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Obama will be on Tavis Smiley this Thursday evening on PBS.   As is usual with Tavis’s half hour show, I predict that Obama will receive the kid glove treatment, we’ll see.   Let me know whatcha’ll think if you can catch it.  Check your local listings for show times.

57 thoughts on “Obama on Tavis Smiley tonight

  1. Sam

    Go Obama!

    He is the only one that can change this country. The Clinton poltical machine must be stopped. They have long taken the black vote for granted and they have nothing to support them. Just because the media runs with the “first black president” doesn’t mean its true.

    Obama is the only one that can end the racial divide in the country.

  2. Michael

    This will be an interesting watch for sure. Agree Junkie, it will be a softball, feel good, platitude, and sound by byte-laden love fest. Obama’s campaign is in trouble, Hillary gets the press, the sound bytes, and is quickly running off with this nomination. But I also think Obama is making a mistake in his campaign. I don’t see him on any white-centric shows. For him to have any prayer of getting the nomination, he will need to get his message to all possible constituents, not just pander to blacks. I’m really worried that it’s already over for him, I just think he has been too confusing of a candidate for people to get behind. For instance: he’s not black, but people keep expecting him to act black and be down with the black issues. He and Michelle’s $500 shoes have most likely never stepped foot in SC or Georgia, and we expect him to be sensitive to sending in a white campaign worker. People confuse his book of platitudes with a platform and credibility. I think Sam is an typical Obama supporter, blindly jumping up and down yelling Obama regardless of his obvious inability to get the level of momentum he needs to mount even a decent run at the Borg Queen (Kudos to junkie for that term).

    Here’s where I see it. Hillary has a lock unless Obama gets a clue. And “bringing the races together” is not what should be on the top of a presidents agenda…and besides, how would he even do that? He has no credibility yet, 2016 is his year. But I need to say this….: We simply must not let that race-pandering, insulting, hanger-on, socialist borg queen in office. Ive seen enough of the democratic plantation over the past 30 years to make me sick to my stomach.

  3. TPJ, you’re so funny! You’re always such a truth teller. I think I should probably take your word on this one too. **wink**

    I have a question do you blog under both TPJ and CPL? I’ve been wondering if those two avatars are you. I think so. But I’m not too sure.


  4. Confession time: yes, Angie, I blog under both “the Political Junkie” and the “Christian Progressive Liberal”. I like both avatars, because they reflect who I am.

    As for the Tavis Smiley show, it was just as I thought it would be; another edition of the “Safe Negro Report”. Barack sounding like a brotha; and the one thing I did pick up in the interview with Tavis was that he’s aware that black people don’t know about him or his record.

    While I listened to that, I was asking myself a question: “Since you know Black people don’t know about you or your record, what are you doing to correct that, and why are you taking so damned long to get it done?”

    Obama said he encountered the same thing during his Senate campaign, and once he went on TV, the people in Illinois, both Black, White, Latino, Asian, and Other, fell in line and voted for him in overwhelming fashion. He also said he expected the same result in the Presidential primary campaign.

    But Hillary is not Alan Keyes. The real reason he won in Illinois is that the ReThug party in the state couldn’t find a candidate worthy of challenging Obama, and they had to import Alan Keye. Which pissed off people in Illinois to no end, and that’s why Obama crushed him in the election. If he thinks he’s going to crush the Borg Queen the same way he crushed Keyes, I’ve got beachfront property in Arizona I want to sell him, because he sounded delusional and drunk on his own hyped Kool-Aid.

  5. TPJ,

    It was indeed the Safe Negro Report, and IMO, Obama should have bought serious time in the South a long time ago introducing himself. Makes no sense to be that cheap. I would have bought an infomercial-type program on BET and TVOne at the very beginning of this campaign after he brought in that money in Q1.

  6. Denise:

    I guess the state of Louisiana was ready for a person of color to be its governor.

    Historic in one way, but problematic in another – not too long ago, when Jindal ran for his Congressional seat, he was referred by some of the good ol’ boys as a “sand nigger” (because he’s East Indian). I wonder will any of his constituents throw that in his face when he has to start addressing the issues of restoration of New Orleans?

