakers to hear and come to decissions based on the genrals testimony.

    Just came across your site in a random browse of an unreleated search. I don’t mean to be an ass an I am sure I will get flamed but seriously some of your posts make me wonder if you see anything other than black is good and white is bad. It doesn’t do any good for us to continue to focus on what makes us different, you and the nation should adopt a policy of judging people for being people not the color of their skin.

  11. I disagree strongly with the characterization of the event that Meyer provoked the police. He did no such thing. He was asking three questions in an open forum of a US senator.

    The police tried to prevent him from asking the first question, then the event organizers shut off his mic for the third question and the police promptly assaulted him, including tasering.

    I am getting really frustrated over this trend where people think they sounds balanced by prefacing every criticism of aggressive policing with an obligatory remark about the conduct of the victim.

    On principle, do we blame women dressed provocatively for sexual assault, even if we also blame the perpetrators? No. Never.

    Meyer’s questions were completely reasonable. There was zero justification for the assault. And the reason for the assault was not Meyer’s attitude but the content of his speech, which was damning to the status quo.

    I appreciate this blog, but I do have to protest the mischaracterization of the event. The description above is simply not what happened, as anybody can plainly see by watching the video.

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