Hillary crushes Obama with the Sistahs



Hat Tip: CNN

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Sen. Hillary Clinton’s lead over Sen. Barack Obama, her chief rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, is growing among African-American voters who are registered Democrats, and particularly among black women, a poll said Wednesday.

Among black registered Democrats overall, Clinton had a 57 percent to 33 percent lead over Obama.

That’s up from 53 percent for Clinton and 36 percent for Obama in a poll carried out in April.

Among white registered Democrats, Clinton drew 49 percent support, versus 18 percent for Obama and 17 percent for former Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina, the latest poll found.

The question had a sampling error of plus-or-minus 6.5 percentage points.

The former first lady’s strongest support among blacks came from black women, 68 percent of whom identified her as their likely choice, versus 25 percent who cited Obama, the senator from Illinois who is African-American.

Black men who are registered Democrats were nearly evenly split, with 42 percent favoring Clinton and 46 percent favoring Obama. The sampling error of that question was plus-or-minus 8 percentage points.

Black registered Democrats also appeared more sure of themselves than did whites, with two-thirds (67 percent) of blacks saying they would definitely support whichever candidate they had said they favored, versus one-third (33 percent) who said they might change their minds.

In response to poll results showing him trailing Clinton, Obama has noted that Clinton has been a major figure in national politics for 15 years, versus just three for Obama.

The 26-point difference between black women and men underscores the fact that the nation’s vote is divided not only by race, but also by gender, said CNN political analyst Bill Schneider. “Black women don’t just vote their black identity,” he said. “They also vote their identity as women.”

“The ‘sistah’ vote is paying off handsomely for Hillary Clinton,” said Democratic political strategist Donna Brazile. “It’s not only getting her the women’s vote. It’s also getting her the black vote.”

18 thoughts on “Hillary crushes Obama with the Sistahs

  1. She’s already got many of the sistas in the CBC endorsing her. Obama has pissed off the CBC, mark my words. But that might be why he gets the nod and not her – you know how people tend to vote; if Hillary’s getting all the black folk behind her, they’ll go for Obama.

  2. Nedsdag

    Well, this is one sistah who isn’t voting for the Borg Queen. If Cynthia McKinney gets the Green Party nod, she gets my vote.

  3. Andrea

    I already knew this phenomenon would play out this way. Members of your blog are…skeptics…of someone so translucent as Hilary but to most of the fellow members of our race, especially the women, they can be as cynical about most things that would most better benefit their lives than let go of fantasy in helping to make someone else’s dream come true in fulfilling their American Dream: The Clinton Dynasty. It’s a sad fact that the data was empirically right there before us for so long but we didn’t want to see the tell-tale signs of who we are mathematically and scientifically. Our behaviors has always been staring us in the face about our feelings about ourselves and especially of the Black Women’s sentiments about our own self-sustainability. This constructed battle between Obama and Hilary is so much more affirming about bigger things than that who wins the candidacy. The tipping point has passed of Black Lethargy and Black Self-Hatred but now as, as of now, with this data you are alerting us of in poll numbers, it whether absolute or tampered sends coding and strategy to others. It manifests the oracle Shirley Chisolm warned us of of our greed and denial of self in so many ways. It is about whether we will lose on ourselves again. This was a chance to show some progress to reverse our self-inflicting assaults against our existence here. I hoped because, to me, I could see we were being tested on in view of all kinds of factions of self and group interest invested, I thought we would muster a better front and more we evolved and are trying to gain control of our existence but this shows me that sustainability is more fragile than even I assumed.

    Our people, especially our women, want to be taken care of by at best a “Good White Person” (how they coin her in their minds and when running off at the mouth but deny they think that way). All we needed though was some catalyst like this as the hypothesis, Obama’s existence entering the race against our beloved Master and Ms. Anne’s attempt to complete their legacy.

    We don’t know who we are out loud but we know who we are in the dark but in safe spaces that we think we own, we lie and cover to over-compensate and market an image that is self-righteously redeemable. Obama is a confounding variable in a controlled experiment and we showed the measurement of intentions. The problem is, is — that Black People and Black Women, especially, don’t realize that they/we are showing the absolute truths of who we are.

