A word on Dana Perino


Republican women have an unmatched ability to spout right-wing propaganda with a Stepford wife elegance that is both beguiling and sterile.  There is something too perfect about Dana Perino.  It’s not just her immaculately styled hair and makeup (she has really mastered the smoky eye), or her beautiful clothes and plastic smile; it’s the combination of those elements and the unsettling, unflappable manner in which she pleasantly answers questions, in a way that reveals nothing, which gives me the creeps. 

The first impulse on seeing her is, “isn’t she lovely” and then the realization hits you, and you wonder-is there anybody in there behind that vacant stare and perfect teeth? It makes you curious what her childhood friends think.  I imagine they believe that somebody has killed her and replaced her with the lobotomized pod person that briefs the white house press corps everyday.  But where do they hide the pods? 

Her press conference last week, in which allegations of torture by our intelligence agencies surfaced over and over, was a classic of Orwellian doublespeak.  Even Martha Raddatz didn’t believe her. Raddatz is an ABC reporter who’s been imbedded in Iraq so much it makes you wonder if she’s covering the war or looking for the horny soldier of her dreams.   

When Dana’s White House gig is up and she is cleared for obstruction of justice, I believe that she’ll entertain us endlessly as one of Fox News’ right-wing Anchorettes, spewing whatever xenophobic, racist, and fascist talking points are issued by the vast right-wing conspiracy.


6 thoughts on “A word on Dana Perino

  1. I can proudly say I never heard of her til now. One of the nice things about not watching the teevee news is that I am out of the loop on the latest batch of icy cold whores employed as wingnut mouthpieces.

    You know, given the parade of headlines about Republican debauchery lately, it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if this heffa likes to get off to a game of “torture the terrorist prisoner” behind closed doors.

  2. You hit the nail on the head: Stepford Wife! While I try to avoid any of those ridiculous, preplanned (and planted!) “press conferences” (I use the term loosely), on the occasions where I’ve had to suffer through her spewing forth of GWB nonsense I always have found myself trying to put a finger on how I would describe that eerie, plastic, “does anybody really buy this BS I’m putting forth?” persona of hers, and Stepford Wife is exactly it. Scares the s*it out of me…as does everyone in Bush’s regime.

  3. like everyone here is hip to this stepford witch. just another lying borg sent by the collective to drop some more shit in your lap. she does seem to fit the new Fox image doesn’t she? forget ‘seem’, she is the fit. yep, the republican right-wing machine knows the way to a man’s heart is thru his dick. send her on, looking pretty and blond, and just look how well it works. like a charm. works on the white women real well too. just the way to serve the masses cake, n’cest pas?

  4. DCMan

    I know this lady and she is cool. She may be a republican but she is sweet and kind, and you are writing from your ass and a position of total ignorance. I guess its just jealousy

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