Hillary’s Campaign on life support


Chaos has descended over the Clinton camp and talk of unconditional surrender is surfacing from loose lipped generals further damaging Hillary’s declining prospects to claim America’s Imperial Throne. I’m a big jazz fan and this scenario reminds me of one of my favorite Nancy Wilson tunes: Face it, Girl. It’s Over.

In an eerie replay of the 1984 Democratic Presidential Nomination battle, Hillary, the tired establishment has been, is Mondale. Obama, the charismatic fresh face with “new ideas,” is Gary Hart. Only this time, Obama’s campaign isn’t a hastily thrown together crusade, rather, its a well-oiled machine with spot on polling and good message discipline.

Nobody wants to hear about the Clinton Administration anymore and are desperate to “turn the page” on the whole sorted era of hubris and sex. After enduring 35 years of shameless philandering, Hillary’s arrogant sense of entitlement has her indulging the delusion that America owes her the Presidency. The electorate is slowly disabusing her of that notion.

As predicted by many, Hillary’s national polling lead has collapsed, “The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows that Hillary Clinton’s national polling lead has collapsed. Before the Iowa caucuses, Clinton held a seventeen-point lead over Barack Obama. Today, that lead is down to four percentage points in a survey with a four-point margin of sampling error. In the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination, it’s now Clinton 33%, Barack Obama 29% and John Edwards 20%.”

Democratic Congressman Patrick Murphy of Pennsylvania told Mica Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough that according to his wife, a Bush Republican, the Obama’s were the “Kennedys of our generation,” were “regal” and possessed with a “common touch.”

Whether justified or not, the Obamas have captured the imagination of the nation. I had an extended conversation with one of my best friends yesterday and he expressed some strong reservations surrounding Obama’s readiness to be President. I had the same, I told him, but then I ran down the case against Hillary: Iraq, Rwanda, NAFTA, GATT, WTO, Welfare Reform, etc.

I told him part of leadership is convincing people that you can lead in the direction they want you to go, otherwise they’ll tune you out. If she can’t convince people that she’s about change, she’ll lose. Despite the fact that she’s female, all people see is Bill’s pale, ghostly apparition blathering on, boring people, and that ain’t change.

I am loving every moment of this. Pass the popcorn, somebody.

48 thoughts on “Hillary’s Campaign on life support

  1. I am feeling unsure about what’s going on during this election process. I want to say up front that I am no lover of any of the candidates I have a tendency to vote locally more than nationally. With that said, I would like have a real definiton of what these candidates mean by change. Brotha Obama speaks of change the clearest thing he has said (at least during the debate on Saturday night) was that he “…wants to make sure that government is responding to them directly because folks out there feel the American dream is slipping away. The are working harder for less; they are paying more for health care, for college, for gas at the pump; and they are having a tougher time saving and retiring. And what they don’t feel is that the goverment is listening to them and responding to them. Thats the kind of change I think we need.” If this is his belief why did he not speak on the economy, since the vast majority of voters want ALL the candidates to spend more time talking about the economy? This is bothering me deeply. Can some one explain why we do not hear a clear definition of change from him? I could have missed it but he never defined it on Saturday night.

  2. Badap ba ba ba… http://www.9and10news.com/images/misc/McDonalds%20I'm%20lovin%20it%20logo.jpg

    I heard HC on an interview on NPR this morning. She was asked 5 or so questions, 4 were about Obama. She skirted all the way to the end, but you could hear the anger rise in her voice. She gracefully ended the interview with minor jabs to Obama, citing experience… and asking the people to elect “a doer, not a talker”.

    …But what if I want someone to do it RIGHT?

  3. jessica

    The logical extension of the Barack message would be to embrace Hillary. A crowning achievement would be Hillary for Obama! Set your sights high!

  4. I hear the Borg Queen is going to go all negative on Obama.

    I just hope he’s wearing slime proof clothing, and that he doesn’t get caught with a Playboy bunny on board a yacht called “Monkey Business”, down in Bimini.

    Since you’re painting shades of Gary Hart and all that. I saw that massacre go down – until then, Hart was the best thing the Democrats had going as President, and it wasn’t Mondale – it was Mike Dukakis, SB. And the year was 1987-88 – almost 20 years to the date.

    Until Hart got caught with a mistress named Donna Rice. The media even had pictures and whatnot, and caught him canoodling on a yacht with Ms. Rice, called “Monkey Business”.

