Bill Shaheen’s Obama flap


Former New Hampshire Governor Jeanne Shaheen’s husband Bill, a prominent attorney and former Judge, put his foot in his mouth by his questioning of Barack Obama’s “background.”

According to the Associated Press, “Shaheen, an attorney and veteran organizer, had said much of Obama’s background is unknown and could be a problem in November 2008 if he is the Democratic nominee. He said Republicans would work hard to discover new aspects of Obama’s admittedly spotty youth.”

“It’ll be, ‘When was the last time? Did you ever give drugs to anyone? Did you sell them to anyone?'” said Shaheen, whose wife, Jeanne, is a former New Hampshire governor and is running for the U.S. Senate next year.”

“There are so many openings for Republican dirty tricks. It’s hard to overcome,” Shaheen said.”

Senator Clinton apologized for Shaheen’s racially insensitive remarks Thursday and Shaheen stepped down from his role as Co-Chair of Senator Clinton’s New Hampshire campaign.   I find it interesting that he would reveal his racial tone deafness in this fashion when his former law partner, New Hampshire Congressman Paul Hodes, is supporting Obama.  This week, Hodes’ other New Hampshire colleague in the house,  Carol Shea-Porter, endorsed Obama as well, reversing her stated intention to remain neutral.

Everywhere Obama stumped with Oprah,  his poll numbers improved and the race has tightened considerably.  For those who are buying the media line that Oprah doesn’t matter, the proof of the pudding is in the polls, especially among African American voters in South Carolina.   The Clintonistas are running scared and her so-called inevitability has been dramatically deflated. 

With anymore help like Bill Shaheen’s, he’ll help Hillary right out of the nomination.

24 thoughts on “Bill Shaheen’s Obama flap

  1. joeyali

    just wondering where there was anything stated that was racially insensitive… could you point it out for me? thanks…


  2. They’re trying to ‘Willie Horton’ him, SB.

    You know it. And I know it.

    Scare the White folk in Iowa, and then, get their Handkerchief Heads for Hillary to justify voting for a woman, whose already told you that she’s going to win the election on the backs of incarcerated Black folk.

    We must suffer through this racist BS when it comes from a Republican.

    But, I’ll be damned if I’m going to suffer through it from a Democrat.

  3. I am annoyed by both parties.

    I have long been critical of liberals’ claim to be so in favor of Black empowerment, while at the same time favoring the most destructive policies to Black families. The effect of these policies is nowhere near as easy to overcome for us as it is for those who are in the more priveleged sectors of the national populace.

    I am so annoyed that the conservatives have not fought harder to ensure that the net benefit of conservatism has been a major empowerment to us. And then these so-called conservatives waffle so much, why believe them anyway?

    However, now the democrats resort to their old ways in the ante- and post-bellum South where they were the party of slavery, Jim Crow and the Ku Klux Klan. Jefferson Davis said that it was a mistake for the founding fathers to include us as equals, and now that we have a real candidate, here we go again.

    I will most likely not vote for any of the candidates of either party, because of their positions on the moral issues, however, I will show up and be counted at the polls – even if I have to write my own name in a couple of places. But I have been paying attention to the run-up to the run-up to the election. As soon as I heard the words fall out of Hillary’s mouth, I knew what was up. Forget about her henchmen’s words, how about, “he’s not experienced…” Forgive me, but it sounded more to me like “he doesn’t know his place”. Then of course the stereotypes set in, like those from her white henchmen referring to him as a possible drug dealer, and the Black henchmen attacking him as not “Black” enough. Or an even more vehement attack by a L.A. Times writer. Funny, Bill was never accused of being a pot dealer, and he nor any other candidate was ever attacked for being “White” enough. And on the experience matter, just what does qualify Hillary to be President? Is she admitting that she was playing a far more active role in the running of our country while Bill was out philandering?

    I’m sick of the whole mess, the personal attacks, character assassinations, et cetera, ad nauseum. Nevertheless I will show up first Tuesday in November, even if it is to write my own name.

    Anybody hear of debating ideas?

