Apollo Holmes arrested in Darius Miller beatdown, Kai Franklin remains silent


, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
A man wanted in connection with last week’s brutal beating of a personal fitness trainer turned himself in to authorities Monday morning, Atlanta police said.

Apollo Holmes turned himself in at the Fulton County Jail at around 8 a.m., according to Atlanta police spokesman James Polite.

Holmes, 24, has been charged with aggravated assault in the attack early Wednesday on Darius Miller in a parking lot outside two popular Peachtree Street nightclubs in Midtown Atlanta.

Miller, 41, was attacked during a dispute that witnesses said started when Mayor Shirley Franklin’s daughters complained about being videotaped outside one of the clubs, He remained in a coma over the weekend at Emory Crawford Long Hospital.

Police spokeswoman Judy Pal has said the investigation was continuing and that more arrests were possible.

Holmes was “affiliated” with 01 Entertainment, a party promoter that was videotaping an event the company staged at one of the clubs Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning, according to a lawyer for 01 Entertainment.

Attorney Page Pate said Holmes was in the parking lot at the time.

Witnesses said the fight started because of objections to videotaping people leaving the clubs.

But the accounts differ on what happened as Kai Franklin Graham, 35, Kali Jamilla Franklin, 29, and a third woman who has not been identified came into an adjoining parking lot at 2:30 a.m. Wednesday.

In one version, witnesses said as soon as a man turned his video camera on the three women, Miller, who has a number of celebrity clients, asked him to stop. At that point, witnesses said, about 10 men attacked Miller.

But in a telephone interview Saturday, Pate said 01 Entertainment contends the sisters started the argument that led to Miller’s injuries when Graham and her sister demanded the camera from the man they believed had just photographed them.

The attorney said Miller had gone to retrieve his truck and was not present when the dispute began.

“[The sisters] started arguing with them, saying they were already famous and they don’t need to be famous,” Pate said. “He [Miller] heard the argument between the mayor’s daughters and he jumped into the middle of it.”

Pate said Miller tried to take the camera, and two other people came up to help the photographer.

“I don’t think it was as big of a melee as has been described,” Pate said. “There weren’t a lot of blows thrown.”

Then Miller went to his truck,”saying he wants to air this out,” prompting one of the 01 Entertainment contractors to fear Miller was getting a weapon, Pate said.

“As he [Miller] was trying to go into the passenger seat … he fell down and was wrestling with one of them,” Pate said.

Miller, he continued, “got back up and he fell … He fell back … on the pavement with the back of his head.”

39 thoughts on “Apollo Holmes arrested in Darius Miller beatdown, Kai Franklin remains silent

  1. set it straight

    Kai was taught by her former husband to never ask questions and just let things happen. When you are connected that heavily in drugs, you learn that your silence gets you lots of wonderful trinkets (and life), like porches, houses, trips and the like. She knows what really happened and so does her sister. They are just doing the Paris Hilton thing, but she, her sister and married boyfriend need to move that mess to LA or NY where they deal with the celebrity bs on a daily. This is the “A” and we attempt to raise our little people with a little more moral fiber than they are presenting. But as long as she can get away with it, she will, so until someone stops pacifying her and her peeps, the partying and blatant disregard for laws and others, will definitely continue.

  2. I know Apollo Holmes personally and I would not have expected anything less than him turning himself in. Apollo respects the law, he is not admitting guilt, he is respecting the warrant and waiting for his day in court. That is Apollo.

  3. Anna

    Innocent men dont turn them selves in!!!!!! I hope the rest of the men who attacked Miller are captured and go to jail. The trend of several men (and women) jumping a single person is pathetic and not a sign of strenght. Miller deserves a trophy for trying to assist those ladies. I HOPE SOMEONE SNITCHES SO THE REST OF THE TRASH CAN BE CLEANED UP

  4. Listen, if Darius Miller had not attempted to rob a man of his camera(if reports are true), more than likely, he wouldn’t have fell and hit his head
    on the pavement(if reports are true). I wish the brother a full recovery,
    it will be best for everybody involved.

  5. that ain't right

    I know Darius Miller and he is a stand up guy. How come everyone who “claims” to have witness the altercation all say he was jump by a minimum of 6 dudes and the only person claiming he fell was Apollo Holmes. And exactly how does a man fall backwards (with no assistance) getting into a pick up to retrieve a “weapon” so hard that he cracks his skull open. If a person falls, the bust their hip bone not their skull. Skulls only crack when something is hit against it. Words of Advice for Apollo Holmes: “Don’t drop the soap!” Homey you are about to get what you deserve for attacking such a great person as Darius Miller. I have witnessed Darius perform countless acts of charity and I know there will be plenty of people ready to testify at your sentencing if given the opportunity!!!