    However, Obama is married to a sista from South Side Chi-town who definately wouldn’t be playing that. LOL

    Let the Borg Queen do what she do. And what she do will get her bounced from this race and endorsing Edwards, because her pride won’t allow her to stand down and endorse Obama…

  5. candace


    Don’t you think the right is going to do the same thing to Obama? And, i think Hillary is too smart of a politician to attack Barack right about now. This race is long haul, and she knows that the tides of war can change, quickly!!

    BTW, i really don’t want to see the dems. go after one another too hard, afterall, we have to think about the general! UNITY ANYONE!!

  6. Chesapeake

    She seemed to be rolling and it seemed like she was walking the red carpet lined with roses. Then her arrogance and lack of transparency came under attack and was exposed two months ago. It was just a matter of time!

    She choked up at an appearance today, complaining of how hard this is and how fatigued she is. She may not even be physically and emotionally fit for the presidency. Take a look at the physical appearances of the candidates, especially when they’re standing.

  7. Rick

    I searched the internet and apparently, some saw this “cry” incident coming days in advance.

    On Jan. 2, the Anchoress wrote:
    “What I dread most in this political season is the ‘genuine’ moment – and it is coming, soon, sometime between today and tomorrow, or tomorrow and New Hampshire – when Mrs. Clinton, in her ongoing effort to turn herself into whatever the polls says she must be, cries in public. It’s going to be genuinely ghastly.”

  8. MizLiz

    Hillary kept talking about her 35 years of experience, and I’m left to wonder: What experience? What did she herself actually do? It seems to me she’s skating along on Bill’s coattails.

    I don’t know about anybody else, but I really don’t want Bill anywhere near the White House, because you know he won’t stick to his knitting and mind his own business. We’ll have TWO presidents jockeying for power.

  9. This is one of the only things about the Primaries that I am really enjoying…. seeing the Clinton Campaign implode.

    She was crying and having a nervous breakdown just a few minutes ago…


  10. metricpenny

    “I told him part of leadership is convincing people that you can lead in the direction they want you to go, …”

    SB I agree with you 100 % on that. That is the main reason I signed on to Senator Obama’s presidential candidacy from the beginning. Before I am willing to allow you to fight for me or use your decades of experience on my behalf, you first have to convince me that you’re fighting and working on what, and fighting and working in a manner, I believe is productive.

    In response to Ensayn’s question at January 7, 2008 at 1:49 pm above — I agree. Senator Obama did not have an in depth discussion about the economy or his idea for change during Saturday’s debate. In his defense, the forum was not conducive to him doing so. To follow are a couple of links that provide some insight to Senator Obama’s ideas on the economy, and why it really wasn’t discussed more on Saturday.

    Ensaynn I find it helpful to run a Google search to find information and critical analysis on all the candidates and their views and proposed policies.

    Click to access ObamaPolicy_Economy.pdf


  11. Pater Fam

    My, my, Skeptical Brotha and turned on the Clintons like a rabid dog.

    Well guess what ? We do not need you, or Sharpton or Jesse, or Jackie or any of the other “brothers and sistas” that would not give Obama the time of day as little as 6 months ago.

    Now, just like long lost cousins that show up after a family member hits the lottery, here you come. Well you can stay on the plantation Leroy.

    Frankly I respected you more when you maintained your skepticism, in the face of black folks that rode you for not supporting Barak.

    While there is room on the bandwagon, please take your seat on at the back of the bus, Brotha. Those of us that have been riding it since February 10, 2007 do not want you next to us.

  12. Eve of NEW HAMPSHIRE Primary, Obama now 20 points atop Clinton in SOUTH CAROLINA:

    In a South Carolina Democratic Primary today, 01/07/08, 19 days to the vote, Barack Obama defeats Hillary Clinton 50% to 30%, according to a SurveyUSA tracking poll conducted exclusively for WCSC-TV Charleston and WSPA-TV Greenville.

    Compared to an identical SurveyUSA tracking poll completed 3 weeks ago, before Christmas and before the Iowa Caucuses, when Clinton and Obama were effectively tied, Obama is up 11 points, Clinton is down 11 points, a 22-point swing. John Edwards is unchanged, 17% on 12/19/07 and 16% today. There is across-the board movement away from Clinton to Obama.