    These data results are going to further be used against us and we are just thinking so one-dimensionally that we are not at fault or responsible to some unspoken duties.

    This may sound like a blanket statement but I stand firm: most of our people really don’t want the responsibility of critically thinking and letting go to stand on our own. We would rather invest more into fantasy and we don’t take the political process for what it is supposed to be. It is theatre…our rush…our fantasy affair…drama we can partake in that we have become a part of and playing out our parts to make someone like Hilary’s dream come true is what satisfies a lot of us. We are still in the role of the slave more concerned with our master. We would rather help manifest Bill and Hilary’s dream to tell ourselves how important we were to making it happen.

    This endorsement in number has nothing to do with Hilary’s objectives on national security, domestic reformations, or Hilary’s essence. This phenomenon in supporting someone we want to nurture and nurture us in return is what we do as a People. We love the unrequited love thing. And if 4 or so more people get cabinet positions and other people get hired as a benefit, we will tell ourselves we won something. I’ve seen it too many times before.

  4. Rikyrah:

    Yes, it does go beyong not playing in the yard of the White Citizen’s Council Network. Try his failure to host or show up at fundraisers for CBC members like Al Wynn, for example. And I really don’t blame him for that because Wynn is a backstabbing weasel.

    He won’t tow the line they give him and that’s pissing them off.

  5. And Andrea:

    If you’ve been reading this blog, none of us who post here are supporting the Borg Queen unless she’s the last man standing when the smoke clears, and even then, I’m holding my nose.

    But, as it was said upthread, I might have to go green and give McKinney my vote, but I already know the MSM will do their best to marginalize McKinney to where they won’t even allow her participate in debates. Just like they already do to Kucinich and Gravel.

    She’d eviscerate the Borg Queen and everyone knows it.

    Rikyrah, if you’re even in DC, we must have dinner, because I can tell you stuff about how the CBC had these grand expectations of Obama; how they thought they were going to control, manipulate and show him off like a prize cow or trophy wife. Only they didn’t count on the brotha’s ability to actually think for himself, and do whatever he chooses. He made no quid pro quo promises to the Caucus. While I don’t care about him not pledging allegiance to the likes of the Corporate Faction of the CBC (Wynn, David Scott, Bill Jefferson, Bennie Thompson, Jim Clyburn), he also managed to alienate Maxine Waters, Barbara Lee, McKinney when she was there, Corinne Brown, John Conyers, Bobby Scott, and a few from the Chicago contingent (Jesse, Jr., and Danny Davis; they might have kissed and made up by now). As I said, the members who are trying to get shyt done, and have their hands tied by their own Chairpersons doing Nancy Pelosi’s bidding to the exclusion of trashing their own agendas for their own districts. When Pelosi stated “Impeachment was off the table” she sure as hell tied Conyers’ hands then and there.

    Obama could have said something. Instead, by his silence, he tacitly agreed with it. Just like accepting the electoral results of 2004 (when Tubbs-Jones introduced the objection and Sen. Barbara Boxer signed off on it, a roll call vote was forced), all Obama had to do was back Conyers on the call for Impeachment. It would have forced Harry Reid to defend against or come out in favor of, which would have left Ms. Nancy in a bind.

    Hurricane Katrina. Yeah the brotha showed up and made some “keep hope alive” type speechifying, but why won’t he support or push for passage of Maxine Waters’ bill that mandates affordable housing restoration in New Orleans?

    His failure to show himself as the progressive he says he is has pissed off the Conyers-Waters-Lee-Bobby Scott-faction of the Caucus. I will say he’s been equal to both the progressive and corporate factions of the Caucus because when the Dark Sith was running for the Senate in Tennessee, the Caucus couldn’t get him to budge on going to Tennessee to campaign for Harold, but having a gun held to his head by the likes of DSCC Chair Chuck Schumer (who probably threatened him that if he didn’t support Harold, don’t look for any DSCC money to come his way when the time came) forced his obedience to go to Memphis and campaign for the Dark Sith, even though the Sith really didn’t want him there stealing what little thunder Obama didn’t finish taking from him back in ’04. (Remember, the Dark Sith thought he had the lock on “New Black Leader” until a little-known State Senator named Barack Obama came along, electrified the masses at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, which effectively usurped him from the position).

