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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What is on your minds?

The Iowa Caucus is about the only thing on my mind this morning. The Des Moines Register Poll shows Obama ahead of the margin of error and the turnout by Independents, Democrats and Republicans will be record shattering. Something is happening. Y’all feel it? There is something in the air. I feel a tectonic shift getting ready to happen and I’ve come to feel the same way as South Carolina Congressman James Clyburn. If Obama wins Iowa, Hillary’s black support will collapse nationally, she’ll immediately lose at least 10-15% in the nationwide polls, and the battle for the soul of the Democratic Party will be joined. Whatch’all think?

ADDENDUM:The talk on the morning shows is that despite the Des Moines Dispatch poll, which accurately predicted the winner of the last Democratic Caucus in 2004, internal polling by Obama and Hillary show good numbers for Hillary which is why he is still sharpening his attacks and she’s-confident that she can pull this thing out. I don’t really know. But I never believed this would happen. He has been competitive financially and now he has the Queen’s back against the wall. Bubba ain’t happy and several high profile endorsements have come in for Obama that nobody expected. The strength of this campaign has been impressive thus far, especially in my South Carolina backyard. Folks are paying attention and being converted and impressed.


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  1. It’s the only thing on my mind too. That, and trying to write my endorsement of Obama. I have a little wishlist, SB. I have a Democrat and Republican wishlist, and oh my, if I got it, I think I’d start screaming so loud my neighbors would call the police on me.

    As I said before, I checked the weather this morning: all clear and near 30 everywhere in the state tomorrow.

    You have to live in the cold to understand that the difference between 10 and 30 is like night and day. Your entire mood changes when the thermometer hits 25 after you’ve been freezing for a couple of days.

  2. Katie

    Haven’t posted in a long time on this site. I came here back in April or May, when I first began to support Obama. I had researched him thoroughly and was becoming increasingly enthusiastic in my support. I came to this site to see what African-American support was for him and my eyes were opened to the complexity of these issues. I realized that he had support among African-Americans, but also that a history was out there that was really beyond my simple powers of comprehension.

    I’ve since returned to the site to see skeptical rage against Obama and then soften and then rage and then soften. I think I know now what that all means…

    I spent last weekend in Sioux City working as a volunteer on the campaign. I’m not supposed to blog about it so just suffice it to say that the energy in that state is unbelievable for Obama. I left believing we can win it. Then the Des Moines Register poll came out and Kucinich threw his support Obama’s way by urging his supporters to choose Obama second. All good.

    I still find myself unable to sleep and on pins and needles. I will be until the caucuses close tomorrow night. I had a dream that 200,000 Dems showed up to caucus and it was a blowout for Obama. We’ll see. I’m afraid and exhilarated.

  3. Katie,

    Thanks for coming back. I am glad I could provide some perspective on the complexity of feelings regarding Obama. The next thing I intend to say regarding Obama might surprise you.

  4. Katie

    Wonderful. You hit the nail on the head when you said that without GW in office for 8 years, we couldn’t elect a black man to the presidency. More importantly, we couldn’t elect Barack Obama, who admittedly had to be twice as charismatic, twice as smart and persuasive and diligent and all those other qualities that make up a president than anyone else out there to pull it out. But I do believe he will. I pray everyday that he does and not because I want to absolve myself of my guilt (I hate that argument) but because I honestly believe he can take us to a much better place as a country.

    So thanks, SB and Rikyrah for your patience and eloquence on these pages. Let’s hope we’re celebrating on Friday.

  5. Wassup Folk!
    I have been around and I have been reading.

    Like the new duds SB.

    But I had to chime in and say that history has been made and will be made tomorrow.

    The simple fact that he has come from behind to either meet or exceed the most well known candidate in the race is in itself astonishing.

    And when the people of Iowa make their voices heard you will remember that it was me, the founding member of the Turnip Posse that told you so.

  6. If Obama wins Iowa, the Borg Queen is toast.

    If I have to go with the lesser of two evils, here’s my picks:


    All others, especially Joe “hairplugs” Biden, need not apply. However, the rest of what was initially said about Barry Obama by me and you, SB, hasn’t basically changed. I just think he’ll be more manageable to work with than the Borg Queen.

    Serves her right for thinking she was “entitled” to the office of POTUS, especially after recruiting “handkerchief head” Magic Johnson to troll for her. No time like the present for her to learn you can’t dog out Black people and expect them to keep taking it. At least Obama’s entry in this race, for once, gives Black people options, and illustrates our non-monolithic view of politics.

    What she and her hubby did to Howard Dean four years ago is coming back to bite her in the ass, big time; not to mention all those brothas and sistas she and Bill slung under the bus to cover their own asses (Lani Guinier and Joycelyn Elders, anyone?).

  7. Denise

    I commend all of the candidates for “bringing it” this election cycle. It has been a very exciting process to watch.

    :: blowing horn ::

    Let the games begin!!

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