  6. L.A. WATTS


    LA & AFEKU

  7. Apollo Holmes SUCKS!!!

    Apollo is a real loser! Whoever is cosigning for that asshole is a loser too. Darius is a good man and I pray that my children come out that well rounded. He doesn’t own a gun….SO Page Pate needs to shut the hell up. Lies! Lies! Lies! Kai and sister should come forward on behalf of the man whose life was ruined to protect them (that is if they haven’t already). I pray for Darius to recover fully. Apollo…ever heard of karma? Cause it’s coming to bite you right in the ass!

  8. One Iam

    Apollo Holmes has made no claims. It was Page Pate, a
    lawyer, that reported Darius fell according to witnesses. Apollo is a stand up man, I’ll cosign for him. Apollo came forward to answer a warrant but Apollo is not ten men. He has just become a magnet for all the venom coming from Darius Miller’s friends and thats unfair. Darius Miller may come to and clear Apollo himself. Darius seems to be a great man but judging from his friends I can’t tell. The Franklin sisters more than likely are talking to the police but don’t look for their relationship with the media to warm up. Their mother has influence with the police, not the media.


    I strongly agree with One I Am!! If Darius would have never tried to take the camera this BS would have never started. Another thing if the sisters wasn’t tryimg to at ALL HIGH POST like there are to damn GOOD to be filmed in PUBLIC this could have been avoided. So I honestly don’t think anyone should be charged, because Darius really instigated it.


  10. Prayer

    I know Darius and he is a stand up guy. If any of you are reading, stop for a sec and pray that he recovers successfully.

  11. hris

    OK dummies let me learn you something. Darrius Miller is by no means a victim. He campagned and won. He approached these men in a parking lot about an alleged video recorder that was not on! the film ran out shortly after the men left the club. Besides him being drunk and pumped up by a hoodrat bitch about nothing he assaulted two men before he fell. He approached the men and grabbed their arms in 2 sep. instenses, during both of these instences he threatened the me saying he was in BMF and that he was going to air the parking lot out. now maybe you could say the men should have ran , but lets get real darrius approached his vehicle while numerous people were in the parking lot. all these peoples lives were in danger. when he then got into yet another physical altercation he fell and bust his shit. the media is tryna make ma man into an angel but instant kharma is a muthafuker. and now where are all the witnesses, probably sell cocaine i think thats what his girl kai do but anyway lets keep darrius in our prayers even niggas like that dont desserve to be fuked up.

  12. phreshgulley

    How do U learn to care? Kindness & mercy are words to remember. I pray for the cleansing of our wounds and the caring for our people. Boy do we need scouting

    “The highest result of education, is tolerance”
    –Helen Keller

  13. Bossladee

    Why are the Franklin sisters even going out anyway? They really need to go somewhere and sit their asses down! Peace and Love People.

  14. Nikkie

    All of you that know Darius all feel bad for his condition. Rightfully so. And you all want someone to blame. Out of all this anger its making you all blind and irrashional. You all are not doctors nor were any of you witness’. Just because you say Darius is a stand up guy doesnt mean He was doing the right thing that night. A man can easily fall without assistance if He is extremly intoxicated and it is to my understanding that he was. Ask the doctors at Crawford Long. Kai and Kali Franklin dont appear to be good company. One poor choice of his followed by several others that led to an unfortunate injury. God be with him. Its okay to be upset. Its okay to be hurt and afraid but remember to honest with yourself and others. Remember to be fair even if your wrong and Im telling you that you are. You are wrong about Apollo and you will eat your words later. Apollo is a do the right thing kind of man everyday of the week his entire life and he has never been less than that. You all dont know him but your lives would be enriched if you did.

  15. Shan

    Ok, I can’t speak for Apollo and the others (that are not coming forward), but I can speak for Darius. Darius is a stand up guy and he will go out his way for people. He is my cousin and I know how our family members are. So whatever happened, he did not deserve to be hit in the head and left in a coma. If it was going to be a fight it should have been a fair fight.

  16. truth

    wow all of you dumb morons protecting and speaking for this Apollo dude sound like ignorant NIG*ERS. how can you justify more than one guy beating on another are you serious. second if someone tells you to stop taping them you stop, who the hell are you to tape someone and they ask you to stop. And for you idiots that cant read they say they ran out of tape? then why they hell were they outside pointing cameras at women they didnt know ? Oh cause they dumb ass Nig*ers with no respect. Obviously this dude was walking these women to the car and these fools approached them with their supposed empty camera. Nikki, iam and two cents need to educate your selves and maybe you wont sound so stupid standing up for wanna be gangsters. They were so innocent they took down every piece of promotion they have ever had hmmm I wonder why. You guys are a joke. Get a real company with real employee’s not fake ass gangsters with no business ethic. What kind of company even operates like this. O1 ent ha ha looks like it should be 01 sec entertainment and that one second is gone. If Apollo was a real man he would not have let himself get into this anyway. Maybe he would have called the cops before it got started but hey, he watched to many movies and look where it got him.

