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 Juanita Bynum

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Evangelical preacher Juanita Bynum and her husband, Bishop Thomas Weeks III, are superstars on the Christian circuit. But recently the Atlanta-based couple’s profile reached the stratosphere after Bynum accused her husband of domestic violence during the summer.

The episode surprised many of Bynum’s followers because the televangelist’s fan base is largely female and her sermons often center on female empowerment. The situation also served as an opportunity for them to challenge every word Bynum had ever preached.

So, when Bynum accused her husband of attacking her physically in a parking lot outside an Atlanta hotel, the incident seemed unimaginable for what many saw as picture-perfect couple.

The pair, who met in 2002 and were married a year later, separated earlier this year. On Aug. 21, the day the attack occurred, the couple met in an attempt at reconciliation.

Bynum showed police her bruises and claimed Weeks choked, kicked and stomped on her. She said he continued to do so until a bellman pulled him away.

A History of Violence

Bynum revealed on “Good Morning America” Wednesday that this was not her first encounter with domestic abuse.Her first marriage, which inspired her million-copy selling sermon “No More Sheets,” ended as a result of domestic abuse. At the time, Bynum quietly divorced her husband and chose to move on with her life.

“He repented for what he did. I made a vow that I would not talk about that situation,” she said.

Now, as her current husband faces charges of aggravated assault and making terroristic threats, according to The Associated Press, Bynum said she has decided to speak out. (Her husband is no longer is allowed to contact her.)

“You don’t call it abuse until it’s a parking lot situation,” she said. Often times people classify such behavior as marital issues, but it’s abuse when you’re getting yelled at, Bynum added.

Some critics have accused Bynum of using the situation to gain recognition and a larger following. Bynum shot down such allegations.

“The popularity that God had favored me with was already there,” she said.

Still, others questioned how a preacher who encouraged women to stay with their husbands regardless of their troubles can now change her tune. But Bynum said she still believes a wife should support her husband.

“It is the responsibility of every wife to make their husband feel loved and respected,” she said.

But, Bynum said, while people should live by the rules of their spirituality, they also should recognize danger signs.

“I think spiritually needs to be used in a proper manner,” Bynum said. “You need to pray, but you also need to take yourself out of harms way while you pray.”

The New Face of Domestic Violence

Since the incident with her husband, Bynum has christened herself the new face of domestic violence, and some of her followers believe it may have a lasting effect on Christians and their faith.

“It’s kind of like a black eye, you know, on Christianity,” said WTJH gospel DJ Reggie Gay. “We’re supposed to be able to get along with each other and live right and do all those kind of things. But it’s kind of tough. So I would encourage that congregation of people to be prayerful.”

Weeks has denied abusing his wife.

“I want to be clear in saying I do not condone in any way, shape or form violence of any kind towards woman,” he said. “My role has always been to operate as protector and not as an aggressor. I’ve walked away from many situations between the two of us just like I walked away that night.”

29 thoughts on “Juanita Bynum on Good Morning America

  1. Renee

    Wha??? ok she is not the new face of domestic violence. I am 44 years old and my mother got her a$$ kicked every day of 11 year marriage to my father. Women and men have been dealing with this for years, long before Ms Bynum was even born, I find her comments insulting to every thinking man and woman. Don’t get me started on that brotha talking about he “walked away that day”…..

  2. I encourage Prophetess Juanita Bynum to keep on living for JESUS,keep on walking the WALK,keep on talking the TALK.Let your LIVING, your WALKING and your TALKING continue to be HOLY.Some people will not understand,and may say she should’nt divoce your husband because you are a prophetess and woman of GOD.But you have to know who you are in Christ and allow GOD to work out everything for you and deal with people.I pray that GOD will walk you half way through all that you’re going through and pick you up and carry you the rest of the way.God have given you HOLY FEET to know when enough is enough and to walk out of DANGER into SAFETY.

