New Hampshire Results: Hillary defeats Obama, Negroes come back to earth


Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, ...

Resplendent and rejuvenated by victory, Hillary Clinton took the stage tonight and donned the mantle of front-runner once again. Bright eyed and bushy tailed, the Borg Queen’s minions basked in the glow of her malevolent glory and patted themselves on the back for having assimilated enough flinty Yankees to eek out a win. It is clear that the rumors of Hillary’s demise, which I am guilty of spreading, have been greatly exaggerated. This race for the Presidency of capitalist patriarchy just became much more interesting.

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(CNN) — Sen. Hillary Clinton is doing significantly better among women voters in New Hampshire than she did in Iowa. Clinton lost out to Sen. Barack Obama among women 35 percent to 30 percent in the Hawkeye State, but New Hampshire is a different story.

Forty-five percent of female Democratic primary voters picked Clinton, compared to 36 percent who went for Obama

Age is also playing a big factor. Older voters are overwhelmingly outnumbering younger voters, a proportion that is clearly benefiting Clinton. Sixty-seven percent of Democratic primary voters are over the age of 40, and they are breaking heavily for Clinton over Obama.



33 thoughts on “New Hampshire Results: Hillary defeats Obama, Negroes come back to earth

  1. She can come back all she wants…
    I’m still not voting for her if she is the Dem candidate.

    to me,
    her ambition will always be more important than anything else. she can’t even fake that she takes on causes because it’s the right thing to do
    i feel that she takes on causes simply to better position her for what ever goal she would like to pursue next.
    I do not doubt or resent her brilliance….
    i just wish she had taken a cold hard look at the last 7 years and decided to become an AUTHENTIC agent of change instead of a milder gentler version of the status quo.

  2. tom friend

    You should try and find your critical thinking skills again. Now that white folks have spoken against the brotha what will you do now. This race is far from over, and people need to temper the Obama fever with some realistic expectations.

  3. Lucia Akech

    Bill Clinton was so agitated that he resorted to calling Obama as a “PHONY”. This is because earlier polling in New Hampshire was showing that Obama was ahead of Hillary. Similarly, the neocon, Bill Kristol, indicated that Mayor Bloomberg might run as an independent should Obama become be the Democratic Party nominee for the Presidency. Doing so, he said, would neutralize Obama so that that a republican can win. I do not see the difference between the “neocon” Kristol and Bill Clinton. The latter is “a wolf in a sheep’s clothing” whenever he wants the Black votes which feels he is entitled to. All he has to do is find a black leader or clergy who is willing to galvanize Black Folks to the voting booths.

    Kristol’s position reminded me of what Joe Lieberman did in Connecticut running as independent. Lieberman independent status has antagonized Democrats efforts in Congress earning them the name “Do Nothing Congress”.

    I have difficulties understanding why Black community does not like speaking/voting as a block, particularly, on those issues affecting them as a people. Why do we operate like lone wolves in a world where unity is the only thing? Clinton, Kristol and Lieberman are taking care of their interest. Why don’t we take care of our interests using our votes?

  4. Renee

    I will not give up on Sen. Obama. I believe in his ability to help us want to change our country. It will take all of us, not just him. Sorry, but Sen. Clinton is about ambition and power, not much else in my book.

  5. SB, take this for what you think it’s worth from a skeptical white guy.

    I think you were closer to sea level when you were joyriding in the Hopemobile. This was a close primary which only mattered in terms of setting expectations. Both Obama and Clinton came away from New Hampshire with the same number of delegates.

    South Carolina is what matters, and before tonight the Borg were ready to concede it entirely. That is their weakness. Don’t let it be yours.

  6. Tess

    Skeptical Brotha,

    Now let’s see what you’re really about. Are you down for the cause or are you a bandwagon brotha? I’ve been down with Obama from very early on. It didn’t take some white people voting for him in Iowa for me to support him. This man is what this country needs RIGHT NOW! Yeah, he just got Bradley-ed. All of us here know this. But are you, Skeptical, gonna let this turn you around. You have a powerful voice. Use it to build up brotha Barack. Please don’t be a fairweather bandwagon negro. Lord knows, there are too many of us who are that way to begin with.


    I could write 25 Blog posts to discuss the phenomenon of yesterday’s New Hampshire Primary. I could also write another 5 Blog Posts on why I know support Barack Obama. But I will give only two reasons for now: I WILL DEFEND ANY BLACK MAN WHO MEANS WELL FOR HIS PEOPLE FROM THE PERNICIOUS HYPOCRISY OF WHITE LIBERAL RACISM!! ALSO, I WILL FIGHT WITH TRUE GRIT TO ERASE THE NOTION IN THE MINDS OF BLACK AMERICA THAT THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY HAS THEIR BEST INTERESTS AT HEART!


