To the Jena 6: Just hold on, change is coming



Norman Hutchin’s song, “A move of God,” has been in my head all day.

To Mychal Bell,  Robert Bailey, Jr, Theo Shaw, Carwin Jones, Bryant Purvis, and the other unnamed young brotha, just hold on, change is coming.

“I feel a breakthrough coming your way, it’s a mighty move of God, it’s gonna change your day. With signs and wonders, miracles to perform, God is gonna bless you for just holding on.”

“Just hold on, a change is coming, feel it in the air, it’s in the atmosphere. Just hold on, a change is coming, a move of God is on the way.”

“You’ve been expecting a change in your life, looking for your midnight to turn to sunshine. It’s gonna happen, you wait and see, all things are possible to them that believe.”

“Just hold on, a change is coming, feel it in the air, it’s in the atmosphere. Just hold on, a change is coming…A move of God is on the way.”

Thousands of chanting demonstrators filled the streets of this little Louisiana town Thursday. It's not about black and white. It's about right and wrong. I would like to see these young men set free,

We should have progressed past this kind of unequal treatment based on race; however, we clearly are not. The outpouring of community support in the black community and the dearth of support from others is quite telling.   Katrina became an enduring symbol of neglect and racial indifference and Jena, Louisiana has provided the nation with another.  

There is nothing particularly unique about the disproportionate felony charges meted out to these six teenage boys, this happens everyday to black children somewhere in America, as Al Sharpton has pointed out.  What is unique is the black reaction the racially discriminatory actions of the LaSalle Parish School Board and LaSalle Parish District Attorney provoked.    

Today’s rally was amazing in its genesis and scale, as the song above says, “It’s a mighty move of God, it’s gonna change your day.” I feel confident in predicting that the charges against all six young men will be dropped.  

Praise God for Michael Baisden, Tom Joyner, Howard Witt, Amy Goodman, Roland Martin, Rev.Al, Rev. Jackson, Color of Change, the black blogosphere, and for the many black college students and other concerned persons who raised the alarm to inform the community when it was needed.  

Congresswoman Maxine Waters, on hand for the day’s events, told CNN’s Kyra Phillips that the House Judiciary Committee is preparing to subpoena the LaSalle Parish District Attorney to Washington to explain his conduct and the President himself said that the Justice Department is monitoring this case.  Despite protestations to the contrary, there is a valid reason why Tina Jones, mother of Purvis Bryant, believes that the D.A. is “so adamant about destroying these kids lives.”  I would love to hear his explanation of how a tennis shoe becomes a deadly weapon.   

The idea of a 21st century civil rights movement which focuses on the disproportionate punishment of people of color in the criminal justice system warms my heart.  That’s something that this skeptical brotha can get with enthusiastically.  Much remains to be done and it is not simply a local issue.   I hope that that Congresswoman Waters and Congressman Conyers grasp that a comprehensive solution which addresses the lack of resources for indigent defense is at the root of the harsh and disproportionate treatment that our children and adults face nationwide. 


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  1. SB,

    You should edit this post and add a shoutout to Howard Witt of the Chicago Tribune and Amy (what is her last name, it escapes me right now). But, they were the only two ‘mainstream’ journalists that were there with The Jena Six from practically the beginning. Mr. Witt is the reporter who brought Shaquanda Cotton to our attention, if you’ll remember. Before there was Jesse and Al, Michael and Tom, there were Mr. Witt and Amy, reminding us of just what journalism COULD be, if folks actually tried.

  2. Avery

    It is 2007. And yet we have people who still live in the 1960’s. As a people equally living in the “United” States, we shouldn’t still judge people by their outer complexions. Because when you break it down we bleed the same color of blood, have the same heartbeat, and the same flesh. So when my brothers and sisters cry out for the need of a nation united I cry to. And in this situation all of us color blind people should weep. We yearn for a better living enviroment, amongst ourselves. To All of the jena 6 do not regret anything of this ridiculous situation. Because as Sam Cooke sung oh so sweetly a “change gon come”. We were all born by the river. Keep God 1st before anything, and he will provide coverage of everything you need.

  3. GDAWG

    You can add a case in Oceanside, Long Island, Nassau county, to the JENA 6 story. It seems four months ago an African Male and his friend were attacked and called the N-word by a groups of as much as 8 male whites in a MacDonalds. The event was videotaped and clearly showed the whites as the aggressors.

