Evangelist Bynum gets restraining order, seeks spousal support



Hat Tip:  D. Aileen Dodd, Atlanta Journal Constitution 

National evangelist Juanita Bynum has filed for divorce in Gwinnett County and has been granted a restraining order as the proceedings move forward.

The petition for divorce and the mutual restraining order was received by the Gwinnett County Superior Court Thursday afternoon.

Bynum, who separated from her estranged husband Bishop Thomas W. Weeks III in June, is seeking a divorce based on the argument that her marriage has been “irretrievably broken,” and that she is a victim of “cruel treatment.”

Bynum, 48, told police in August that Weeks beat, choked and stomped her to the ground in the parking lot of an Atlanta hotel. Weeks, also a pastor, has denied the alleged abuse.

He was charged with felony aggravated assault, felony terroristic threats and two counts of simple battery in connection with the alleged attack.

The wealthy evangelist is also asking the court for possible financial support “that the court may deem equitable or appropriate.”

The divorce petition in Gwinnett mirrors a petition Bynum had filed earlier this month in Ware County. That petition was dismissed because it was filed in the wrong jurisdiction. Lawyers for Weeks, 40, said the case had to move north to Gwinnett because that’s where Weeks resides. The couple have a $2.5 million home at a Duluth country club.

Attorneys for Weeks said Friday they will respond to the divorce petition, but said they question Bynum’s motives for her recent media appearances. In recent weeks Bynum has appeared on the front page of The New York Times and has been a guest on Christian radio and Good Morning America.

Bynum, who has declared herself the “face of domestic violence,” has said she plans to launch a ministry to help women who suffer partner abuse.

“She thinks she is going to get some benefit by going public with this,” said Randy Kessler, Weeks’ attorney. “It is not necessary for divorce purposes. We are going to take the high road.”

Bynum’s attorney Karla Walker also sought a restraining order in the divorce petition.

The protection order prohibits both Bynum and Weeks from “any act that injures, maltreats … intimidates or harasses” each other. It also prevents the couple from retaliating against each other by disconnecting the utilities or canceling insurance policies.

Bynum, who uses the married name Bynum-Weeks, is asking the court that her last name be restored to Bynum, which she uses for professional purposes on occasion.

Bynum and Weeks married in an elaborate ceremony in 2002. They moved to metro Atlanta in 2006 to start Global Destiny Church in Duluth.

I thought the Negro was broke and had been evicted from his place. How can you get support from a brotha with no endz.

3 thoughts on “Evangelist Bynum gets restraining order, seeks spousal support

  1. SB:

    Maybe this is the “other side” of the story many posters have been admonishing us to wait for in making a decision about this issue.

    Brotha put his hands on her and beat her ass in the street. For me, that’s all I need to know. But, she’s not exactly looking like the victim we know she is, because she’s handing his lawyer ammunition to swat her with in court. And if she has money, why is she asking the Court for him to pay spousal support?

    She’s the one with the money. All I’d want at this point is the walking papers and my maiden name back from his ass.

    I always said she should just lay low and allow this to blow over. Allow herself this time of healing and recuperation in God’s loving care. Should this turn out to be an opportunity for cashing in, she will deal Christianity an even greater blow than other evangelebrities have already done.

    But, then again, we should never esteem these individuals before God. He WILL NOT BE MOCKED, and I swear, it looks like all of this is as a stench in God’s nostrils, and He’s cleaning His House of all who look Christian, but not walking their talk.

    The ReThugs have already done enough damage in Jesus’ Name. Why should Juanita Bynum and Paula White help them out?

  2. B.Lake

    Weeks denied the abuse allegations. Where is the evidence of abuse? Where are the pictures, videos, witnesses in the parking lot or at least voice recordings? Seems to me this case maybe out just as fast as it was filed!

  3. nece

    1. Hmmm A bishop does not divorces 2 wives…It is called “adultry”, people. Why did weeks leave his wife for Bynum? Why would Bynum date a married man?

    2. A bishop kicks his wife in the vagina? What hidden motives lies beneath this demonic act?

    3. A bishop and so-called prophetess partakes in a multi million dollar marriage…while their church members rides the bus to church….what is wrong with this picture?

    4. A bishop who lies and says he didn’t assualt his wife…they said Rodney King really didn’t get beat. Let’s call the witness and pull out the video tapes. Listen People, with such vengeance…this is not the first time this happened. Abuse and assault doesn’t operate in this way.

    5. A bishop must have 14 credentials to be honored in the community with such a high respect and title.

    6. Who appointed Weeks as Bishop? and why? What has he done other than divorce his first wife…be real, why?

    7. Bynum, a self entitled and proclaimed “Prophetess?
    Such entitlements are earned and given by others–How is it one gives themselves a title.

    8. CHRISTIANS WAKE-UP PEOPLE…please don’t be ignorant of the Word of God. Please study so that you will have decernment of these kinds of people. PLEASE!

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