  4. I’m with Essex. After watching the Democrats get the majority in both Houses of Congress, they continually give away the store to Mr. 25% Approval Rating, and for what?

    They need to just clean house in Congress (no pun intended). All of them, save for Russ Feingold in the Senate, and Maxine Waters, Barbara Lee in the House – the rest can get swept out with the rest of the trash.

    As for the Borg Queen, it’s never entered her mind that Obama could actually beat her in the primary and her whole campaign is running scared.

    So, she starts throwing roundhouse punches at Obama. Which backfires and causes her to look desperate instead of front-runner.

    Like Rikyrah, even if she wins the nomination, I’m writing in my own candidate – that’s who’s getting my vote, for what it’s worth. I would not be surprised if the 2008 election gets stolen by Diebold, or martial law gets declared with the elections being canceled altogether.

    Rudy Giuliani tried this in New York right after 9/11. Only New Yorkers had had enough of his ass, even after 9/11, to tell him to get the hell out of office – that he’d done his terms and needed to go, and take his mistress-kept-with-taxpayer-money with him.

  5. As for the Borg Queen, it’s never entered her mind that Obama could actually beat her in the primary and her whole campaign is running scared.

    This is truly the case, TPJ. I thought the Youtube moment from the last debate totally summed up the entire Clinton/Obama race.

    When she cackled at the question to Obama about having Clinton folks, and then, he gave that comeback to her.

    Obama: “Hillary, I’m looking forward to you advising me as well.”

    For all the Uppity Negroes in America, that was a beautiful moment.

    It is the sense of entitlement that I just have never been able to get past. Like this woman is ENTITLED to be PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, because she let that man publicly humiliate her with his infidelity.

    No. I don’t think so.

  6. Everywhere Obama stumped with Oprah, his poll numbers improved and the race has tightened considerably. For those who are buying the media line that Oprah doesn’t matter, the proof of the pudding is in the polls, especially among African American voters in South Carolina.

    I agree with this. Cracks me up. Oprah doesn’t matter? Uh huh. Ok.

  7. Don’t you get policat strategy? Shaheen made the attack on Obama, it was all part of the plan, the New Hampshire firewall. Then Hillary pretends that he was acting on his own and that she would never attack. It’s the oldest trick in the book.

    Obama is about to roar ahead and Hillary is so lustful of power, that she will now have to take the VP slot.

  8. Anonymous


    I’m the same Anonymous from way back. Just to let you know, this joeyali (a.k.a. josey, JoeCHI on other blogs) is Joe Novak, a longtime dirty trickster working for the Clinton campaign from Chicago who couldn’t dig up any real dirt on Barack, so they decided to read his books.

  9. Anonymous

    Also the Mick above is Mick Gregory, who, if you follow his links, has several articles up on his blog decrying the fact that attacks in Kansas and Maryland by blacks on whites (I haven’t verified the attacks) don’t bring out the National Guard in those states. That may be because those National Guardsmen are in IRAQ being shot at and blown up, but, I forgot, that’s not important anymore. He seems to think that whites are endangered in America due to black violence on them.

  10. Lucia Akech

    The Queen of England ruled the Africans using their chiefs. After independence, Britain formed alliance with other friendly countries which has enabled them to have a strangle hold on the continent using the African’s elected elites. In those territories where elections are held, people go to the polls to elect these people who in turn deliver nothing except atrocities to the rest of the population.

    The political parties in this country are using similar tactics on the Black community. They prefer to use the Black church leaders, elected officials and other black elites (TV & radio personalities, professors,.., you name it) to get (a) black votes during a given election (b) contract deals for those services needed in that minority areas.

    I do not know whether there are financial incentives dished out to these Black leaders for their community voters drives. If this is the case, then their action is very costly to the rest of the Black Community. The fees they get for their vote getting efforts are peanuts compared to the financial gains and power wielded by those who end up winning the elections. The republicans always shy away from black votes because they are very successfully at using “Jim Crow” materials to bring white voters to their camp . Many Democratic elected officials need black votes to beat Republicans only where they know that vote will make a difference in the outcome.

