Evangelist Bynum’s $4.5 million dollar home on auction block


Hat Tip:  Bt Mike Morris, Atlanta Journal Constitution

Evangelist Juanita Bynum’s $4.5 million South Georgia compound is scheduled to be auctioned off next month for nonpayment of property taxes, officials said.

Ware County Tax Commissioner Steve Barnard filed a lien against the 23.6-acre property owned by Juanita Bynum Ministries on June 7, citing failure to pay $32,007.56 in 2006 property tax.

According to the lien, a $3,200 penalty and $2,240 in interest is also owed.

It’s the latest legal drama involving the nationally known Pentecostal evangelist, who has been in the news in recent weeks after alleging she was beaten by her estranged husband, Thomas Weeks.

Barnard said Tuesday that the property, on St. Bernard Trail near Waycross, will be sold at auction on Nov. 6 on the steps of the Ware County Courthouse. The auction will be canceled if Bynum Ministries, which still has ownership, pays the full amount before that date, he said.

Bynum’s Waycross-based ministry bought the property for $4.5 million last year.

Barnard said there is a 7,487-square-foot house, a 6,748-square-foot house and a 1,366-square-foot house on the property. Bynum lives in one of the homes, he said.

Barnard said someone from Bynum’s office called him last month, “wanting to know if they could set up a payment plan, and I told them if she sent me $25,000, I’d take it out of the [Nov. 6] sale, and she’d have 60 days to pay the balance.

That partial payment was supposed to be made by Sept. 28, Barnard said.

“I never received anything, and then last week, I received a check for $5,000 and someone from her organization called and wanted to know if we got the check,” Barnard said. “I said, well, we got a check for $5,000 that was supposed to have been $25,000, and they wanted to know if that would take it out of the sale and I told them, no.”

27 thoughts on “Evangelist Bynum’s $4.5 million dollar home on auction block

  1. Dang, there really is more than meeting the eye here? Did Weeks spend all of her assets? Is that why she’s asking for spousal support from him – cause there’s no money?

    What the hell is going on? At the end, I just hope she has an increase in her anointing and a more powerful testimony because she won’t be able to front.

    I see a powerful book coming out of all of this, documenting how she leaned on the Lord to see her through.

    Then again….;-)

  2. In the name of Jesus. I think this is the enemy that is trying to keep this in the for front. 32,000 is like a dollar to me. Can’t her rich pastor friends help her? I hope she is not expecting the church saints to do it. She has been asking for money for her threshing floor.

  3. Get Real:

    I hear ya. If she’s able to afford a $4.5 million dollar property, paying taxes of $32K should be chump change. I always thought if you had million-dollar properties, you paid at least six-figures in property taxes, but then again, that would work in Cali. Not too sure about Georgia.

    And the property’s being auctioned, so does that mean the mortgage hasn’t been paid, either? What’s REALLY going on here?

    And as for her “rich Pastor friends” helping her out, how do we know they secretly weren’t hating on her, and have decided to sling her under the church bus?

  4. This melodrama is cracking me up to the nth degree. I’m sorry,but this is putting your business out into the street where it doesn’t belong.

    She should be behind closed doors with lawyers to make sure this all went away AS FAST AS POSSIBLE.

  5. She lied to all of you bling fools, and you are still to stupid to admit it.
    She lied when she got her husband-told yall to check his credit and spiritual credentials. (DID SHE DO THAT?)
    She lied to yall at these conferences and in her books. Her marriage was NOT what she claimed that it was.
    She lied to yall when she said that she planned to stay married. DID SHE DO THAT?
    She lied to yall so that you can send her some money for her new prayer room-But INSTEAD SHE NEEDED MONEY TO PAY THE TAXES.
    A lying prophet is a FALSE PROPHET!
    Read your Bible, and pray for God to open your eyes so that you will not be tricked by the spirit of the false prophet! (Matthew 24, and Matthew 25!)

  6. blkgrl

    thank you wpscradio. someone needs to say exactly what you’ve said. i can’t believe that people still can’t see the forest for the trees. i mean, the forest is everywhere and people still want to believe what they know to be truth is not true. people, people, people sometimes these things happen so that we can SEE what is really going on. why is it that when we see the truth, we call it a lie?

  7. native girl

    I think that she is still able to over come all of these obstacles. God is just testing her, she just needs to hold on a little bit longer and i tell all of you, GOD HAS SOMETHING IN STORE FOR HER.

  8. native girl

    I think that she is still able to over come all of these obstacles. God is just testing her, she just needs to hold on a little bit longer and i tell all of you, GOD HAS SOMETHING IN STORE FOR HER. Also in the bible it said you are not criticizing her your criticizing him it to him (GOD). We just all need to be humble and kneel down before the Lord and we will all be strenghthened to rise up to do anything.