  7. Rikyrah:

    He’s doing with all that campaign money the same thing Harry Reid does when we want him to challenge Bush: keeping it dry and saving for a rainy day. I so agree with you that since he raised all of that money in the first quarter, now is not the time for him to go cheap with campaign ads, especially television. I blame him and his campaign manager for that because they can’t honestly think the Borg Queen is just like Alan Keyes, can they?

    If he’s not taking Hillary seriously as he should, he deserves to lose, and wear that egg on his face as he serves out his Senate term (because he might get a primary challenger in 2010 as a result of jumping into this game too soon before establishing a progressive track record as a U. S. Senator).

  8. TPJ,

    I swear to you, I’d be doing infomercials, girl. Infomercials of him, Michelle and the girls…selling that Black First FAMILY thing like crazy.

    As for Illinois politics, I’m not thinking he has any serious challengers. The GOP is in shambles, and the Democrats can’t get along. Our Governor hates our Speaker of the House, who hates our Senate President. It’s a huge mess. I think we term limited our Governor so he can’t run again, and the Speaker of the House wants his daughter to run for Governor, I think, but we just elected a good looking State Treasurer. We’ve had serious budget issues the past 2 years running because the Gov, Speaker and Sen. President, can’t play in the sandbox with one another. It’s sad and pathetic. The only safe elected official is Richard Daley, who’ll be in there until he drops dead – just like his Daddy.

  9. Denise

    the commentary offers up everything from him being forced to him angling for a possible VP nod.

    :: shrug :: Who the hell knows! 😆

  10. Denise,

    He is a Cuban Immigrant, i.e. that sticky part of being native born- which would disqualify him for the VP spot. Didn’t come here until 1962

  11. redrabbit

    Obama has opened up a panderer’s box that won’t be easily closed. The Gospel Tour is a bad idea. It has no place in a political campaign. He’s going to lose in South Carolina, and he’s going down while pandering to the religious right. It would’ve been nice to see him lead the Senate on a number of issues over the last 3 years: impeaching these bastards, ending our occupation of Iraq; cutting taxes for the wealthiest Americans; affordable healthcare, and so on. It’s too bad his ego is bigger than his desire to actually get something done. Lord knows we could’ve used some genuine leadership in the Senate.

  12. dblhelix

    Steele — yes, he’s serving his time as head of GOP PAC to pinch hit as needed.

    Recently Giuliani said something about a Clinton/Obama ticket — he is trying to drive a wedge in anticipation of a Clinton/(not Obama) ticket — this was quite clear. In short, if the Dem ticket is Clinton/WhiteBread, I expect to see Mr. Steele again. Added bonus: he’s a bona fide social conservative.

  13. DH,

    Don’t need Rudy to drive a wedge. I’m clear – I’m not voting for her unless Obama’s on the ticket. So, I definitely don’t need Rudy to point stuff out to me.

    I like JC Watts over Steele.

    PS- Any Maryland stuff you want to tell us about? How’s the new Mayor of Baltimore doing?

  14. OT:

    Lawdy, as if ‘The Community’ doesn’t have enough problems already.

    PS-anyone want to comment on the self-hatred of the ‘ Light-Skinded’ party that was to be held in Detroit? Will we EVER CATCH A CLUE?

  15. Y’all don’t be fooled by Obama’s “gospel tour”. He’s only doing that to make up for dissing his pastor back in February when he announced he was running and he disinvited his Pastor from attending the event, because Dr. Jeremiah Wright is considered too “controversial” for the political arena.

    If there ever was a time when the concept of the separation of Church and State needs to be observed, it’s NOW. Obama should know better.

    He keeps shooting himself in the foot like this; how in the hell is he going to run the country, if, by way of a miracle, he gets the White House?

  16. TPJ,

    Who was fooled? It works right in with that Bible Study, and, what, 40 days of prayer, or something on that order.

    When 83% of Black South Carolinians go to church twice a month, separating church from state is sort of hard, TPJ.

  17. Why is pandering when going after the Black vote, but just good politics when it’s other groups?

    This is the Black political base in South Carolina, which is different than the one in Philly or New York or Oakland.