    Look very carefully at the proportion of white versus black in the states where Obama’s kindergarten essay or experimental drug uses were, intentionally, highlighted by Hillary. New Hampshire is 96.1% white population and 1.0% black. Iowais 94.9% white and 2.3% black. You do not need a brain surgeon to conclude that Hillary was very aware of the damage she intended to inflict in these states. This was exactly “Willy Horton moment” directed towards Obama by the powerful Clinton’s campaign machine. The machine does not really care about losing 1.0% and 2.3% of the black votes in New Hampshire and Iowa respectively. To me, this is a covert black voters nullification method similar to one employed by the Bush’s machine in Florida in 2000. The firing of Shaheen and that ridiculous apology to Mr. Obama indicate shameless public display of hypocrisy that Bill and Hillary have mastered so well. The Black leaders supporting the Clintons , for some mysterious reasons, have allowed themselves to be porns in this wonderful game at the expense of millions of blacks in this country. I hope the individual personal gain by these elites is worth it!!!

    The one sided love affair between the Democrats and the elites in the Black Community merely exists because their voters drive roles make a difference in those areas where the democrats would lose if Black voters stay home on an election day.

    When you look at the Black population under the poverty gun or those loaded with debts because the organized power brokers have decided that predatory lending must target this particular group, it very difficult to rationalize why a small group of people in our community should be herding us to the voting booth so cheaply. There are people out there who, religiously, vote elections after elections while their lives deteriorate.

    Hillary is now promising a universal healthcare which, like Foster Care and No Child Left Behind, will benefit those powerful leeches with sophisticated methods to siphon any tax dollar attached to a system like that.

    Many in the Black community are yearning for good paying jobs or opportunities that would allow them to can take charge of their destiny instead of dealing those leech mobiles. No human being can be whole if most of the decisions affected his/her life is being channeled through a third party in exchange for gratuities.

  11. Chesapeake

    What the Clinton campaign is doing now, and black America is unwittingly accepting, is stereotyping Obama. In America, “drug dealer” is just one of the negative labels placed on black men. There is no way anyone can buy the fact that Obama being a drug dealer became an issue raised by accident by the Clinton campaign! This is a calculated, desperate attempt to slow Obama’s role to the top of the leaderboard.

    I support neither Obama nor Clinton, but the tactics that killed Dukakis’ and Jerry Brown’s campaigns are too costly for us to sit back and let Clinton do this to Obama. Hopefully, you Clinton supporters will make her feel the pain of besmudging Obama. Clinton will ride your votes to the White House, appoint some of those “civil rights leaders'” “elite” cronies to meaningless posts, play it safe for four years, and likely drop us like a bad (cocaine) habit in 2013. She DOES NOT have half the heart and soul of Bill (even though Bill didn’t have half the heart and soul of Kennedy, Johnson, or Carter).

    It’s time to tear back the skin and see what all these candidates are REALLY about!

  12. Maybe I’m the only one, but Clinton’s interview on Charlie Rose reeked to me of:

    Who does this Uppity Negro think he is?

    But, maybe, I’m just too ‘ sensitive’.

  13. Yes, I had the same feeling. Don’t forget that the Arkansas state flag still has the Confederate Dixie flag within its design. No mention of that in the New York Times. But that’s just symbolisim.

    Watch more dirt fall on Obama, with Hillary playing innocent.

  14. I’m sorry to hear the CBC lost another progressive sista in Julia Carson. I just hope her successor brings the same thing to the table she did.

    As for the Borg Queen, her sense of entitlement to POTUS because she wasn’t blowing her man, has been threatened by Obama, but she also knows that while that negative campaigning might work in New Hampshire (their motto is “Live Free or Die” you know), it’s not gonna work in Iowa; she’s tried it, and the Iowans are responding by going for Obama and John Edwards.

    Here’s what I’m hoping for: Obama and the Borg Queen cancel one another out; Edwards gets the nod, and offers the VP slot to Obama. Then, if the ReThugs put up Huckabee, Romney or TrudiJuliannie, an Edwards-Obama ticket will be so difficult to beat, they would be forced to rig the election.

