Coroner’s report on Kanye’s mama inconclusive


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LOS ANGELES – Donda West, Kanye West‘s mother, died of heart disease and “multiple postoperative factors” after plastic surgery, a deputy medical examiner said Thursday. But a coroner’s report said the exact contribution these factors could have played in West’s death following breast reduction, tummy tuck and liposuction couldn’t be determined.

West was found unresponsive at her home a day after her surgery. In emergency 911 tapes released earlier this month, two unidentified women told a dispatcher that West suffered a heart attack and unsuccessfully tried to revive her.

Dr. Jan Adams, who operated on West, has denied any wrongdoing. Adams has repeatedly suggested other causes of death including heart attack, pulmonary embolism, or accidental overdose of painkillers prescribed after the surgery.

Adams’ spokesman, Kevin Williams, didn’t immediately respond to phone or e-mail requests for comment.

3 thoughts on “Coroner’s report on Kanye’s mama inconclusive

  1. It was reported that other plastic surgeons wouldn’t operate on Kanye’s mama because of pre-existing conditions that made surgery highly risky for her. If it was her heart, that might have given out – but it shouldn’t let her surgeon off the hook – especially if he was aware that other doctors refused to operate because of said pre-existing condition.

    And Jan Adams did himself no favors by running away from Larry King when he had the chance to at least explain himself. He sounded like Roger Clemens denying he was being shot in the ass with steroids…

  2. EUR EXCLUSIVE DONDA WEST INFO: You’ll HEAR from Diana Pinkney, one of the women who tried to save Dr. West’s life.

    *As reported in today’s EUR, the LA County Coroner’s office has issued its official report on the death of Dr. Donda West. In some ways the findings, though inconclusive, will add closure for family members, those who knew her and even the public.

    Unfortunately, for at least two of the women who were with West when she had her fatal medical emergency, there is no closure … yet. One of those women, Diana Pinkney, spoke exclusively to EURweb about the incident and its repercussions.

    She wants the public and even Kanye West to know that she and the other women are being judged unfairly and harshly by West’s family. You’ll hear her detail how the three women, with no medical experience, found themselves in a situation they were totally unprepared for. It happened when Dr. West’s contracted care giver, her nephew, Stephen Scoggins, who has a PHD in nursing, left the premises the morning of the day she died and never returned.

    The women, unable to reach Scoggins on his cell after numerous tries, did the best they could in a situation where they were clearly in over their heads.

    But what Diana Pinkney can’t understand is why West’s family members have completely shunned them after all the horror they’ve suffered helping West. Pinkney, along with Dr. West’s then personal assistant, Nubia, were not allowed to attend her funeral. They were never given a reason why. You’ll also hear her say that she has not been able to speak to Kanye and that maybe he’s not ready to know the truth about what happened.

    Pinkney is also speaking out because it’s therapeutic and she’s looking for closure. To HEAR her story, click the player below.


    Health emergency: Call who? 911. When? Immediately. The Stephan part is all bull, and I mean all. So now you want to divide a family even more? Damn!

    One of my closest friends is gone, and for what? My conversations with Donda lead me to say she was encouraged to have these procedures and did not tell any of her real friends the amount of surgery she planned to undergo, or we would have bitterly opposed.

    My heart pounded and tears flowed as I watched Kanye deliver a tribute to his Mother at the bittersweet Grammy’s.

    I dream of Donda almost nightly. I began dreaming of Kanye about 3 months prior to her passing. Oh how she loved her son.

    She loved and appreciated me also, enough to place me into the foreword of her book. I will always miss her. I am sure Kanye feels robbed.
    None of us knows what really happened then, but we know what is happening now. Pain lots of it.
    My prayers are for Kanye that God will give him the strength to become “Stronger”.

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