    Thought Merchant
    Politics and commentary for todays thinking person of color
    “Better to sell an idea than to buy a lie!”

  8. ajspearman

    The thing that has me upset is not that Barack lost, he can easly win two more primaries.

    It’s that this race will probably not be over until May, when the last big primary is held.

    I love politics, and I will stay involved and fight for Barack but I will get tired of the 24/7 coverage of this campaign.

    I guess ill start bloging about American Idol when it starts next week.



  9. Rick

    Well, at least things will be more exciting from here on out, as opposed to the race being “over” last night. Good fight. Go Obama Go!

  10. Rick

    if someone wanted to go to SC to help out Obama with the campaign, how would they go about doing so?

    (just in case there might be others who read what you wrote and now have the same question), rick

  11. I don’t like the fact that once she “cried” on cue, she won this caucus.

    Y’all know my opinion on Obama. But if that brotha breaks out in tears, he’s toast. The Borg Queen finally decided to resort to a 1960s strategy – wailing like Laura Petrie on the Dick Van Dyke show: “Oh, Robbbbb!!!”


    I won’t be casting my vote for her either, and if she gets the nod, I might write Obama’s or Edwards names on my ballot as a protest.

    I do NOT want another Clinton Administration, any more than I want four more years of any Bushes.

    McCain is scary, but Huckabee should send you for your passports to get the hell out of America, cause he will finish eviscerating the concepts that separate Church and State, permanently. The Borg Queen won’t go that far, but she will sure as hell try to keep those Unitary powers Bush has implemented.

  12. Rick

    thanks, rikyrah!


    To top it off, CNN is reporting that the woman who asked the question that moved Hillary to tears voted for OBAMA, and was SHOCKED by Hillary’s reaction to the question. (source: video currently on Yahoo’s homepage)

  13. Rick

    “I think that Senator Clinton, obviously, is a formidable and tough candidate, and we have to make sure that we take it to them just like they take it to us,” the Illinois senator said. “I come from Chicago politics. We’re accustomed to rough and tumble.” — Senator Obama

    I thought of rikyrah when I read that quote.

    And hope that Obama delivers a chicago style smack down on that A_____!

  14. Zeitgeist9000

    Am I the only one here who believes that the best way to install a black President is to put a white woman there first?

  15. Zeigeist, you might not be that far off in your thinking.

    However, remember the brotha got the right to vote before the white woman did. The brotha got the voting right in 1865; even though Jim Crow tactics actually kept him out of the voting booth.

    The women didn’t get the vote until 1920 – 87 years ago.

    Think about that.

  16. Rick

    hmm, sorta sounds like a “diversity” program for the White House Presidency. Let’s start with “diversity” for white women. Then, by natural extension, black “diversity” would follow. Sounds perfectly rational and logical.

    As some know, “diversity” is a buzzword in corporate america these days. But many people wonder if diversity secretly means “non-black diversity” in many organizations. In other words, some wonder if the positive effects proportionately “trickle down” to our population group (i.e., recruiting, retention, promotions, etc. etc.).

    It is with the above context that I view with some skepticism that diversity for another group AUTOMATICALLY translates into the desired outcome for black people.

  17. john in california

    SB, Contrast these two caucusers

    The first guy and I are about the same age and know from the ‘keep hope alive’ days that it takes more than popularity to put a chicken in a pot or a coat on a back. The second lady couldn’t name an issue, but loved the image. Obama needs a record AA vote turnout to succeed. Will he provide something more than ‘family values’ to get that support? Right now, that’s where I put my ‘hope’. If it comes down to a brokered convention, he will need every progressive vote he can get (mostly from the Edwards camp) to beat the super delegates that will go for Clinton. The guy has the leadership talent to be the greatest pres since FDR but it will only happen if sometime between now and super Tuesday, he signals a turn to the left.

  18. Ogre Mage

    Am I the only one here who believes that the best way to install a black President is to put a white woman there first?

    If Obama is on the bottom of the ticket, this might work. If he’s just sitting on the sidelines in the Senate, color me skeptical.

  19. jay

    BO’s going to take S. Carolina. Quit with all this “can a brother win?” stuff and get behind it. We can think and think and over think this thing until we reach a state of paralysis. If you don’t like the message and view, vote against him. But if you do, there it is. Work for it.

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