Hillary’s Campaign on life support


Chaos has descended over the Clinton camp and talk of unconditional surrender is surfacing from loose lipped generals further damaging Hillary’s declining prospects to claim America’s Imperial Throne. I’m a big jazz fan and this scenario reminds me of one of my favorite Nancy Wilson tunes: Face it, Girl. It’s Over.

In an eerie replay of the 1984 Democratic Presidential Nomination battle, Hillary, the tired establishment has been, is Mondale. Obama, the charismatic fresh face with “new ideas,” is Gary Hart. Only this time, Obama’s campaign isn’t a hastily thrown together crusade, rather, its a well-oiled machine with spot on polling and good message discipline.

Nobody wants to hear about the Clinton Administration anymore and are desperate to “turn the page” on the whole sorted era of hubris and sex. After enduring 35 years of shameless philandering, Hillary’s arrogant sense of entitlement has her indulging the delusion that America owes her the Presidency. The electorate is slowly disabusing her of that notion.

As predicted by many, Hillary’s national polling lead has collapsed, “The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows that Hillary Clinton’s national polling lead has collapsed. Before the Iowa caucuses, Clinton held a seventeen-point lead over Barack Obama. Today, that lead is down to four percentage points in a survey with a four-point margin of sampling error. In the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination, it’s now Clinton 33%, Barack Obama 29% and John Edwards 20%.”

Democratic Congressman Patrick Murphy of Pennsylvania told Mica Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough that according to his wife, a Bush Republican, the Obama’s were the “Kennedys of our generation,” were “regal” and possessed with a “common touch.”

Whether justified or not, the Obamas have captured the imagination of the nation. I had an extended conversation with one of my best friends yesterday and he expressed some strong reservations surrounding Obama’s readiness to be President. I had the same, I told him, but then I ran down the case against Hillary: Iraq, Rwanda, NAFTA, GATT, WTO, Welfare Reform, etc.

I told him part of leadership is convincing people that you can lead in the direction they want you to go, otherwise they’ll tune you out. If she can’t convince people that she’s about change, she’ll lose. Despite the fact that she’s female, all people see is Bill’s pale, ghostly apparition blathering on, boring people, and that ain’t change.

I am loving every moment of this. Pass the popcorn, somebody.