  9. Superchica

    I believe that people forget that Juanita is first and foremost a human being with critical human weaknesses and flaws.She is not the Prophet of the hour.She is one of many women who say that she has turned her life over to the Lord.She admitted to everyone that she had some mental issues. Perhapse she is still dealing with some form of depression,or mania.I was told that no one knows what’s in the food except the person stirring the pot! She told women to stop sleeping between those sheets with those men they were not married to.Perhapse they are angry about that.Jesus said you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.I,ve noticed that most people upon being told the truth become vishiously angry,and then they get set free.She probably shouldn,t have trusted the world with such revelations.Everyone can,t accept the truth.I have sat in her meetings and heard her speak openly of her life as a” Kept Woman”. I was rather shocked when Juanita suddenly got married after having a crowd of lonely women tagging behind her looking for some hope.I feel that all of those women felt very let down when she got married so fast,and left them hanging.She did give them the impression that she was in there with them,and then dropped them like a bag of hot potatoes,with broken hearts.They were looking to her for their next step away from their lives between the sheets with men they were not married to.where do we go from here?Some of those poor broken down women at least had a man to get them to the grocery stoore when they needed help in getting there with all those children they had.Those poor women.They were new converts,babes in christ.It hurts to think they were led away without any further guidance.Juanita,s marriage was a shock to all!Now her divorce is equally a shock !Could those mental issues be making a come back.Impulsive actions are not Godly actions.Where,s all the faith these folks talk about.Why couldn,t she have believed the Lord would turn her husband around.She could have gotten a seperation for a while.Long enough to see where God is leading her.And finally you all know manure stinks but it sure makes things grow.We all get manure times in our lives,but unless you proon a tree it won,t grow. Only God Himself knows why all of these things happened.We do know when God gets through with all of us we will be right.God knows what it takes.If Juanita repents of any wrong doings and continues in the Lord she can still be a blessing.Jesus said we would all be tried and He said don,t think it strange concerning the FIRY trial which is to try you for when you are tried YOU SHALL come forth as pure gold. Juanitas “.She said she was a kept woman for years.How does anyone know that that guy that “kept her “,didn,t come back into her life demanding money.How do you know that her husband she married wasn,t angry at those admissions of her having slept with men to get watever she wanted.Her present husband might have harbored some latent anger and jelousy of her having gotten so much attention,after all he is a man first.Perhapse he married her to bring her down.Perhapse one of those female enemies she talks about in her meetings set her upwith her preacher husband.You never know.As far as the taxes on property,maby she is trying to help her mom.Who knows?Perhapse her wedding cost more than she anticipated.It was a very elaborate , and extravagant wedding.I thought for a moment there that i was watching Princess Dianna,s wedding.Moderation is the key in christondom.Quite frankly even if i had it i wouldn,t have spent that much on such an elaborate wedding.Why not help the needy and have a moderate wedding.Some christians say one thing and do another.Can God trust you?’they say on sundays?The real question is ,”can God trust them?” Find God for yourself.Get a good education,and stop making people out of god,s.GOD will not share His glory with any man, not even Juanita Bynum.

  10. Mia

    It’s sad that people are judging her for the things she is going threw. Only if the ones who are judging her would look at there own lives and secret sins then they would realize that they have no room to talk. Take the log out of your own eye before you try to take the splinter out of your brothers eye. Why won’t people get together and start praying for her instead of gossiping about her thats a sin too, but i guess you didn’t know that. She is still a human and not GOD, we all are and we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of GOD. We are only saved by Grace remeber that because you will have to give an account to GOD for the very words that you spoke about Juanita. We need to always show the love of christ no matter what people are struggling with. GOD is the one and only judge not you.

  11. I love Juanita Bynum she is my dear sister in Christ. We all must remember she is still a child of God and we are all vulnerable {weak in the flesh}. When we see a person weak or going through a storm. We must do our best to encourage, support and be a helping hand when possible. Who knows it could be you on the other side. Matthew 26:41 Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.

  12. E Davis

    It’s so sad that many of you sit and poke fun,laugh,and make lite of the situations that the woman of God is dealing with.We should’nt get so carried away by the fact that she’s a woman of God and forget that she’s a human being. God’s folk go through stuff too. The only difference is we have God’s grace to carry us through to victory. What she’s going through does’nt lessen the anointing thats on her life one bit and you criticizers had better be careful. Yes today it’s Juanita Bynum but tomottow it could be you going through something that seems to knock the wind out of your sails,and if you show no mercy for others you’ll receive no mercy.God is merciful to those who are merciful.Instead of talking against her you should be praying for her because you might need someone to pray for you when your trial comes to test you.And maybe You jut dont like her…. You should then reverence the God who anointed her and stop affending him by speaking against her. When I was young the older people whould say no one knows what goes on behind closed doors. So that leaves no room to judge. Let the King of Kings be judge of us all. God bless all of you Bye

  13. J. McClurkin

    She has lost her way. Just as many have when material things are thrown at them. When you step out of God’s grace and reach for the material things in life, you will lose your way. And instead of the Holy praying for your soul, they get caught up in the carnival side of our existance. Just as God grants us with homes, husbands and children he can take it away with a wave of his hand. It’s not the will of man that destroy’s it’s God removal of grace, for God away’s builds a hedge around his faithful servents.