  3. Sandy

    Juanita is a very Godly person. I so enjoy watching her. But this world is full of sin, things happen. Because she is who she is does not make her exempt from what can effect everyone else in the world. I still stand strong behind her. God hates divorce, But God also does not want us as women to cower down and stay in a physically or abusive marriage just because we are a christian, we are still people like you, and know matter how much we love God, bad things still happen to us. I pray that she wil get through this and God will carry her through every step. God Bless

  4. Truth

    Juanita I truly believe that you are a true woman of GOD and I love hearing you bring the word that I trust GOD has giving you to bring across the nation when you are on tv. and I also trust he is still going to use you even more, continue being who GOD said you are in him. I trust in GOD that you are going to be even more of a powerful speaker than ever
    before please if keep the faith.

    by Alicia October 1,2007 at 12:12 am

  5. Nicole

    I think that a lot of the time we exalt people behind the pulpit too highly. We start to idolize them instead of looking to them to be the example but keeping our main focus on God. When this situation happened with Bynum and Weeks, alot of people were taking aback including myself. Some people even stopped attending church service and worshipping God. As if our salvation rested in these individuals. People everywhere need prayer all of the time especially high profile preachers such as Bynum and Weeks. As we pray for healing for the both of these individuals, we need to remain focused and prayerful for the Body of Christ as a whole. This is not just about them. It affected the Body as a whole and our witness to the world. It is time for us to humble ourselves, pray, and turn so that we can be healed. God bless. Nicole

  6. Our main focus must be our personal relationship with Jesus. The purpose of the five-fold ministry is to mature the Body of Christ, help them develop a discerning spirit, be transformed into His image, to walk with Him and raised up to usher in His Presence and power in a dark world – anything that hinders that in our life or the Body should be the focus – always mindful of our ability to get caught in a snare – keeps us humble and interceding as Christ would.

  7. Chris

    Nothing good ever, ever comes out of a physically abusive relationship. Juanita Bynum is definitely the victim in this situation, regardless of her status in the Christian arena. What apalls me the most is the “Bishops'” attitude through all of this. He does not really seem to be taking responsibilty for his actions, “the attack was caused by the devil” and “I walked away from the situation”, are you kidding me? He didn’t stop kicking her until the bellman pulled him away, and he calls that walking away? It’s obvious the “Bishop” has had a challenge with physical abuse in the past and until he acknowledges that he has a problem it will occur again with the next “Mrs’ Weeks”.

  8. kevin williams

    thank god that he loves us all even the ones we think are bad, i agree with shirley that we keep our focus on a personal relationship with jesus, i have problems in my marriage my wife left a year ago, takes two to make it work, i stop pointing fingers and i said god i lost my first love with is you according to rev. 2 verse 4, so let us pray for them and other belivers who are going thru, because it about self control, loving as god love us and to obey. jesus said if you love me you will keep my commandments, that real relational for us all. bless you all and thank you and keep praying without ceasing. greater glory

  9. Pat

    Did not see her on GMA but I think it time that the men and women of God started opening there eyes to some truth. Stop looking to man for what only God can give them. Marriage is a private and sacred union for which the enemy is determined to destroy. I believe the marriage should be fought for especially if ordained by God. Being a Prophetess I am sure she knows if her marriage was ordained by God. Yes in this Christian walk we stumble along the way, but do we wallow in it. Instead of pleasing the world she should be seeking counseling and Godly advised. Stay out of the lime light and seek the face of God. Only God can give us the real answers. Wake up!!!

  10. Richard

    The editor of this article is very narrow minded in alluding that Sister Bynum reneged on what she preaches because she accused her husband of abuse. Are you nutts? If you get beat up, you tell someone. What you are saying is because of her name, she is a hypocrite for telling the truth. Domestic violence is a crime; it is a felony in some States. Many men make light of this fact when talking about this situation because in their mind’s eye women are their property. There are ministers and Christains who still believe it would have been appropriate for her to have allowed him to kill her. If she survived, just get up and go on as if nothing ever happened. To them, Jesus will fix it in the sweet bye and bye. Just keep your mouth closed and believe God for better days.

    To Renee,

    You mentioned that Sister Bynum is hardly the new face for domestic violence because your mother was abused by your father for years. Juanita is referencing herself as the new victim of domestic violence. She is not trying to overshadow your mama. Because it happened to her, she can give it a face. Also, your mother and millions of other abused females cannot and have not brought it to the forefront like she can. If you really want justice for your mother then be glad that something good has become of this incident. Both the Christian and secular world is taking note of this incident.

