Al Sharpton’s 2004 Presidential Committee being investigated


In what could only be charitably called suspicious timing, the FBI announced a federal investigation into Al Sharpton’s 2004 campaign finances.      The Village Voice covered this in depth and shows us how shaky and nefarious all that bidness was and so I won’t do so again here.   However, after this was announced late last week and a Grand Jury impaneled for December 26th, I waited for a plausible explanation from the Department of Injustice about why they seem so damn pressed about this crap now.   This whole series of events is tailor made for skeptical negroes like myself to point the finger and say, “See they messin’ wit him again because he done got on their cases for ignoring the rash of nooses and racial terrorism in this country and the Jena 6.”   I would respectfully submit that if its political corruption that y’all are after, Chicago Mayor Rich Daley, a Barack Obama patron, is a more ripe target for a corruption probe.

7 thoughts on “Al Sharpton’s 2004 Presidential Committee being investigated

  1. Chesapeake

    Sharpton’s a scary dude when he gets on the kind of role he’s been on this year. The powers that be know that all it takes is a mere accusation to get people (who are coming around to understanding Sharpton and his crusade) to retract. They could not let Sharpton go on for much longer and keep knocking down three-pointers without doing something to check and guard him.

  2. Well, considering who’s at the Dept. Of ‘Justice’, my only question is..

    “What took them so long?”

    And, I mean, come on, they went after the NAACP and others a few years ago. You expect ANYTHING less from THIS bunch?

    Like I said, this is fun for them until 2009.

  3. Al must have borrowed money from the ReThugs and haven’t repaid it.

    I was through with this brotha when it became known he ran for POTUS on the ReThug’s dime…

    But he’s been talking major trash about Shrubya, so this might be Shrubya’s way of harassment. After all, this is the guy who exposed an undercover CIA operative and pardoned the guy who was supposed to be slung under the bus for it.

  4. denise

    IMO, the timing of this Reverend Sharpton flap is a GOP tactic to distinguish itself from the current black vote and Obama factors dilemna facing the Democrats.

    The GOP is using the start of the primary season to feed its base with a resounding “ we ain’t scared to take on those people” message. It’s the same tactic that prompted ALL of the GOP front-runners to stop fighting long enough to collectively diss the Tavis debate.

    They are merely preparing the battlefield for their nominee.

    As for Rev, let’s see where this goes. I’m sure he knows a thing or two about political hardball.

  5. Citing anyone for “impropriety” under our current campaign finance system is, to quote a line from “Apocalypse now”, like handing out speeding tickets at the Indy 500.

  6. Cliff

    This whole series of events is tailor made for skeptical negroes like myself to point the finger and say, “See they messin’ wit him again because he done got on their cases for ignoring the rash of nooses and racial terrorism in this country and the Jena 6.”


    This is one of the black leaders that they hate with a passion. They spend every minute of their lives trying to destroy his credibility, his history, his political activism, his (as what he calls) civil disobedience. The mainstream white media’s opinion hates the sound of Al Sharpton’s voice, and opinion. Why is he considered so much of a threat? I used to consider him a safe Negro, but recently following the strike of Imus snake, (while we’re continuing to heal from the wounds and still trying to pull the fangs out of our necks), and the leading of the JENA 6 protests, I would say that he has transcended himself into the field where he has to battle the oppressor, on a toe-to-toe basis, which would lead to… (I don‘t know maybe a little media hatred here and there, maybe a few FBI investigations from the loving care, and a couple white supremacy inspired Grand Jury Indictments, just to share. His “white credibility” has been compromised, and his “safe Negroe tokens” have been exhausted. I’ll bet this is what the mainstream thought process is… “ How does he have the courage to speak as he does, since we are not financing him any more?” “What gives a Reverend the right to defy our rules, when it comes to Negr-as?” “He doesn’t listen to the counter-terrorism campaign that we launch against him in the media.” “How dare he defy us?”

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