    Guess who the police arrested and the DA charged with a crime?

  4. Now, I believe that this is something that the CBC can get involved with to redeem themselves. But because Maxine Waters and John Conyers are leading this charge, let’s see who’s brave enough to show up at the hearings.

    Will it result in Congress charging Reed Walters? We don’t know, but the resounding question will be why wasn’t Mike Nifong summoned to Congress for the same thing? Never mind that North Carolina did it’s job in resolving that mess at Duke and firing the DA; but I can’t see Louisiana doing the same thing to Walters, but if it’s televised on C-Span (cause Fox and CNN ain’t going near this) I’ll pay money to see this bastard squirm when he’s asked “So what did you mean when you said ‘With a stroke of this pen, I can’t ruin your lives?’ in charging the Jena 6?”

    Out of all the southern states, Lousiana is still refusing to come into the 20th century, let alone the new millenium, and I’m not getting my hopes up, cause there’s a lot of House Negroes on Capitol Hill these days (and that’s not related to ethnicity, either), who’s infected with “cave-in-itis” and they refuse to take their medicine to stand up for what is right.

  5. Will it result in Congress charging Reed Walters? We don’t know, but the resounding question will be why wasn’t Mike Nifong summoned to Congress for the same thing? Never mind that North Carolina did it’s job in resolving that mess at Duke and firing the DA; but I can’t see Louisiana doing the same thing to Walters, but if it’s televised on C-Span (cause Fox and CNN ain’t going near this) I’ll pay money to see this bastard squirm when he’s asked “So what did you mean when you said ‘With a stroke of this pen, I can’t ruin your lives?’ in charging the Jena 6?”

    Actually, that’s what I want to see too. And, I hope that he doesn’t come and they get to charge him with Contempt of Congress and have his ass arrested.

  6. Rikyrah:

    I’m expecting them to ask Walters very nicely to bring his ass to DC to testify. Contempt charge? Better ask Harriet Myers about that one…

    However, if he shows, I’m taking the day off and heading to the Hill to sit in on that (if I don’t get busted up by the Cap Hill po-po, like Rev. Yearwood did).

  7. Martin Luther King Jr

    We marched in the South so a Black man could vote and live and work. We marched to end segregation. Now I’m on the Mountain Top watching you fools march so we can committ assault and battery on a white boy and get away with the crime.

    You’ve come a long way from the path we set for you.

  8. Al Sharpton

    Sorry Mr. Sean Bell but the media no longer wants to cover your story. After the Duke Case i had to run to your side then to Mike Vick and now to these hill billy niggaz in Jena. You know OJ gonna be on my phone in about a month so your ass is fucked cuz unless some cop shoots another nigga 50 time my ass is busy. Tell your wife to give me some play and maybe I’ll throw her a few ducets.

  9. TPJ,

    What I want for them to also ask him is about his background:
    1. Where was he born?
    2. Where did he grow up?
    3. Did he leave the United States for any length of time.

    And, after we get that out of the way, ask him if he got his diplomas off a cereal box.

    If not, then explain to them,



    And, in WHAT WORLD, did he believe that it was a ‘ prank’?

    Oh yes, I want to see his racist ass dance around THAT.

    PS- who is that Uncle Remus U.S. Attorney that was shinning and grinning on that CNN Special last night?

  10. First, a shout-out to rikyrah for bringing Skeptical Brotha to my attention in the first place, a few months ago on MyDD.

    SB, I manage a brand-new, two-week-old blog from the Study Circles Resource Center. SCRC works on issues of racial equity, poverty, and many more. I did a post today on black bloggers’ successful efforts to bring the Jena Six story to national attention, and yours is among the blogs I cited. I’d be grateful if people would go and add others if I missed any really key ones. Click my name for the post.

    Keep up the great work. Wait a sec … I just realized I knew about SB before this summer, because someone told me to check out your hilarious Christmas carol parodies last year. Anyway, I will pay closer attention from now on!

  11. Rikyrah:

    That House Negro’s name is Donald Washington, a U. S. Attorney not on the hot seat like Dave Iglasias was, and appointed by GeeShrubya.