  11. I love you, Prophetess. Keep your head up and keep pressing on with the Lord’s work. God didn’t say that it wouldn’t be difficult this walk of faith, but you keeping it real is the best way to get God’s message out and you are doing a fantastic job reaching the world and touching lives as a wlling instrument of God through His son Jesus Christ. You are the best preacher in the whole world!!!!!!

    Please contact me because I would like to work for you; I sing praise and worship at New St. Paul Church of God in Christ, Bishop P.A. Brooks. Please come to our church and preach. Praying for you,

  12. I love you, Prophetess. Keep your head up and keep pressing on with the Lord’s work. God didn’t say that it wouldn’t be difficul, this walk of faith, but you keeping it real is the best way to get God’s message out and you are doing a fantastic job reaching the world and touching lives as a wlling instrument of God through His son Jesus Christ. You are the best preacher in the whole world!!!!!!

  13. D Jimenez

    I am terribly disapointed about what has happened between Juanita and her husband. I realize that they are just people like the rest of us, not perfect. However, we seem to put them a pedestal. Only Jesus is to be lifted on high. All the attention to this incident ruins our witness to the world. Why would anyone want to be a Christian when we set a poor example for the world. Talking and hurting each other with words. Life and death are in the power of the tounge. Let’s get over it so that they can get over it too. God bless Juanita and her husband.

  14. Pastor Austen Ezeifedi

    Dr Juanita Bynum, this is your moment of test. This is the time when the preacher will have go back to some of the messages given to the congregation to find answers to vexing issues. You are God’s Battleaxe to do His awesome will. Do just that. You still have many years of useful service in His Vineyard.

    We pray that the Holy Ghost lifts the banner the dispel the fog being cast by this scandal. My wife and I will pray that you remain the symbol of light that God intends you to be.

    Dominion Chapel
    Kegue, Lome,

  15. lizzy

    After all that has been said about this issue, i wish the bishop and the prophetess will be humble and sincere enough to hear God and do exactly as He will have them do. We all have our expectations of them to stay together or to divorce but all of our opinion is not important cos we did not call them God did, please do what you both can stand before God to defend, what he will have you do. I love you both

  16. lisa

    it’s easy to say what they should do but until it happens to you there is no correct answer. god would not have his people to be hurt physically or mentally thats why he delivered them out of egypt, “what is your egypt and has God delivered you yet?” If you wouldtake your eyes off the things of this world and put them on God you would be able to see your EGYPT.
    keep praying for Gods people and his prophets.

  17. Danielle

    These blogs are a psychologist, psychoanalyst, and psychiatrist dream. Who the &((*U cares who has been more abused so that they can win the trophy for “face of domestic violence” and be the voice of domestic violence. Talk about promoting misery? So now we need a run-off with who can speak for abused victims and why? Well let’s go get Ms. Bynum from NC who was put in the trunk and the car dumped in the lake. Oops, she won’t be able to make the Most abused domestic violence pageant b/c she is DEAD. Google search this pastor’s wife who died in the black church at the hands of her husband. What are going to be the categories for determining who is worthy to speak for domestic abuse? Goriest burn victims? Woman who outlived the most stab-wounds? Woman who believed he would change but he gave her brain damage?Women who raised the most kids in this mess? Woman with the most convincing cries? Woman who didn’t have enough money to leave but stayed blinged out? Woman who really didn’t deserve it b/c she never talked back, ever? Woman who hid the black eyes and bruises the best? Woman with the most hospital visits? Woman who bled the most? And the category with the most points, poorest domestic violence victim so it is really real because she has absolutely nothing. The domestic violence hall of fame inductees will be the ones who have grown up in it, lived in it, and raised kids in it. The ones who haven’t broken the cycle should be commemorated and been through the most to really sit everyone else down hands down. By all means, nutjobs please let your domestic violence agencies put out a campaign with your face, or your momma’s face on it because you are more deserving and gain some attention and dollars to really address the issue. What have you done before this blew up in the press like this to speak for women like you? For women in the church? For women who are married to clergymen? When has there been a public debate about it in the black church in your lifetime? And you want to down another sista who already has millions of people who support her for bringing attention to the issue. By all means, then go ahead. I’ll support your campaign but make sure you all have your meds first, b/c the emphasis should be about domestic violence and not cattiness and craziness.