  18. OT:Picture Edwards, Obama and Clinton in your head – what do you see?

    At the Youtube/CNN debate in July, Edwards very clearly stated, “Anybody who’s considering not voting for Senator Obama because he’s black or for Senator Clinton because she’s a woman, I don’t want their vote.”

    But take a listen to these comments from Edwards (CLICK HERE) from an October 8 event in Mount Ayr, Iowa, and see whether you think there’s anything in there, implicitly, about his being a white man.

    “If you’re running in a tough congressional district…you gotta ask yourself would you rather have Senator Obama at the top of the ticket to help, Senator Clinton at the top of the ticket to help, or John Edwards at the top of the ticket to help,” Edwards asks.

    Edwards goes on to say, “your instincts will tell you the right answer.”

    You’ll want someone you agree with, of course, “but you’ll also want somebody who can help pull Democrats all over the country… You gotta ask yourself who’s going to turn out more Republicans to vote against us at the top of our ticket. Who’s gonna attract more middle of the road voters? You know, who’s gonna feel more of a connection…

    “But the bottom line is. I think the easiest way to do it, honestly, is to just picture in your head, each of us, running in a tough place –- we’re in one right now –- and which one’s gonna be more helpful and which one’s not. ‘Cause I think that does matter.”


  19. So if Barack Obama, candidate for POTUS, schedules campaign appearances in South Carolina, no one will show up if he doesn’t mention Jesus?

    Pandering is pandering. To be sure, he isn’t the only one doing it, and he isn’t just going after the “black vote” (let’s continue the myth of the monolithic black vote, shall we?). He’s batting his eyes at the religious right. “40 Days of Faith and Family”? Organizing Bible studies? “Gays and lesbians are our brothers and sisters…” but please look the other way while Brother “I am not Gay (and so can you)” McClurkin performs?

  20. Rikyrah:

    While I understand your point on the church thing, Obama needs to be aware that it’s hurting him everywhere else in the country. Looks like he’s ignoring Howard Dean’s 50-state strategy.

    I agree with Red Rabbit – Pandering is Pandering, no matter who the crowd is. But sending a white volunteer from his camp to go and talk to sistas in a hair salon while they’re getting their perms and weaves hooked up, is still not the way to go.

    It appears he’s putting on different hats to pander to different audiences, and if he’s saying there’s no White America, Black America, Latino America or Asian America – but the United States of America, then his campaign style should not be changing from region to region. Yes, he should pay attention to his audiences, but his message should not veer from sounding like G. E. Patterson one day, and Pope Benedict the next.

    I think I’ve answered my own question about what’s wrong with Obama’s campaign – HE’S NOT CONSISTENT.

    But, he’s consistently shooting himself and his campaign in the foot, and at the rate he’s going, he’ll be hobbling back to his Senate seat come 2008.

  21. Y’all don’t be fooled by Obama’s “gospel tour”. He’s only doing that to make up for dissing his pastor back in February when he announced he was running and he disinvited his Pastor from attending the event, because Dr. Jeremiah Wright is considered too “controversial” for the political arena.

    I agree with this, which is why he’s stuck like Chuck on this McClurkin issue.

  22. yogo

    Hey Rikyrah, know another reason he’s stuck? Remember the CW among the beauty shop set: 1)we won’t vote for Obama because we want to keep him safe, 2)we won’t vote for Obama because we don’t know if white people will vote for a black man.

    The beauty shop set is thinking about #2 now. Will white people vote for him now that he’s embroiled in all this gay business?

  23. The beauty shop set is thinking about #2 now. Will white people vote for him now that he’s embroiled in all this gay business?

    I agree with you, Yogo.

    And now, they’re going after Mary Mary too.

  24. Well he couldn’t have it both ways: diss his pastor one minute, and refusing to distance himself from Donnie McClurkin and his opinions of “to be gay…or not to be gay; that is the question” gospel concert tour.

    I swear, it looks like Obama hired the Keystone Kops to run his campaign, and it also looks like Michelle’s being left out of the loop on all of this shyt. Just when I thought girlfriend’s increased presence in his campaign would be putting a stop to all this nonsense.

    He should have never marginalized his Pastor – brotha needs his pastor’s covering at times like these.

