Outgoing Indianapolis Mayor, Bart Peterson, bows out of race for Carson seat



Bart Peterson, Mayor of IndianapolisJulia May Carson

Hat Tip:  By Brendan  O’ Shaughnessy, Indianapolis Star 
The person most likely to clear the field among potential Democratic candidates interested in filling Rep. Julia Carson’s 7th District seat said Wednesday he will not run.   Mayor Bart Peterson said he will not seek the seat that Carson held until her death Saturday. A spokeswoman said the mayor will not seek political office now but has not ruled out a future campaign. Peterson leaves office at the end of this month after being defeated in the November election by Republican Greg Ballard. The Democratic field includes Carson’s grandson, Andre Carson, who hasn’t said he would run but who nonetheless received a vow of support from former U.S. Rep. Andy Jacobs. It was Jacobs who helped Julia Carson win his old seat in 1996.”
After Saturday’s funeral and the Christmas holiday, we’ll find out who among the African American candidates will remain in contention for this seat.  From the outside looking in, it looks to be a real tug of war between Congresswoman Carson’s grandson, Andre, a City-County Councilman and four others:  Reps. Carolene Mays, Greg Porter, Marion County Tresurer Michael Rodman and Center Township Trustee Carl Drummer.   While not a majority African American constituency, it seems as if it is becuase of the names being bandied about.   It will ultimately be up to the Marion County Democratic Party who fills this vacancy.  

Obama’s Christmas Ad


Going along with the trend that Mike Huckabee started, Barack Obama released a Christmas ad to the voters in the early states. In my minds eye, after nearly a year of campaigning, I’ve envisioned the process of cutting this ad in the following parody.  

1st script, first take 

Michelle: We’re the Huxtables… 

Director: CUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Take two  

Michelle:  We’re the Obamas, coming to you once again to shamelessly pander…….. 

Director: CUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Take three 

Michelle:   We’d like to take a moment to thank you and your family for the curiosity and blank stares displayed on your pasty white faces as you’ve marveled over how my Black, Ivy League educated husband can so articulately express himself in a way that is so raceless and non-threatening. 

Barack:  In this commercialized holiday season, we’re reminded of the conspicuous consumption and right-wing laisse faire capitalism that unites us as a people. It is more powerful and enduring than anything any one candidate will say or do and it damn sure won’t change if you vote for me. So from our bougie Huxtableesque family to yours, I’m the great white liberal hope, Barack Obama and I approved this family friendly propaganda.  

Malia: Merry Christmas 

Sasha: Mama, who y’all talking too?  

Michelle says through clenched teeth: Say your line, baby. 

Sasha: Mama, you didn’t answer my question.

Malia:  Daddy, are we done? Can we go home now? 

Barack through a frozen smile: No, Malia. Sasha, say your line. 

Sasha:  Y’all been frontin for these white folks for a year and I am tired.  When is this gonna be over? 

Director: CUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

The final product. 

Michelle: We’d like to take a moment to thank you and your family for the warmth and friendship that you’ve shown ours, for sharing your hospitality, and your stories.   

Barack: In this holiday season, we’re reminded that the things that unite us as a people are more powerful and enduring than anything that sets us apart and we all have a stake in each other, in something larger than ourselves.  So from our family to yours, I’m Barack Obama and I approve this message. 

Malia: Merry Christmas. 

Sasha: Happy Holidays.