    Among women: Clinton had led by 17 points, now trails by 14 points. Among blacks, Obama had led by 20 points, now leads by 46. Among white voters, Obama had been 3rd, is now 2nd, tied with Edwards, the two of them 9 and 10 points back of Clinton. Among Moderates, Obama was tied, now leads by 23. Among voters age 65+, Clinton had been at 61% a month ago, 40% today. In the Low Country, Clinton had led by 13, now trails by 16. Upstate, Obama had been tied, now trails by 16. In the Midlands, Obama had led by 5, now leads by 26. South Carolina Democrats name the Economy as the issue the next President should focus on ahead of all others. Among voters focused on the Economy, Obama leads Clinton 2:1. Among voters focused on Health Care, Clinton leads Obama 41% to 37%.


  13. Pater Fam,

    You are not exhibiting the message of the Obama campaign. Skeptical Brotha was an Skeptical Independent who finally decided.

    All are welcome on the Obama train. 🙂

  14. On Jan. 2, the Anchoress wrote:
    “What I dread most in this political season is the ‘genuine’ moment – and it is coming, soon, sometime between today and tomorrow, or tomorrow and New Hampshire – when Mrs. Clinton, in her ongoing effort to turn herself into whatever the polls says she must be, cries in public. It’s going to be genuinely ghastly.”

    And Mama called ME cynical for rolling my eyes when I saw that clip..

    I, too, didn’t believe it for one nanosecond.

  15. Zeitgeist9000

    I think Mrs. Clinton was genuine. And she didn’t cry. She believes genuinely in what she says, including all the dry policy rhetoric. Who knows, she might have turned NH around on that performance alone….

    She may be down, but she’s not out.

  16. BTW, Peter Fam,

    Nobody who calls Hillary Clinton ‘ The Borg Queen’ was on her bandwagon. Have you researched Skeptical Brotha’s blog and READ some of his posts on The Clintons? They have been brutal. And, if you had read them, there would be no way that you would think that he was in the Clinton camp. I know SB can speak for himself, but you really need to research before you make accusations.

    And, I have always contended that the Skeptics here were never HATERS. I could point you to ‘haters.’

  17. Pater,

    You should be overjoyed that I’ve seen the light, but you seem angry. Apparently, I struck a nerve. I was wrong about Obama’s viability as a candidate, as were many, many others. For that I deserve to eat a heaping helping of crow.

    But I was not wrong about his lack of support for slave reparations, his support for the predatory Oman Free Trade Agreement, his vote for Condoleezza Rice, his acceptance of support from a corrupt Rich Daley, and his coddling of Robert Byrd. I never hit the brotha below the belt. I kept it factual and issues based. I am not going to apologize for saying what I honestly felt.

    As I’ve said, I credit Michelle Obama for my conversion. If you can’t handle that-tough. The last year has been a struggle against what I’ve always wanted: a decent black president, and my cynicism borne of experience.

    Hope won.

    Rejoice and be exceedingly glad. Finally, nobody except my saintly grandma is above criticism. The rest of y’all are fair game.

  18. jb1125,

    I read the story, and I was like, ‘ oh.no.she.didn’t.’



    This is but MORE of the Southern Stragetgy, and YOU KNOW how I feel about THAT.

    Between that and Bill Clinton claiming that she was tougher than Mandela, I am BEYOND THRU with them.

  19. Zeitgeist9000

    We’ve only had one nominating contest…. What will be interesting this time is that b/c all the early voting states actually voted for a candidate (Obama) who ultimately does not get the nomination, the sequence of early voting states will be vastly different in future nominating contests. Let’s face it: Iowa has voted and NH will vote tomorrow. But every other state remains. It ain’t over till it’s over. If Obama gets it (which I doubt), I say more power to him. But Hillary still has a sliver of black support (maybe it’s just me). And as long as that coalition of working class, middle class, white, black, Hispanic, Asian, etc. is there for her, I don’t see how she could lose.

  20. Ernesto,

    Crocodile tears indeed, baby. Just cuz she sheds a few cocodile tears doesn’t mean that the world is gonna fall at her feet and save her from being politically humiliated by a black man. She shoulda listened to her girlfriend years ago and never gone to Arkansas.

    Had a woman Senator, independent of any appendage like Bill Clinton, decided to enter this contest, she might have been able to corral women into her camp. Hillary’s Emily’s List playbook is as tired and outdated as she is.

  21. candace


    Your rhetoric is waaaaaaay over the top. First, the mere fact that she moved to Ark. is the reason she’s in position to run for Pres. in the first place!!!!

