Darius Miller still comatose a week after beatdown

Hat Tip:  Atlanta Journal Constitution

Personal fitness trainer Darius Miller remained in a coma Wednesday, and Atlanta police continued their investigation into his brutal beating in the parking lot at two popular Midtown nightclubs a week earlier.

Officer James Polite, spokesman for the Atlanta Police Department, said more arrests were possible, but he did not know how soon.On Monday, 24-year-old Apollo Holmes turned himself in at the Fulton County Jail, two days after a warrant was issued for his arrest on aggravated assault charges.

Miller, 41, was beaten unconscious during a dispute that witnesses said started when Mayor Shirley Franklin’s daughters complained about being videotaped outside one of the clubs. He remains in critical condition at Emory Crawford Long Hospital, across the street from where he was attacked.

— Rhonda Cook

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What is on your minds?

The Iowa Caucus is about the only thing on my mind this morning. The Des Moines Register Poll shows Obama ahead of the margin of error and the turnout by Independents, Democrats and Republicans will be record shattering. Something is happening. Y’all feel it? There is something in the air. I feel a tectonic shift getting ready to happen and I’ve come to feel the same way as South Carolina Congressman James Clyburn. If Obama wins Iowa, Hillary’s black support will collapse nationally, she’ll immediately lose at least 10-15% in the nationwide polls, and the battle for the soul of the Democratic Party will be joined. Whatch’all think?

ADDENDUM:The talk on the morning shows is that despite the Des Moines Dispatch poll, which accurately predicted the winner of the last Democratic Caucus in 2004, internal polling by Obama and Hillary show good numbers for Hillary which is why he is still sharpening his attacks and she’s-confident that she can pull this thing out. I don’t really know. But I never believed this would happen. He has been competitive financially and now he has the Queen’s back against the wall. Bubba ain’t happy and several high profile endorsements have come in for Obama that nobody expected. The strength of this campaign has been impressive thus far, especially in my South Carolina backyard. Folks are paying attention and being converted and impressed.