Kerry endorses Obama, Richardson leaves race


Starting fresh after his New Hampshire debacle, Barack Obama unveiled the high profile endorsement of Senator John Kerry, the 2004 Democratic Presidential nominee.    Strategically, the endorsement is meant to undercut the criticicism leveled by Hillary Clinton that Obama is unprepared for the Oval Office.  

Senator Kerry followed his prepared script and delivered the following line with conviction, “Who better than Barack Obama to bring new credibility to America’s role in the world and help restore our moral authority.”  Kerry’s validation and assistance will surely pay dividends in both campaign cash and headlines in tomorrow’s newspapers.  The most important benefit, however, will probably be the credibility it gives Obama in the black community.   What could be more powerful than an endorsement from the man most of us voted for four years ago.

Today also marked the end of the road for New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson’s presidential ambitions.   Savvy, experienced and gregarious, Bill Richardson attempted to make real the West Wing TV drama’s depiction of a Latino presidential contender.   Running a racially inclusive and mainstream campaign, Richardson fell short of his mark.  The upside of the Governor’s groundbreaking candidacy is that it will allow a latino youngster to one day reach again for that dream.

12 thoughts on “Kerry endorses Obama, Richardson leaves race

  1. I really would like for you to write a piece on The Clintons’ Southern Strategy against Barack. I’m freaking tired of being told I’m IMAGINING it.

    Hell, it got so bad that even Donna Brazile had to speak up about it.

  2. Renee, I co-sign with you, and I feel bad for Edwards. What a way to get bitch-slapped, all because he urged Kerry to contest the 2004 election results and Kerry opted to go skiing.

    Trust me, if the shoe were on the other foot, Kerry would be endorsing Edwards and saying the same thing.

    Now if Gore comes out and endorses Obama – that’s more of a telling blow than Kerry’s endorsement. I’m betting money at some point Gore’s going to endorse Obama to pay back the Clintons.

    And Rikyrah, NO, you’re not imagining that the Clinton’s are indulging in a lil’ Southern Strategy of their own, and while Obama may not be all African-American’s guy, I’m all for exposing the CBC members who are toting the Borg Queen’s water.

    Especially if she slings them under the bus once she gets what she wants. Let them have those “Sistah Souljah” moments, but the kids who were babies during her husband’s administration are grown men and women now, and they aren’t going to play that. These “Generation X” kids have loyalty as long as a Jay-Z joynt – and the Big Dog has pissed them off, plus as SB said, Chelsea isn’t enough to persuade kids her age to vote for her mama.

    I’m betting on South Carolina to tell the difference, and my friends out in Cali are leaning Obama(he went to Occidental College back in 1979 before he transferred to Columbia), so he’s got some roots in Cali, and while they loved Bill Clinton, Californians can go either way on the Borg Queen.

    She might want to stay away from Dianne Feinstein if she wants Cali because they’re pissed at Feinstein’s voting record being so damned Corporate they should call her “Feinstein, INC” and her vote to send the AG nomination forward gave everyone rage and indigestion. So if the Borg Queen gets an endorsement from Feinstein, she will get punished by the voters and they’ll go for Obama or Edwards if he’s still in the race at that point.

    If Edwards drops out, he’s throwing his delegates to Obama, which can only help him.

    I’m going to sit back and see how much the Clinton ratchet up the Southern Strategy – because if the Borg Queen gets the nomination, ala Tricky Dick, there’s a lot of Black people staying home on November 8th, cause we might be too pissed off.

    I already told you what I’m going to do – write in Obama’s name in protest if they ratchet up the “Southern Strategy”. No more “honorary Negro cards” to the Clintons; in fact, revoke them!

    And the CBC members toting Hillary’s water will officially become House Negroes of the Congress.

  3. SB,

    Here are a couple of posts for reference:

    Is a “dog whistle” when White people do it?

    The Clinton Strategy: Race Baiting

    It’s gotten so bad, even Donna Brazile has pointed it out.

  4. Rick

    Cracks in the kum-ba-ya coalition….