    And, Barack is not politically humiliating her!! Come, Come now. And, SB, that type of rhetoric is not what the Obama camp wants. Afterall, SB, after Barack wins the dem. nom. the dem. party must come back together to compete against the rep. cand. And trust me, SB, Barack is going to need ALL of the help he needs in the general. The rethuglicans haven’t begun to pick him apart! Sooo, it remains to be seen if Barack sheds a tear or 2 before its all said and done!!

    BTW, SB, politics is very fickle. i hope you aren’t saying things like Hillary is being humiliated by a black man in the company of white women. i can’t see how that helps Obama’s campaign. Are you sure you want Obama to win?

  22. tom friend

    Damn SB,
    You are a piece of work. First what is up with the NAZI symbol alongside Hillary’s picture. That is so wrong and spiteful it reeks of a sickness. Do you not realize that black people suffered under that NAZI regime too.
    Your Obama fever is so funny, you have forgotten all your critical thinking and leaped headfirst without thinking about anything. Yes I am proud of Obama, but damn do black folks have to divorce themselves from critical thinking. Yeah bro you are indeed a serious hypocrite when it comes to Obama. You should check yourself in the mirror and definitely remove that NAZI picture of Clinton no matter how you feel about her.
    To all your apologists on this site, you all are some simps too.

  23. Andrea

    Clearly her tears are real. Now the intention in releasing them is what is manipulative. I had no idea she played this card today and when I saw the news tonight the first thing I saw was a different type of rage.

    Clearly this is tacky and manipulative. It exposes her as an opportunistic feminist and I am ashamed. My generation of women were taught to not cry if we initiated the fight ourselves, especially with a man. Hell, this is equality. You don’t cry as tactic. You continue to fight and lose with honor. This woman is a further disappoint but I expect this out of her kind. She started this and exposed herself as a bully today in retrospect exposing her core as obviously inauthentic in being cemented with convictions. A person with convictions would never let those tears fall in such a situation (with documentation in cameras and cellphones to be recorded to be replayed as a ploy) to guilt support of people. You want people to believe in you on blind yet educated faith and resolve. Not pity!

    At times when I was out there stomping to build a platform for Uppity Negro, I faced death-threats and hate mail from White Supremacists and I was physically threatened by Blacks. Never…I mean never…could I cry in person. I had to test my intimidators with “Bring it on!” even when I was wounded and alone. Hell yeah, I cried with friends and supporters usually months later when I cracked from the stress but I never could let my enemies see me sweat in the moment. It is weak and it loses credibility of your intentions for seeking support. Do you want people to nurse you or support you on faith?

    Never let them see you sweat. And as much as I despise Hillary, the Clinton Establishment, and the Democratic Establishment’s incestous relationship with the Black Establishment, I would never let them see me cry. To do that is calculating and stooping to less than authentic posturing. If you have convictions, suck it up! That is what a real leader does. If she was and is honorable she should wait for time to prove her convictions. But no, she has none and that is what is exposed in desperate, calculated measure.

    I can see some feeble-minded Blacks pulling out their titty for her to nurse on but I don’t buy it. (I could tell y’all some of the tactics the Establishments pull)

    And yes, she is tired and in pain. Canvassing for yourself is hard on the body. So I believe her tears. I just know you can hold them back. You can walk away and return. You do those things to not taint your authenticity and your convictions. To sit there and display embarrassed all women who have taken a beat-down in the name of equality.

    It is hard work losing! I know. But this is even harder for her because she completely under-estimated the people who would bring her down would be WHITE KIDS and White Gen Xers. (These are Chelsea’s peers and like-minded peers that shafted her. I bet Chelsea idealistically would be against her if she was not having to support her mother. That is the irony. Chelsea did not hook her mom up with the knowledge of the cultural shift in ideas, thirst, and hunger against Boomer Politics among young White Kids because…the media had no idea. I knew. That is all I have been pushing for the past two years in explaining how slow Black Gen X and Y are to abdicate the Boomer-heavy Black Establishment and Democratic politics. I knew we were slow but our White Peers were on another plain, tired of the same ‘ole. Look at all the change agents doing innovative things. They are not us and the few we have people don’t understand, they criticize, or don’t know. This is a longer and more intense issue that has yet to be identified by us.)

