Another Ford rises, Herenton re-elected


Another Ford made his mark Thursday night in Memphis as the returns trickled in from the board of elections.   Edmund Ford Jr, cousin of the imfamous Harold Ford Jr, the worst corporate whore in the history of the Congressional Black Caucus, was coming in first in his District 6 City Council race.   He faces a run-off with Dr.  James Ketchings.  

A Ford with bad timing, Edmund Jr is running to replace his daddy on the council, a funeral director with a penchant for accepting bribes.  It seems that Edmund Sr has been indicted, along with another council colleague, in a federal bribery probe separate from the one his brother, former State Senator John Ford, was caught up in. 

Also in today’s news, it seems that former Congressman Harold Ford Sr’s right to vote is being called into question.  The elder Ford, the first African American elected to congress from Tennessee since reconstruction, is now a corporate lobbyist and fixer, has been living full-time in Florida in a lavish $2.5 million dollar estate and has claimed it as his primary residence.   Seems that could pose a problem with retaining his voter registration in Tennessee.

Lastly, Memphis’ long-term Mayor Willie Herenton, the first black elected Mayor in Memphis, was handily re-elected to a fifth term despite strong bi-racial opposition.  With 99% of precincts reporting, Mayor Herenton was re-elected with 69,626 votes to Councilwoman Carol Chumney’s 57,061 and Herman Morris’s 35,068.   Mayor Herenton remains undefeated and the undisputed choice of the African American voter.

15 thoughts on “Another Ford rises, Herenton re-elected

  1. Denise

    Ed Ford certainly looks like a capable young brotha. I think it’s refreshing to see a young man choose a career in public service. I’d like to see more young people do this 🙂

    That said, I’m going to give him the same benefit of inexperience (aka: “pass”) that we’ve gladly extended to the other black “political neophytes” across the country.

    And if we can’t extend him that courtesy, I’d like to know why?

  2. It’s Memphis. They always have to have a Ford in public office somewhere in town.

    Ed Ford, Jr., is also a teacher in the public school system in Memphis, so maybe that might be what makes the difference between him and cousin Dark Sith, who, BTW, is planning a run for Governor of Tennessee in 2010.

    If he couldn’t get the Senate Seat, I’m wondering how he’s going to pull off getting the governor’s mansion in Nashville?

  3. Michael

    I voted for Ford, he’s a really good man. He has the type of gravitas that I wish that empty suit, B. Hussien Obama would get and stop trying to make us think he can actually run our country.

    And Ford’s brother is going to run for governor? Very cool, he has my vote

  4. TPJ,

    I know that we are ‘Skeptics’ about the Dark Sith.
    I think I respect his skill level more than others around here. He’s got mad skills, and you know it. 😉

    You know my mantra, and I’m not changing it: He’ll get NOWHERE until he GETS A WIFE.

    I will never stop believing that if he had had his own Michelle Obama, he’d be in the Senate TO-DAY.

  5. Rikyrah, girl, I’m not going to argue with you regarding the Dark Sith and his need for a spouse.

    I give the brotha credit; he does have good hustling skills; if you’re talking about intelligence and political know-how, he’s too lazy to do his homework to wipe the floor with people like Markos Moulitsas. Remember, on Meet-The-Press about six weeks ago, Markos wiped the floor with Harold on national television. Although Obama’s tripped a couple of times, you and I both know he’d never let Markos shred him like that in a debate, and leave Obama to resort to name-calling. Harold’s jew-baiting remarks did not help him at all in that contest.

    You know how our guy Francis Holland has all that alleged dirt on Markos? If Harold was diligent about preparing himself to debate Markos on television, he should have been reading the Daily Kos blog for at least the last few weeks before the debate; not to mention doing some research; if he’d had Francis’ information, that debate would have at least been a good fight to a draw – because the information would have thrown Markos off his game.

    Brotha was too lazy to do that. That’s why Markos’ wiped the floor with him; in fact it was predicted when it was announced those two were going on MTP to have that debate, that Markos was going to hand Harold a beat down.

    Markos did NOT disappoint.

    You are so right if he had a sista like Michelle Obama – she would have made sure the brotha was schooled and prepared. Notice how Obama hasn’t been stepping in it, but stepping UP to the plate lately? You know that happened when Michelle showed up on the scene. Her man might lose, but she’s going to ensure he can still hold his head up and be proud of the battle he wages. She’s the primary reason Obama is IN the Senate.

    But if Harold thinks a white girl on his arm is going to play in Nashville, Heaven help him, cause if he didn’t learn during his Senate campaign that those good ol’ boys bust gaskets when they see a brotha with one of their womenfolk, it will get worse when he runs for governor…;-)

  6. star1

    I support the Ford family. I think it is great the cousin is getting involved.
    Harold Jr. is smart and yes – I think a wife would compliment him politically and personally. I wish him well as he continues to grow and achieve.
    There have been many “Political Families” that have influenced Politics over the years: Clintons,Bushes,Kennedys. They have all had their share of problems. I commend Harold Jr. for being successful in a state whose racial history has been questionable.

  7. Keith A. Ridley,IV(Washingtn,DC)

    As a legacy funeral director of 5 generations serving since 1874. I am humbled to learn of the continued power of this family. You can not hold others in lerch to what family members will do. I am always proud to learn when out of the compassion of our business/ministry we take the time to continue serving the public in general in all aspects of growth…..

    Run Ed,Jr run….

    Keith A. Ridley,IV

  8. Denise,

    Jill Scott always hits the spot.

    Don’t forget the new Tyler Perry movie coming out this Friday. Nothing but Black folk and no Madea – let’s support it. (related to Jill Scott because she’s in the movie 🙂 )

  9. PMemphis

    I guess the people of district 6 must be smoking dope.
    Edmund Ford Jr,is a lier and knows nothing about
    representing the district.In a interview with the local paper,he states that he is for a payroll tax and
    property tax to fund a stadium which is projected to
    cost $300,000,000.He also states that he attended his
    father’s committee meetings.His father is in trouble
    for taking bribes and making deals with a former MLGW
    president not to pay his utilities.This very same
    councilman for district 6 has not done anything since
    or before his trouble.How in the hell do you think Jr
    is any better.he will end up just like his father in not vote for Ed Jr,vote for James O.Catchings.
    Compare their community efforts and Mr. catchings is
    light years ahead of Ed Jr.Don’t let the name fool you.Ed Jr is a mistake and does not really want to be
    a city councilman,his father needs that check coming
    in while he is in jail.

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