  17. truth

    I guess so that way people like you and Apollo can keep gang beating people and getting away with it. Funny i didnt think you would have much to say about my comment. Hits home a lil bit huh?

  18. stayoutofit

    truth were you there on the night this ocurred?if not how can you speak so fluent about something you did’nt witness with your own eyes?if you were there why did’nt you step in an help this great man you call a friend?maybe you are the coward or maybe he was never attacked.The truth is truth darius did’nt escort the mayors daughters anywhere.The truth is an unidentified man driving a porshe did.The truth is darius pulled up with two other men riding with him.That leaves a total of four men out there flex’n nuts and making threats.Since you seem to be such good friends with the man.It should’nt be that hard to find these three other men an get them to explain how there friend lays in acoma an the mayors daughters are the only ones mentioned in this story.Holla back when you can answer that.

  19. set it straight

    Sad to say, but stayoutofit is right about the other “men” who did nothing. Regardless, there is a lot of explaining to do on the parts of those so-called “men” who left Darius out there by himself. The Franklin chicks have some explaining to do also, but sista girls were too busy trying to be with the man in the porche? Where is Mr. Porch now? I bet he is still styling and profiling with his Barbie Doll’s Kai and Kali and poor Darius lays in the hospital over trying to protect them? That ain’t even right. Everyone knows who this man is, but no one is talking…yet. It is just a matter of time before that part comes out??? I just pray Darius awakens, refreshed and ready to tell what really happened. I don’t want to see another brother (Darius or Apollo) suffer if they don’t have too. The truth needs to be told and those sistas and those “so-called men” need to tell it!!!

  20. kelly brown

    I agree with “set it straight”,because a friend of mine told me.That miss kai franklin graham was having an affair with the man in the porche.they even said the man was married with kids.seems like someone got something to hide,an camera footage is just enough evidents.to wreck a home an send a spoiled girl to jail who broke her bond agreement clubing at 2:50am.looks like they have more to hide than Apollo holmes.I just hope Darius comes out of this an they drop the charges on mr.holmes.so everybody can learn from this mess. peace & love

  21. oh4real

    Answer me this.Why do people believe whatever comes on that idiot box?why do people over look kai franklin graham’s well known connection to the BMF crime family?I remember the countless murders & incidents that were white washed by the APD on behalf of BMF.The fatal stabing inside of justins restaurant.The shooting of sean P diddy combs bodyguard behind a buchead night club.The murder of a key witness & his girlfriend in their va townhouse.The fact is Pate Page said Kai & Darius was screaming BMF an I believe him.I also believe Darius was drunk & threaten to “air it out” Like mr Page said.So who in the world is gone wait until somebody actually points a gun at them, to defend themselves knowing that.Not me,not you,and definitely not the police.APD would have poped all kind of holes in Darius ass.He’s lucky to be recovering,an what kind of gangsta’s or street thugs leave a parking lot full of witnesses to snitch on them.NO people,I believe 01 & Apollo Holmes were just trying to leave that parking lot alive.And not another casulty of politics. What yall think?

  22. I just ran up on this blog. PLEASE PLEASE don’t do this to Darius family or anyone else’s involved. These words were so inappropriate, all of them. The words are choosing sides and the side that matters is RIGHT! RESPECT Darius mother and Apollo mother. One’s son is in a coma and one’s son may be having the hardest time of his life right now, guilty or innocent. We all want to be understood & forgiven. God isn’t confused about what is to be understood and forgiven. So SHUT YOUR MOUTHS & say a prayer for all parties involved. Let God handle the didn’t do nothings, the power who got over police, the daughters of a women, the ran awayers, the drivers of this,(oh my God, it’s so petty when my FRIEND laying in a hospital bed), and believe me God knew who served Him that night. I don’t mean disrespect or mean to yell but PLEASE let my FRIEND rest. What we put in the atmosphere (negative & positive) is felt. God bless.

  23. T. Jean

    Who are these ladies, what is BMF I’m divided on this issue. What is the history of these ladies? I understand that they are the Mayor’s daughters???? Please help me to understand this very sad issue. I feel sad for both men at this point.

  24. mustbeme

    BMF is short for Black Mafia family.. The young ladies in reference are daughters of the Mayor of Atlanta and women who have had there share of problems with the law but it has usually been swept under the carpet since they have so many ties with political and influentual people in atlanta,ie:Kai being the god daughter of the late Maynard Jackson, and Kali, god daughter of Andrew Young. Their father David franklin ran a large part of Atlanta years ago and was a high powered attorney who had a way of making things dissapear.The buttom line is their parents always had money and money makes things go away.