    Guess he saw what happened to his colleagues when they went against Bush and actually tried to apply and enforce Federal law before realizing the Justice Department was just as politicized as every other Cabinet in Bush’s Administration.

    He did a nice Stepin Fetchit tap dance, though 🙂

  12. Okay, everyone, repeat after me:

    PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS. If you’re going to channel Dr. King or Malcolm X, may I recommend the episode of the “Boondocks” cartoon where Huey Freeman is hanging with Dr. King and he tells them what he thinks about “Niggers”.

    He didn’t die so “Niggers” could do this foolishness. He died so that we all could be treated as human beings judged by the contents of our character, and not the color of our skin.

    You trolls think you’re being funny here. But first of all, you need a brain to THINK.

  13. Cliff

    1. We marched in the South so a Black man could vote and live and work. We marched to end segregation. Now I’m on the Mountain Top watching you fools march so we can committ assault and battery on a white boy and get away with the crime.
    You’ve come a long way from the path we set for you.
    by Martin Luther King Jr September 21st, 2007 at 1:42 pm

    I am sorry Political Junkie but I have too…


    Satan is still hiding behind the shield of righteousness, righteous leaders’ names, and righteous prophets’ names, righteous religion’s names. Why they would use the name of Dr. Martin Luther King to invoke the idea, that he gave the message non violence which is somehow equilateral with cowardice is not beyond me. He was a man of courage, and stood for courageous actions for social change. Social change will not occur without people standing up for justice, to combat terrorism inflicted by the students who were obviously testing the level of courage of the black students. Satan probably thought “We can still make them bow to us in the south by using scare tactics to instill fear them, because they still adhere to the principles of Dr. Martin Luther King”.

    However this is a new prototype of black people. They do not have fear in them anymore. They are adhering to his principles of Dr. Martin Luther King. THEY WILL speak out against terrorism, THEY WILL stand up for justice, THEY WILL fight for justice, THEY WILL make sacrifices for social change.

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  14. Deyvette

    I don’t think that we will ever be considered respectable, worthy of justice,or worthy of any type of apology(we just want an apology,right.) We are merely tollerated here for their amusement with our tap dancin and jiggabu, and now naked jiggabu dancing,ohhhh. I believe that unless we remove that hideous rap music and video behavior from our airways, we can’t demand respect from any administration. Why would anyone apologize for insulting a people, who rutinely insult themselves…..Locked up th ey won’t let me out….I’m in-love with a stripperrrrr….shake it like a salt shakerr….Hey bey bey. I don’t listen to it, but I’m willing to go on a rap 6 month rap diet and I’ll be there for all the withdrawls. Now let’s see, No humming, tapping,shaking in any form to rap music. Stop the rape of our race by stopping rap.

  15. Yes I see trolls, but I also see a teachable moment.

    Malcolm X said:

    You get freedom by letting your enemy know that you’ll do anything to get your freedom; then you’ll get it. It’s the only way you’ll get it. When you get that kind of attitude, they’ll label you as a “crazy Negro,” or they’ll call you a “crazy nigger”–they don’t say Negro. Or they’ll call you an extremist or a subversive, or seditious, or a red, or a radical. But when you stay radical long enough, and get enough people to be like you, you’ll get your freedom. . . .

    So don’t you run around here trying to make friends with somebody who’s depriving you of your rights. They’re not your friends, no, they’re your enemies. Treat them like that and fight them, and you’ll get your freedom; and after you get your freedom, your enemy will respect you.

  16. Michael

    This is all very interesting, and for the moment, Jena has united a sub group of people. It was indeed unequal treatment but lets not kid ourselves. Nothing changes for the AA community as a result of this. The self-wounding nature of AAs in the USA will continue unfortunately. I truly think its an insult to invoke MLK into this. MLK would be embarrassed at what has passed for a civil rights movement over the past years. The emotion of this will all be over in a few weeks, but the underlying issue will still remain. Unfortunuately there are ignorant people, both white and black, and niether speaks or acts reprsentative of the majority of either. We should not free Mr. Bell, but we should certainly ensure the punishment meets the cime. Mr. Bell attacked another human, and he should be hel accountable. Noose on a tree, while digusting and offensive, does not give a person a right to harm another. This is what separates humans from the animal kingdom. No matter how mad and upset Mr. Bell was, he had no right to attack. And the law does not protect someone from simply being offended, otherwise we’d lock up Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Kanye West, and few others for offending us with thier utter stupidity. I’ll be following this closely and helping to ensure Mr. Bell get only equal treatment, not “special” treatment. Peace

  17. Martin Luther King Jr

    To Cliff,

    How ironic is it that you shost shot me? Is this what you are about? We are making fools of ourselves by marching for young men who although their anger is just, these young men attacked a single boy soley because of the color of his skin. One of these boys has numerous convictions for aggressive behavior, this as we know does not make him guilty, but these are the people we are hanging our collective energy on?

