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 Hat Tip: From Hillary Clinton’s website

The Clinton Campaign today announced the endorsement of civil rights leader Congressman John Lewis.

“I have looked at all the candidates, and I believe that Hillary Clinton is the best prepared to lead this country at a time when we are in desperate need of strong leadership,” Rep. Lewis said. “She will restore a greater sense of community in America, and reclaim our standing in the world.”

“I am proud and deeply honored to have the support of John Lewis, a great American hero,” Clinton said. “John helped transform this nation, and his vital role in establishing civil rights for all Americans will never be forgotten.”

Rep. Lewis is a civil rights pioneer who has devoted his life to equal rights for all Americans. From his days as a Freedom Rider and the head of the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee, to his leadership of the “Bloody Sunday” march in Selma, Alabama, Lewis has been one of the most respected figures in the civil rights movement for four decades.

Rep. Lewis later served as Director of the Voter Education Project, helping register millions of new minorities to vote, and was appointed by President Jimmy Carter to direct more than 250,000 volunteers of ACTION, the federal volunteer agency.

Elected to the Atlanta City Council in 1981, Rep. Lewis was later elected to Congress in 1986, where he’s represented Georgia’s 5th Congressional District for the last 20 years. He is Senior Chief Deputy Whip for the Democratic Party leadership in the House, a member of the House Ways & Means Committee, a member of its Subcommittee on Income Security and Family Support, and Chairman of its Subcommittee on Oversight.


18 thoughts on “Lewis endorses Hillary

  1. Further evidence that the Congressional Black Caucus is really pissed at the fact that Obama is not doing their bidding as they hoped.

    Should Obama get the White House, they also know they just kissed any chance of getting a plumb Cabinet assignment in his Administration, because they’re dissing him right now by endorsing the Borg Queen.

  2. TPJ,

    You really crack me up. You know, what will they do if he actually wins the Iowa Caucus? I know I will LMAO. Simply LMAO. I think he has to win Iowa. And, if he does…we’re off to the races..LOL

  3. Rikyrah:

    to all of your Questions: YES, YES AND HELL YEAH!


    They honestly thought Obama was going to be “their boy” and do whatever the CBC wanted, even down to ignoring that the White Citizens’ Council network never ignored an opportunity to subject him to their bigotry.

    If the CBC had stood up to Fixed Noise the same way Obama and Edwards did, we’d have more respect for them.

    I went to an event at a local coffee house here in DC, where Black people openly showed their contempt for the CBC by referring to them as the “Corporate Black Caucus”. LOL.

    And like you, since Kucinich isn’t and never will get any play, I wish Gore would throw his hat in the ring, now that he has something Reagan never had, and Bush will surely want: an Oscar, an Emmy and now a Nobel Peace Prize. But another blogger pointed out that America didn’t appreciate Gore when they had the chance and why should he return to an atmosphere where the ReThugs will be seeking every chance to try and destroy him like they did Bill Clinton, when he’s getting more done and making some good money by doing something and advocating issues and causes he really cares about?

    I wouldn’t, but he might because he cares about this country, our government and democracy as a whole.

    The Borg Queen will give us more of the same, only she’ll be in a skirt and high heels.

  4. Andrea

    Gore is not going to run. He is making too much money and he is more effective as a public citizen promoting policy and innovation with Americans and internationals that wanted to interlope politics on the fringe. Why would he want to run to campaigning and take hits from petty, jealous beat-downs?

    But as for John Lewis…he knows what he is. He is a member of the Black Establishment that sends out messages in coding via his long-term celebrity as the revered Civil Rights Leader that is still alive and relevant. The problem is: he really is irrelevant other than his celebrity.

    His endorsement just lassoed all the Grandparents still alive from the WWII generation and the ceremonial Black Bo

  5. Andrea

    Boomers that hate to lose and will sacrifice their integrity at the expense to broker some leverage and personal benefits.

    College students, Black Gen X’ers and Black Gen Ys who value visual importance and celebrity will be influenced by his endorsement because they value that he seems altruistic and noble. Most people are not sophisticated enough to see really who John Lewis is and who John Lewis was.

    The more and more he hangs out in Washington I lose respect for him because I see that he is fraudulent and made a career off of being photographed getting his ass whipped in Selma. He made a career out of knowin Dr. King and other influentials. And then he was altruistic but he has been irrelevant for some time. He has been part of the untouchables and deemed noble along with Dorothy Heights, the Dalia Lama, and so many more that were relevant 4 decades or more prior who I too think are and have been irrelevant for some time.

    Hilary knows our people are so unsophisticated (stupid) and will follow what revered stalwarts do rather than align ourselves altruistically in strategy. She knows our vote is a vote on blind faith for the candidate that will represent White Paternalism best and most empathetic for Black People. Let me correct that: for which candidate that will appoint a few Blacks to cabinet positions and put in key roles tiered throughout various departments where they can advance in their careers. And we will read Jet and Ebony and Essence to see them tell us the next 40 or 100 most influential Blacks to make us think we are progressing. Same ‘ole!