    There will be a lot of Black Politicians re-evaluating their do-nothing reputations and indifferent attitudes that they have trademarked now that they are catching a whiff of their new enemy — the powerbase of White Kids to cut off the head of the snake, The Clinton and Democratic Establishment. The power balance does not shift in us being clueless but the weakening of the Clinton and Old Democratic Establishment by Obama’s movement clearly weakens the hold the Black Establishment could continue to have over us. And that is where the tears are really coming from.

    A lot of White Parents even had no idea how independent and powerful their kids, the White Gen Y(s) are politically ambitious in off-setting the imbalance of the Boomer dominance. Corporate America knew about it because they have been whining about these kids of Generation Y’s ingenuity. Whereas they are bright these kids like to cut through older people bullshit. The issue is double-blind with the Gen Y White Youth. They act instead of reacting.

    Blacks…we have to catch on to other factors than the same ‘ole rhetoric even in dissecting this race. The dynamics at play are sending us messages that we too were asleep but not the White Gen X and Y(s) that were waiting for someone like Obama who too was tired of Boomer politics.

    And what do they do when they are loosing to their children, they play the “I did the best I could” card like Hillary did today in crying to guilt people and further saying she was doing it for the children when she had never understood or cared to understand younger people. They are good for telling us how much they did for us in really building up their careers and empires. We, so loyal and abiding, we don’t challenge our Establishment (parents). White Kids are tired of the bullshit while we take it from our parents and leaders with this idea that we have to continue to support and believe in them for they will come around and do right by ushering us in and making up for not passing the torch. Please!

    She used her novelty celebrity to seduce young people who thought the Establishment was all they had to invest in until Obama preached to them. These kids read and they grew up believing in folk leadership and they want a living leader instead of settling in which is different in how we enabled our parents’ generations’ con that they were Chosen and Divine ON THEIR TERMS. Please!

    And in less than a week, she had had to find out democracy works because of some sick and tired young White Kids. I’d be crying to in embarrassment for not knowing something so close to her in Chelsea’s peers but she and Bill was so invested in playing the same ‘ole tactics in making people think they owed them allegiance.

    This cry-baby tactic has me hot because the shit works with stupid people and it is coded behavior to manipulate the less sophisticated who responds to DRAMA and despair. So many of our people have played the Mammy and Overseer to safequard these people’s empires and they will start feeling quilty to want to flee their plantation now.

  24. john in california

    I suppose many of you are familiar with this woman, but if Obama gets the nomination, she will be one of his most powerful advantages in the general election. Think what an E. R. Murrow type interview down on the family farm would do for his electability.

  25. ajspearman

    Greetings from the turnip Patch.

    People keep saying “the right is going to….Obama”. The point is the right is out of touch, nobody cares, and their party is at this point scrambling for an identity.

    Their kingpin was an anti Hillary campaign, they are still trying to find ways to attack Obama. As far as experience goes only McCain has it, but he is such a staunch supporter of the war that there will be more voting against him than for him.

    -Alex of the Turnips.

    If the majority of Dem voters, and independents, are not buying HRC’s criticisms of Barack why would they be more incline to listen to a republican?

    I don’t fear the republicans in this election, I fear the unwillingness of the American people to embrace change. But those fears also seem to be calming.

  26. Denise

    The Obama camp may be celebrating the NH results with this theme tonight…LOL

    And for the record, I’m still not drinking the Koolaid. At the same time, I don’t need to hate on his moment. He earned this and I give him all his propers.

  27. Denise

    You can’t make this stuff up! 😆


    On the eve of the Iowa caucuses, Bloomberg also took time out from a routine news conference on teenage smoking to criticize the entire presidential field for not offering solutions to the country’s biggest problems.

    Bloomberg, with a personal fortune estimated at more than $11 billion and the ability to self-finance a national campaign, has the potential to become a formidable candidate…”



    Thought Merchant
    Politics and commentary for the thinking perso of color.




    Thought Merchant
    Politics and commentary for the thinking perso of color.


  30. Rick

    I have a question for Ms. Maureen Dowd of the NY Times: “WHO’s BAMBI NOW?”

    November 18, 2007
    Shake, Rattle and Roll (Selected Excerpt)
    The debate dominatrix knows how to rattle Obambi.
    Mistress Hillary started disciplining her fellow senator last winter, after he began exploring a presidential bid. When he winked at her, took her elbow and tried to say hello on the Senate floor, she did not melt, as many women do. She brushed him off, a move meant to remind him that he was an upstart who should not get in the way of her turn in the Oval Office.

