Cynthia McKinney leaves democratic party, tests waters for Green Presidential bid


Cynthia McKinney, a former Democratic Congresswoman from Georgia, was in California this weekend to test the waters for a potential bid for the Green Party’s 2008 Presidential Nomination.  Last month, she left the Democratic Party in the wake of its failure to end the War in Iraq and the many and sundry defeats it has sustained since taking back power on Capitol Hill this past January.

McKinney, defeated for re-election last fall by a handkerchief head uncle tom, has been courted steadily since then to take up the Green banner and continue her progressive fight against the imperialistic Bush war machine.   An announcement is expected shortly about her future intentions.

8 thoughts on “Cynthia McKinney leaves democratic party, tests waters for Green Presidential bid

  1. Hazel

    Maybe if Ms McKinney had been YOUR representative for the past 10 years, you might better understand her defeat in a way majority black district. Asked about local schools, where her kid didn’t go, she went on about COINTELPRO. Interesting, especially to those of us old enough to have lived thru those times, but not the answers when the school system is one of the worst in the state of Georgia (and that’s saying something)for black kids. Good speechifying, but not much local benefit. She lost because she didn’t seem to be focused on the people who needed to VOTE for her. The defeat by Magette earlier should have been a wake-up call to remember the job of a congressperson is to represent the folks that sent them to DC. She felt she was a national player. Now she has time to do that. And, reading Hank’s bio, hardly a “handkerchief head uncle tom.” Against the war, trying for peace in Uganda, what a sell-out.

  2. Yeah Majette did a lot for your schools. Get real. She was just the AIPAC revenge for Mckinney telling it like it is. Johnson same deal, sucker.

  3. Andrea

    Cynthia was courted for some time longer than that. I am not sure how long the Greens had been courting her but back during the 2000 election campaign season, the Nader Campaign and the Greens were waiting for an announcement of her support and possible defection. It was off the record but no different than any type of other business courtship between politicians, special interests, and corporate business types where one side needs the other more. People suspect things of progressive politicos that can’t get things accomplished to their liking. This courtship is so similar in construct to reasons Bloomberg defected the Dems and Republicans recently. It’s all strategy, architecture, and sustainability.

    Both sides needed something. She however refrained from defecting. Part of it was due to loyalty to the Dems and part of it was due to pragmatism.

    Leaving the Democrats was not going to meet her needs completely with the Greens. Known for being crunchy or worst, hippie, the Greens were too slow to want to deal with urban or Black issues. They liked her vigor to tackle such taboo issues other Dems would not touch but they still were not urban-interested.

  4. Tell it, Ernesto. Cynthia got slung under the bus, and if Majette was doing such a bang-bang job, why did she opt to run for a seat in the U. S. Senate, when she had a “safe” congressional seat that AIPAC helped her take from McKinney? Why did Majette’s district recruit McKinney to run for her seat again, since they allegedly had Hank Johnson in the wings to succeed Majette?

    Answer: She didn’t want to face McKinney again, because now she had a voting record which wasn’t pretty (I ought to know, cause I do the research for the CBC Monitor’s Report Cards).

    Additionally, the only reason Hank Johnson is not openly toting water for AIPAC is that he knew when he got McKinney’s old seat, we were going to be watching his ass like a fly on stink. Not to mention the publishing of Al Wynn’s voting record, as well as David Scott’s, earned them some well-deserved primary challenges where their opponents took at least 30% of the vote or more (Donna Edwards damned near unseated Al Wynn, until he pulled some George Bush shyt in making sure Montgomery County residents couldn’t cast a vote for Donna, by losing their ballots. Donna managed to get 49% of the vote, and sent Wynn back to his seat considerably weaker.)

    I don’t know about her going Green because the Democrats are such sell-outs, they’re probably glad she’s leaving the party, and they probably wish she’d take most of the members of the Out-of-Iraq Caucus (Maxine Waters, Lynn Woolsey and Barbara Lee) with her.

    So much for that “liberal” Democratic Party when you can’t tell Nancy Pelosi from Tom DeLay.

  5. Oh, and one more thing:

    AIPAC is extremely upset with Majette. She didn’t do what they wanted her to do – promote AIPAC policies. They believed she was well-paid to shill for them. Her decision to run for the Senate (over and above their objections) indicated she wanted to be her own woman, but AIPAC bought and paid for her.

    Last heard, AIPAC wants a refund from Majette. PERSONALLY.

  6. Hazel

    Why did Majette’s district recruit McKinney to run for her seat again, since they allegedly had Hank Johnson in the wings to succeed Majette?


    Who recruited McKinney? She never left the scene. Hank Johnson was a County Commissioner at that time. Majette had the same delusion that the current DeKalb Chairman has, that they can win a statewide election in Georgia. The AG did it by being more conservative than most everyone else and had the NRA supporting him.

    The sad thing about the AIPAC theme is that it neatly dismisses black voters as being too stupid to know what they are voting for.

  7. Hazel, actually most voters (black or white) don’t even bother voting, especially in primaries where the turnout is usually about 25 percent. Whether they are smart or stupid is a point of conjecture. Sometimes I think I am stupid for trudging out there just to vote AGAINST someone, or for the candidate I think will do the least amount of damage. I would happily have voted FOR Mckinney, since she was that rare politician who didn’t go along to get along with the likes of Bush/Cheney (hello Nancy Pelosi). When all is said and done the fact remains that both she and Hank Johnson were taught a lesson…don’t speak too loudly against sending billions of U.S. dollars to Israel while YOUR schools are being shortchanged.

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