  6. Andrea:

    The guy hasn’t been right in the head since he took that ass-whipping in Selma 42 years ago.

    Additionally, there’s some innuendoes floating around the Capitol that he wants to “out” himself, but the other male members of the CBC beat him back into the closet for that. Mind you, it’s only a rumor, but it explains the fact that he’s tired and needs to just retire…

  7. star1

    Y’all have me LOL! Reading all of this is hillarious. I respect John Lewis–he has lived his life and what he has been through we can’t take from him. I don’t know if the endorsement means anything per say because most middle age and young voters are voting their pocket book these days. This endorsement doesn’t suprise me – he has been with the “establishment” for some time now. People are predicting Iowa is sooo important—I beg to differ. Hillary may well get the nomination but it will not be easy. Don’t count Barack out–I believe in the end-the VOTERS will decide not the pundits and the campaign spinners! Either way you look at it — A change is coming and History will be made in ’08.

  8. star1

    On another note: Since I like the links Denise has been sending i.e. Jill Scott, Whitney–Just wanted to let the readers know—Tyler “he is so handsome” Perry is no. “1” AGAIN. “Why did I get married” is number 1 @ the box office this weekend!! This brother is for REAL! Who said — movies with an all Black cast with real everyday situations –Black folk style can’t make it. I hope hollywood wakes up and recognizes that Black women and Black men together can make it happen on the Big Screen.

  9. Rikyrah:

    Maybe Conyers will ask him why he went to sleep on the whole issue of the Jena 6, and why it took national media attention (not to mention cooning on CNN) for him to reconsider that a hanging noose was probably evidence of a “hate” crime? (/snark)

    Personally, Reed Walters should be handcuffed to Uncle Remus to give testimony as to why he abused the authority of his office to inflame the issue, anyway.

  10. See here is why I dont put much stock in Hillary endorsements.

    How many freshmen members of congress support her?
    Its like who ever is in their pocket ( I.E. the old guard establishment) are the ones giving her the endorsements. Which as many of you have pointed out will mean more of the same.

    This is what im tired of. The same.

    *throws my keyboard and storms off*

  11. Anonymous

    I guess John Lewis and all the other CBC Borg Queen endorsers decided that sittting in the back of the bus wasn’t so bad after all.

  12. Andrea

    Political Junkie,

    I heard that before. Let me make this clear in print: I wasn’t going to readily offer that same information in public space or even in hearsay talk because it would have been alleged for me repeating it as leverage to prove my points that had nothing to do with his sexuality otherwise. I wouldn’t do that to anyone. I just don’t care for John Lewis based on his impotence as a “should-be/should have been” progressive leader in politics and society as well as for him using his celebrity to hold onto the power and the largess of uselessness.

    I just think it is mean-spirited and callous to “out” people though so I was not going to disclose having heard that before. I see it as a crippling tactic that many times is the very and only thing that is an alleged gay (or LGBT) person’s kryptonite. Sexuality should not impair a person’s humanity and worth. But, if the sexuality is a secret and is not open as common or disclosed public information, that dynamic of being off-the-record and censored discourse changes the dynamics of the person’s humanity because they, that person, assist in hiding or looking like they are shielding something of value if exposed no matter that it is their personal business and fundamental right to privacy. The purposeful work others who enable or promote collective shaming to hide something that should not be shameful in retrospect therefore makes itself empirically shameful proof as residual evidence in value of the shame motivation to hide. And like any skeletons that you are ashamed of, it becomes someone else’s political and social weapon even if you, the accused and framed victim, are really not ashamed. For most in this very cruel society whereas character assassinations are normalized bias yet accepted behavior, other people’s expectations govern people’s motivations and integrity. I hate to think he is hiding in fear of who he is.

    I hate fear. It motivates subsequent behaviors that always have power over you and I damn sure hate when people are blackmailed of who they are. Dirty! Just dirty! Fear makes you compromise and do things you don’t want to do.

    But now that you have mentioned the possibility of his party’s own strong-arming to quiet the rumored allegations, that would prove MAYBE why he is so ineffective as a progressive where (lets deduce and compare) he should be in relevance to King’s vision and action plans? I think you are onto something! Consider this: that puts us in a more vulnerable position with him representing us or “said to be” representing us giving us a false security that all of his motivations are inherently his true, unhampered and unimposed virtues and decisions and not in part are decisions based on survival tactics in self-preservation. I think your information may answer other realities we see but can’t see the transparency of in development with and of him.

  13. vince

    John Lewis is a sell out. He has put a knife into every black person’s back by endorsing Hillary instead of questioning her statement on Dr. King.
    I hope Michigan and the rest of the US sees what is real and what isn’t.

  14. Chrystal

    I like Hillary! And women who participate on this board should be offended by the constant reference to her as the BorgQueen. I’m pleased to see John Lewis’ endorsement of her. He has served Georgia, my home state, well. I am proud of him.

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