    He was so shook up, he called a friend to say: You would not believe what just happened with Hillary.
    She has continued to flick the whip in debates. She usually ignores Obama and John Edwards backstage, preferring to chat with the so-called second-tier candidates. And she often looks so unapproachable while they’re setting up on stage that Obama seems hesitant to be the first to say hi.

    With so much at stake, she had to do it again in Vegas, this time using her voice, gaze and body language to such punishing effect that Obama looked as if he had been brought to heel. It was a mesmerizing display, and at an event that drew the highest television ratings of any primary debate this year. The momentum Obama had gained from a vivid speech at the Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner in Iowa drained away by the end of the first half-hour.

    Since Candace decided to take issue with a white woman being taunted and how that action would be viewed unfavorably by her white female counterparts, I have a question for her as well.

    Q: Reading the above excerpt by Maureen Dowd, as a white woman, did you get as hot and bothered when it is another white woman publicly emasculating a black man in a “humiliating” fashion? (not on a blog, but on the front page of a major media website, meaning the content was sanctioned by the larger brand establishment as well).

    Oddly, I did not see one white woman anywhere speak out against this nonsense, but I might have missed the outrage if it was being expressed elsewhere.

  31. candace


    I guess I’m not taking issue as much as I’m trying to be a voice of reason. Rick, in case you haven’t noticed, HILLARY IS NOT BARACK’S ENEMY (FOR LACK OF A BETTER TERM). I thought the REp. Cand. was the REAL OPPOSITION not Hillary. That said, I’m only encouraging folks, cause I know most of you are savvy, to remember that this is still the democratic oarty, and the party does not need disparging, divisive comments like that. Again, we need to be able to, in short order, come together to bone up for the real comp. UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL! And, it is true, Barack is not publicly humiliating Hillary, so why say that- IT’S NOT TRUE. HE’S MAKING HIS CASE FOR THE CAND. MUCH BETTER, AND CLEARER THAN SHE IS, BUT HUMILIATING HER- NOT EVEN!! I BET IF BARACK SAW A COMMENT LIKE THAT, HE’D RESPOND JUST AS I DID, AS HE KNOWS HILLARY IS NOT HIS ENEMY! RICK, STAY FOCUSED!!!


  32. Rick

    Yes, but who comes to the defense of “Obambi” when he is brought to “heel” by a “debate dominatrix”?

    Very few.

    When Obambi Bites Back, and the folks who were quiet/indifferent, or worse, cheered this nonsense on in the name of machisima, suddenly start talking about the value of dignity and respect, I make NO APOLOGIES for pointing out what I see as an apparent contradiction.

    Otherwise, you are right about the call for unity. I respect what you said on that point.

  33. candace

    Good, Rick!!!

    It’s nothing major! We both want the same thing/outcome. But, I’m a woman, and it maybe that I over-react when i feel a woman is being attacked by a group of men! I guess it’s a hazard of being female!

    peace out

  34. What Andrea said was interesting but I am not sure there is a clear message in the demographic breakdown. How many Obama votes were really anti-Hillary votes? How would Obama play in a general election against a Republican? I’m still nervous. The racial thing is still powerful in 2008. Can Obama really get more Independent votes than the Republican in a general election? I don’t care what the polls say, I know what I see and hear in this country and I don’t think this is truly a new day or era, as much as I would like to think it is.

  35. God, that fatigue I wrote about is getting to me again.

    I have to deal all the way to the Democratic Convention.

    I’m sorry, but trotting out the Big Dog to attack Obama because the missus’ campaign is on the derailment track, is really beginning to piss me off, and I really liked the Big Dog, but honestly, he needs to exit the stage and take his ego with him and the Borg Queen.

  36. Cliff

    “This cry-baby tactic has me hot because the shit works with stupid people and it is coded behavior to manipulate the less sophisticated who responds to DRAMA and despair. So many of our people have played the Mammy and Overseer to safequard these people’s empires and they will start feeling quilty to want to flee their plantation now.”

    Leave the plantation, was bettuh than what wes got here masa’ Clinton done saved in 92′ and show done done alot fa’ us.

    I ain’t leavin’, no I dont’s know how to be free, masa’ shows done been good ta’ me.

    Obama done made masa’ cry, he gon’ pay fa’ that.

    What you say leave, yoose gotz ta be crazy with that kinda’ talk.

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