  18. OT:

    The White House has the NERVE to call Obama “Intellectually Lazy”.

    This, coming from a POTUS who was a C-Minus average student, and would have been bum-rushed out of any other Ivy League University, regardless of his pappy’s money.

    Read it here:

    Obama hasn’t convinced me to hop on his bandwagon, but the ReThugs are making it so damned obvious they’d rather run against the Borg Queen, because Obama’s scaring their asses. Any thug tactic they use will stink to high heaven of racism, so they’d rather run on their sexism instead.

    And, someone needs to tell O’Lielly to stop hanging out at Sylvia’s before he pisses the staff off to the point they do to him what Kizzy did to Missy Anne in”Roots” when she asked for that cup of water. 😉

  19. Whoever told me to stop being a jackass when I say Bush has made it fashionable to be a bigot again, go read Josh Marshall’s blog and then kick yourself in the ass for challenging me in the first place.

    They would have never said this if they didn’t think the media would go to sleep on them and never report it.

  20. Michael

    Oh butch up would you. I called your comment something that could only come from a jackass. So there, you were and are challenged. Obama is not immune from politics. Get over it Junkie, he is fair game in the political arena. Be offended all you want, thats not against the law, nor is it racist just because you said so. The only thing that makes people scared of Obama is his total lack of experience, complete lack of instincts regarding foriegn policy, and his tax policy (which I’m sure you haven’t looked into). He’s scary because most think he’s a pussy when it comes to knowing what to do to keep my country safe and on the right track. Most people only care that he’s a black face. Be offended and all you want, but you can’t simply co-opt any statement you wish and decide its racism. It little Obama can’t take the heat, perhaps he should sit the hell down, or maybe his wife will come to his defense. It will get a lot tougher than this next year once the race really gets going. He needs to grow up.

  21. Michael

    Junkie, on another note, the assertion is still just as silly as it was the first time you posted it. No one person makes it OK to be a bigot. But it certainly seems OK for you to be so thinskinned that you call everything a racist comment. You have no protection under the law to not have your delicate sensibilities offended, nor do I. Obama has no special protection because he’s black (well actually he’s not). I’d be more interested in what he comes back with than worrying about the comments. Lets see if there is something in him other than cover shots, a book of platitudes, and a knack for pandering. This is politics not some kiddie playground, if you are worried so much about someone being called a name other than the serious issues, perhpas the sandbox is more suited for you.

  22. You’re still a white guy trying to masquerade as Black. I see the shyt we live under every damned day and until you get pulled over for Driving while Black, or get a heap of injustice on your ass, just shut the hell up.

    You know as well as I do with the White House calling Obama essentially a lazy Negro, no one else in this country is going to give a damn about whether or not they offend people because of race. Look at O’Lielly, acting surprised because we actually go into restaurants and know how to act in them, for God’s sake.

    I’m not thin-skinned; I just know when I’m dealing with a bigoted ass who will continue to defend actions against Black people and not call them out for the bigoted, racial incidents they are. Just don’t talk to me anymore, and use your willpower not to respond to my posts, period.

    You’re a walking, worthless piece of whatever, and not worth my time.

  23. Michael

    Junkie, your post says more about YOU than it does about me. He did not use the word negro, and no amount of your jumping up and down, waving your hands and screaming racism changes that. I’d be damn offended if you tried to put words in my mouth. I couldn’t care less about what you think of me, but you have to get it right or nothing will change. Sure there are ignorant people that say ignorant things, and being reactionary on every little comment is a waste of time. But again, I will not allow this to an emotional issue as you’ve tried to make it. Emotions aside, you have no right to protection from being offended. And I don’t think your worthless, just angry and misguided. Oh and one last point, I will not go away, my points are as relevant as yours and I actually see this as a good discussion. People should have discussions and dissent, not just sit around the victimology lounge and agree with each other. As I said, butch up, its good dialog!

