Harold Ford Jr, Prince of Tennessee


The flag of Tennessee

Like an apocalyptic vision, I have been tormented by the frighteningly real prospect that the man I have referred to as the Dark Sith, the Whore, and the Anti-Christ, is once again on the make. And, like Revelations teaches, once that evil is unleashed, ain’t nothing or nobody safe.

Tennessee is a small, benighted, southern backwater that has always been ruled by a corporate oligarchy of rapacious capitalists. Three sons of Tennessee have assumed the nation’s highest office and all have been significant historical figures in their individual capacities. They are Andrew Jackson, James K. Polk, and Andrew Johnson, each a more dangerous fascist war hawk than the last.

This year, another son of Tennessee is running for President, and no, I am not referring to former Senator Fred Thompson or former Vice President Al Gore. I am talking about Harold Ford Jr, the new Prince of Tennessee, now that Al Gore has so unmistakably abdicated his title and the throne that went with it.

Ford is planning to make one last stab at capturing the imperial throne of the presidency and the first step on this long march to power is the Governorship of the Volunteer State. Two of Tennessee‘s Presidents have used the office of governor as a stepping-stone toward national office. All three manipulated the levers of power and were the willing facilitators of the aristocratic South’s class war to defend white supremacy and preserve slavery.

In this respect, Harold Ford Jr is no different. A corporate whore with no peer, Harold Ford Jr plays the political game with the gusto and virtuosity of a chess master. One only had to watch the brotha work as his 2006 Senate Campaign Chairman, Congressman Lincoln Davis, stabbed him in the back and announced his 2010 candidacy for Governor on October 8, 2007. Davis was quoted as saying to the Associated Press “I don’t think (Ford) is going to run because I would imagine that if I’m in the race, he’ll step aside.”


The same article said, “an advisor to Ford and the head of the Tennessee Democratic Party confirmed that Ford is “seriously considering” a run to succeed Governor Phil Bredesen in 2010.” Two days later Davis abruptly reversed course and announced that his “immediate focus will be on working every day for the people of the 4TH district.” The Associated Press summed up by saying Davis said he remains interested in running for governor, but will wait to make a decision later.”

Throughout this whole spectacle, Harold Ford Jr didn’t say a mumblin’ word and dispatched his rival with a thoroughness and skill rarely displayed by someone of his age. His corporate contributors have invested much into his corporate friendly political career and they are intent on recouping their investment by making him governor and subsequently making him President.

In the furtherance of this presidential objective, Ford has taken great pains since his 2006 loss to locate himself at the nexus of financial and political power by taking positions at both Merrill Lynch and as Chair of the Democratic Leadership Council. In August, he and Governor Martin O’Malley wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post beseeching their party’s presidential candidates not to forsake the “center” which is code for not forsaking the corporate agenda of continued globalization, privatization of public assets, and imperialism. O’Malley-Ford sounds like a future Democratic ticket if you ask me.

Back home in Tennessee, there will be some competition from the GOP for the gubernatorial throne in the form of former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, who retired from the Senate to run for President. Too bad for him that his candidacy withered on the vine of wingnut indifference. Two Thousand and Ten is an opportunity to revive his career and reach for the brass ring again, just as it is for Harold. I promise you that this will be the race to watch.

As a DLC acolyte wedded to war and eliminating estate taxes for the wealthiest among us, Ford has been a Negro cog in a Democratic machine of deceit. He has been a vocal supporter of sitting Democratic Governor Phil Bredesen, a former HMO executive, and corporate pedophile, who pimps the plight of uninsured children as a ruse to slash the state’s Medicaid caseload by over 200,000 people in a corporate jihad on behalf of the HMO’s, thus jeopardizing health care access for everyone, rationing health care access to the state’s poorest and most vulnerable, and disproportionately impacting the health care of African Americans negatively.

As you know, while not actively participating in the classist and racist destruction of health care access for the African American community, Ford comes from a black political dynasty headed by his father, Harold Sr, who aggressively sought to loot the program before its ignominious demise. This makes Prince Harold guilty by association.

