Trent Lott officially resigns from the U.S. Senate


After 35 years in the U.S. Congress, Mississippi Republican Trent Lott officially stepped down from the U.S. Senate last night after casting a series of late votes.  Once at the pinnacle of power as Senate Majority Leader, he is famous for saying at former Segregationist Senator Strom Thurmond’s 100th birthday party “I want to say this about my state: When Strom Thurmod ran for president, we voted for him.  We’re proud of it.  And if the rest of the country had followed our (racist) lead, we wouldn’t have had all these problems (Uppity Nigra’s) over all these years, either.” He leaves the Senate to pursue other interests-presumably, as has been reported, a lucrative gig on K street as a lobbyist, corporate whore, and free lance segregationist.   Mississippi’s right-wing governor, Haley Barbour, has a self-imposed ten day deadline to huddle with GOP grand dragons and select another pinstripe Klansman to replace Lott. 

22 thoughts on “Trent Lott officially resigns from the U.S. Senate

  1. I’m with SB…it’s hard to see how they could go any worse? The same sort of slime, sure. Worse…man, that would really be scraping the endtrails.

  2. Chesapeake

    Ernesto’s probably right – Govenor Barbour will select someone worse that Lott. We’re in one of those ugly periods in this country’s cycle when we have to deal with bold responses to bold attempts to advance and progress. Expect a backlash appointment.

  3. denise

    “We’re in one of those ugly periods in this country’s cycle when we have to deal with bold responses to bold attempts to advance and progress.”

    Well said, Chesapeake! I totally agree.

  4. I still say he’s a Mississippi Sissy. I’m just sorry it couldn’t be confirmed that he was snuggling with a rent boy here in DC, whispering “Dixie” in his ear… 😉

    But, good riddence to bad rubbish…however that saying goes.

    Next on my list – that slime in Georgia, Saxby Chambliss, followed by Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham in short order (I’m waiting for all of these queens to get caught with their slips showing).

  5. the kkk need toget a life every 1 should live togather just cause other people arnt white or are jews and well i dont care about gays lol but i think teh kkk need to grow up!!!!!

  6. chronos

    Hey t pal,

    Merry Christmas to you.

    You just keep enjoying buggering those nearest and dearest to you now, ya hear.

    I am just thankful you haven’t yet figured out what vaginal sex is, so you are still unable to produce any more inbred offspring with your ma, sis, or first girl cousins. If God is good, maybe you never will.


  7. king kirk

    i just found out that the kkk groups are all Gay….wow….way to go you butt loving shit pushers….lol

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