  24. Kid Creole


    You are an ignorant racist piece of garbage. You hide behind masks of intellectual debate pretending to be the Devils advocate, but your real views come through. We are all just a second tier problem you hope will go away and jail is one form for your kind to get us off the street.

  25. Michael

    Kid, that has to be the most immature response I’ve read today, congratulations. Junkie and I disagree and thats what discussions, forums, and blogs are for. So grow up, put away your little hateful name calling, he doesn’t need your help junior. We certainly have enough over-reacting racially myopic victims to deal with. BTW…you have anger management issues…seek help.

    And kid (with lower case k) kindly don’t twist my words, or attempt to put words in my mouth that i did not say. Being a liar makes your point rather irrelevant

  26. Justice is Served

    You fucking blacks are nuts. If my kid hung a bunch of nooses on a tree I would kick his butt and expect him to be suspended from school.

    If my kid with a gang of other white kids beat some black teen to within a inch of his life, he would be going to jail.

    The same thing happened in Jena and all you weasles want the thugs who did the beating treated with kid gloves.

    Let’s be clear you will never be equal as long as expect some special treatment for yourselves. Get a clue those kids belong in Jail. If they beat up my son they would be safer in Jail since I would kill them all if given the chance.

  27. Michael

    I think its clear that the USA is getting fed up with the race hustlers. I didn’t learn until todday that the noose incident and the beating was 3 months apart!

    But thats not the way it has been spun by the Je$$ie and Al. So indeed, this was a assault unrelated to the nooses. I’ll be posted Mr. Bell’s Juvenile Criminal record shortly so we can discuss. Clearly some additional facts have not come to the surface.

    Oh and I just learned that Mychal Bell’s mom and dad are driving brand new cars. Took the money from the NAACP that was mean’t for his defense and went on a spopping spree. Apparently there are some pictures as well, I’ve got somebody working on getting them so I can post. Oh and the cars: 07 jag, and 07 Escalade, I guess race hustling really does pay.

  28. Kid Creole


    So black folks can’t own nice cars? Now you are accusing the Bell family of stealing money from the NAACP!

    Please do post Bell’s criminal rcord – because that’s what this is all about. Giving these young boys records so the Racists cops have cause to put them in jail. You ever stop to think what Bells criminal record would look like if he were white!

    Michael you are a racist, a biggot and a small form of man.

  29. Michael

    WTF? So all you got out of that was that you actually think I don’t want people to drive nice cars? That doesn’t bother you? This doesn’t smack of race hustling to you?

    Kid, read the news. The have spent some of the defense money for this. I will not post his record, but I can assure you I care what everyone’s record is, white or black, criminal behavior should never be excused, especially when its a common element in someone’s background. And wether we like it or not, his record is key in the refusal of bail.

    And I’m in a forgiving mood today, so you are forgiven for calling me a racist and a bigot.

  30. Kid Creole

    Race hustling? What is your race? Do you hustle it? I don’t hear you get upset when 95% of the Taxi concessions in New York are owned by Jewish people – is that race hustling? Huh keeping those $250,000 medalions within one race. Or how about Companies like Berkshire Hathaway – a bunch of old white guys keeping each other rich.

    So when black folks send out money to each other so we can have nice things its race hulting? When the NAACP or REV Sharpton provide income for black people its race HUSTLING WTF to you – we are not allowed to profit? We are not allowed to have a consortium that caters to our people!

    YOU ARE A RACIST BIGGOT And I don’t need your forgiveness – I have the right to call you what you are. The only sin committed in our exchange is your racism.

  31. Rational Guy

    Sorry I am new to this debate but I think Michael should stop replying to Creole.

    Michael you are making a lot of sense. As someone who can speak from experience – any time a person is in financial straits, for either legal or medical troubles, the last thing they should do is take what ever money that was donated and spend it like drinken sailors.

    Also, Black White it makes no difference these guys ganged up on another kid and beat him up. Then they used an incident from three months before to make up an excuse as to why they did it. Also one of the defendent’s mother works for the NAACP and that is how this whole mess got started.

    Lets look at this case as rational adults.

