Drama continues to stalk Kai Franklin


 Darius Miller

Hat Tip: By Megan Matteucci, Steve Visser, Atlanta Journal Constitution

A professional fitness trainer with a celebrity clientele —- including Usher and several National Football League players —- remained in a coma Thursday after being severely beaten in a downtown Atlanta parking lot.

Darius Miller, 41, was escorting Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin’s two daughters about 2:50 a.m. Wednesday when a group of men tried to videotape the women as they left a nightclub on Peachtree Street downtown, according to his cousin, Ken Miller.

“These guys were trying to videotape Shirley Franklin’s daughters and Darius tried to stop them,” Miller said Thursday. “Ten guys ganged up on him. They beat him until he was unconscious.”

Ken Miller was not present when the attack happened, but had eaten dinner with his cousin earlier on Christmas Day. He said he later spoke to several of the women who were with his cousin that night.

Mayor Shirley Franklin confirmed that her daughters, Kai Franklin Graham, 35, and Kali Jamilla Franklin, 29, were with Miller and a couple of friends when the videotaping took place.

The mayor, who said she is skiing in Colorado with her 8-year-old grandson, said she did not know Miller but was concerned about his well-being.

“I’ve talked to my daughters but I don’t know anything officially,” Franklin said. “I don’t know why 15 guys —- or 10 people or five —- would jump on one person regardless of what was said.”

Atlanta police spokesman Officer James Polite said the men turned on Miller “and physically assaulted him to the point where he had to go to the hospital.”

“He was just outnumbered and overpowered,” Polite said.

Miller was taken to nearby Emory Crawford Long Hospital, where he remained in the intensive care unit Thursday evening.

“We’re trying to wait it out and keep saying our prayers,” Ken Miller said.

Darius Miller had Christmas dinner with his family, including his cousin, and then took Franklin’s two daughters and several other women to Django and Verve, nightclubs on Peachtree.

Darius Miller is a career fitness trainer who also has dabbled in entertainment promotions. He worked at an Atlanta gym for eight to 10 years before starting his own business about five years ago, his cousin said.

According to his cousin, Darius Miller has trained Usher, Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Takeo Spikes, former New York Giants player Carlos Emmons and “Cosby Show” star Keisha Knight Pulliam, who visited Miller in the hospital Wednesday, his cousin said.

One of the mayor’s daughters who was with Miller that night was Kai Franklin Graham, who recently pleaded guilty in federal court in South Carolina to money laundering charges involving cash transfers from her ex-husband.

The ex-husband, Tremayne Graham, is serving a life sentence in a high-security federal prison in Kentucky for his role in a massive cocaine trafficking operation.

Franklin Graham has not yet been sentenced, but under her plea agreement with federal prosecutors she is expected to avoid prison.

Police said the attack on Miller occurred in a parking lot in the 400 block of Peachtree Street, but they would not confirm whether the women involved were Franklin’s daughters.

In a police report released to the media, no information on witnesses was included and the description of the fight said only that the assailants were “videotaping individuals walking to and away from the parking lot.”

Franklin said she did not instruct the police or city officials to cover up information that her daughters were with Miller. Franklin referred all questions to police Chief Richard Pennington or his staff.

“I haven’t talked to anyone officially … and I’m not involved in the investigation,” Franklin said. “Chief Pennington is in charge of his section of the city. … I’m sitting in 100 inches of snow on vacation.”

Police have made no arrests, Polite said. He did not know how many attackers were being sought.

If y’all ask me, the Mayor needs to explain why people keep getting hurt behind her daughter.

11 thoughts on “Drama continues to stalk Kai Franklin

  1. Does this story make ANY sense to anyone else?

    They were just ‘videotaping’ the young women, and suddenly it turned into a mob beatdown?

    Does that pass the smell test for anyone here?

    Unless they were a film crew, ‘videotaping’ is what, MAYBE 2 people involved, and these days, with the kind of equipment available to amateurs, only ONE.

    So, riddle me this folks..

    10 folks jumping on this man?


    She’s not running with the right crowd, people. And, you are The Company You Keep.

    Once again, someone else gets hurt because of decisions that she makes. She looks like a Black Daisy Buchanan.

  2. rikyrah,

    If this woman is such a thug magnet, why doesn’t she have a police detail? Folk keep gettin beatdown and killed behind this sistah and her drug dealin’ man and I just hafta keep asking why? Somethin’ ain’t right.

  3. set it straight

    I too am tired of this chick doing dirt and getting cleaned up. She is so wrong and does need to sit her little square azz down somewhere and chill out. She is the black paris hilton, no talent but everyone is fascinated with her. Now, because of her need to be seen, a nice guy is hanging on deaths door and she is probably poppin bottles at the local club. She has no remorse, which is why mess keeps happening to folks all around her and never her. She makes deals with the devil and she always seems to win…bless her heart.
    On another note, I KNOW he wasn’t with all of those chicks alone, where were the other dudes????

  4. Folk keep gettin beatdown and killed behind this sistah and her drug dealin’ man and I just hafta keep asking why? Somethin’ ain’t right.

    I don’t know how it is in Atlanta, but here, where I live, there are only a few reasons why a MOB attacks a RANDOM someone:

    1. It’s GANG related, and the attackee is a RIVAL GANG MEMBER.
    2. You drive a car and hit a little kid or Senior Citizen, and it happens in the ‘wrong’ neighborhood.


    For all the crime that we have in our communities, you do NOT have MOBS of people giving a random Brother a beatdown FOR NO REASON.

    Like I said….this #*$& STINKS.

  5. OT for you…some humor for you..

    The BEAST 50 Most Loathsome People in America, 2007


    For some reason, the Dana Perino one cracked me up to no end. Her hiring had to be on purpose. They couldn’t find anyone who would lie for them…so, they picked the stupidest pretty White girl they could find and send her out there. See if you can get 2 connected sentences from her that make sense. Nobody who was that inept and Black would have a job.

  6. Chris

    Not only is Kai Franklin responsible for the trainer but she is behind why Mr. Holmes is under attack by the police and the media. Two families are suffering due to her criminal behavior, her lying and hiding. Something must and will be done about her. She is far too old to acting like an out of control teenager.

  7. set it straight

    Any word on Darius’ condition? I hear he is still in a coma and now that it has been months, no one seems to be as concerned about the situation. Kai is on a pretend house arrest for unrelated charges, probably was partying the night after Darius was injured. That chica is a work of art! Say a prayer and try to digest it all…

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