Writing about this for the first time last year in the post Jake Ford, Tale of a Puppet, I said, You see, Mr. Harold is a lobbyist of high standing, having turned to the profession after two decades in Congress and a perilous brush with a fraud indictment. In a short space of time, Harold, Sr. has made untold millions while conspiring with his clients to loot TennCare, Tennessee’s formerly world class, top-shelf medicaid program.

“According to an article in the Commercial Appeal by Marc Perrusquia, TennCare subcontractor MIM Corp paid Harold, Sr. $1.6 million between 1998 and 2001. In addition, he received more than $1 million in lobbying fees from other firms and MIM corp to look after their interests in Nashville.”

“Mr. Harold or surrogates, Harold, Jr. or Newton conspired to contribute more than $15,000 to state politicians with a say on gutting TennCare, a program that serves 40% of the African American population and 50% of our children. In addition, two of the crooked black politicians who were caught up in the Tennessee Waltz bribery scandal received contributions from Ford.”

The Governor received $ 12,500 from Harold,Sr., Harold, Jr., and Newton “Jake” Ford. 114 contributions totalling over $206,000 flowed to the Governor’s campaign coffers from Health Care affiliated interests, which in turn, were handed a big payoff in the form of TennCare’s destruction.”

TN State Senator John Ford, Harold, Sr’s. brother, also received a contribution of $1,000 from his brother. In addition, Senator Ford pocketed over $237,000 from a TennCare dental health care provider, in a separate side deal apart from Harold, Sr. and Jake’s hustle.”

John Ford went on to be indicted and convicted by the feds for an unrelated bribery scheme and now faces charges for the aforementioned chicanery. Calls surreptitiously recorded by federal investigators had Mr. Harold warning his brother that what he was doing was highly improper and would get his black behind locked up. He didn’t listen. After beating two federal prosecutions for bank fraud, Harold Sr. knows exactly what not to do. Some Negroes think they are untouchable and never learn, as two of Mr. Harold’s politician brothers who got locked up can attest. Others listen to what their Daddy has to say and take copious notes.

Without a political godfather like Mr. Harold to guide him Barack Obama’s ill timed presidential bid is imploding because of a series of arrogant missteps and the deleterious effects of his vacuous rhetoric. It is clear that he will never be President and that Prince Harold knows this too, uses his DLC chairmanship as an excuse not to endorse him, and is positioning himself for his own run in the future.

In the final analysis, Harold Sr and Harold Jr operate on a different level than their kith and kin and are the skillful practitioners of a corporate friendly influence peddling that will always steer clear of illegality and be one step ahead of clever and one notch below that of blackface minstrelsy. It’s enough to make Mr. Harold a black kingmaker and possibly the father of the first black President of the United States.

Stopping Tennessee’s crown prince of deception should be the first priority of black progressives everywhere. However, with his engagement to Snow White on tap, he might have already done our jobs for us. Only time will tell. Expect to see an elaborate roll out of professional PR touting this twosome and don’t be surprised if you see them on Montel or some such program cooing and cuddling and whispering sickening platitudes about family, home and hearth. Any day now I expect the future Mrs. Ford will be wearing a conservative string of pearls and be attired immaculately in an age appropriate and politically correct Donna Karan ensamble. Whatever happens, Harold Ford Jr is on a collision course with the aspirations of the black community and we all stand to loose if he wins.

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  1. Wow, you are a total embarrassment and affront to what’s good about America and our future. Not too mention, your skepticism is pure venom and nothing more than good old fashioned racism. I will pray for you because you need it

    Moreover, your venom is so full of hate it almost sounds personal. Again, we will all pray for you.

    Chris D. Jackson

  2. You never disappoint, SB. I knew if I waited long enough, you would put it all into perspective, and I appreciate it. Laying it all out about the Dark Sith.

  3. sukeyna

    Brotha, you broke it down.

