Mayor Franklin stays mum, arrest warrant issued in beatdown involving daughter



 Hat Tip:  By Rhonda Cook, Atlanta Journal Constitution

Atlanta police issued an arrest warrant Saturday for a man suspected of brutally beating a personal fitness trainer and putting him into a coma in a dispute that started when Mayor Shirley Franklin’s daughters complained about being videotaped outside a nightclub.

Apollo Holmes, 24, is wanted on an aggravated assault charge for the early Wednesday attack on Darius Miller in a parking lot outside two popular Peachtree Street nightclubs in Midtown Atlanta, police said.

Police spokeswoman Judy Pal said the investigation was continuing and more arrests were possible.

Holmes was “affiliated” with 01 Entertainment, a party promoter that was videotaping an event the company staged at one of the nightclubs on Tuesday, Christmas night, and early the next morning, according to a lawyer for 01 Entertainment.

Attorney Page Pate said Holmes was in the parking lot at the time.

Miller, 41, remained in a coma Saturday at Emory Crawford Long Hospital.

Witnesses said the fight started because of objections to videotaping people leaving the clubs.

But the accounts differ on what happened as Kai Franklin Graham, 35, Kali Jamilla Franklin, 29, and a third woman who has not been identified came into an adjoining parking lot at 2:30 a.m. Wednesday.

In one version, witnesses said as soon as a man turned his video camera on the three women, Miller, who has a number of celebrity clients, asked him to stop. At that point, witnesses said, about 10 men attacked Miller.

But in a telephone interview Saturday, Pate said 01 Entertainment contends the sisters started the argument that led to Miller’s injuries when Graham and her sister demanded the camera from the man they believed had just photographed them.

The attorney said Miller had gone to retrieve his truck and was not present when the dispute began.

“[The sisters] started arguing with them, saying they were already famous and they don’t need to be famous,” Pate said. “He heard the argument between the mayor’s daughters and he jumped into the middle of it.”

Pate said Miller tried to take the camera, and two other people came up to help the photographer.

“I don’t think it was as big of a melee as has been described,” Pate said. “There weren’t a lot of blows thrown.”

Then Miller went to his truck, “saying he wants to air this out,” prompting one of the 01 Entertainment contractors to fear Miller was getting a weapon, Pate said.

“As he [Miller] was trying to go into the passenger seat … he fell down and was wrestling with one of them,” Pate said. Miller, he continued, “got back up and he fell again…. He fell back … on the pavement with the back of his head.”

Miller’s publicist hung up the telephone when called for comment Saturday.

Franklin’s daughters have been unavailable for comment since the incident.

On Saturday, the mayor’s office e-mailed a statement from Franklin criticizing the news media. She did not address questions about the latest reports involving her daughters.

“This is an ongoing criminal investigation and as such all comments … are best made to the Atlanta Police Department and not the press,” Franklin said.

“As mayor I stand by APD’s best practice standards for criminal investigations rather than reckless and unprofessional press frenzy,” the statement continued. “As the daughter of an attorney and Pennsylvania judge I stand by my belief that trial by public opinion and reckless media often advance inaccurate and dangerous conclusions.”

Asked about the attorney’s version of what happened, police spokeswoman Pal said, “We’ve got enough evidence to issue an arrest warrant, and we’ll let the justice system handle it from here.”

Pate said the video camera operators did not know the severity of Miller’s injuries or that the mayor’s daughters were involved until Friday, when they saw news accounts of the incident.

“He did not tape the mayor’s daughters,” Pate said of the cameraman in the incident. “He did not even know who they were. I suppose the mayor’s daughters thought they were being taped and became angry.”

Graham pleaded guilty last month to one federal count of illegally structuring a financial transaction. Her plea agreement calls for her to serve three months of home confinement, followed by three years of probation. She will be sentenced in early 2008.

Pate said his clients will meet with detectives within a few days.