  32. THE LAW

    If only slavery had been abolished from the outset of America’s discovery than none of this crap would have happened.

  33. Michael

    Agree Rational. Kid is so blinded by victimology I should not continue that exchange. I guess what I find stunning is that he attempts to make a correlation between Mr. Bells parent’s personally profiting from his criminal behavior and incarceration and resulting NAACP donation of money, and the legal making of money by “old white guys, as if that’s illegal. It makes me shake my head in disbelief. He sees nothing wrong with it and that a great illustration of differing value systems. So Mr. Bell, I hope you like the jail food, cause I can assure you your parents are living high on the hog at your expense….we’ll now call you “gravy train”.

  34. Michael

    Oh, and Law…agree….if the Dutch had not started the trend of african slavery, we’d not be in this mess. And what makes me sad is thats its a business now. So many people are making a nice living off of keeping the race issue alive and well. The book “shakedown” is excellent. Its covers in detail the motives and methods of Je$$ie’s tactics. Oh well, times change, some people never do.

  35. Rational Guy

    Read below concerning Al Sharpton and the Sean bell case – sounds alot like the money contraversy with the Jena 6:

    From todays NY POST

    A key witness in the sensational police killing of Sean Bell told cops after being collared for slugging his girlfriend that he doesn’t work because he gets money from the Rev. Al Sharpton, a law-enforcement source said yesterday.

    “Whatever I need they give me,” Trent Benefield, 24, told detectives Tuesday night after he was brought to the 113th Precinct station for questioning about the beating of gal pal Nyla Page Walthrus, 19, the source said.

  36. Deyvette

    Yes, Mychal Bell and the others were wrong,eventhough provoked,fighting isn’t the answer and yes, those noose hangers, which one was “beaten to within an inch of his life”, but attended a party at the college that same evening” was also wrong. Should either be doing hard time, no. Community service for both groups 2 weekends out of every month for 1year. That working for free really hurts,You’ll never forget and you’ll think twice before incouraging others to hang nooses or fighting to resolve issues.

    However, that would be justice, but we are governed in an unjust,detached,dishonest government/country.

    Now here’s the clincher, we’re at home in this country. Yesterday my grandfather spoke of his grandfather, who was born and raised in this country. So, so much for that going back to where we came from malarkey.

    What do you to your adopted brother/sister when you’ve been fighting over those last few cookies on the table or it’s time to have a family discussion about a will. You look mom and dad in the face and cry “he is not really one of us and therefore should’nt get anything and he hit me see my right eye swollen.” So, Mychal Bell getting tried and sentenced as a juvenile.
    We have to give ouselves justice.

  37. Deyvette

    We regulate marriage, then after birth we regulate, nurture and educate the children, in which you also were trained. Were not the laws, which have the charge of education, right in commanding your father to train you in music and gymnastics? Well then, since you were brought into the world and nurtured and educated by us, can you deny in the first place that you are our child and slave as your fathers were before you? And if this is true you are not on equal terms with us. There is clear proof that we and the city were not displeasing to you. Of all the citizens you have been the most constant resident in the city, which you never leave, except to see games. Here in this city you begat your children, which is proof of your satisfaction. Are we right in saying that you agreed to be governed according to us indeed, and not in word only. You are breaking the covenants and agreements which you made with us at your leisure, not in any haste or under any compulsion or deception, but after you have had in excess of over 400years to think.

    These are unspoken words.

    That’s why:
    Phill Spector I, as usual, held my gun in her mouth , but she pulled the trigger , The Ramsey’s (Jon Benet), That Max Factor heir, who is a sadistic drugging rapist, who manged to get caught after being told to lay low for a while, Robert “I left my gun in the restaurant and when i came back to shoot her she was already shot” Blake, Sen. Ted kennedy, Senator who’s mistress was missing Shandra she just went away Levy, and many many more These ridiculous excuses to cover up attrocious and deceptive murderers were forgotten and the culprits roam freely, but not you know who?

    Hint: O

  38. Rational Guy

    Deyvette –

    All those crimes you just mentioned were white on white – so how is that even relevant to the Jena 6?

  39. emil longfellow

    des bes sum gang bangin lil coons!they all to a nigga have been in trouble wid dey law!they cried racism but dem little ass holes get right back into trouble again!robbin stealin

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