    I’m from D.C. and remember when Mr. Harold was dealing with the bank fraud. He and Dorothy and the boys came to church every Sunday and received special altar prayers to help him beat the charges. I think people even “laid hands” on his crooked ass a couple of times. Once “de lawd” brought him through, he was through with church.

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  4. Anonymous

    Now, about young Harold’s narcissistic and wholly corporately-owned tendencies you are right. Your historical analysis, however, is flawed. Jackson, as governor and president, was a populist. When he came to DC, most of society in that city looked down on him and his wife (who was said to be both a polygamist and part-black).

    Harold Sr. was acquitted in Jackson, TN (after 1 mistrial and 1 changed venue revocation) by a nearly (if not really) all-white jury because the government didn’t prove its case. The leading Republican attorney in Memphis, who happens to currently be a white Southern elderly, name-partner in Baker Donelson (not named Baker), the national law firm, determined early in Harold Sr.’s career that if he couldn’t control HFS, he would destroy him. Now maybe you know more about how HFS ran his Congressional office than I do, but I only grew up there, my father only treated HFS sometimes as his physician, and my extended family only numbers close to 1000 in the area. So, it’s possible you know more about it than I do, but I doubt it.

    Harold Sr. tried to push interstate banking through the House for a constituent who was a banker. Interstate banking, you know, what Bank of America, Suntrust, Regions, Chase and every bank in the country now practice, but because at the time it was a new idea to allow it and Jake Butcher, who was not part of the ruling elite in Tennessee, wanted it, it was stopped.

    Say what you want about Dark Sith, but HFS’s office was ever responsive to his constituency. He never voted in the vein of the Vain One.

  5. Anonymous

    Harold Fors Sr. didn’t attempt to “loot” the program; his uncle John Ford did. If your going to throw rocks, aim them at the right people.

  6. Anonymous

    The Commercial Appeal does the bidding of the Fedex Fred Smith’s and Lew Donelson’s of Memphis, certainly not the people of Memphis.

  7. Anonymous

    Kim McMillan, current Senior Advisor to the TN Governor and former TN House Majority leader, will be the next and first female Governor of TN. Count on it.

  8. Denise


    While this ain’t MY kinda game, I think HFJr is playing his position just like EVERYBODY ELSE is playing theirs.

    Maybe the problem is that HFJr. is playing his a bit too well.

    Hatorade, anyone?? LOL

  9. Trey

    Two Comments:

    1. I consider Lincoln a friend, having grown up a few miles apart and the fact that while I was in the military he would keep in touch. After sitting down with Lincoln three weeks ago, I can tell you that he will give Ford the fight of his life.

    2. Kim McMillan would be like sending a lamb to the slaughter in a statewide race. Her background has not hardened her to what toll a statewide race would take. If any woman is ready for that seat I would think it would be Marsha Blackburn.

  10. Dear Chris Jackson:

    Just like I asked you to tell us what made Harold Ford, Jr. the right man for the job, you never answered all those questions I gave you. My colleages at the Pesky Fly can confirm this, because I wrote my piece on that blog.

    All you brought to the table are platitudes.

    I see you’re still Harold’s #1 defender. How’s that working for ya? Did he give you a job with Merrill Lynch or over at Vandy, where he’s teaching? What do you get out of your continued devotion to someone that merely used you to defend him, then sling you under the bus when he’s through with you?

    Have you heard from Harold yet? Did he ever thank you for the courageous job you did in defending him, not only on your blog, but everywhere else you posted comments disagreeing with others’ assessment of Harold?

    I’m putting those questions out there again, Chris, and I expect you to “man up” and stop engaging in these platitudes, cause I want factual information and responses from you.

    And in case you want to catch a case of selective amnesia, I will put a link to the post I wrote you, so everyone will know I’ve asked you to provide evidenciary facts in your defense of the biggest fraud the state of Tennesse has ever produced.

    As if his claim that his grandmother was a white woman wasn’t evidence enough of his hubris in not going low enough to achieve his personal ambitions. You never answered that one, either.

