Tom Joyner sends Genarlow Wilson to Morehouse College


NPR’s News and Notes and the Atlanta Journal Constitution is reporting that “the Fly Jock, ” Tom Joyner, is sending Georgia student Genarlow Wilson, the young brotha sentenced to 10 years in prison for consensual oral sex, to Morehouse College next week.  God is good. Say what you wanna say about Tom, but Tom Joyner is my hero today.

6 thoughts on “Tom Joyner sends Genarlow Wilson to Morehouse College

  1. Now that’s some Field Negro shyt that I love. Give these young brothas a chance to go legit, even after coming up against a racist justice system.

    In Genarlow Wilson or Marcus Dixon, I see the next Johnnie Cochran because these brothas experienced a racist justice system and might be highly inspired to get in the fight and change things.

  2. Denise

    I agree, TPJ.

    What makes this gesture so meaningful to me is the absence of an underlying agenda. Joyner is motivated by the desire to help a young man succeed, PERIOD.

    This is a beautiful thing!

  3. If ever there was a story that required a skeptical brotha, it’s this one.

    What about the other girl in that room? You know, the one who was laying on the ground passed out drunk when Wilson and his boys ran a train on her?

    Don’t clap too hard, fam.

  4. Queen33

    Genarlow and his adoptive white brother should go into law and fight against injustice. The public will never know how many Black men lives ended because of white fem. When its a Black female and a white male, he never gets time and an example is set by the justice department. The justice department has revoked the law license of lawyers and prosecutors defending the Black female.

    Thank you Jom Joyner for giving Genarlow a renewed start.

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