Cynthia McKinney announces for President


Former Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, defeated for re-election by a handkerchief head Negro, has moved to California, enrolled in a Ph.d program, switched parties, and announced a bid for President on the Green Party ticket. Whatcha’ll think?

13 thoughts on “Cynthia McKinney announces for President

  1. john in california

    If Dennis the K doesn’t get the dem nod, Cynthia has my vote, ‘caus she’s right and I love them crazy eyes!

  2. She has at least as much right as any of the others to run. I just taped a video interview with Green Party candidate Elaine Brown earlier today for BAR, and a couple months ago interviewed Green Party candidate Jared Ball.

    Our policy is that we will publish at least two or three interviews with each Green Party candidate because we know the corporate media shuts them out entirely, and we ain’t followin’ THEIR lead no how.

    Guess I gotta call Cynthia up and tell her the door is open for a video interview with her too, next time she’s back in town, or our paths cross in DC, NY or Chi.

  3. Whoo! It was up in the air between Lamont and Nader, but now that McKinney is in, then the only way she will lose is another one of those Jewish conspiracies.

  4. Zeitgeist9000

    Why does Hank Johnson have to be “handkerchief head”? He talks deliberately and he’s a Buddhist. He best “Miss Controversial,” and it seems he’s not universally admired as the upstanding member of the CBC that he is. Is he too corporate for your tastes, Mr. Skeptical?

  5. Y’all are sick with that. Every time Cynthia gets mentioned here you got to act like AIPAC money had nooothing to do with funding her opposition. Go somewhere where they might buy that chit like Daily Kos and leave these pages unsoiled please, tyvm.

  6. Zeitgeist, you do your screen name no favors with your comments about Ms. McKinney.

    I’m sick of SOBs like you who believe because a Black woman speaks her mind, holds firm to her values, and expresses her anger, has to be labeled either as “bat-shyt crazy”, a “ghetto slut” or “Loony”.

    Black people aren’t going to tone down their anger because it makes others uncomfortable. We’ve been angry for over 400 years – don’t be fooled by those who are grinning Stepin Fetchits like Hank Johnson.

    Wait for it – that tie to AIPAC will be as bright as the morning Sun, the minute Johnson tries to say anything in favor of Palestine or against Holy Joe Lieberman. Book it.

  7. Cliff

    You go, Sistah. Use all the professionalism, intelligence, remark ability you can.

    Go ahead, run for President.

    Do, everything you can.

    Just don’t woop another security officer’s ass 🙂

  8. Cynthia McKinney is a great American. Brave and fair. I just can’t imagine her walking around the white house with all the paintings of old white racist hanging on the walls. Still, she is at the top of my list for the white house.


    You go girl! I found out one of her secret weapons! Looks like she is preparing a site for launch. When i visited the site it displays a socialnetwork. I think dude this is hightech

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    Power to the People
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    Expires on: 03-Dec-08
    Last Updated on: 02-Dec-07

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    Dance, T
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  10. Marla K.

    I believe the African warrioress Cynthia McKinney should have continued her fight for the recount of votes in her last attempt to return to the U S congress. District 4 is very largely African American women and I refuse to believe black women fell for that obvious right wing effort coming from the white house to bring her down.

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