    Here’s your chance (albeit a second one, but never let it be said that I wasn’t giving your a fair chance).

    (Scroll down in the archives for two posts: “Dear Chris Jackson” and “Chris Jackson answers…or Does He?”)

  11. Denise

    LOL, TPJ

    Let me just go on record that I don’t know HFJr. Moreover, the political and/or corporate nomad lifestyle ain’t my scene. I don’t thrive in those environments.

    That said, more power to those who do.

  12. Denise

    I am sooooooooooooo pleased about Genarlow. This is wonderful news.

    Big ups to everyone that helped to secure his release!


  13. Denise,

    I wouldn’t be too surprised by either one, especially O’Neal. It’s treacherous over there, and it’s been a huge battle for quite awhile. Stanley has made a LOT of enemies…and, I mean, a lot.

    TimeWarner has beaucoup debt, and the entire AOL thing, though not his baby, of course, he had to deal with the bad ramifications of it. If he’s out, it’s not nearly as acrimonious as the O’Neal thing would be.

  14. Denise, FYI:

    Who out there can’t relate to a golden parachute like this?

    Merrill Lynch’s directors may be weighing E. Stanley O’Neal’s future, but one thing is already guaranteed: a payday of at least $159 million if he steps down.

    Mr. O’Neal, the company’s chairman and chief executive, is entitled to $30 million in retirement benefits as well as $129 million in stock and option holdings, according to an analysis by James F. Reda & Associates using yesterday’s share price of $66.09. That would be on top of the roughly $160 million he took home in his nearly five years on the job.



    Don’t cry for Stanley….LOL

  15. “…Whatever happens, Harold Ford Jr is on a collision course with the aspirations of the black community and we all stand to loose if he wins.”

    Look at the bright side, Skep. If he loses, we all win. Sounds like we got some work to do, and a little time to do it.

  16. Anon…

    Re: Andy Jackson…a populist in 1829 is not the same thing as a populist today (if in fact there ARE any populists today, but I digress). Andy was known as “The Sharp Knife” for good reason by the native peoples and I doubt he did much better for slaves, indentured servants and/or free black folks of the time.

    Now about Harold Ford Jr…you can call it haterade or you can say we should hate the game rather than the playa…but as it stands he is one despicable character no matter the excuse. And I really can’t find an excuse for him and the culture of corruption that allows people like him to squander our potential. The sooner we sound the death knell of pay for play politics and get 100 percent publically financed camapigns the sooner these rats will disappear from the scene of crime as government and be forced into some other hustle where they won’t be doing so much damage in the name of public service, of all things.

    Clean campaigns now:


  17. Anon?

    Your “populist” Andy Jackson was a slaveholder, kidnapper, serial mutilator, instigator of genocide and thief on a grand scale, pure and simple.

    When the US government declined his offer to invade Canada with the army he raised among landowners and others in Tennessee, he used it to massacre the Creek Indians.

    Florida was ostensibly ruled by the Spanish but their presence was barely more than some missions on the coast and arms trading with the mixed tribes of Native Americans and escaped slaves who later became known as Seminoles. Having armed escaped slaves and natives on the Georgia border was an unacceptable security risk for the slave states of Georgia and South Carolina, so Jackson invaded and slaughtered his way up and down the Florida panhandle and into the penninsula and through the swamps, generally killing every male over the age of ten or eleven and selling the women and babies into slavery, thus making Florida safe for democracy.

    He is said to have personally taken hundreds of scalps of his black and Native American foes (a Spanish custom originally implemented to terrorize Native Americans, by the way) and preserved them, proudly displaying them in his parlor, where he would sit and smoke with friends.

    We learned in school that he was “Old Hickory” the original capital D Democrat, a man of the people who brought the popular will, frontier plain-spokeness and democracy to the White House. Creeks called him Sharp Knife. Choctaws simply called him the Devil.

    Tell that at your next Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner.

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