National Enquirer report: John Edwards has a love child


The National Enquirer is reporting as fact the juicy tidbit that  Presidential candidate John Edwards, aka”the Breck Girl,” has allegedly gotten a campaign staffer knocked up with his love child.  The struggling presidential contender might do well to be perceived as a Clintonesque rogue and alpha male so that folks would get off the dime nationally and support him. Of course, straight-laced Iowans might feel differently about him if faced with the nauseating prospect of more Oval Office hanky panky.   If Clinton fatigue means anything, it means folks are tired of the Clinton style soap opera, Bush style B.S., and just want some damn competence. If Mrs. Edwards comments publicly and alludes to not being a Tammy Wynette stand by your man patsy and to a vast right-wing conspiracy, then we’ll know what’s up. 

15 thoughts on “National Enquirer report: John Edwards has a love child

  1. denise

    Wasn’t there a claim during the 2000 campaign that John McCain had a black love child on da low?.

    Rumor wise, is this a case of same soup, different bowl??

  2. Chesapeake

    This is run of the mill tabloid stuff. The Inquirer started this rumor almost 3 months ago, and it didn’t get attention from the mainstream media. The Inquirer’s trying it again, and still no real investigative journalists are touching it.

    Roger Altman the owner of the Inquirer is a major Clinton donor. This is just more sleaze from Clinton. This was predictable. There’s more sleaze from her to come.

    I’m not so naive to say that the rumor is not possible, and you’re right, this would kill Edwards in Iowa and shut down his bid. But until there’s credible proof, I DONT BELIEVE IT ONE BIT!! Credit Clinton with this junk!

  3. Um,

    put on the tinfoil hat with me everyone.

    LAST week’s headline: Steadman tells Oprah – I’VE HAD ENOUGH
    beneath that – (it’s because of Obama).

    THIS week’s headline: John Edwards has a ‘love child’.

    Now, maybe it’s a COINCIDENCE?

    And, maybe it’s a COINCIDENCE that Clinton PAL and HUGE BOOSTER – Mr. BURKLE just bought The Enquirer.

    I’m not saying that it’s not true….

    I’m just saying that I have r-e-s-e-r-v-a-t-i-o-n-s.

  4. denise

    I don’t believe any of this stuff.

    And, yeah, I saw that shit about Oprah and Stedman. Like I said, it’s tin foil and popcorn time! LOL

  5. How long have we been hearing rumors about Oprah and Stedman? They’ve been breaking up since 1999. Moving On.

    As much as Elizabeth Edwards has been around, and as good-looking as John Edwards is, the fact that the National Enquirer is reporting this, has me outright dismissing this until he comes forward and admits to the crime.

    OTOH, Romney, Huckabee and Giuliani have all been caught with their slips showing and being reported in major media outlets who can be subjected to being sued if they’re making shyt up.

    Huckabee’s son is an animal abuser – but he won’t be sharing a cell with Michael Vick no time soon.

    Romney’s pappy did not march with Martin Luther King – he probably was as far away from marching in the sixties as Andy Young is from reality today.

    Giuiliani denied cheating on his wife and keeping his mistress with taxpayer money.

    All can be proven, but where’s the “staffer” who has Edwards’ love child? And if the kid is older than five years, that means she was preggers during the ’04 elections and didn’t say shyt until know. I will take this with a spoonful of salt…;-(

  6. Denise:

    Yeah, McCain got hit with that rumor. His daughter is from Bangladesh, but she could pass for a sista. But, guess who slung out that rumor?

    KKKarl Rove – meaning, “I’m George Bush and I approve of sliming my opponents.”

  7. Political Junkie,

    She’s pregnant now, as in today, at this moment in time. This allegation ain’t true. I believe its clear that it isn’t but it is juicy, plausible and interesting.

  8. Denise,

    You ARE crazy….LOL

    I don’t think I’ve come across a more insincere politician on the national scene than Romney. He’s literally a shapeshifter. Did he actually think that folks wouldn’t check out the claim of a MORMON, whose church had, until 1978, that Black folk couldn’t get into heaven as anything but SLAVES, was marching with Dr. King?

    RUdy is an honest thug and bully.
    The Huckster is an honest theocrat.
    This guy gives snakeoil salesman a bad name.

  9. Vev

    I’m not putting anyone’s hand in the fire for anyone else’s indiscretion. The National Enquirer wouldn’t lie about this!

  10. The Angry Independent

    Leave it to Black bloggers to post this nonsense. I saw one other “Black blogger” mention this a couple of days ago…saying that it was a new revelation. BULL… this came out a few months ago…and went nowhere.

    Can’t say i’m surprised.

    Like Political Junkie has mentioned… other candidates with real verified dirt get little attention. Yet probably the best, most viable candidate that we have (and the only one with some sort of platform for working people) gets attacked….from the very folks who might benefit from his leadership/Presidency.

    I guess it’s good for blog traffic though.

  11. Denise

    Here’s a little something to ponder with your morning coffee/tea:

    “The 77-year-old businessman hasn’t endorsed a candidate, but has said he is willing to throw his substantial fundraising capabilities behind both Mrs. Clinton and Democratic rival Barack Obama. ”

    Interesting. Warren “Big Money Grip” Buffett’s move is viewed as “pragmatic”. He’s working the system. However, it seems that when black folks, particularly black power brokers, attempt the same strategy, they’re labeled as “hankie heads”.

    What gives?

    [p.s. this is not about my support or lack thereof for any of the Democratic front-runners. I don’t have a dog in this fight, per se. I changed my voting status from Democrat – a lifetime one, I might add – to “non-affiliated” a while ago].

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