    The ReThugs want Hillary because they believe they can beat her. They don’t want Edwards, Obama, or even Christopher Dodd, for that matter, because those guys can beat them.

    Biden is a joke – he needs to get back to the Senate and his hair plugs.

    Kucinich needs to get back to Congress and see if he can wrestle the Speakership away from Nancy Pelosi.

    Ron Paul needs to get back to Congress and try to turn the ReThugs back into respectable Republicans.

    John McCain needs to call it a day; he’s seventy and too damned old to be President. Look what happened the last time America put an old man in the White House. Reagan started the policies that have ruined this country 25 years later.

    Mitt Romney needs to go back to being a High Priest in the Mormon Church, and take Mike Huckabee with him.

    Fred Thompson needs to see if he can get his carpetbagging DA role back on “Law and Order” (I’m hoping they will actually hire a new actor for that role that wasn’t so damned partisan).

    Alan Keyes needs to crawl back under his rock. What does he do for a living when he’s not running for POTUS, or throwing his children out on the street because they’re gay?

    I forgot Mike Gravel. So has the rest of the Country…

  15. Xerox

    Obama and the Borg Queen cancel one another out; Edwards gets the nod

    This is actually what I predict to happen. Clinton or Obama either cancel each other out or when it gets down to the real thing, some “liberals” won’t vote for a Black or a female as president.

  16. I’m an Indiana-based author-columnist, specializing in political and economic issue. My current research project is how loan servicing companies steal black land and property, including billions of dollars in farm land, using dirty tricks, forgery and tame judges.
    The dirty tricksters have tried the same crap they’re targeting Obama with, on black farmers, namely trying to pain them as deadbeats or thieves who are stealing loan money.
    Make no mistake, folks, this is all about money, about the back yard deals and machinations of connected insiders within the nation’s bureaucracy. Check out some of my work:
    Mortgage servicing fraud–Black farmers say: “We told you so”
    Bay Area Indymedia, CA – Dec 13, 2007
    by Monica Davis … privately held Great Western Bancorporation has just been bought by the National Australia Bank for $798 million. …

    Corruption, fraud bringing down US bank system: Foreclosure just …
    Bay Area Indymedia, CA – Dec 8, 2007
    by Monica Davis ( davis4000_2000 [at] ) Corrupting, collusion and fraud inside the nation’s legal, banking and credit industry at the root of a …
    The Road Ahead: A Crisis in Housing, Fuel and Credit
    Bay Area Indymedia, CA – Nov 25, 2007
    by Monica Davis ( davis4000_2000 [at] ) Many people are already simplifying their lives as a result of higher fuel prices, credit problems and …

  17. I’d like to see Edwards snatch the primary from Clinton and Obama, too. I think Obama’s ego is too big to allow him to accept the vice presidency. And speaking of large egos…how in hell do he and Oprah appear together on one stage and leave enough oxygen in the room for a poodle? Is every venue an outdoor arena?

  18. Tess

    Edwards is such a phony. I can’t believe people are buying into this “better vote for the white southern man” BS. This is the same guy who couldn’t even carry his home state in 04. He went from total a DLC guy to an old school populist in a matter of months after he helped lose the election. If he wins Iowa, HIllary wins the nomination, period. He’s fighting with one arm behind his back because he doesn’t havy any money and the Clintons are praying this phony wins Iowa. He talks a good talk, but the man hasn’t walked the walk. He’s basically claiming that he’s everything that Obama is, and that’s just not true.

    Why democrats would put up yet another candidate who voted for his war is beyond me. So what if he apologized, the vote happened and an apology won’t erase it.

  19. Tess,

    You might want to think twice about anointing Barack as the “anti-war” candidate– he backed up his commitment to increase overall American troop strength in Iraq with a promise to invade Pakistan. Then he publicly declared a willingness to use nuclear weapons on a case-by-case basis, as did Hillary. But I guess dropping a big one means never having to say you’re sorry.

  20. I really feel sorry for liberal Democrats who think Edwards is anything but a phony with a $300 hair cut.

    He is good looking though. Maybe that’s it? How about the “love child?”
    That should add some points for him, he is “sexy.”

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