Congressional Race Update


The race to succeed Julia Carson is taking place behind the scenes because Carson, 69, is in the late stages of terminal lung cancer, she has no intention of resigning, and the process to name the Democratic nominee in a potential special election, should she pass away soon, is entirely in the hands of the 680 plus precinct committeepersons in the 7th Congressional District.    The rules of the Indiana Democratic Party are clear, A vacancy for U.S. House of Representatives shall be filled by a caucus of the eligible committeepersons whose precincts are within the congressional district.”        

Blogger Jim Shella is reporting that the vacancies in county precinct committeepersons are being filled rapidly in anticipation of having to name a nominee to succeed Ms. Julia.  In that inside baseball scenario, City-County Councilman Andre Carson, Ms. Carson’s grandson, is likely to have an advantage if his grandmother’s allies are filling the vacancies.


In Maryland, State Delegate Herman Taylor, a liberal and supposed friend of Al Wynn, has announced his candidacy for Congress against Al Wynn in an attempt to split the liberal vote progressive challenger Donna Edwards needs to de-throne the incumbent corporate whore.   The Washington Post is reporting that a delegation of business leaders came to Taylor to urge his candidacy.  If you believe that a so-called delegation of business leaders came to the independent conclusion that Taylor was better than Edwards on their own, I have a bridge in brooklyn for sale that I think would be a good retirement investment for you.

3 thoughts on “Congressional Race Update

  1. This is another attempt by Wynn to steal the election from Donna Edwards, using this chump to cipher off votes. And there are some fools in P. G. County actually drinking the kool-aid on this, too.

    Two brothas against one sista. I don’t like that math, and Herman Taylor needs to be shat on like a dog for engaging in this. Let’s dig up his connections to Wynn, so Donna can put him on the spot and ask him if he’s better than his good friend, “Fat Albert” on congressional issues, does that mean he didn’t like how Wynn’s doing the job?

  2. This is so much the OkeyDoke, Steve Wonder could see this. Donna Edwards is truly scaring them. This Shuffler needs to be exposed for the tool that he is.

  3. Nicole

    Not so fast! Herman Taylor is sharp, successful, and a much better choice than corrupt Wynn or crazy Edwards. If he raises the money, and I think he can, he could win. I think he is the best of the three.

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