Iowa Caucus Today


Speaking to unprecedented crowds all across Iowa, in fact, the largest by far, it is undeniable that Obama is going into this thing with some momentum.   All three major candidates have pulled out the stops and performed with maximum effort.   We are only 3 hours to prime time now and the anticipation is bout to kill me.  I didn’t leave the house until late and could barely sleep.  I have never seen anything like this before, unless you take Obama’s first Senate Campaign and Deval Patrick’s Gubernatorial Campaign into account.     This is really something.     I’ll be back later to update with my thoughts and opinions.

21 thoughts on “Iowa Caucus Today

  1. Rick

    Happy New Year everyone!

    Yes, it’s been a couple of minutes since my last post, but I see SB and everyone are holding things down, of course.

    I can’t wait to see the final results of the Iowa caucus. This is so exciting.

    Peace and blessings,

  2. Now, I’m taping stuff off of my tivo. Have I ever been this nervous?

    Actually, this is the most excited I’ve felt since Harold Washington. There have been elections, here and there, but the feeling of excitement? Not since Harold – 1983.

  3. I have to hand it to The Huckster. Flipping Mitt spent, what, 100 million and got beat by a guy who spent less than 10% of what he did.


    Karma is indeed a bitch, and I love this

  4. Rick

    tonight has been the most magical night ever. I saw the Great Debaters afterwork, and then when I came home I saw Obama giving his acceptance speech.

    then flipping the channels, I saw HRC — with Bill Clinton and Madeline Albright in the background — trying to hold it together.

    Like Ice Cube said…”today was a good day”

  5. Gov. Mike Huckabee and Senator Barack Obama have been declared the Projected Winners of the Iowa Caucus.


    With 94% Precincts reporting:

    Obama -38%

    Caucus Participants – 212,000!!!

    I am stunned by that number…I want to thank all the Iowans who came out to be counted.

    Edwards came in second.

    Clinton – THIRD.


    Huckabee – 34%
    Romney -25%

    I am thrilled by Huckabee’s win. Thrilled because Flipping Mitt tried to BUY the Iowa Caucus. He outspent Huckabee 20 -to-1.


    And couldn’t seal the deal.

    John McCain – a man who wouldn’t pander and has kept his stance AGAINST Ethanol Subsidies – came in THIRD.

    Come on, Senator McCain. Kick Flipping Mitt while he’s down…win New Hampshire!

  6. Aw yeah. If those of you down in SC still don’t think it can happen, Iowa can show you hope. It can happen, and today was the tipping point. Vote where your heart is.

  7. What a good start to the new year and I hope this Iowa trend continues to be our friend. Indeed, it looks like one good thing may have come from the bleakness of the last 8 years: maybe…just maybe…GW Bush has permanantly ruined things for the Borg Queen and all the other corporate teat-sucking drones. Let’s hope so.

  8. SB,

    there’s a great pic of Obama and Michelle at the Times of London. (yes, I have been trolling international papers to see how the story was covered. 🙂 )

    Or, you can use the family pic, which is great too.

    SOOOOO waiting for your post. 🙂

  9. Y’all

    Sorry I didn’t post last night, I had to get some shuteye before I could do justice to a post on this historical moment. I am truly in awe. I was genuinely speechless last night.

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