  25. Apollo Holmes may have been down but he was not out. Checkout “Gutterman Entertainment” on myspace in the music section. Apollo Holmes is banging some serious music and it all sounds like new stuff. “The Wire” is hott!

  26. Chile Pleaz

    One Iam… are you fukin Apollo azz or sum’n… get off dat nicca dik and smell da coffee…

    and regardless if the man was tryin to get a gun… WHY NOT??? he had a gang of niccaz jumpin him… WOULDN’T YOU DO THE SAME TO PROTECT WHAT’S YOURZ????

  27. boy stop

    Chile Pleaz you are a idiot.How does Apollo take the responsibility of 10 men.do you clone him ten times?and how you gone say regardless if he had a gun.NYPD just shot a man 50 times for backing his car up(Sean Bell r.i.p).The reports read that the struggle did’nt start until darius went to the car for a pistol.After Darius had already threaten to “Air it out”. Now you got to be Smokin if you think somebody gone wait around for that.Darius and kai was screaming BMF.acting all big and bad thinking it was gone go down one way. Well it went the other way.Bullies have been taking L’s dis year anyway.First suge get knocked out now this.you need too wake the fuk up an smell yo own coffee fagot.

  28. One Iam

    Chile Pleaz, some of the things you say, say alot about you.

    I know that Apollo is a good man and he does not deserve a media lynching. Apollo should walk into
    a court of law innocent until proven guilty of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt. Just hanging ten young men trying to make something of their lives because a brother that is in the proper social click got hurt is not the answer. It may please a hating loser like you to add 10 to the misery but it’s not justice for anybody if Darius miller fell in an attempt to take someone’s camera and hit his head on the pavement. Why don’t you just admitt that you don’t know what happened and leave it to the legal system to work it out fairly, hopefully.

  29. hoodfigga

    damn it’s 8 months later and they still aint brought nobody in.Apollo Holmes is a real nigga.the cheif of police say he facing 40 years in prison.Detroit don’t raise no rats.mark my words Apollo holmes will walk.God loves real niggaz

  30. annie

    What’s the condition of darius?if anybody knows just let me know he’s still breatheing.It’s been too long an nobody talking about this any more.peace.

  31. Diamonaire

    You people do not think.you are on the web belittle Apollo, but do anyone of you knows Apollo?Apollo comes from a good family and a good home.you peolpe that have all the anger you have a right to be angery but not at Apollo.darius was trying to play captain save a hoe and fucked hisself up(Tru Story).Yeah,it’s messed up. darius is 42 yrs. old he should new better.This is a free country and you can video anywhere.Now what if that was your camera!what would you have did?he was also talking about shooting the place up.plus he’s strong as hell.Apollo was at the wrong place at the wrong time.it can happen to anyone.plus i do believe whateva pollo say his word is good for me.
    RIP P-LO…Apollo loved and respected everyone.only if anyone knew.his own fake ass friends that was in the shit can’t even man up.but they will now.whateva it takes Apollo Holmes name is going to get cleared!HE Will LiVe Again a free and clear name.FREE POLLO NAME! He was a good man and he didn’t need none of these insalts. you people should be ashamed of yourself. POLLo was no killer.I can’t say that for me.i need and i will get down to the point of this.no sleep for me,until my peeps name is out the mud.Mayor daughters betta tell the truth and it will set them free. I’m not scared nor i’m not famous.just crazzzy about my peeps.

  32. Reader

    Looks like the guilt was too much for Apollo to live with.
    That’s some punk shit jumping someone One-on-Ten.

    Its consistent with this latest punk shit of killing yourself
    before going to trial. That just proves he was guilty as HELL

  33. One Iam

    BULLSHIT! Apollo cracked under the pressure of all the hate he was receiving, thats it. Apollo
    was a love child. He always paid too much for everything because his spirit was pure in this fucked up world. Apollo paid too much in this case as well, even if he had been convicted of all the charges against him, with his clean record and strong community support he would have been out in less than 10. The Darius Miller hero story is bullshit and I hope some reporter shines the light on this entire tragedy. Apollo was love and he cracked under the pressure of bitch ass hate like yours.

    Fuck with me bitch, I’m a little different.

  34. TruthBtold

    Reader, Be very careful with your thoughts and words right now and from now on in regards to Apollo Holmes. This thing is hardly over, so dont go wiping any sweat off your brow. This is only the begining. By the remarks you just made I can tell you never met Apollo because he never associated himself with punks, fakes or hoe type cupcake pussys like you. I gotta say it like that cause its the truth. So I forgive you this time. I know that if you knew what was coming, you never would have fixed your faggot fingers to type such a thing. But dont ever disrespect again. You’ve been warned. Now peace be with you.

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