  18. TELL IT!

    What else would you expect from a bunch of hateful ugly so-called christian women?
    Most women are sick and they hate themselves and other women.
    a woman named Eve is the reason we all got kicked out of the garden,women are evil and always have been.
    Women are the cause of war, poverty and all suffering on this earth.
    The worst women on earth are the so-called christian and muslim women, both are hateful and demented. they produce children that prey on others.
    The American jails are filled with the children of these so-called christian women.
    These women will always e-mail negative comments in about Juanita Bynum because they’re jealous of her beauty and success.
    women are so lame, they’re jealous of Juanita’s designer shoes.
    Snoop dogg and every other rapper had it right when they rap: “AT THE END OF DAY, ALL YOU WOMEN ARE NOTHING MORE THAN DUMB LOWLIFE HO’S AND BITCHES.”
    Your negative and un-godly comments prove snoop’s words.

  19. realbest


  20. Bryan Neumann

    May God Bless her and I Love Her and Pray for Her daily and The Ministry and may she Be Blessed and Trust God in
    all that she does because she will bring her through it
    God Bless
    Love you Juanita

  21. Carol Dalton

    I can’t unerstand why this woman has to constantly lie. She has a different story for every T.v network she appears on. I just wish she would do the entire world a favor and just stay out of the media as well as the pulpit .

  22. CA lady

    The Lord doesn’t want His daughters to be used as punching bags. I don’t go for that “you gotta take it and stay with your husband….” No way!

  23. Ken

    People are blinded by the “Hollywood Hocus Pocus”. We fail to see that we’re dealing with “superstars”. I truly believe that Juanita Bynum was once used by the Lord. But now she has stranded away from the path, and seeks to please herself. Why??? because she can. She has true followers that can defend her whether right, wrong or indifferent. What is mostly sad, is that she is not ministering the word of the Lord, nor his pain or his desire for his people, but rather, she ministers HER pain, HER desires, HER word, and tries to prove that she has overcome this situation. You can never deal with her because she has a crowd that supports her. And because of her crowd, she will never reveal her true state of being, and in return, will not recieve her true deliverence.

  24. martin

    I pray that God will see you through because prophetess i know you are of God. Brother weeks, you will not be less of a man if you went and fought for your woman back. i saw you and to tell you the truth, i saw the face of JEsus christ in you. non of you can be too right. we disagree with my wife yet she is my best freind. Brother weeks, regardless of the title your wife holds, you are still the altimate husband to her. Propetess you better start counseling those devorce papers because mr weeks,prophetess, non of you is a winner in a divorce court. please get both your acts together and remarry and continue inpiring people like you did. dont allw sin to win. we must prvail over sin.

    pastor Martin-

  25. Julius Keepilwe

    Dear Prophetess Bynum

    I know you are a woman of God and a prayerful person,God will take care of you and this is
    your calling to preach with expirience learnt that is meaningful. May God continue to keep you.

    Julius from Botswana Africa

  26. Praise the Lord

    I think that Juanita Bynum and Bishop are both good people. I don’t know Bishop too much so I’ll focus on Juanita. In my opinion, I think she needs to decide what she wants to be. Holiness or not. If she’s going to be Holiness and have the Holy Ghost and be used in the gifts of the spririt then she needs to clean her life up. First off, she needs to take a wash cloth and scrub her face and eyes to get all of the makeup off. Next, she needs to pull off those earrings, bracelets, and chains hanging off her. Then, she needs to call her beautician and tell her that she won’t be back anymore that she’s letting her hair grow!!! Last, on the outward part, she needs to slap on a skirt past her knees and get a needle and thread and sew up every split she has! Then, I might consider following in her ways. I don’t see why she thinks she can shout and claim the victory and live like everyone else in the world, but then people like me have to live a seperated walk with the Lord.

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