    NY Times, Jan 11
    WASHINGTON — Representative James E. Clyburn of South Carolina, the highest-ranking African-American in Congress, said he was rethinking his neutral stance in his state’s presidential primary out of disappointment at comments by Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton that he saw as diminishing the historic role of civil rights activists.

    Mr. Clyburn, a veteran of the civil rights movement and a power in state Democratic politics, put himself on the sidelines more than a year ago to help secure an early primary for South Carolina, saying he wanted to encourage all candidates to take part. But he said recent remarks by the Clintons that he saw as distorting civil rights history could change his mind.

    “We have to be very, very careful about how we speak about that era in American politics,” said Mr. Clyburn, who was shaped by his searing experiences as a youth in the segregated South and his own activism in those days. “It is one thing to run a campaign and be respectful of everyone’s motives and actions, and it is something else to denigrate those. That bothered me a great deal.”

    I will go one step further and re state a comment I made here early in 2007.

    If Hillary wins the Democratic ticket, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL I VOTE FOR HER. NEVER. EVER. NEVER!


  5. Andrea

    Gore is all about the youth. He isn’t afraid of the youth like Hillary is. He speaks the language they speak in searching for and getting behind NEW BIG IDEAS. For Petes’ sake: he created the internet! LOL

    But seriously, he made all of the gazillions of millions of dollars off of the Gen X Whites and Gen Y Whites heavy into technology, social enterprise, the environment…the change agent language.

    I wrote a piece a few days ago but got sidetracked so I never ended up posting it here but I wanted to explain to Ernesto why (like Political Junkie just said) Chelsea’s friends are for Obama. I wanted to explain the youth demographic as a tool for change. The rich and well-off White, Asian, and Middle Eastern kids are tired of the old and they just like going around old people. They are different than our Gen X and Y peers.

    The language the youth speaks is filled with words such as: innovation, new, ideas, disruptive innovation, decentralization, knowledgement management, benchmarks, results-orientated, solutions, etc. Well that is the language the White, Asian, and Middle Eastern youth and Xers speak. Blacks, unfortunately don’t speak it.

    But as for Gore he is all about allowing younger people to take chances. Current just or is about to turn a profit and he is phat from Google and his environmently private equity company.

    His son is the publisher of this great magazine all about ideas. He gets the idea of taking risks on new ideas.

    The Clintons…well Hillary is too ego-centric to think someone fresh can outsmart her. She is still dealing with self-esteem issues trying to prove she was smarter than Bill and that she sacrificed for her man. It all seems to be a personal problem to me and pent up frustrations for being a suppressed feminist all those years sacrificing for her man. But please…she benefited well from the sacrifice. She became a Senator, not State Representative, after carpet-bagging to win her first election in New York. That was a feat but she wants more.

    The kids are a major factor. No matter how it looked in New Hampshire in that the over-40 White women came out to rescue Hillary from that young, cocky popular kid named Obama, all the college kids were not back at school yet. That is a major factor to add to the “what ifs”. Only Dartmouth was in session. That is something to think about.

  6. Bay


    You are so right about what you said about youth and language. I have to agree and it does sadden me. Black youth, for the most part, are not speaking the language you laid out. But also, blacks in general are not speaking the language of the future. We are so paralyzed with fear and poisoned in the head with these ideas that we can’t achieve. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard black people, young and old, say we need to vote for Hillary to put Bill back in cause we had it good when Massa Bill was in charge. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard black folks say Obama can’t win because he is black. “They” won’t “allow” it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard from black folks that a black man can’t handle the responsibility of being president and that he needs to be Hillary’s VP to at least learn the ropes, simply because he is black and younger. It just boggles my mind, but this is the reason we are forever left behind. We aren’t advancing. Those East Indian kids are excelling and starting businesses and buying homes. First generation Americans making moves! I just don’t know what it is with my people but I just get so frustrated sometimes!

    Yes, Obama has made gains with black folks, but I feel there will still be a significant chunk that he won’t ever reach. Like you said, they don’t speak the language.

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