Mitt Romney’s Christmas Card (Revised)


I’m dreaming of White Christians
Just like the ones I need to win
As my hypocrisy glistens, 
and white folks listen 
To a slick Arkansas huckster trudging around Iowa in the snow 

I’m dreaming of White Christians 
With every Christmas card I write 
May your days be merry and bright 
And may all the rapists Huckabee lets out of prison be white 

I’m dreaming of White Christians 
With every Christmas card I write 
May your days be merry and bright 
And may all the rapists Huckabee lets out of prison be white

From my right-wing stepford family to yours, have a very Merry Christmas.

Remember, Jesus is the reason for the season and he wants you to support the strongest possible GOP candidate to beat Hillary Clinton and her radical leftist, homosexual agenda.

10 thoughts on “Mitt Romney’s Christmas Card (Revised)

  1. This is funny.
    You know that FlippingMitt curses everyday that Huckabee’s rapist was White.

    He’s like’ damn damn damn’!

    Now, I COULD be cynical and say that the reason the rapist thing HASNT dropped on old Huck like a rock was because he’s White….but, that would be almost too cynical….hmmmmmmmm

    ‘From my right-wing stepford family to yours’…BWA HA HA HA

    I swear, I looked at the Romney Family Christmas Card and just got chills…and not in a good way.

  2. LOL, can’t invoke Willie Horton up in this bastard!

    If one has to choose between Huckabee and Romney, I’d leave the country or cross over and vote Democratic if I were a ReThug.

    I’d like to ask Romney about the Mormon Church’s ban on Black folk until 1978 – just to see all the color drain out of his face and he becomes transparent…

    That’s the whitest Christmas card I’ve ever seen – and I have white friends who send me Christmas cards like that every year – but that’s because they have some relatives of different races that add color to the mix…all that card does is remind me of that JFK-esque speech he made the other day, which was as far from Jack Kennedy as Rush Limbaugh is from Al Sharpton.

  3. Daniel Caldwell

    The saddest thing I have seen is the ill will shown toward the competition. I respect Huckabee, McCain, Paul, and Thompson, but I do not plan to vote for them. I agree most closely with Romney of the bunch, and I also grew up in Michigan. My best friends were black.

    Oh by the way, Political Junkie, if you have questions about “Mormons,” look up the answers if you do not know any members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It is a lot easier to find an answer by looking it up on or than tracking down a presidential candidate.


  4. Saw this headline “S.C. Republicans Get Phony Romney Holiday Card” and just HAD to come over here to find this older post of yours since I wondered what our Skeptical Brotha might have been up to in South Carolina. Hmmmm, are we gonna hear about you when they “get to the bottom” of this??? 😉 Nah, it’s not as entertaining as your holiday cards and political commercials are. 🙂

  5. Don Ormsby

    There is ample material explaining the LDS Church’s decision to adopt an open position on blacks. The fact is, almost all churches have held restrictions on blacks through the years. You might wish to examine why Mr. Huckabee’s church is called the “Southern” Baptists. It was the desire of that group to be different from the “Northern” Baptists, so that slave ownership could continue with the southern (Huckabee’s) group.

    It seems strange to me that when an organization DOES make a change in a positive direction, no one seems to be able to accept it and move on. Instead, they spend time dwelling on the past, giving no recognition or appreciation for the new, more progressive position.

    If you think “Mormons” hate blacks, ask them why they are having so much success with their missions to Africa, and why they pour so much money into Africa digging fresh water wells, inoculating children, and providing health care, food and clothing to needy Africans both in and out of their church.

    If we want to end bigotry, it should be from both ends of the spectrum – black and white.

  6. The Book of Mormon writers wanted to wright
    the book in HEBREW
    which has no punctuation so it would be more perfect. But they
    wrote it in a language they did not speak (reformed Egyption)
    Type setters put about 1,300 punctuation’s errors in
    the first edition. Punctuation is a rather Recent thing.
    Timothy Wilson has straightened it out grammatical in his
    Plain English edition, talking about Christ’s earthly mother

    lets go right to the BOM (PE+ Plain Edition 1 Nephi 11:14
    …I saw a virgin who was pure and beautiful.

    And from BOM 1 Nephi 11:15
    ” …A virgin beautiful and fair above all other virgins.”

    The Babtist version of the BOM

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