  14. The bible says in any thing we should give thanks, i believe she as any other human being must go through such challenges but i know this is a woman of GOD and GOD will take her trough all this, don’t mix up her assignment as a living being and her calling as GOD’s servant. You don’t need to criticize by telling all crazy stories, allow those who believe through her continue, for she is a great woman GOD is using to save lives this end time.
    God bless you

  15. Why don’t we all just be sober and pray? Two of God’s precious creation are havin problem and we still get the chance to talk?! I think we should just cry to God for help……. I mean for all of us! The enemy is definitely enjoying this and that should send us thinking!

  16. Karen Kirpatrick

    Open your eyes, churches and church leaders. God is showing a perfect example of 2 christian people that need deliverance. The enemy, the devil and his demons are hiding in the lives of christians in the church. There are issues that christian people need to deal with. First of all there are generational curses, so massive curse breaking needs to take place. Secondly, inner healing needs to take place for all the hurt and abuse of the past. Finally, demons need to be cast out of the lioves of hurting
    people. Love in Christ, Karen

  17. People cannot be delivered if they are unrepentant, and refuse deliverance. We will see how things turn out. So far, I do not see any indications that they can acknowledge their real issues. Just pray they wake up. They are really ruining the witness for Christ until they do, since they are well known.


  18. chosen-servant

    we all fall short of the glory of god none of us are perfect besides CHRISTJESUS WE NEED NOT TO JUDGE BUT TO PRAY GODS MERCY! profetess JuanitaBynum has been called to the nations lives has been changed souls have came to CHRIST read your bible (jezebel wasnt trying to lure souls to CHRIST )iam a living witness to the change. that JuanitaBynum is a mighty women that God has ordained. HE THAT IS WITH OUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE! GOD BLESS

  19. Sheila

    We’ve got so much time to talk about people but not enough time to pray for people. Get busy fulfilling your call and the great commission and see if you can do everything perfectly. If you can then please hurry up, we are waiting on your great appearance, and your best sellers. Oh I thought so… PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, and THEN GO, GO, GO.


    All may be said, but all in all whether you accept it or not, JuanitaBynum is a woman of God. The Bible says that we’re to enjoy 100percent here on earth plus persecutions, suffering is part of every CONSISTENTchristian who’s truly walking with and in the Lord JESUS. I believe God is setting her up for her next level in HIM. I urge you talkers that be slow to speak, the Bible says touch not my annointed and do my prophet no harm, pliz dont set yourself up for God’s wrath do yourself a favour that as you open your mouth to say some in all this, you better do it with trembling before the Lord your God because whether all said is true or false, JuanitaBynum is an ambassordor and a Vessel of the Most high God and you know what God knows how to perfect and consecrate us For the glory of His Name, so pliz do not be judgemental lets leave this issue into God’s hands to take care of it because HE really knows her more than we do. Those who can lets pray that God will keep her strong through all this that she will not loose heart, we just cant afford to loose her out of our Generation for she’s the type we need in our Generation. The devil may be knocking at her door but remember you’re not an exemption from the devil’s knock. THINK ABOUT IT.

  21. love

    the lord says will should love one another,and i think we shouild be praying for her and not to judge the woman of God.lets pray for her

  22. elizabeth

    Dear Madam/Sir
    I was once a commercial sex worker for fifteen years in the then Ivory Coast.By the grace of God,Christ found me.Therefore I have found a new life and i am able to stand to the end,I know i will be saved.I donot want to enjoy this life alone but i want to share it with others.
    Hence I teamed up with two N.G.Os namely African Entreprise and Calvary Aid foundation to win other commercial sex workers for Christ.With the help of African Entreprise,we were able to reach out 17 sex workers.Calvary Aid Foundation also assisted me to reach out 38.
    All these poeple received training in dress making ,tie and dye.Batik and hair dressing.Each received seed-money and machine in respect of the trade they learned at the end of their training so that go back home and start a new life.
    In order to continue to reach out to more souls for Christ I am pleading with all philanthropists,churches,charitable organisation,non governmental organisations etc. in the name of Christ Jesus to come to my aid by providing cash or kind for training and hostel running.I need Bibles for distribution to these traineres.

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