Dollar Bill loses change of venue motion in federal corruption trial



Surprise, y’all. Corrupt “Dollar” Bill Jefferson lost his change of venue motion to the District of Columbia in his federal corruption trial. Now, he’ll hafta face the white folk in Northern Virginia and explain how all dat payola ended up in his damn freezer. Give the Lord a hand clap, y’all.

According to the Associated Press, “Rep. William J. Jefferson, D-La., had argued that the government unfairly brought charges against him in suburban Alexandria rather than the District of Columbia because it wanted a venue where fewer blacks are in the jury pool. Jefferson, who represents much of New Orleans, is black.”

“Prosecutors contend that northern Virginia is an appropriate venue because that is where Jefferson was caught on videotape accepting bribes, and because the alleged victim in the bribery scheme ran a business based in the area.”

I cannot wait until the white jury foreman delivers the verdict and pronounces Jefferson guilty. That moment of ecstasy will be better than an orgasm.



The Jefferson empire is crumbling right on schedule. His baby girl and political protege, Jalila Jefferson-Bullock, a lawyer and state representative, lost her bid for a promotion to the State Senate to the candidate I endorsed, Cheryl Gray, a few weeks ago. Gray beat her like she stole somethin’ 71% to 29%. Give the Lord another hand clap, y’all.

When they finally convict this Negro, sometime next year, I anticipate that my girl, Karen Carter, will be ready to step up and take her place in the U.S. House of Representatives.

8 thoughts on “Dollar Bill loses change of venue motion in federal corruption trial

  1. I like the new design. Though I love blue, is the red and green for the holiday season?

    LMAO at the picture of Jefferson. Is that a real picture, or a photoshop from someone imaginative?

    Glad to hear that his daughter lost.

  2. I like the new look of the blog, SB.

    As for Dollar Bill getting that change of venue, I told y’all there were enough Black people in Alexandria to get in that jury pool. I am a resident of Alexandria, and I might start praying I get picked for jury duty, LOL.

  3. TPJ,

    Remember now., don’t read…you don’t watch TV. You’ve never heard of Dollar Bill. You don’t know nuttin’ about Congress. Just give that deer in the headlights look to the judge and defense lawyers. Oh, and, of course, don’t wear a suit the day you’re first called to jury duty. Look as ‘plain’ as possible.

    Then, after being chosen, give a little Black Power Salute on your way out…….once around the corner from the courtroom, start the ‘ He’s going to jail’ dance. 🙂

  4. SB,

    Karen Carter just endorsed a Republican with a checkered past on civil rights issues and on voting rights for Speaker of the Louisiana House of Representatives. I think Karen should reevaluate that decision if she desires Jefferson’s seat. Regarding Jalila, I too am glad Cheryl Gray defeated her.

    But why is Karen allowing a Republican who supports decreased voting hours and other problematic initiatives for Speaker of the Louisiana House?

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