Borg Queen Assimilates black politicians nationwide


My favorite Star Trek Villian, the Borg Queen, is so apt a description of Hillary Clinton’s campaign juggernaut. Like the fictional Borg Queen, Hillary has forcibly assimilated all into her campaign collective and laid waste to bastions of independent power. All must bow to the Queen because “resistance is futile.”

Life has imitated art and Hillary forcibly assimilated a number of prominent black politicians in September: Congresswoman Laura Richardson, Congresswoman Donna Christensen, Congresswoman Dianne Watson, Fmr Congressman Mervyn Dymally, Former Congressman Bill Gray, Maryland Lt. Governor Anthony Brown and former Denver Mayor Wellington Webb.

The Hillary train done left the station and it looks like Negro politicians are clamoring to get aboard.

14 thoughts on “Borg Queen Assimilates black politicians nationwide

  1. Forcibly assimilated….you are too funny for words.

    I’m still not voting for her. 🙂


    About the Hillary train..

    Let’s just say….The Safe Negro banks all of his shots and actually WINS in Iowa…

    What will those Negroes do then?

    PS- You GOTTA do a post on Uncle Clarence.

  2. Rikyrah:

    Great minds think alike. SB has to do a post not only on Clarence, but Anita Hill’s Op-Ed in response, (in the NYT) where she shreads that brotha with world-class, surgical precision.

    Best revenge: If Obama wins the White House, and the minute a vacancy comes up on the Bench, he nominates Anita Hill for the job.

    Might force Clarance to retire, if that happens.

    As for being his Grandfather’s Son, that fool must have forgotten that his Grandfather is on the record repudiating Clarence’s positions on civil liberties, civil rights and affirmative action, and would rise up out of his grave to slap the taste out of his mouth for being such a sell-out.

    Marrying that white woman probably wouldn’t help his case with Grandfather, either.

  3. Heather

    Congratulations! You can all be very proud. All of this is certainly in the spirit of Martin Luther King, and a future without anger and prejudice. Go forth and spread hatred, bigotry and division… Wonderful.

  4. Michael

    Anita Hill?…you mean there are still some poor saps who think that actually happened the way she said it did? Wow, it may take more than dreding up 20 year old news stories to discredit a sitting supreme court judge. Yeah I know, some brotha that doesn’t tow the line gets trashed. How proud you must be! I’m looking forward to reading his book and I will support and write reviews to ensure millions more do!!

  5. Michael

    Bought 47 copies of Clarence Thomases book for all my students. What a great story and great man! I can only hope some of them will follow in his footsteps. I’ll certainly encourage that and do my part!


  6. Denise,

    Thanks for the link. As you know, I’m an outsider, but think that she has an uphill battle, because while I don’t doubt the book sense of this group, I’m doubting their ‘ people sense’…but, we shall see.

  7. Michael

    Ernesto…your post says more about You than it does about me. At least you admit that you have nothing to say other than a snide remark about a grammar error. Back to your funny papers.

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