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The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved.-Jeremiah 8:20 

The disillusionment I feel over the 2008 Democratic presidential field is easily summed up in the above scripture.  Having outlined my disagreements with  leading contenders Hillary and Barack, I feel my enthusiasm slipping for what is most certainly looking to be a clean sweep for the Democratic Party.   Normally, this would be a cause of celebration for most black folk but it isn’t for somebody like me.  To put it succinctly, the Democratic Party has failed miserably to articulate a progressive alternative to right-wing reaction and to function aggressively as an opposition party to the Republicans.  They simply don’t do it for me anymore and I find myself questioning not only my allegiance to the party, but also my continued allegiance to this country.  

 I always saw myself as holding my nose and voting for the Democratic nominee in the fall, but my crisis in confidence has eroded my resolve to cast that ballot.  I guess what I’m saying is that I’m stuck and I don’t know what to do.  Any thoughts?   

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  1. Welcome to the Club. This is the dilemma that independents deal with on a routine basis.

    This is why we need a third (and fourth) political party. Two Parties cannot possibly represent the various interests of a melting pot of 300 million people.

    I don’t hold my nose… I don’t believe in holding my nose and voting for the sake of voting (giving a vote to someone who doesn’t deserve it). Instead, I stay home.

    I see my blog as being my vote.

    I don’t consider the American political system to be a true Democracy. It’s not even close. So I cannot, in good conscience, take part in a system that is only “Democratic” on the surface.

    Fundamental political reform is long overdue. We are in a system now where the corporate media not only chooses the candidates, but also plays a huge role in choosing the winners long before the voters actually have a chance to cast a ballot.

    The U.S. election system is about as free and fair as what you see in Pakistan or Russia.

    Take a look at these 4 links when you have the chance.

    (copy and paste links if necessary)

    Click to access Color_of_the_Independent_Movement.pdf

  2. Well, SB, you and I need to get to rowing that boat we’re in. The thought of voting for the Borg Queen makes me want to hurl my breakfast.

    But what everyone needs to know is the reason why the Democrats have become spineless wimps. I think they believe they’re going to sweep both Houses of Congress in 2008, as well as get the White House. So it behooves them to allow Bush all these “Executive Powers” because if the Borg Queen gets the White House, she also gets the powers.

    Of Course if Obama or Edwards gets the nod, watch how fast bipartisan efforts crop up to restore the provisions in the Constitution Bush has shat on. You will see a growing number of Constitutional scholars on the Hill, and every Constitutional lawyer from coast to coast is going to get mad business in assisting the reversal of all provisions that have been eliminated, simply because the old white guys are not going to want a Black Man or white woman, or a socialist like Edwards to have that much power,

  3. TPJ,

    You are probably right, but since I believe in The Constitution, I would not be against it.

    No, I don’t want her to have the powers that Bush has. Not even close.

  4. Rikyrah:

    Not only do I think about living abroad, now that I know I can get gainful employment overseas in my field (EEO/Civil Rights), I’m applying for my passport so when shyt hits the fan, I will be ready-to-go. At least get my happy ass to Toronto, if not London.

    Chuck D warned us at CBC Weekend back in 2004 that if Bush got re-elected, every Black person in this country, if nothing else, needs to go out and get a damned passport, and get prepared to flee this country because fascism was coming to this country.

    I also have to quote Sinclair Lewis, from his book “It Can’t Happen Here.” He foresaw all of this governmental shyt over 70 years ago (the book was written in 1936):

    “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the American Flag and carrying a cross.”

    Tell me that’s not what the Bush Crime Cartel has managed in seven years, by instilling fear and creating Jesusland (which is not of Jesus), complicit with the Democrats such as Ms. Nancy, Harry Reid and CBC members (former and current) like the Dark Sith, Artur Davis and Al Wynn aiding and abetting their asses.

  5. Of course we have the DLC to thank for this mess. I hate to sound like a broken record, but it’s all about the campaign finance system of legalized bribery, which got us the DLC and NAFTA and all else that is inherently evil.

    As for a passport, I’m not going anywhere. My folks built this mutha—- so I have a stake in it until the bitter end. I am gonna keep fighting until 100 percent publically financed campaigns are a reality.

  6. Even if Rudy Giuliani is the Republican nominee, I will not vote for Hillary Clinton and I loathe Rudy Giuliani.

    Check out the excerpt of Sally Bedell Smith’s book on the Clinton – Gore relations, personal and political in the new Vanity Fair — it continue to confirms why I would rather gouge my eyes out than vote for Hillary Clinton.

    I may have to write in the name of some blogger instead.

  7. I haven’t had the time to fully compose it yet, but I want to write about this bullshit idea from the Army Corps of Engineers about buying land on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. My first thing is WHY NOW?

    Because they want to pay off those White voters in Mississippi and Alabama and keep them in the GOP Column.

    Second this is WHY NOT OFFER TO BUY OUT THE FOLKS IN NEW ORLEANS, since it was the incompetence of the Army Corps of Engineers with the levees that destroyed their lives – NOT KATRINA.

    I’m still working on it. Maybe this weekend I can get to it.

  8. Rikyrah:

    And Donny Deutsch gave her several opportunities to get her Manolo Blahniks out of her mouth for that. He’s a practicing Jew, and he said immediately after she was on his show (when he pointed out to her he was a practicing Jew) how offended he was by her remarks.

    Maybe the Jews will succeed where every other group this harpy has insulted, failed. Maybe they will drive down the sales of her books and force her off the airwaves and out of the newspaper columns (she’s already had her column dropped by 20 newspapers nationwide when she suggested the assassination of a Supreme Court Justice.)

    I’ll wait for her to get around to insulting fat, old white guys. I heard she hates Rush Limbaugh’s guts.

    Once she starts insulting white guys, watch how fast she disappears from the media scene.

  9. TPJ…thanks for the doing the heavy lifting job in a democracy, i.e., keeping tabs on who votes for what and then informing others about it.

    rikyrah: “Ann Coulter insulted the Jews this time”

    Baaad move on her part…and it will be fun to watch the non-nazi brand of rabid wingnuts finally having to distance themselves from her.

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