    Sistafriend, I tell you, the workings of politics here in DC is just like watching your favorite soap opera, and would be more entertaining if they weren’t dealing with issues that affect the lives of all Americans every single day of our lives.

  6. Kelley

    Policital Junkie,

    Did you read the book “Obama: From Promise to Power”? In it, Rev. Jeremiah Wright talks about the first time Obama went down for the CBC Weekend or whatever, looking for support for his upcoming Senate bid. Well, basically all the sistas were like, “If you want me to throw my support behind you, then you need to come up to my room. I don’t care if you got a wife, you come to my room tonight”. This is what Rev. Wright said Obama told him. I think a lot of these CBC congresswomen are behind Hillary cause Obama didn’t bone them. No joke. Everybody knows CBC Weekend ain’t nothing but Freaknik’for grown folks anyway.

  7. yogo

    Well if that’s Obama’s take on the sistas, he shouldn’t be worrying about the black female vote. We’re hos, right?

  8. TPJ,

    Considering what a political junkie I am (pun intended 🙂 ), I think I would just love to have a long dinner with you at B.Smith’s. We’d probably close the joint because I would want to know more of the ins and outs.

    Yeah, I knew about Dark Sith….I had sorta figured that out.

  9. Hey, Kelley:

    Now most of those CBC sistas are too old for that shyt of propositioning Obama. And if they did, now I understand why they’re dissing him. Here comes good-looking new blood, and he’s taking a pass on old poon tang being offered to him in exchange for getting some cheese for his Senate campaign.

    Can you say just plain “EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW”.

    It’s the same reason the brothas dogged out Cynthia McKinney – and she told me this personally. A few brothas in the CBC made that same damn proposition of “come up to my room if you want my support” and Ms. McKinney said she had a man and didn’t need them.

    Look at what the Capitol Hill police did to her and none of the brothas in the CBC came to her defense.

    I’ve attended CBC Weekend for the last five years, and they can give those college kids at Morehouse and Spellman lessons in Freaknik.

  10. Kelley

    I did notice that brothas didn’t step in to defend Cynthia, but I didn’t know it was because of that. Wow. In the book, Rev. Wright said he told Barack that was going to happen, but he said Barack was still shocked at how unprofessional and triflin’ the whole thing was. SMH. Our people.

  11. Yes, Rikyrah; we’d shut down the place and Ms. B. Smith herself would have to evict us, LOL!

    Her place is one of my favorite restaurants here in DC, which is elegant and classy without being as pricey as Morton’s or Ruth Chris’ (though the insider favorite for chop houses here is The Prime Rib, where the K Street crowd hangs out and drops $500 to $2000 on dinner for a congress critter).

  12. Well, damn, they don’t have to go out of their way and prove the white man’s stereotyping of our people. I just thought it was the brothes in the caucus that allowed the blood to drain from their brains and travel south to their neatherlands.

    All I know is when Mel Watt (old wanna be playa) hit on me back in 2005, the then-publication, Black Commentator, wrote an article about that shyt. Especially when Mr. Watt learned I was part of the CBC Monitor that put together that “Report Card” evaluation on their legislative performances and exposed the likes of Al Wynn and Artur Davis as DLC Corporate/AIPAC bagment. Watt’s meltdown after that, plus calling me a “damned blogger” indicated to me the brotha was also probably taking payola from Wynn and Davis to compromise the CBC. Go figure. Some of the CBC members will screw anything with a hole (I can’t believe I just said that…)

  13. LoveWhiteGirls

    yeah. go away Barak. Having a black senator suks! He should go get a radio show or have a blog or something!

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