“They didn’t know what was happening,” Pate said. “It got out of control and alcohol fueled it.”

I find it particularly interesting that Mayor Franklin doesn’t feel the need to explain the conduct of her children or why one of her girls is constantly mixed up in some bullshit she has no business being involved in.  Public resources are being used in this matter and the role of the police is not not a private thing that they can keep on the hush hush for long.  A good brotha is in a damn coma and somebody needs to explain why.

13 thoughts on “Mayor Franklin stays mum, arrest warrant issued in beatdown involving daughter

  1. One Iam

    I know Apollo Holmes personally and very well. He has never had any brushes with the law in his life otherthan traffic tickets. He works two jobs to support himself, his fiancee and newborn son. If he was involved in any kind of a scuffle, it would have had to have been forced on him by the actions of another party. Apollo is a responsible, law abiding citizen, always has been.

  2. Let’s get real: Darius Miller was probably Kai’s man – don’t be fooled.

    This is smelling like the Nicole Simpson deal – Ron Goldman was only a “friend” doing a good deed of returning her sunglasses she left at a restaurant where Goldman worked (and probably picked up other wealthy women like Nicole).

    But what’s more disturbing is the Mayor of Atlanta’s refusal to comment on the fact that despite a good upbringing, her girls continue to exhibit poor judgement and even poorer choices. Maybe she’s remaining silent because she believes her kids’ actions are a direct reflection upon her as a parent. If so, she needs to open her mouth and deal with the situation. Her silence makes it worse.

  3. Chris

    Apollo Holmes is an honest, hardworking and honorable young man. These reckless false allegations being placed on him are completely ridiculous and extremely hurtful. He does not deserve this mistreatment. There are other elements to this situation that are not being addressed properly and should be. Responsible authorities should be just that.

  4. set it straight

    Kai’s real man was the “woman” they keep not telling us about. There was no third woman. He was a man, married, with some kids and she is his Mistress. Her “man” should have been the one protecting her, but because his wife might have seen them on tape together, he hung back and then all of this happened. Kai’s 3rd person was her boyfriend who they are protecting because she doesn’t want to lose that good thing…

  5. Burroughston Broch

    Some questions that should be asked of Mayor Franklin:
    1) Did you know the reputation and connections of the man your oldest daughter married, before he was arrested?
    2) Did you let him live in your house while he was in hiding, as he stated?
    3) Was the Atlanta Police Department made aware of this situation? I assume that the APD provides full-time security for you as it did for your predecessors.

  6. Chris

    Wow Set it straight! That explains even more why Kai Franklin acted so franticly about the assumed footage. Im glad people realize there is more to this story and how deep it gets. Trust me when I say the truth will get out very soon and the Franklin Family will suffer the consequences.

  7. Not Me

    Kai contacted me 2 summers ago to rent out my place. Thank God the deal never went through. She identified herself as the Mayor’s daughter and me being from NYC did not know the low down on her.


    I strongly agree with One I Am!! If Darius would have never tried to take the camera this BS would have never started. Another thing if the sisters wasn’t tryimg to at ALL HIGH POST like there are to damn GOOD to be filmed in PUBLIC this could have been avoided. So I honestly don’t think anyone should be charged, because Darius really instigated it.


  9. My thoughts

    Mayor Franklin does not need to comment on the actions of her completely adult daughters. Both are adults with thier own agendas. They are not some famous reckless teens. Get off Mayor Franklin for saying the right things and hold her daughter accountable for her own actions. She is grown!

  10. boy stop

    Well kai franklin graham need to open her grown a$$ mouth.and stop hiding behind her mommy.until then the shirley franklin(atl mayor)is just haboring a fugitive.she did it with treymane graham BMF capo drug trafficer and hitman.and her daughter was married to mama checks out everybody I date. Let’s be real she was in on it too.secret societies like the skulls can buy the presidentcy(President Bush)and BMF can buy a mayor(mayor Franklin)ya dig!

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