Monday Open Thread


Talk to me,  what’s on your mind.  I’m still seething over the denial of Mychal Bell’s bail.  I’ve mentally shut down.  What’s happening with y’all?

18 thoughts on “Monday Open Thread

  1. SB:

    I’m pissed that the leftie bloggers are upset because Pam Spaulding over at Pam’s House Blend, called out her fellow bloggers for their dereliction of journalistic duty in blogging about the Jena protest.

    They’re all mailing it in, and are pissed because we’re not giving them props.

    OTOH, the implosion of the CBC between Obama and the Borg Queen is also frosting my cookies, because the CBC wants to punish Obama for not being a good House Negro and doing what they tell him to do in terms of fundraising and hoisting the rest of them on his back.

  2. I can’t wait to see the hearings (I believe later today) regarding the image of minorities and women in the Rap music industry. The attention from Congress is long overdue. I just some legislation/change comes from it and not just empty talk.

  3. TPJ,

    That bunch calling anyone ‘intellectually lazy’ is a farce.

    The man was the President of the Harvard Law Review.


    Bush’s dumb ass couldn’t even get into The University of Texas.

    Only got into Yale because of AFFIRMATIVE ACTION for stupid White boys called LEGACY ADMISSIONS.

  4. star1

    This is becoming one of the blogs I actually read on a routine basis. Though I don’t agree with all — this is good for us. BTW, I think Obama can handle it and the CBC will probably get in line up the road. It is a shame what we will do just to be seen. Stick to your what you know is right OBAMA.

  5. Michael

    Why seeth? I discovered today from a lawyer friend of mine that the noose incident and the beating was 3 months apart. So apparently the “provocation” argument is being thrown out in favor of a simply assault. In light of his rap sheet, which I will post shortly, I too, as most of you should think, he should not be on the street. Of course the first charge was not fair, but clearly this is the right move, Mychal Bell should not be walking around among law abiding citizens black or white. Meanwhile, his parents, spent some of the money from the NAACP that was mean’t for his defense, on a new 07 jaguar, and 07 Esclade and some other new bling. You can’t simply attack someone and expect to get away with it, even as disgusting and vile as the nooses were, this is not a nation of mob rule and we are not animals

  6. Michael

    So somebody please explain to me. What in the world does a government have to do with the potraying of POC in the rap industry? Are you asking my government to solve yet another problem for you? Can someone help me understand?

  7. Michael

    True democracy? The founding fathers knew what they were doing with the electoral system. They knew that since many voters were not smart or informed enough, back then, or even now, to make an intelligent, informed decisions, a simple “majority” format would result in mob rule by people who could either be coerced to vote a certain way, or didn’t care who they voted. Niether of those groups are people you want voting in a simple majority format. Hence the representative republic. History has a have making everything clear. I think we can all name at least 10 people we’d not want to vote 🙂

  8. THE LAW

    Read the Bell Curve and you will know why Blacks are incarcerated at a higher rate, unable to gain dmission into good schools without affirmative action and why they represent a higher proportion in the poverty zone.

    When i was growing up if 6 boys beat up 1 boy the community would ostrasize them. In the black community they are proposed for Saint Hood.

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