  25. yogo

    Why didn’t he just get some old school, non threatening folks like The Winans? And why won’t they urge McClurkin (behind the scenes, of course)to just drop out?

  26. Denise


    Sistah you read my mind!

    I say let McClurkin bow out and extend an invitation to gay community to discuss issues that divide our community – on a separate track, of course.

    If that’s not the spirit of “unity”, I don’t know what is. Senator Obama can take credit for facilitating it.

    :: shrug ::

  27. yogo

    Because Denise, Barry and his people think this is the way to get The Almighty Black Vote! He’s not backing down from this mess he created either. More evidence of his stupidity.

    And he’s out on the stump talking about his superior judgment.

    Next thing you know he’ll team up with HFJr and send his white woman into a beauty shop with campaign materials.

    They need to send Michelle in to one of those beauty shops to do some multitasking: get a touch up and talk up Barack at the same time.

  28. Yogo:

    I thought I was the only one who knew Obama’s called “Barry” by his close friends, LOL.

    See, if he’s thinking that the best way to get Black folks’ votes is to hold a gospel concert, hell, he may as well hold a picnic and feature watermelon and fried chicken, too.

    His “superior judgement” is suspect if he can’t find a way to ask McClurkin to bow out gracefully without it looking like he was pushed out. Brotha could have gotten the Winans, The Staples Singers, Blind Boys from Alabama, Mississippi Mass or Georgia Mass Choir, if he’s trying to court Southern Black Christians.

    Find out who booked Donnie McClurkin, and I’ll show you the individual or group of individuals that is running Obama’s campaign, and don’t know jack about the political process.

  29. yogo

    Barry is running this.

    We have to stop acting like others are running the campaign and Michelle and Barry are ignorant to all their strategy. If you buy into that, then you buy into the idea that Barry is a figurehead for Mr Axelrod’s–or someone else’s–ambitions. That’s a scary thought.

    They prolly sat around a table talking about who to invite to the gospel concert. Barry and Michelle are out of touch black people and those are the folks they came up with. I’m surprised they didn’t come up with the sex freak Rikyrah mentioned above.

    Have you seen the video of McClurkin on HuffPo singing for Bush at the Repub Convention? Yeah, superior judgment in action.

    Picnics and watermelon, you say? What’s more ridiculous than going into beauty shops looking for black women? They should send the white women to the beauty shop with buckets of chicken and get their hair braided to boot.

  30. yogo

    Remember one of those events where GW’s boy Rove was rapping and doing the strange dancing? I think there were a couple of white GOPers doing it. Remember how ridiculous they looked? I bet if you asked one of them to name a black rapper they’d name someone from back in the 80s or something. Or some name they heard on the news.

    Barry’s gospel choices remind me of that spectacle. He just tossed out some popular names without knowing what they represented.

  31. As usual, I love the discussions with you gals. You rock and are always on point.

    I do think it’s too late for McClurkin to leave without it seeming that Obama ‘caved’ to outside forces.

  32. yogo

    Oh oh, this just in. Barry said a gay minister will open up the gospel hour. That’s to balance out McCLurkin, you know.

    Rikyrah, I think Barry is toast. He better leave that butter out (again) tonight.

  33. We are indeed seeing Barry’s presidential campaign “crash and burn” no doubt about it.

    What I want to know is will he humble himself and return to his Senate seat to build up a real legislative record that demonstrates he’s learned his lesson, next time?

  34. “Barry is running this.”

    No argument from me on this.

    Me, neither, when you think about it. Any campaign workers making this many mistakes would have long found themselves on the unemployment line, with references that state “DO NOT HIRE”.

  35. Kelley99

    Y’all are crazy if you think this is going to ruin his campaign. For the first ime ever I’ve heard Obama being talked about by black church folks, Clinton’s constituency. It’s all over gospel radio about how he’s being attacked by some white gays. Please. This isn’t gonna turn off anyone but gay activists. You can go to your average political blog and the only people really coming our hard against hiim are some gay folk and CLinton supporters. This is much ado about nothing and the fact that he has stood his ground is making the gay activists look like fools. They’re geting their panties in a bunch over a damn gospel singer. The longer this goes on, the better Barack looks in the eyes of people who really don’t give a damn about gay marriage and the like.

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